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One Simple Exercise To Improve Your Fluidity On The Drums – Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

One Simple Exercise To Improve Your Fluidity On The Drums – Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

– Hi, Bruce Becker
here from Los Angeles. I’m up here at Drumeo,
and I’ve been working on a very special course. And I’ve been
teaching for 36 years, and some of the drum
students that I’ve had through my years of teaching
have been drummers like Mark Schulman, Daniel
Glass and early Glen Sobel. And I’ve been currently
teaching Tris Imboden, David Garibaldi and Bryan
Head, Burleigh Drummond, and a whole host
of other drummers. It’s a great place to be. And we were talking up here
about some of the differences that we see in drummers
in their development. In my place of observation,
I see a lot of guys who just hold onto
that stick desperately and have trouble letting
go and finding the flow, whether it’s from beat to
fill or whatever it is, they’re feeling
some blockage there. So I’m really keen about
choreographing movement and adding some flavor of
letting go of our anatomy in a very natural way. So let me demonstrate
something specifically. What I oftentimes see
younger guys do, older guys, it doesn’t really matter,
it’s just guys in general, is holding onto that
stick and just pushing it to the tom. So I’m gonna play a
paradiddle, make it real easy, and I will play the
downbeats on the toms. So here it is, a
slow paradiddle. (drumming) They may feel some
tension or resistance to get over to the tom. So what I want to demonstrate
is that if we have a clearcut choreographed
move, we can really access a better fluidity. So watch how I do this. I’m gonna speak out clearly. What is the movement of
the single paradiddle? Well, for this, I’m
gonna put a downstroke, I’m gonna come up on the
second note, so the right. Left would be upstroke,
down, down or tap, tap, downstroke on the tom, upstroke
right hand, left, left. Let me demonstrate
so you can see clear, instead of me rambling on. Check this out. (drumming) (faster drumming) (slower drumming) (faster drumming) (slower drumming) Notice as I’m playing that,
that there’s a lift and drop, and as I get faster, of course
my movement becomes more, what do I want to say, lateral,
as opposed to elliptical. And that’s basically
tapping into the movement. Notice as well that I
was releasing my wrist and I have an easy access
to the hinge in my elbow. Those are key components to
adding fluidity to your playing. So let me demonstrate
once again, and we’re gonna put
this to a click, and we’ll add a little
depth of slowing it down so you can see how
this movement works. And watch very carefully. See if this adds to the
quality of what you do when you’re playing. One, two, one, two, three. (fast drumming) (slower drumming) (faster drumming) Now let me try it at 120 bpm
and try to put myself into holding onto the
stick a little tighter and maybe see some of the
struggles that I might encounter as I do that without letting go. 120 bpm, check it out. One, two, one, two, three, four. (fast drumming) (slower drumming) (faster drumming) Now you can see that I’m
holding onto the stick a lot tighter and I’m quite
tight in my whole approach. That’s generally what I see. In the seat of observation
in my teaching practice, that’s the role I play. I sit back as the coach and
observe and see what’s going on, and try to open up an avenue
of fluidity for everybody. And again, the height of
that is really addressing the choreographed movement
that you can get into. That topic, as well as many
others, are covered extensively in the course that I
just built for Drumeo. So click the link below
to get more information. I’d like to be your
personal drum coach. I hope to see you in 2018. Bruce Becker here from
Drumeo headquarters, saying, “Peace.” (beeps) Don’t bloop me too bad, man. – [Man Off Camera] No, no, no. (beeps) – And getting in harmony
with the ana-da-dee. (beeps) Hi, Bruce Becker here. I’m a drum teacher up from
Los Angeles, up here, and ah. Up here, up here, up here,
up-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup. (beeps) Hi, Bruce Becker here,
up here at Drumeo. Up here, up here,
up here, one more. (beeps) Hi, Bruce Becker here. I’m here at Drumeo Stu,
ah, Bruce Becker here. I’m here at… (beeps) Hi, Bruce Becker. I’m a drum teacher
from Los Angeles. Ah, no, I don’t
like that either. (beeps) – [Man Off Camera] ‘Cause
you had like five in a row where you’re like, “Hey,
Bruce Becker here,” and all that stuff. (laughs) (beeps) – This is one of the spe-fi, (blabbers) Okay. (beeps) I’m not hip to the lingo. (beeps) That’s one of, no. (mumbles) (beeps) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. (blabbers) Loosen up, yeah, loosen up. (beeps) I need to work on
my choreographing of my articulation. (beeps) And Bruce Becker here from
Drumeo, saying, “Peace.” That sucked. ♪ Hello darkness my old friend ♪ (beeps) (upbeat instrumental music)

