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Our workspaces are changing

Our workspaces are changing

Our work spaces are changing, we’re
committed to making your workplace work for you, providing a variety of
workspaces to support you throughout your working
day. Innovative, modern, facilities will help to increase your well-being and
enable more efficient service delivery we will give you the tools to work in a
way that is best for you and your team enabling you to work how you want when
you need and from almost anywhere that suits you and your team. Workspaces will
no longer be dated and cluttered they will be fresh modern and attractive
spaces for everyone to use. You don’t need to travel across the county for
meetings where appropriate you can Skype into meetings and use the
video conference facilities. We only spend on average half our day at a desk so why
do we need one each instead we need different workspaces for different work
needs we are creating breakout areas for informal meetings quiet spaces for
finishing those reports and team tables for working together. You can work
wherever suits your diary and business needs whether that’s in other council
offices at home or on-the-go. We’re looking forward to simple smart and
shared workplaces that work for you

3 comments on “Our workspaces are changing

  1. This video implies that these changes are being implemented for our benefit, however this is simply a cost cutting exercise purely designed to save money. By depersonalising our workspaces you are simply turning us into robots that turn up and plug in wherever there is a free space. Scientific studies have already shown that this type of workspace has a seriously detrimental effect on workers mental health in the long term and I have no doubt that staff sickness and the amount of staff leaving will increase due to these changes being made.

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