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fra that some dirt from para men through maha mongkut from klao chao yu hua or armor IV known in english-speaking countries as king mongkut was the fourth monarch of Sime under the house of chakri ruling from 1851 to 1868 outside of Thailand he is best known as looking in the 1951 musical and 1956 film The King and I based on the 1946 film Anna and the King of Siam a circumflex intern based on a 1944 novel by an American missionary about Henley on Owen’s years at his court from 1862 to 1860 the pressure of Western expansionism was felt for the first time in Syme monk art embraced Western innovations and initiated the modernization of his country both in technology and culture earning him the nickname the father of Science and Technology in Sam monk it was also known for his appointing his brother Prince Zhu to mani a second King crowned in 1851 as king pin plough monk it himself assured the country that in Glau should be respected with equal honor to himself monk its reign was also the time when the power of the house of burna greet its nf and became the most powerful noble family of Syme in 1824 monk it became a Buddhist monk following a Siamese tradition that men aged 20 should become monks for a time the same year his father died by tradition monk it should have been crowned the next king but the nobility instead chose the influential Prince Jess at aboard Indra son of a royal concubine rather than a queen perceiving throne was irredeemable and to avoid political intrigues monk it retained his monastic status cane monk it would later be noted for his excellent command of English although it is said that his younger brother vice kingpin Clow could speak it even better monk its first son and heir Chui Lankan granted the thermoset royal recognition in 1902 through the easiest equality Act it became one of the two major Buddhists in AMA nations in modern Thailand Chula Lankan also persuaded his father’s 47th child baji RA a tilde plus or minus Ana to enter the order and he rose to become the 10th supreme patriarch of Thailand from 1910 to 1920 one accounts vary about nan Klaus intentions regarding the succession it is recorded that nan claw verbally dismissed the royal princes from succession for various reasons Prince monk it was dismissed for encouraging monks to dress in the Mon style some said that however nan claw wished his throne to be passed his son Prince Anup and that he gave his bracelet which had been passed down from they ought for jeweller locked to the prince however dis bun ax which the bracelet for a forged one thus preventing an app from inheriting the throne Prince monk it was indeed supported by a pro-british dis bun AK the Sameach Elohim or armed force Department’s president the most powerful noble during the reign of Rama 3 also some British merchants who were fearful of the anti West feeling growing during the previous reign seeing the prince monk monk it who the champion of European civilization among the royal elite as their new hope Banach with the supporting promise of British agents sent his men to the leaving from monk status ceremony for Prince monk at even before nan Clowes death with the support of powerful nobility in the great power Britain monk its ascension to the throne was ensured after his 27 years of pilgrimage cane monk it ascended the throne in 1851 aged 47 he took the name for our chunk Lao although foreigners continued to call him King Mongkut the king was well known among the foreigners particularly some British officers as a pro British Sir James Brooke a British delegation even praised him our own King and showed his support of him as a new King of Siam having been celibate for 27 years he now set about building the biggest royal family of the Chakri dynasty in the inside of the palace there was a veritable city of war man reports a 3,000 or more they were mostly servants Amazon’s four guards officials maids and so on but monk it acquired thirty-two wives and by the time he died aged 64 he had 82 children

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