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Modern Masculinity series two: talk to us

Modern Masculinity series two: talk to us

Why are we doing a second series? Because, if I do a second series I can
justify watching lots of Joe Rogan – What are you doing?
Like, what are you doing? Yeah, what are you doing
Iman at work? And I’m just sitting there watching
Joe Rogan three hours in, ‘some research’. – Who f&%king green lit this? I’m genuinely, genuinely, on a serious
level interested in this subject, that’s why I’m doing a second series. And also because we didn’t cover
everything in the first one. – What is masculine? – So is there a war on
masculinity? – A crisis of masculinity
sweeping across Britain. – What have we become
in this country? Ok, cool. So, we’re going to come back
with a series two of modern masculinity. Yeah, super duper!
That’s nice! I get a lot of messages now on
social media with people saying, ‘I’d like you to look at this or this or this’
so I’m here to ask you to give me suggestions, of people that I should speak to,
areas that I should look at. Loads of the last series came from
your suggestions and we listened to everything that people were saying.
So yeah, that’s what we’re about to do again! There are a few specific areas that
have been suggested to me, or that I’ve read up on a little bit
just to get the ball rolling. One of those areas is dads,
dads at work specifically. – What do I do? What do I do? In the
name of God you’ve got to tell me! Also, I am interested to speak to
people about ageing as a man. – You’ve just turned 50 how’s that
working out for you? – Well I did four shows this weekend and
I was tired and that never happens. I was tired from telling jokes and my
back hurt. So, maybe that is something. I don’t want to set up too many parameters
for this, they are just general areas that I and the rest of the people who work
on this series are really interested in. But yeah if you have a suggestion, pop
it down below in the comments section. Or alternatively you can look in the
description box, there’s also a link you can submit your responses there
so they won’t be seen by people and you can be a bit more detailed if
you feel like that’s what you want to do. Or alternatively you can reach out
to me on Twitter or Instagram. Like, comment and subscribe to stay
up to date and be updated when we eventually do this. Yep, that’s it!

17 comments on “Modern Masculinity series two: talk to us

  1. I would like a video about how religion molds men. Looking at a couple different religions and seeing the differences on how they call men to act, and men's opnions on these ideas.

  2. Talk to you?
    Will you had "male tears" mug ready if someone refers to a guy commiting suicide or Neve being allowed to see his children?
    Bet you will.

  3. May be interesting to do a video where you talk to both men and women separately and ask them the same questions about masculinity and whatnot and see what happens. Could show some interesting and different ways of thinking about certain things. Maybe ask about how they feel masculinity is portrayed or talked about, things like that.


  4. Is this going to be another form of mocking modern men? It's a huge issue, you have to decide exactly what is 'masculinity', a lot of it is a myth. Maybe women should answer the question. Do women want to be feminine or is that an insult too?

  5. Just a thought I want to bring up… It's a fact that most criminals etc are men. On the other hand, most Firefighters, Soldiers, and Policemen are male as well. That's interesting to me because men seem to be more on the extreme side of society. Being either criminal or risking their lives for others.

    Edit: Awesome Series btw!

  6. How about getting a man to present it, do you have any of those left in the office ? After all, think of the uproar if you did a series on Modern Femininity with a male presenter.

  7. How about you talk about the gender HEALTH gap – I.e. there is a wage gap because men have more dangerous jobs and thus more deaths and injuries than women, so it would be fair to close the health gap in order to close the wealth gap. PLEASE highlight the difference between equal pay and the gender pay gap they are two completely different things! It's the most annoying thing to me when a feminist prattles on about the pay gap thinking it's the same thing as equal pay

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