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One Contest Hopes To Change The Gaming Industry // Sponsored By Google Play

One Contest Hopes To Change The Gaming Industry // Sponsored By Google Play

(upbeat rock music) – Hey, everybody, I’m Kelsey, and I’m partnering with Google Play with the Change The Game Design Challenge. I was so lucky to be a judge on this. It’s a challenge that Google
Play had where they invited a bunch of young adults to submit their game ideas that would then get made into real mobile games. (upbeat rock music) – Change The Game is
Google Play’s initiative to make gaming truly for everyone. We would love to see gender parody both inside and outside of gaming. We challenged teens age
13 through 18 in the US to submit their idea for a mobile game for the chance to actually
see it come to life and work with our amazing team and partner, Girls Make Games, and published on Google Play. – Girls Make Games runs
summer camps and workshops around the world. We teach young girls how
to design and program their own video games in a span as short as three
weeks or even half a day. – We were so excited to see that we had a ton of
applications this year. The quality of submissions,
they were amazing last year, but we were absolutely
blown away by this year’s. – The game was inspired by
a lot of my own tendencies to love to tell stories. And one thing that I love
about the gaming medium is just how you can tell stories that drag a person in
and put them in the shoes of the protagonist and
make them feel the world and feel the emotion. – I’m really excited to see the heart, the empathy, the creativity. These are not like games
that I’ve seen before. I just really wanna see
some of them come to life. – All of them seem to have kind of a very
positive message behind it, which I thought was super inspiring. Not only are they creative, but they’re thinking about
how they can change the world. I really love seeing that message reflected in the games
that they’re making. – I kinda found that a lot of games today focus on violence and kind
of destructive behaviors, and I wanted to change that,
in a way, to create a game that was promoting
positivity and inclusivity. The main message is just
to spread positivity wherever you are, wherever you go. – It was so awesome to
be a part of this event, and I am so excited to
sit down with the girls and talk further about their own journeys and what they’re looking forward to next with building their own games. We’ll see you guys next time. Make sure to tune in. (upbeat rock music)

39 comments on “One Contest Hopes To Change The Gaming Industry // Sponsored By Google Play

  1. I’ve seen this before! I want to play these games so badly! I use my phone for most of my gaming so apps like this are so fun and cute! I know it’s a google play thing but I hope they make their way to iOS as well.

  2. I show it… I show it all!!!! Come see what Pizzagate really is aka HUMAN TRAFFICKING!!!! Q+ The Pen` [///|||\] {{{{ Q+}}}}

  3. Only girls? These feminist talk about gender equality then exclude all boys from absolutely everything. I really don't fucking get it.

  4. This is amazing!
    No one:
    Kelsey: I'm A gAMeR gIRl
    (But it's a good thing, I'm not teasing at all, I love Kelsey so much)

  5. If a large company made a contest only for men it would be sexist but this is inspiring? You know what’s insuring to me… when a girl beats a room full of guys by making a better game than them not being split from them like it’s something heroic.

  6. now that barbie is over can you do the spinoffs again?? maybe one of the kids will have the new university aspiration and we could follow their journey there!!

  7. As a mom of two boys, I am concerned with how inferior our current culture seems to want to make boys feel. Contests like this should be for everyone. Otherwise, we are just creating a future where the scales tip so far in the other direction and young boys are ostracized at every turn. There needs to be a balance, an equal playing field where every child has the opportunity to learn, grow and participate.

  8. Omg I love this initiative! We need more opportunities like this in South Africa, because the gaming industry here is not only extremely small, but also heavily favouring males which makes things tougher than they are for women. Super huge lack of job opportunities.

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