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Old Laptop SSD Upgrade: how to install Samsung 850 EVO SSD; unboxing, migration & review; SSD vs HDD

Old Laptop SSD Upgrade: how to install Samsung 850 EVO SSD; unboxing, migration & review; SSD vs HDD

I am unboxing the Samsung 850 EVO Solid-State Disk, and Wait a minute, Everson! Everybody knows that SSDs are faster than traditional mechanical, magnetic, Hard Disks… but SSDs cost too much! Actually, SSD prices are dropping so much that we bought this 500GB SSD to upgrade a 5-year-old PC notebook! You won’t believe how easy it was to transfer all data and how much faster this old computer became. Check it out! I bought my first Samsung SSD two and a half years ago, for my Macbook White 2009 which, because of the upgrade, is still very usable today! We also have a 2011 PC notebook, still running Windows 7. It was never “fast”, but now it is so slow it takes 5 minutes from boot to finally being able to open a webpage… That’s… terrible! I don’t want to format and reinstall Windows and everything… I just want it fast! Here comes my second Samsung SSD, same capacity: 500GB, but now it has cost me less than half of what I paid in 2013! It comes with software for cloning your old disk and instructions for doing it on Desktop and Notebooks, with the exact steps I’ll follow. But it doesn’t bring the USB SATA adapter cable you need for the data migration… I will use an external usb hard-disk case
instead. I installed the Data Migration software that came on the CD and followed the instructions. The boring part is to wait for the whole Hard Disk content to be copied to the SSD… 6 hours later it was done and ready for the next step: replacing the hard-disk drive. I must admit: this notebook was way easier than my Macbook to perform Hard-Disk or RAM substitutions… very mundane, normal-size Phillips screws, very easy access. On the first boot the system detects and adjusts for the new drive. I turn it off again and we are ready for the real test: Go! Ready to log-in on 20 seconds! And browsing the web in less than 1 minute! What a difference! I previously measured the read and write speed of that old Hard Disk to compare it with the SSD speed, and the numbers show why the computer gets so much faster! So, what are you waiting for? Thanks for watching!

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    6-) Bilgi kurtarma arıza tespit ücreti……………………………………………40 TL
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  2. hi, my laptop is really old.. i think it's Sata 2, but i want to purchase a SSHD hybrid drive with Sata 3.. with it still be compatible? I'm sure it won't be as fast, but still faster than the old drive with is by now lifeless

  3. you are the first youtuber which i subscribe and will never regret .
    yesterday i said keep up the good work, today i will say, keep up your health.

  4. I have an old Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop circa 2002 or 2003 with old interface ide I think. can I upgrade to SSD? if so does it pay? can it be done thru adapters etc…

  5. i have a desktop , when i copy the windows 10 files to an ssd can i keep my old hdd and delete all files or do i have to take it out ?

  6. I noticed your hard drive enclosure was in fact only USB 2.0 standard. thus, limits the speed to only 480 megabits/second rather than 5 gigabits/second. that's why it is very slow. I immediately noticed it when I saw the cable you use, That on the enclosure end it was using USB mini-B, I don't believe I ever saw any USB 3.0 mini-B connectors so I was very suspicious that you might got scammed, Correct me if i'm wrong. Great video by the way!

  7. You cannot use Windows to take a system image from a SSD
    onto a HDD. When you have problems with a program, you have a big problem.

  8. Try Acronis. Its is easy to use and much faster than the samsung software. You can creat a bootable usb drive to copy you files in less a hour.

  9. Hello @Geek Detour, i bought this laptop, i wanna upgrade the Harddrive from HHD to SSD. can i use samsung 850 EVO or something better?

  10. having a problem , new Samsung 850 PRO, my mac will not initialize it… the cd that comes with samsung is for WINDOWS only, can someone help?? any advice

  11. Hello everyone…and about the set-up and system config regarding management sw and not operacional files. Could you please help-me?

  12. Hey man! Great video! But i have a problem when my computer starts after complete restore its not start windows? It goes again automatically on recovery solution..

  13. couldn't find any store that sells Sata adapter. maybe ill try looking for it tomorrow but is there any way to migrate my hdd files to my ssd? i only have a single slot. so im kinda stuck right now.

  14. Hi, I have a 2012 ASUS laptop and my windows crashed and dvd drive is broken what should I do?

    I was planning on getting an ssd and an additional 4gb of ram. I hope you respond thanks.

