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My EMOTIONAL Story Will Change Your Life (Animated)

My EMOTIONAL Story Will Change Your Life (Animated)

– The story you’re about to hear is going to change
everything in your life. It will change the way you think, the way you work, the way
you relax, how you socialize. It will change every single
aspect to your existence here on Earth. This is David, and David
was a very nice young man who followed a very
traditional path in his life. He did well in school, he went to college, he got a traditionally good job, and he met a very nice girl. David was the type of guy who always did what he was supposed to do. But one day, something
awful happened to David that would change the
course of his life forever. After his 30th birthday, David went to the doctor’s office to get
his annual blood test done. A few days later, David
received the phone call from his doctor saying that
they found an irregularity in his blood and that he
needed to get an MRI scan done as soon as possible. The next day, David
went in to get it done. He was sitting in the medical room, waiting for the doctor to come
in to tell him his results. The longer he waited, the
faster his heart began to beat and he could literally feel
and see the sweat droplets crawling down his face inch by inch. Every minute that went
by felt like an eternity. The door opens, David sees the doctor, and he immediately could
tell that something was off just based on his empty expression. “Hello, David,” the doctor said. “Hi,” David says. “David, there’s no easy way to say this. “We have found a cancerous
tumor in the back of your brain. “Fortunately, it’s not too big, “and if we get it out as soon as possible, “we don’t think there will
be any further complications. “However, it is a very
dangerous procedure.” With shock and fear in his voice, David says, “What kind of risks?” “Well, the tumor is very
close to your brain stem, “so if we make a wrong move, “you could experience
long-term brain damage, “which would impair many different things, “like the way you speak, the
way you think, your memory. “You may even forget the people
who you love in your life. “But if we don’t do this procedure, “you will likely die
in the upcoming years.” Tears began falling down David’s face. “I know this is hard,
but I can book you in “for a surgery one week from today “with one of the best neurosurgeons
in the entire country. “Do you want me to book
it?” the doctor said. “I guess so,” David said. “Good luck. “My prayers are with
you,” the doctor said. The following days would prove
to be the most confusing days of his life. This situation made David reflect on all the major choices
that he had made in his life, like going to school, choosing his career, his girlfriend, even the city he lived in. He literally thought of everything, and the only feeling that he really felt was this weird, dull emptiness that he couldn’t even
really put into words. The days leading up to the surgery, David completely isolated himself because whenever he saw
someone that he loved, he was just reminded of the
fact that he may forget them. It was now time for the surgery. David laid there on the white medical bed in the operating room,
waiting to be put to sleep. The idea that these doctors were going to cut his head
open and then go into his brain with their little tools
to remove a lump of tissue that was slowly killing
him was both unbelievable and terrifying to him. The doctor came in, looked
right into David’s eyes, and said, “It’s time. “When I put this mask on your face, “it will release a gas
that will put you to sleep. “Start counting backwards
from 10 starting now.” “10, nine, eight, seven.” David had fallen asleep for
potentially the last time in his life. While David was asleep, he began to dream. Random memories came
fluttering back to him, some good, some bad,
but even in his dreams, that confused, empty
feeling still haunted him. Within his dream state, David
suddenly found himself appear in a totally black room
with just him and a mirror. He walked over to the mirror and he began to stare at himself. “Hello,” his reflection said. “Hello?” David said, in shock. “Don’t be scared. “This is just a dream. “Plus, I’m not actually
you,” the image said. “Right, this is just a dream,”
David thought to himself. “Well, you certainly look
like me and you sound like me. “If you’re not me, then
who are you?” David said. “I’m who you think you
are,” the image said. “I’m who you think you are? “What does that even mean?” David said. “I’m the person who you think
you are,” the image said. “You just said the same
thing twice,” David said. “Sorry, I’ll be more clear. “I’m the accumulation of all the voices “that you have internalized
from other people, “like your parents, your
friends, and society, “who all wants you to
conform to what their idea “of who you should be. “To put it simply, I’m
the person the world “has told you to be, and unfortunately, “it looks like you have listened to them.” David looked down for a
moment, still feeling confused. “I’m the person who the
world has told you to be,” David thought to himself. “So you’re saying I’m fake?” David said. “Well, I’m the one who is truly fake. “The real you is still inside you, “and it will always remain
in you until the day you die. “But yes, in this moment,
you think you are me, “but you aren’t.” “Okay, so if I think I’m
you, who is a fake person, “but I’m not actually you, then who am I?” “That is a great question. “You should probably figure that out “before you actually die for real. “Oh, did you hear that? “Looks like our time is up. “I sure hope you stop
listening to everyone “so you could finally start
living your own life.” David wakes up. The surgery was a success. He is now physically healthy. When David got home from the hospital, he just sat in his room,
trying to absorb everything that had just happened. He was confused, happy, angry, all mixed into an emotional cocktail. As he was feeling all of this, he once again saw his reflection
in the mirror in his room. He began to stare at
himself very intensely, just like he had in his dream. But this time, nobody spoke to him. Then suddenly, David began
to feel very, very emotional. But this time, it wasn’t that
empty or confused feeling that he had experienced
before the surgery, but rather, it was this
powerful feeling of loss and sadness, because for the first time in his entire life, he
realized that he had no idea who he really was or what
he wanted out of his life. He felt like a lost human being. And this is how most people
live their whole lives. They pick a career that
they don’t really like. They choose a partner that their friends or their family will
tell them is a good one. And they will choose a value system that social media or society
tells them is a virtuous one. Most people live a life
that is not their own. They are being fake without
even being aware of it. World-famous psychologist
Donald Winnicott, calls this fake person the False Self. And being infected with the False Self is the reason why so many people wake up at the age of 80 filled with regret, because they’ve realized
that the life they have just lived wasn’t actually the life that they wanted. If every single person on Earth got rid of their False Self and
truly understood themselves, they would know exactly the type of career they would want to have,
or the type of spouse or partner they would want to be with. They would know every single thing that they needed in
order to be 100% happy. But most people will be infected
with the False Self Disease until the day they die. And the only cure for this disease is that you have to stop
listening to other people who tell you how you
should live your life. And then, once you do that,
you have to become self-aware in order to figure out what
type of life you want to live. It’s better to live half a lifetime being the person who you truly are than to live 100 lifetimes pretending to be someone who you aren’t. If you want to get some motivation to learn who you truly are,
then click the screen now and watch my motivational story. I promise that you’ll love it. Thanks for watching,
and I’ll see you soon. (light music)

