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Mount Vernon District Environment Expo: How You Can Act on Climate Change

Mount Vernon District Environment Expo: How You Can Act on Climate Change

This is our second year of our
Environment Expo, and we have some massive headwinds with
all the environmental challenges that we have. So
it’s gonna take a long time and a lot of effort to get
there, but year two is…we made progress over year one in
a couple of different ways. One, we have a Fairfax Green
Initiative, which has helped to have the Board of
Supervisors establish the new Environment Department. We
have a Community Environment and Climate Action Plan
Initiative that we are in the middle of standing up right
now, and we have a Joint Environmental Task Force with
the School Board and the Board of Supervisors, which are
working together to establish how can the county itself make
a real difference environmentally? We have about
40 exhibitors here this morning. State agencies, we
have county agencies…a number of county agencies that
run the gamut of transportation to stormwater
management and sewage treatment and litter control,
to activist groups. And then we have a number of local
groups. The Park Authority and groups that are representing
Mason Neck and some of our other communities that are
very environmentally conscious. As the weather
conditions have been changing, we’ve seen an amazing
difference in people’s awareness, and frankly, their
interest in making a difference. So there’s so
many little things and so many big things, and this, frankly,
provides you an opportunity to learn about all of them. The
main message that we want people to take away from this
is how you can act on climate change. How you, individually,
personally, directly, can act on climate change, and change
habits, or change how you interact and work with the
environment. A key part of our future is having people
trained and able to deliver the services that will make
our planet greener and reduce our carbon usage, and frankly
have this be a much more livable, enjoyable, and
wonderful place to play, live and grow old.

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