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New Model Home Tour | Dr Phillips / Orlando, FL | Gated Community | Sand Lake Sound, Meritage Homes

New Model Home Tour | Dr Phillips / Orlando, FL | Gated Community | Sand Lake Sound, Meritage Homes

Hi this is Paul Baker with Remax and, today I’m out in the dr. Phillips area at a new
community by Meritage homes it’s called Sand Lake Sound and this is
a gated community right on Sand Lake. They are building single-family homes
and townhomes, they have five different floor plans to choose from for
single-family and five for townhomes. They have some really nice waterfront
Lots here that you can choose and the homes start at 2,000 square feet
and go up to a little over 3,800 square feet. Prices for the single-family homes
start in the 500s and the townhomes start in the 300s. The home we’re going
to look at today is their model it is the hayden floorplan it’s a 5 bedroom
home with four and a half baths and a two-car garage please take a look around
if you like this home and you’d like more information on it please give me a
call at 407-902-3188 and if you’re looking for a
home in Central Florida whether it’s new or used I’d love to help you with that
search. You can visit my website and if you liked this
video and you want to see more like it please hit that subscribe button. Thanks
for watching a video, have a great day New homes for sale in Orlando

26 comments on “New Model Home Tour | Dr Phillips / Orlando, FL | Gated Community | Sand Lake Sound, Meritage Homes

  1. Your videos are some of the best quality that I’ve seen. You get a true sense of the flow of the home rather than just shots of each room. Thanks for sharing and please keep them coming!

  2. I don't understand why, when they build these nice and expensive homes, that they put in the cheap metal shelving in the closets from Home Depot. They need to put in some custom shelving to fit the style of the home. Especially at these prices.

  3. Mostly builder grade materials, especially those sad tiles in every bathroom. Prefer hardwood floors. How close are your neighbors? Are the homes cookie cutter? Want to know more about the home. It was staged nice , I’ll give that one.

  4. Wow love this home!! The only thing is the bathtub in the master bathroom just seemed in the way the way it was set. Other than that lovely!❤

  5. This lovely home has a lot of nice features. I like the tall ceiling in the entrance hall, the 3 small windows in the first room off the entrance hall, the pillar's dividing the dining room from the living room/kitchen area and the fact that it isn't too open plan and does have some internal and partition walls. Also not forgetting the nice pool and the nice tiles that surround it. I live in the UK and we are about 20 years behind in design and standards of the homes currently being built in the USA, our homes in the UK are quite bland and unimaginative, lol.

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