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Modernity’s caricatures & lazy, bad, desperate denialism

Modernity’s caricatures & lazy, bad, desperate denialism

Today let us once again address one of
the greatest failures of modernity and in fact i would say in philosophical
terms in Psychological terms the greatest failure of modernity which is
to deny not just to not understand but to actively denied just press notions of
time and change and transformation to to hold the view that however things are our how they’ve
always been and however somebody is is how they have
always been unless they are playing a trick on us
and that things are static fundamentally that things do not change fundamentally
it’s a denial of history fundamentally having lived in a
different historical . in fact all three I know that things do in fact change i
am fully aware of how much change i have had to undergo to even have a modicum of
adaptation to contemporary reality it hasn’t been an easy road but to the
model person don’t change things have always been
like this how’re things at the moment and that
position is extraordinary that is it really you know we go out to interrupt
myself I can see how it comes about and one may well wish to believe that
reality is simple because that’s efficient to have that belief where the
right or wrong is efficient and when modernity embraces efficiency so i can
see how it comes about one which is to have the shortest connection possible
two things without much explanation without much rigmarole and consequently one believes that if
somebody is telling you things might have been or in fact were different in
the past it’s not efficient to believe them whether it’s right or wrong just do it
takes too much time to believe them all to try to understand them and therefore
we don’t take it into consideration modernity is pragmatism if you will but
it’s extraordinary I they can talk a little bit about
history but it’s all very flattered there’s no sense of psychological
difference with in history it’s more what like what these people
were modern is just like a semi they hadn’t been told right wrong yet but every other respect
they were just like us they just didn’t know what was right or wrong how extraordinary imagine imagine if
that were true but this is the unexamined proposition of people who
embrace with dirty who were brought up with in it who desire in fact you
probably need a very simple explanation for everything I want to talk also about the way the
failure and that’s what they not just a failure but the active refusal to engage
with time and change affects therapy affects the possibility of effective
therapy because if what is let’s start at the very basics perhaps
if one is as a therapist or as a client a potential client looking for the
essence of one’s nature in order to find it and improve it you won’t you won’t find that in essence
that exists apart from movement and time and change you can
only catch it you can only catch an aspect of it
within a process of dynamic conversation of print a process of movement and time
and change and you don’t really know supposing that there is some ignition of
some essential which i use that i use advisedly that term is not really
appropriate but some deeper quality there’s an admission of a deeper quality
that suddenly catches light within the conversation or dialogue then one I can ascertain something
deeper but one can never know in effect how much of a core part of the
personality that really is it might be an intense part may not still be a core
part it’s something that is temporal and then
one has just as a certaine its meaning but one one can only do so through recurrent
circumstances through repeating a similar experiment or through diversify
experiment and finding what other reactions are in there and maybe there
are some that are more important and more intense but always has to be
through a dynamic process to become like one cannot and here’s my point one cannot do what I
have discovered to be a very common thing for people in modernity to do one
cannot suddenly have a gotcha moment one cannot suddenly attribute a reaction
to the essence or the coral person and one certainly cannot go beyond that acknowledgement of their reaction to say
well you were lying to us the whole time you are the opposite to what you seemed
to be because there are their essences and there are no opposites and if you you’re finding that something seems to
be a certain way to you you need to ask yourself as a receiver of how things
seem to be why they seems to be that way to you when they were in fact not that
way in the first instance somebody seems this way and then they seem that way why
are they seeming so to you how is it that you allow your mind to be
really controlled or influenced by birth cert so-called seaming and why do you
suddenly think that there’s a deeper level to the seaming that is the
unchangeable truth about that whole seeming are you going to stop being a
receiver for instance now that you’ve discovered the
supposedly the alleged unchangeable truth you’re going to just be a god sitting on
a cloud that never has relative truths or relative perceptions you’re just
going to perceive and the absolute from now on because we don’t do that we can’t
do that we are human and the one that sits on the cloud that sits above and
perceives things in the absolute is God not just a god but the God the old Miss Ian Tom press omnipresent
omnipotent God which I think to be frank is what many therapists and many more
people do not just at times but it’s a in general imagine themselves to be I hope that
we’re moving out of that so level of verb found herself a grand
Iseman and superstition about perception and the possibility of absolute
perception but they all have it dies hard it’s it’s a religious conception
fundamentally that there is an essence underlying what seems what seems true
and then also there’s like I what I’ve hinted there’s also a sense that if from
somebody perceives a reality in a different way from holiday first
perceived it then it’s the object that they have perceived that is deceiving
them rather than their own perception that was deceiving them so there’s a failure of a self critical
on well analysis itself from recursive
analysis it just seemed to be that thing out
there i deceived you it’s another mode of magical thinking that first well
first I saw that object and it was you know it’s a kind of primitive thinking
