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Nazareth College Leadership + Organizational Change Master’s Degree

Nazareth College Leadership + Organizational Change Master’s Degree

– [Narrator] Our world of
business is changing rapidly. – We need to figure out
how to work better together when we’re in disparate locations and dealing with different languages and different cultures. It’s important to be in an environment where you can gain those experiences. – [Narrator] That’s why
Nazareth has developed the master’s degree in leadership and organizational change. To prepare you to become
a transformational leader. Why manage, when you
can lead through action. The world needs great leaders in everything from finance
and Human Resources to engineering, healthcare and science. – There’s just this very
personable, practical field to how Nazareth designs its programs. – [Narrator] Earn your degree with classes one weekend a month. Emerge from this program ready to drive outstanding performance for you organization. Ask yourself. – How will you lead? – How will you lead?

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