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One University Vlog: Jeanne Thompson, Vice Chancellor, University Advancement

One University Vlog: Jeanne Thompson, Vice Chancellor, University Advancement

Hi and welcome to the Advancement Office.
Come on in. My name is Jeanne Thompson and I’m the Vice Chancellor for Advancement.
And the advancement office has been really busy working hard in providing
extraordinary opportunities for our students, our employees, as well as our
alumni. Today I would like to talk about the collaborations that we have been
working and managing around the campus. We work with all of the units on campus
and we’re really proud about that. A couple examples would be we work with Julie
O’Leary in the URSCA office to provide
summer undergraduate research fellowships for our students – the SURF
program. We also work with Randy Barker and Laurie with the Pruitt Center for
Mindfulness and Well-being, which is an initiative that was funded by the
foundation. So to better illustrate our collaborations amongst all of our
partners on campus I would like to just do a little walk around with you with
the Department of Advancement, so come on. First off is Julie Smith. Julie is our
Annual Giving Officer and I’ll let Julie explain what she’s been working on
lately. Hi my name is Julie. Right now I’ve been working on a really big
athletics mailing as you can see the trays in my office. We’re working on a
mailing to help the athletics department with some of their programs so that’ll
be going out this week and we’re also working on gearing up our faculty and
staff campaign and in fact these post cards will go out this week. Keep your
eyes peeled on your office mailbox for your postcard in the mail. Alright,
thank you, Julie. Thank you. And around the corner we have Chris Jersett. Chris is
our scholarship and data analytics guru here in our office. I recently finished
sending out annual donor reports to all of our donors and currently I’m
working on preparing for the next scholarship season which begins in
February. We have over $900,000 to award and it’s a lot of work to get that going. Hidden behind here is Jess Zunker. Jess works with our gift
entry, keeping our alumni database up-to-date, she creates labels… reports….
she keeps the office going. And I’d love to be able to stop in both Tom and
Jason’s offices but they are out visiting with alumni and friends. And back here is Heather Thompson, our Alumni Director. Heather, what are you doing? Well Jeanne, I’m working on the Holiday Ball. Hopefully everyone’s
received their invitation and I just want to let everyone know that they are
welcome to join us at the Holiday Ball. It’s a great event benefiting both
alumni and students here at UW-S and faculty staff and students are only
fifty dollars each. I also want to welcome everyone to join us at our
events for alumni and friends. We host many events each year… many of which are
in our own backyard. So please join us. So I hope that gives you a brief idea of
the collaborations that we have here in the Advancement Office with everyone
around the campus. I think it’s really important for us all to really see
ourselves as that One University. A few little updates that I would like to end
with today is that many of you know we are in the leadership or silent phase of
a $20-million comprehensive campaign. We are now nearing or actually
have just slightly surpassed the halfway mark so we are over $10-million
and we plan to go public, do a public launch next fall. We will have a kickoff
event on October 2nd and everybody will be invited and it’ll be a really
wonderful community celebration, as well as bringing in alumni, friends, businesses,
the entire area community. The next few months are going to be critical with our
campaign because at the January Foundation Board meeting we will be
making the decision whether $20-million is the correct goal and whether
the pillars and the goals set for each of those is correct, as well. Because we
want to make sure when we go public in the fall that everything is going to be
achievable. I’d like to leave you all with five requests. Five things that I
want you to consider doing. Please help us keep in touch with our alumni.
You have wonderful relationships with your alumni that graduated from your
programs or worked in your work areas. It’s important for us to have correct
and updated alumni information so that we can keep them up-to-date through
newsletters, the magazine… on all the wonderful things that are happening at
their alma mater. We also want to be able to invite them to the many events that
Heather was just talking about and we want to be able to showcase their
successes, as well as their stories in our magazine and online. Participation in
our faculty and staff campaign is really important, as well. All gifts no matter
the size is important. We like to call it the “Collective Power of Giving.”
Participation, whether it’s a five dollar gift or it’s a hundred dollar gift, is
important to us. Gifts can be made through payroll deduction, through cash,
through a check, through a credit card. It really is easy but really make it
something that’s going to be meaningful for you. Let us know if you want to
collaborate with us on a fundraising appeal. Like Julie, working with the
athletic fundraising appeal, we are here to help you raise money for your
students and for your programs. If you know of any potential funders please let
us know. You may be able to open a door that we wouldn’t be able to open
otherwise. And finally, number five. Please stop in and say hello. We are always here
and we are welcome to your ideas so thank you so much for all that you do
for the University and for our students day in and day out. Your sharing of your
time, your talent, and your treasure really is what is making students
succeed and for that we are eternally grateful.

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