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North Campus Research Complex 10th Anniversary

North Campus Research Complex 10th Anniversary

(charming piano music) – The news hit Ann Arbor hard. After decades as a cornerstone
of the local economy, a major drug company
announced it would close its massive research and
development operation in the northeast corner of the city. With a major recession looming, the campus seems destined
to stand empty for years. But behind the scenes researchers and leaders at
the University of Michigan saw an opportunity. What if, they said, U
of M could buy the site? What if the university could
turn the dozens of buildings and acres of land into a hub
for new kinds of discovery? Fast forward 10 years and that’s exactly what has happened. (intense electronic music) Today the University of Michigan’s North Campus Research Complex, or NCRC, now bustles with activity. More than 3,300 faculty,
staff, and students work there every day, and thousands more come for
events, training, or lectures. Every inch of space has a new purpose. Three new centers and institutes, and countless new collaborations have sprung into being thanks to NCRC. Scientific teams make discoveries on everything from heart disease,
cancer and health policy, to advanced materials and futuristic automotive technology. Research services and
shared research equipment give scientists access
to knowledge and tools that accelerate discovery. Nearly 100 startup companies have launched from NCRC’s incubator space. Thousands of patients who
count on Michigan Medicine for diagnosis and treatment
have benefited from NCRC too without ever setting foot there. A huge new clinical pathology facility provides precise answers to important questions about their health. The birth and growth of NCRC has been an experiment in expansion, one that has saved the
university money and time. It all started with a what if, and now thousands of
researchers and clinicians are using it to create
what ifs of their own.

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