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Modernization | Schneider Electric Israel

Modernization | Schneider Electric Israel

Hello, My name is Dudi Chen, and I am an electrical engineer at Schneider Electric Israel. The world we live in is upgrading and changing technologies at a very fast pace and therefore we are committed to adapting our systems to these changes. Modernization is one of the most important and interesting subject that I lead, in order to enable existing electrical systems to take part in the digital changes. Modernization provides solutions for improving and upgrading an old electrical system to an advanced system with the ability to connect digital services. Modernization bears a lot of advantages: • Cost cuts due to improved energy consumption. • Increasing the reliability of the electricity supply. • Increase system safety. • Enable digital capabilities, such as: energy monitoring and management, predicting future system failures and Enable remote switching operations. The world is getting there, don’t stay behind. This is my digital change, what’s yours?

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