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MTF Transgender Breast Development | Destiny Maylas

MTF Transgender Breast Development | Destiny Maylas

hi everyone this is destiny and welcome
back to my channel alright sisters. Let’s talk about bo*bs. We all know that when we are taking hormones that our bo*bs grow so we want to know like a timeline about bo*b growth expectations so in this video we’re going to talk about that. we are going to
talk about breast development for MTF or male to female trans women all right soso we are discussing breast development. there are a lot of myths about breast growth for trans women such as the more hormones the bigger
and the faster boob growth which is definitely not true the more hormones
the more “dead”. the more hormones the more liver damage the more
hormones the more kidney damage and more hospital bills you know. And that the maximum bo*b size that you can get is one cup smaller than your closest female family member which is
not really true because my sister’s cup C and I never grew cup B. i was one of those who believed in that myth. I’m like, omg why am i still not getting cup B. I’ve been I’ve been on hormones
for five years and sis, im still on cup A So we are gonna spill the tea about that okay. There are also some people who say that taking a specific pill or cream like Pueraria Mirifica or soy products for your bo*bs to get bigger but even if you drink 1L of soy everyday, it is not gonna make a difference you know and certain exercises that makes your bo*b grow. Remember in High School we are doing this and we think that our bo*bs are growing. because someone says that our breast muscles are gonna get exercised. which in turn makes your bo*bs grow. which is not really true the truth is, even if you do this a lot of times, it wont make your bo*bs grow. Another is that you shud ask someone to squeeze your Bo*bs. This channel is becoming so nasty lol. they say if you have your bo*bs squeezed, it will grow faster. which is not really true. Only pervy guys say that they can squeeze your bo*bs. trans women only say that because, it feels nice. haha. one truth you need to know now is your breast development is actually a semi reversible change so for those taking hormones and dont want to grow bo*bs it’s not gonna be possible because when u take hormones, everything in your body will be affected. One of those that will be affected is your breast and it’s semi permanent what does
that mean? so once your breast tissues develops, it’s never gonna go
away it will become smaller when you stop it but it’s never gonna go away. If you already grew bo*bs, thru hormones and you wanna quit,
which is I don’t know why you’re quitting says I don’t know why you took
hormones in the first place but why are you quitting so just in case like you
want to quit your boobs are not gonna go away unless you have it removed surgically. It is semi reversible. that means it will just become small but it is never gonna go away. replay? (char). Once it start developing by the way so it starts
developing as soon as you start taking hormones. And we all know that when we start taking hormones, it should be continuous. How do we know the development of our breasts? so in nursing and other medical fields, we have this system called Tanner
system to determine the maturity of sexual parts of a male and female and that includes the breasts. women also have a different kind of
different Tanner scale this is a personalized standard scale but it’s
quite the same and Tanner scale is also known as Tanner
stages or sexual maturity rating so so this is how we will know the development of the bo*bs. when it will happen, and the expectations. lemme just pop in a photo of the Tanner system so there as you can
see there is stage 1 stage 2 stage 3 stage 4 and stage 5. Those are how your bo*bs are gonna look like. but dont be confused. As you can see, her bo*bs look like cup B. which is a very this photo is a
very realistic picture honestly so let’s go and discuss tanner 1. As youcan see, the nipples are elevated. and this happens 1 to 2 weeks during HRT. expect your nipples are going to grow a little bit and will be elevated. going to tanner 2, as you can see your areola is also elevated areola is the circle thing surrounding your nipples. and a small breast bud will actually form. this happens 2 to 6 months and it hurts. this hurts coz your breast glands are developing. your breast tissues are the ones that produces milk and it develops. men also have breast glands but are not developed.
since we’re taking hormones it develops and please dont ask someone to crush it. you’re technically asking someone to crush ur developing boobs. you’re technically asking someone to crush ur flesh which is quite stupid why would you even want to crush it. a lot of people think that all the hormones u took goes into ur bo*bs thats why it grows. like if it was the case, u couldve just crushed ur pills and rubbed it on ur breasts. everything we take and eat, it goes into our blood. so remove the thinking that when u take hormones it collects into your boobs or that your boobs contain pus. No sis. youre taking hormones you’re taking hormones
similiar to what females have so of course your breasts will develop like how theirs develop. again the reason why we’re taking hormones is to emulate the female puberty. And females during puberty develop their breasts. and of course ur d*ck will not turn into a vag. haha I know you hoped. anyways let’s talk about the bo*bs. two to six months is the duration. Still hurts a bit. tanner 3 is basically the same as Tanner 2 but the bo*bs are bigger and results are a lot better. this happens six months to one
year and this is the best time to take progesterone so if you don’t know
anything about progesterone I would go ahead and link progesterone video that I
created on the description box down below so you watch that if you want to
add progesterone a few or if you want to consider progesterone but a lot of a lot
of the proponents of progesterone for bigger boobs say that tanner 3 is the best stage to add progesterone to your regimen. now going to tanner 4, you can see it already looks much more like bo*bs and this is what you call a mound over a mound because as you can you, your bo8bs are like this then there is a small mound because ur areola is still like that because it is developing This is that time that you wanna wear bikinis. and wear push up bras to make it look a lot bigger. so this develops one year to three years of you taking hormones
