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Nudge Learning

Steve is the L&D manager at his company they use an LMS to deliver training to their employees effectiveness of the training its retention and application post training are the primary challenges. Steve faces he’s looking at ways of improving the same that’s when he comes across the application of nudge theory in learning programs this requires setting up an ecosystem of nudges either through emails notifications conversational interfaces or text messages let’s see how it works. Susan is a manager at a manufacturing organization as a part of compliance training her employer has mandated her to go through a training program on OSHA once the course is assigned in LMS notification is sent to Susan at a specific time she can take the course at her own pace on tapping the notification a nudge based learning app opens Susan moves to the learning objectives section to start the course here Susan can see the assigned course on safety training and take it from here she can also see the personalized recommendations driven by her learning objectives this could include learning resources which are mandated by compliance requirements or resources which could help her get better with day to day work and grow in the organization the information for this could come from integration with organizations LMS goal management system and HRIS Susan completes the course at her pace in couple of days the app allows you to quickly assess learners for any recent training that they have undergone a simple yet effective form of nudge is short and objective questions these questions when delivered at the right time at regular intervals and most importantly with the right context helps the learners apply their learnings the whole idea here is that learners retain the learning their responses to questions help to identify the areas where learners might need further assistance based on the assessment results the app recommends content to reinforce the learning material the learners can view assessment scores the app also recommends resources in the form of videos and courses this provides just-in-time access to content which help when learners get some answers wrong the app allows you to provide contextual just-in-time and personalized nudges based on events and other relevant data points here learning is delivered to the learner in small nuggets this could be through interactions such as flip cards spin the wheel or any other game based interactions these small nuggets help learner retain key principles shared in their recent training daily nudges app allows you to nudge learner with content delivered in small interventions to improve organizational learning behavior you can reach out to learners in a way they prefer through text messages app or email notifications or via chat box

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