  15. I got this for a laptop with 2.5 slots, but it doesnt recognize the drive. my laptop is 2 years old. and has windows 10 it is a 17in MX from BOXX

  16. for me system not dedect SSD 🙂 becouse my boot setings was on HDD. you forgot show how change boot menu … but thx for guide

  17. It takes about 15 minutes to install windows 10.. why would you wait 6 hours? Back up your data and install fresh.

  18. I bought the 850EVO but before migration i want to format my laptop and reinstall windows 10. do you have any video ?

  19. Hah.. very nice video,,.. motivated me a lot but I have no money to buy an ssd for my laptop right now,,..

  20. I'm gonna buy a brand new gaming laptop and after purchasing the new laptop i will be replacing the hdd to a samsung ssd is it worth it to replace the hdd upon purchase?.
    (Sorry for bad English)

  21. Novice question, but does the EVO (I'm looking at one on the site Lazada that is 250 GB) have to be bigger, or the same size, as my laptop's current C drive? I mean, can it be smaller? This is all very new to me but looks fascinating. I enjoyed your video and would like to try and save an aging (2011) Dell notebook that I have.

  22. Interesting channel. Usually I don't subscribe but your presentation and content are hard to let it pass. Great job there.
    The SSD upgrade hack is a neat trick I am glad to know !

  23. I've ordered one for my old asus it has an i7 so i don't wanna throw it away i hope it works because i have problems with the boot.

  24. i've upgraded mine a couple of days ago, it was taking 5 minutes to boot in completely but now 20 sec and i'm ready to go i have a sandisk 240gb ssd it's very fast.

  25. É até meio triste como PCs e notebooks (especialmente) são atualmente com HDs. Não só por ainda incluírem HDs lentos, mas o Windows 10 por algum motivo odeia HDs lentos. Não só o quão trava as veze, mas o tempo de boot é terrível de doer… Só para ter uma ideia, recentemente peguei um notebook bom, e só por ser HD e Windows 10, demora quase o mesmo tempo do notebook do vídeo para começar a mexer! Não tinha jeito, peguei um da SanDisk de 480 GB…que ainda não clonei/instalei, mas deve melhorar muito, eu espero. Certo, Michael So-aham, eu digo, Microsoft? (hehe)
    Continue assim! Love ur content ^^

    Edit (e spoiler alert): Eu instalei. E ajudou muito, básicamente =O

  26. Check the newer Samsung 860 EVO SSD lineup on Amazon:
    – 500GB,
    – 1TB,
    – 2TB and
    – 4TB

  27. Hello! I have a question for you. I have a MacBook Pro mid 2012 with Windows 10 via BootCamp and I want to upgrade it with an SSD without the hassle of reinstalling Windows all over again. Can I easily clone my drive including the partition tables and all of that delicated stuff?

  28. Ur video was excellent can u tell me just is it is possible to do that with (less old than u) Mac book Pro he is soooo slow and the physical remove is easy?
    Thank u

  29. What do u call that metal plate u mounted the ssd on? And where can i buy it? Has to be the same size as the ssd and not wider than it..thnx

  30. Have you check NVME SSD speed on USB2 or Sata 2 port? Plz compare NVME on USb 3 and sata 3 port also!! Waiting for your reply!

  31. The SSD is very fast… the same velocity I will change the disk!Can I replace a 500gb disk with a 1Tb SSD?

  32. I recently replaced my mom's laptop hdd with WD Green 120GB, greatly reduced the boot time from 3 minutes (power on to login) to just 12 seconds

  33. This was very helpful!! That was the exact problem I was having with my 2013 HP laptop that was state of the art and still ran well after the 6 minutes of bootup. I added an SSD and it performs like a spaceship now and the Sony Evo 500Gb was only $100 vs getting a whole new laptop.

    Thanks again as this helped me identify my issue (which was an issue) and saved me from getting a brand new machine.

  34. HI Geek Detour, I have a 2010 HP pavilion laptop.
    It was working okay until a couple of weeks ago.
    It would not start. So I put in the " start up disk " It started, but a message came saying " hard disk not exist "
    Please help. Your tutorials are very simple and helpful. I need to know what to do to fix my hard disk problem.
    I have some important programs on that hard disk. I know it is an old computer, but I have to retrieve my programs.
    Is it possible that I have lost some programs?

  35. 1:15 Jeezzz…Thanks man! I've spemnt over 2 hours trying to have my PC to discover this SSD. Thanks to your video I know there's a CD/DVD (tightly glued!!!) below the box!
    MY BIG problem is, I don't have an OS (like windows 7 or 10) to transfer to the SDD. I just want to install a clean Windows 10 on this empty SSD. But the BIOS won't even see it! (only Windows XP will see it)

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