it’s modern but its primitive like I saw that tree in the morning and look green
to me and then I saw the tree as the Sun was setting and it kind of looked like
it was on fire it looked like orangey or yellow the tray deceived me the tree was playing a trick because try to pretend to be something
that hadn’t been in the first instance down that tree you know this is and an example that is
of course primitive but it’s also true modern
people when they say that something deceived them know you can actually
somebody can act actively deceive you will that’s a different thing but when
somebody is not intending to and you know it’s a positive thing that
you have a misconception of them in the first instance then you revised it that’s your perception that was at fault
it’s not the person who did something weird or magical or tricky to you I think the big problem I’ve had in life
is all these got your moments where people so they say you are not what you
seem to be you are the opposite to what you seem to be and that’s not true
that’s never that has the I’m part of a dynamic but you know I young and I’m
part of a system of pressurized movements I have been very much a part of that
system farm political and social pressure that I react and respond to and
I don’t need to go over it again to say that I came from a very very right-wing
militant right wing christian country that became very very left-wing
communist pro-russia revolutionary and then I went into modernity which was
neither but to proclaim to be above everything to have on visions and the
only presence and omnipotence in regard to an understanding of all so i have
been very much are we could say embroiled
very much one directed by these particular forces
that I’ve had to somehow really not just come to terms with but somehow they
avoid being totally destroyed by and i know some things may not to be as they
seem to be as a consequence i am the subject of many very closely consecutive
opposite historical forces I’m real I am that’s the because of that
and because i have reacted realistically to those i am real but
nonetheless what I’m reacting to is not Congress with itself necessarily which
is to say once again that these consecutive forces have been in many
ways revolutionary and contradictory with each other and actually radically
so not just in many ways when I was growing up my father was
under mental stress having migrated lost everything including identity and roots
and so on if I expressed anything negative he used to say what is that he would say
to me in the morning how are you I’m saying no it’s not good it’s terrible
and he would say what and I say don’t worry about fine and I
said it in such a way that he knew I wasn’t fine and then another time he
would check up on me and I was in the afternoon one day so how are things going I say well
absolutely fine absolutely fine and i would say it once
again the way that I represented that it was the opposite it wasn’t fine because
i love to Kate can’t show that things are not fine when I was growing up my twenties my father became quite abusive verbally
and sometimes physically he was very physically abusive to me as a child but
sporadic so I forgot about it was mostly happy my childhood and that when I was
in my twenties he i could go anywhere like I used to be able to come to escape
the household there were there wasn’t an African wilderness for me and so I was
stuck there and my father used to become very enraged and eventually read our i
saw an ad in the paper that said women’s self defense will stop people from
attacking you and it worked magic my father I wasn’t good at it and know much
but the minute I started doing that he’s a tax dropped a dropped to nothing then later in life I stopped doing
martial arts and behold he is a physical and verbal attacks amis done it up again and then later I took up martial arts
again and his respect increased and and he was held his attacks on on me it was a long and complex period of time
but i learned i had to be externally tough and not let anything drop if I
felt tired or things actually were horrible really bad for me and muscle
show it otherwise that advises the attack I learned that you’ve got to be tough so if i were to then go to someone and
somebody i thought i could have trusted or a therapist a nice little actually I
know it seems all all great but actually things are not great and I’m letting you
know that isn’t the time for a gotcha moment like now she reveals to us her
true nature oh it was all of faking a fraud she
wasn’t really tough yes so that’s not a time for a gotcha
moment because i am still very very tough i’ve had to have that conditioning
that wasn’t not real that is absolutely real that conditioning of toughness is
absolutely real but I’m also showing that i was pummeled
terribly during a long time that my emotions could not develop properly
during a long time and that there are some consequences to this topping up
process i’m showing it because i want to work with it’s not a time for gotcha
moment is not a time to say that was wrong all this time people who think they can find a static
an unchangeable essence underneath the dynamic processes and changes wrought on
us by history it’s the modern superstition it’s the modern fundamental delusion and
it’s the delusion that will undo you because it’s so simplistic in its so
it’s for seal easy for seal in the sense of embracing something just because it’s
not difficult for sill and it some obviously it’s it’s a shortcut to
understanding but will ultimately undoing you recent play out I been seeing George Bush and Tony Blair
I’m done by this particular kind of fur seal kind of reasoning as and it suits
us the most simple explanations will embrace that one and I like it that they
are coming under severe criticism now that is
absolutely do to them that is you know that’s absolutely necessary to get us
out of this lazy lazy thinking yeah this is crazy and crazy lazy bad desperate
stupidity i don’t know i’m gonna stop I’m gonna stop ok

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  1. The anguish of the neurotic individual is the same as that of the saint. The neurotic, the saint are engaged in the same battle. Their blood flows from similar wounds. But the first one gasps and the other one gives. -Georges Bataille

  2. 2:36 … yes, that notion makes me want to bang my head on the wall.
    8:54 … ahh! yes, I hadn't thought of that before

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