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Olive Global Awareness | CrossChx | Artificial Intelligence

Olive Global Awareness | CrossChx | Artificial Intelligence

at the end of the day it’s really about
market adoption how many people are going to bring AI into their workforce
how many people are going to use it operationally day to day people were
focused on the more theoretical and advanced sides of machine intelligence
specifically focus and oriented towards research capabilities I think we’re
missing a golden opportunity to get real AI capabilities into the operational
environment of what humans are doing today not to replace humans but to
replace what humans do then I think you can add a very quick layer that makes
that initial AI extremely powerful and that is the concept of global awareness
global awareness allows your AI implemented across multiple enterprises
multiple software systems to have one corpus of knowledge around entities
people places and things at the least these entities
there’s basically one instance of them so me as Sean I have one instance of
myself in a graph that the AI understands and when working in
different hospitals in different systems in healthcare specifically in different
EHRs but you can work across the enterprise really knowing who I am being
able to assemble the data from multiple systems is incredibly powerful adding
context around those entities starts to organize information in the same way
human brain does so with a simple operational layer of AI which really
looks a lot like robotic process automation and then another layer global
awareness and understanding of entities with knowledge and context wrapped
around those entities we could have the most powerful impactful artificial
intelligence in the next 36 months

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