96 comments on “One Simple Exercise To Improve Your Fluidity On The Drums – Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

  1. Great lesson Drumeo, especially for a metal drummer like me, because you don't relax as Much when you play fast… 👍🏼

  2. Thank you! I’ve been lookin for lessons like these for months. All I’m really concerned with right now as a drummer is this, having a better ‘feel’ on the drums.

  3. Thanks again Bruce and thank you DRUMEOOOOO!wish I had this this when I started playing years ago . Did you say you're in L.A.I thought DRUMEO was in Vancouver?


  5. Him:
    Hello darkness my old friend.

    I have a boyfriend.

    Lol. I love vids with bloopers included in the end. Hahahaha

  6. I just found your channel and I'm a seasoned drummer (which means I'm getting on in my years hahaha). I also teach and your techniques are perfect for my students. Great videos on your channel.

  7. A good lesson, although I, as a drum teacher, never believed in the method of showing what not to do. I think it may be a bit destructive. The display of what is right to do is good and in my opinion it is quite sufficient. Wondering what Bruce's position on the subject.

  8. I can't thank you enough for what just happened for me…….. this has been a real eye-opener, and now, within minutes of taking your advice, I've amazed myself. Thank you Bruce Becker and Drumeo!

  9. An "aha" moment I just had: this way of playing is very similar to the way that Matt Halpern plays his cymbals. By playing in a more diagonal slice when hitting cymbals (as opposed to how most drummers, myself included, hit the cymbals by hitting them vertically), there's a significant gain in economy of motion. It's the same principle when playing an upstroke for the second stroke of the paradiddle. Why play a downstroke there if you need to immediately bring that stick back up to hit something else? Brilliantly explained, Mr. Becker! Thank you so much!

  10. The SLO-MO sections remind me of the nature shows on PBS, when they slow down the flight of a bird or of a lizard snatching a bug with its tongue.

  11. Wow that looseness in his movement was amazing!!! It’s been a while since I’ve seen such technical proficiency in basic drum patterns. That’s a skilled instructor. Much respect sir. Subscribed.

  12. Watched this… Learned it in 10 minutes wasted 6 years of my life on personal lessons lol been playing 10 years next month thanks for fixing up my technique

  13. Thanks for the lesson. As I play more it is important to be efficient to reduce injury and fatigue. Thanks again

  14. I'm watching on 4k OLED with a sound system. I just have to say Drumeo's production value is sick. This looks amazing.

  15. i live in the middle of no where so i had to teach myself. i love it that a person can watch free videos online.

  16. Having him play fast and then slowing down the footage was a genius idea! It really demonstrates that his perfect technique at faster speeds is the exact same is at slow speeds. This is developed from years and years of practice. I have never seen that before in a video lesson. Thank you drumeo for continuing to innovate!!

  17. Bruce…You, Sir, are Way Hip! Thank you for the lesson and also for showing your humility & grace via your bloopers. Ü. Love the lesson! Love the bloopers! Ü <3

  18. Thank you for this great demonstration. The good and bad examples are a very fine way to display this fluidity matter. Still I have to say after teaching drums quite a long time too that you have to be careful with your right hand going to floor tom. Maybe it is only in my hands but I have to at all times concetrate on keeping my wrist at the same position as when hitting the snare.

  19. Really guys this has nothing to do with choreography and stuff, if you not familiar with moeller you should rearrange your study across this technique… Can be a little challenging at the beginning but for sure would be pay of…

  20. A couple years ago I told drumeo I wanted to improve my fluidity. They responded as if they had never heard that term before. Now they are using it 🤔

  21. That was awesome it seems like he was using a little bit of Moeller technique on the lateral from the Tom's to the snare bravo bravo

  22. How do you break the bad habit that you’re demonstrating? I have it bad! And I am a drumeo student. Is there any videos you can recommend. Or personal advice you can recommend? Thank you!

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