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Oshkosh Corporation: A Workforce Advancement Training (WAT) Success Story

Oshkosh Corporation: A Workforce Advancement Training (WAT) Success Story

(instrumental music) – Oshkosh Defense is growing significantly to new business added to our portfolio and we had the direct need to
train these general assemblers and this 301 course gives us that need. – We provide them a
five-day training class basically built on two days of hydraulics, a day and a half of electrical, a day and a half of air brakes, so as their assemblers move to a different classification
in their union positions, they need this certification process to complete the training. We do that training at the Fox Valley
Technical College campus, to make sure they understand
those tasks and competencies, so when the truck goes
down the assembly line, if some of those circuits
aren’t working correctly, they understand the diagnostic
process to implement. With hydraulics, with electrical, and with the air brake systems, so they understand the tools and equipment that take to diagnose and test the truck. – We experienced a 95%
customer satisfaction rate due to the quality of instruction
held at Fox Valley Tech. The training that the school
and the WAT Grant provides us has been highly beneficial, and our need and our want
in the future is tremendous. (inspirational music)

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