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Modern Royal Family 👑| Discovering the Magic Within | Elena of Avalor | Disney Junior

Modern Royal Family 👑| Discovering the Magic Within | Elena of Avalor | Disney Junior

“Discovering the Magic Within.”
What’s it like
living with Elena and her new magic? It’s, um… quite handy! Ugh! That just
makes me so… angry! [rumbling] Elena’s new magic is… exhausting! Isn’t it
the most wonderful day, Isa? I just feel so happy! Whoa! Oh! [exclaiming] Whoa! [exclaiming] Elena’s new magic is, uh… rosy! Mm-hmm. Oh, yes! Yes! Oh! Perfect! Aww! Look how cute she is,
You’re so adorable.
Oh, yes you are. Huh? Elena’s magic… makes me… think on my feet! [Armando] But no matter
how hard he looked, the puppy couldn’t find
his lost bone. That’s so sad!
He just wants his bone! [sobbing] [all crying] Until… another puppy
found the bone and returned it to him
immediately! And he lived
happily ever after! [all chuckling, cheering] Whew! Uh, what’s my new magic
like for me? [chuckles] It’s wonderful. Whee! So many rainbows!
I love rainbows!

44 comments on “Modern Royal Family 👑| Discovering the Magic Within | Elena of Avalor | Disney Junior

  1. We love Disney Junior!! It's
    channels like this that have inspired our family to take the leap and create
    our own channel. Our goal is to simply make one person smile every day! If we
    can do that, then our mission is accomplished. So, if you are reading this I
    hope you have a FANTASTIC day!

  2. What is this, a mockumentary? ^^
    If I know magical beings like Elena, her upgraded magic is going to be the death of her Familia.

  3. The arrival of a new member in the family is always a great change … but incredibly beautiful!❤❤
    ¡Elena is the best! 😍😍❤

  4. (holds up my iPhone and starts recording a video of what the royal family thinks of Elena’s new magic) So tell me, what is Elena’s new magic like?

  5. I hope Sofia puts in a guest stint I wonder what would happen to her if her magic was affected by the magic kingdom of Tacharina.

  6. They really had to make Elena more emotional to get mileage out of her new powers, huh? She used to really only get frustrated or joyful easily, the sadness and anxiety was never as common with her, unless she was always hiding these emotions

  7. Well I'd say Elena's new magic is quite awesome and exciting, but she has to learn to get it under control otherwise things can go badly wrong. At least she has her family and friends to help her

  8. We love Disney Junior sooooo much!! 😍
    Our FAVORITE SHOWS in order …

    Disney Junior TOTS
    Muppet Babies
    Minnie Mouse
    Mickey Mouse

    What’s yours? 😊

  9. When you realize they added Flo as a character because Estéban left 😭 I hope he is forgiven in the end.

  10. Am absolutely WAYYY Behind on this Show😱..
    Im still not over the Sofia finale😣💔
    Thank You For getting me up to speed on all this,
    All i missed in Elenas Realm.
    This will be TONS of fun to watch😍✨🙏
    After all
    this Different Color Dresses + Emotions is exactly what i need rn.😄❤💛💙💜👏👏👏

  11. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😡😡😡😡😡😕😕😕😕😕

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