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My Project in One Minute – OPIC – Business Systems Modernization

My Project in One Minute – OPIC – Business Systems Modernization

Efficiency, effectiveness and customer
satisfaction. These are the goals set in place by REI systems while creating business systems modernization solutions for OPIC. The Overseas Private Investment
Corporation uses private funds to help solve development challenges in foreign
countries, which advances U.S. foreign policy. Within OPIC is the Department
of management and administration which uses its innovative IT solutions to help
OPIC drive global developmental impacts and make better loans, with less risk, at
a lower cost. In the past, reporting was difficult because of complicated and outdated systems which limited business capabilities for client relationship management. In other words, OPIC had a hard time keeping track of its customers. Enter the business systems modernization effort. Aimed at streamlining application processing and unifying customer touch points into a single platform,
it made the agency’s goals easy to track and gave OPIC the ability to present
their work with a customer of one comprehensive dashboard. With the help from this team at REI, OPIC now leads the way with business systems modernization.

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