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New Plugable 2.5G Ethernet Adapter: Upgrade to Faster Wired Connection Speeds

New Plugable 2.5G Ethernet Adapter: Upgrade to Faster Wired Connection Speeds

Speaker 1: Hi, I’m Bernie Thompson. I’m the founder of Plugable Technologies. It’s been almost 20 years since gigabit ethernet rolled out. And finally we’re getting to the next speed level with 2.5 gig ethernet rolling out here in 2020 and this is Plugables first product a with a 2.5 gig USB ethernet adapter that works on any Windows or Mac PC. So just plugs in with USB-C or USB-A to either a Windows or Mac laptop. The good thing about 2.5 gig ethernet is it’s backwards compatible. So today I can plug this in to my Windows PC and it’s going to work on this existing network that I already have here, that’s gigabit ethernet. Um, and then as I update other pieces, basically once the routers and switches are 2.5 any of the end node computers that are, that have 2.5 gig adapters like this are going to see that big boost and performance. Everybody else will keep working and we can slowly get everybody else rolled over to 2.5 gig. So this is a great way to kind of invest now and begin uh, building towards 2.5 gig in a future proofed fashion. So here at Plugable we have a lot going on on our network at any given time, you know, we might be editing this video that we’re making and we’re working a lot of image files and we’ve got people sending large data files back and forth and you know, maybe streaming the occasional sporting event or something like that. So all of that is occurring over a gigabit ethernet network. And very often that network is actually what’s limiting the speed of a copy or moving the data around. We have an opportunity finally to jump our network performance by, you know, up to two and a half times real world is going to be, you know, somewhere around maybe twice as fast or or in that area. One of the big advantages of 2.5 gig ethernet is it actually uses the same cat5 cabling that you have already. 2.5 gig ethernet will work on up to a hundred meters of cat5e or cat6 cable. And many newer installations already have that. Some of the higher speeds of gigabit ethernet that are coming, 5 gig and 10 gig, they require in many cases, new cabling or higher quality cabling. Uh, and so that makes the, the roll-outs more difficult. But with this sort of adapter and the 2.5 gig technology, um, that should be easier for you. So with 2.5 gig ethernet, if I plug in, you know, into my available USB port, again, our adapter supports either USB or Plugable. is it going to work in every case? Well, like a lot of new technologies, uh, there’s new chips in these 2.5 gig adapters and those chips required drivers. There’s drivers available for our adapter for Windows and MacOS you do need to install that driver get, uh, you know, it was for it to work and to get maximum performance. Um, and some of the operating systems that don’t have installable drivers like iOS, Android, um, some of those, some of the more kind of tablet and mobile platforms that aren’t Mac and Windows, you may have to wait a little while for adapters like this to be supported. So there you go. Plugables new 2.5 gig ethernet adapter that has supports both Plugable and USB, a laptops, tablets and desktops, both Windows and Mac. And it’s a great way to future proof what you’re doing right now for the 2.5 gig network that you’re probably going to be converting over to over the next few years. If you have any questions about compatibility, what routers, other operating systems, we are always happy to answer those questions with our US-based support team. Just go ahead and ask them below. Thanks for watching.

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  1. really enjoying the measly 1gbit variant with USB 3.2 gen 1 (really just USB 3.0) hub dongle from plugable. it's so study and feels great ❤️

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