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Norway’s Pilgrim Paths, episode 3 | “The Change”

Norway’s Pilgrim Paths, episode 3 | “The Change”

Eight months ago, I didn’t even want
to think about travelling abroad. And now I’m here in Norway,
walking on my own. And I’m really surprised
how well it’s going. It’s a powerful little path,
this Pilgrim Path. Little 634 km. You know … Sea! And fjords!
I’m in Norway! I wasn’t sure if I could do
big hikes, the proper distances. Now I know I can,
without being completely dead. I can do much more than I thought. It makes me feel like
I really am a pilgrim, properly, even though
I haven’t done the whole thing. Hello! Coming in. Wow! I feel bad that I’m not helping. But I also don’t mind. How often do you do this a day? From one to six times a day, I think. -Wow! You must be quite strong then.
-Oh yes, very. Things I’m doing at the moment
back in the Netherlands, I’m looking forward to doing them. I’m looking forward to
starting acting again and not having this building worry. We’re here! A strange feeling. It’s like goosebumps,
but you can’t see it, because I’ve got too many layers on. Right this moment, it feels like
I have actually let something go. I might have cancer tomorrow again,
but I might not have it till I’m 80. You never know anyway. And it would be a shame
if I worry every day till I’m 80 that the cancer might come back. Done.
Zero. It’s a great feeling of coming to
terms with everything that happened and putting a full stop behind it. So I can just go back
and face the future head-on, I hope. That’s what I intend to do.

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