86 comments on “My EMOTIONAL Story Will Change Your Life (Animated)

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  3. Can we put the advices we ask to friends to become a better person in the same box as what society wants us to be?

    Because only listening to yourself may cause you to keep nourishing the bad habits and traits that keeps you down or that makes you unlikable.

    Am i wrong?

  4. First off, patients are not anesthetized when having brain surgery. Brain surgery is done while you are 100% awake!
    Secondly when you are anesthetized, you do not dream whatsoever.

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  9. "Its better to live half a lifetime being who you truly are than to live 100 lifetimes pretending to be the person you aren't. "
    I'll never forget that

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    Ive been struggling with balancing my own goals with what others tell me to do and this video really made it more clear.

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  15. Living a fake life is one of the worst fates imaginable. I immediately take it as an insult when people try to tell me how I should live my life. I would never say something like that to anyone. I obey the rules of society for the most part, unless they are insane. I am not a threat to anybody, quite the opposite.

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  19. The overall message is good, but saying you’re fake if you don’t absolutely love what you’re doing is impractical. I agree with not marrying someone out of obligation. With careers though, we can’t all be rockstars or hippies living off the grid. I’d love to not work and go watch the sunset every day, but I also need income. Our society needs engineers, physicians, lawmakers, teachers, just like it needs janitors, plumbers, and truck drivers. If we all suddenly quit our jobs to become soul searchers, life coaches, or jewelry makers (just examples — not knocking on any career), the world wouldn’t function. Absolutely, don’t do something if you hate it and just because someone told you to. But we all make choices based on our priorities and circumstances, and sometimes it’s not pleasant or easy.

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