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modmed Dermatology, The Healthcare IT Suite Built by Dermatologists

modmed Dermatology, The Healthcare IT Suite Built by Dermatologists

What if every area of your practice
flowed seamlessly from check-in to check out with modmed’s Dermatology practice
management system check in staff can verify eligibility beforehand and greet
each patient by name from their headshot it’s easy for staff to manage payments
and view important info like visit reasons, co-pays and balances do, reducing
check-in time in the exam room. Our innovative EHR system EMA allows
you and your medical assistant to be mobile and frees up more time for
focusing on the patient during full skin checks, MAs can easily note precise body
locations over your shoulder rather than looking at a computer screen. By putting
built-in medical knowledge and interactive patient education tools at
your fingertips. EMA can help you increase patient
engagement and deliver superior care. At checkout staff can see when each patient
is due for the next visit and use the appointment finder to book a slot fast.
And they can view key patient info like prescriptions and lab requisitions so
they can answer patient questions with confidence. The power to transform the clinical
financial and operational aspects of your practice that’s modmed Dermatology.

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