Tanner 4 and mostly, this is where their breast development ends. not everyone gets to tanner 5. me I was lucky i got to Tanner stage five but it doesnt mean i got cup B or C boobs. it is just a development this is not how
big your bo*bs are gonna get so most likely we are only gonna develop cup A Bo*bs. Tanner stage five. this is the fully developed breast and this normally this can happen
within two years of hormones onwards so so as you can see on the photo, her bo*bs are fully developed. her bo*bs are full and her areolas arent elevated anymore. this would signify that her breasts are fully developed.
again most trans women don’t really go into tanner five most of us only reach
tanner four which is so very good it’s it’s decent enough no it’s okay that’s
almost you’re not Tanner three Tanner for is quite good now here is the truth
about breast development for trans women so number one T or number one truth is
that most girls only get cup a so a very a very few get cup B. most of them transitioned when they were very young. and breast growth actually depends
on genetics so it depends on genetics your genetics it doesn’t depends on it
doesn’t depend on other genetics and if you’ve been taking hormones continuously
for three months already and you’re still at cup a girl says consider
surgery because they’re most likely theyre not gonna grow anymore and that whathappened to me I have been waiting for my boobs to grow to cup b and i took a lot of stuff. then sometimes i feel like it is still hurting. I kind of have this that it is still growing but my cup size isnt actually. so sometimes we need to be analytical and logical if we really see our boobs grow. because sometimes it becomes full but it doesnt really actually grow sometimes there are instances like that. that happened to me. I’ve been taking
hormones for five years and nothing happens im still on Cup A so I decided to have breast augmentation surgery so switching hormones doesn’t
make breast development go faster it might actually hinder the growth because when you switch hormones, the type of hormones in your body changes too which makes ur body adjust on how to metabolize that hormone and there will be a slight gap of bio available hormones in your body so I
don’t really suggest you switching hormones and usage of progesterone for
faster breast growth hasn’t really been been proven scientifically so watch the
video about progesterone for more information about that Yan another truth
is that if you see a trans woman with big bo*bs, it is just one of the three. either it is push up bra, surgery or injection which is not really good it’s I don’t really
recommend everyone or anyone getting injections some boobs you will end up in
a miserable life maybe you know some people with injected boobs and nothing seems to be happening to them. maybe they have strong immune system but it is not recommended it’s not really advised . it feels so much better to have natural bo*bs more or you know that
you’re safe I mean I’ve had breast augmentation surgery better I feel like
it’s natural you know a good doctor to another thing that you have to keep in
mind is that nothing is actually wrong with having cup a bo*bs you know cute
bo*bs but sometimes we have to match it to ourselves. if youre a big person and your bo*bs is like small like if your shoulders are broad then you have cup A Boo*bs, it’s not gonna match a lot of
people would really know that Trane’s . youll easily get clocked. so consider surgery or consider push-up brass you know I don’t love your
body nothing is really wrong with having cup A but if you think that
you’re gonna gain more confidence with a bigger b*ob then go for surgery surgery
is always your option another thing that I want to tell you guys is that having
the right size of boobs really helps with your figure and your confidence
especially with your figure because look at me right now like I’m not really sure
if you guys can see but u dont notice how broad my shoulders are becuase i have the right chest size to match or steer ur attention away from how broad my shoulders are. comparing it to if my boobs are small, youll notice how broad my shoulders are. also one more thing is that
dont let people touch or squeeze your boobs to anybody especially if youre not in a relationship. or even just ur friends you know it’s still your private
part about you have to respect your private part you have to let people know
to respect it as well how can people respect you if there are a lot of people who touches ur body. your girl friends dont even let other people touch their boobs why? because they know theyre women and
they’re know that they should be respected there it’s their private parts
so you as a trans woman why is it gonna be okay for you to let someone touch
your b8obs right? sometimes we are also at fault. so because we got our bo8bs in just few months or weeks thats why we dont cherish it that much.
again it’s our private part so no that’s wrong that’s bo8bs b8obs are b8obs
whether it’s breast augmentation surgery where there it’s injection whether it’s
hormones b8obs are b8obs and you have to treat it with respect like get some
respect okay so what can we get from this video, in short be patient
and let your hormones do its thing in your body and make sure you’re
taking hormones continuous and use the power of your brain . Me I always think about my hips getting wider when i wake up the next day. that the next day my bo8bs are gonna grow bigger. and it kinda paid off. it paid up not on the bo8bs but it paid
off with my it paid off with here because as you can see I have a little bit of
shape down here I know it might be genetics but it just feels nice to know you know that you always think about having shape and you have a little bit of it and it’s so satisfying so use the power of
your brain and that is all for today thank you so much for watching this
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video have a nice day

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