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– Oh, wo, wo, wo, wo.
I can’t stomach this kind of thing. – (Shelly) Okay, I like it,
but I have no idea what it is. – (laughs) I still like the music. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ ♪ (hip-hop music) ♪ – ♪ Who am I? ♪
– I don’t hate it. I do not know who it is yet. – ♪ Suicide if you ever
try to let go, uh ♪ – Aww, poor baby.
He got his heart broken. – ♪ I gave her everything ♪
– (chuckles) It just sounds like he’s not opening
his mouth all the way. ♪ (muffled singing) ♪ – Oh, wo, wo, wo, wo.
I can’t stomach this kind of thing. – ♪ I’m found ♪
♪ But it’s torture… ♪ – I’m not feeling it, man. – ♪ I love when you’re around ♪
– This one reminds me of XXXTentacion. – ♪ You decide if you’re ever
gonna let me know, yeah ♪ ♪ Suicide, if you ever
try to let go ♪ – Sounds like suicide
if you ever leave me? I think maybe…
um, UNHEALTHY! – That’s called clone rap. It sounds like whatever…
it’s just no. – I like that. Good melody.
It sounds like hip-hop, but yet, mellow. – ♪ Mm baby, I don’t understand… ♪
– Hmm, it’s all right. A little piano. Ding. I guess simple is good sometimes. – Is this the same guy? – He’s a very sad boy. – ♪ Mm baby, I don’t understand it ♪
– Well, I don’t think XXXTentacion would sing like this. – There’s emotion here.
There’s soul here. – ♪ Girl, you’re making it
hard for me ♪ – Stop making it hard for him.
Get it together. – Are you making it hard for her? – That one was better. It definitely had a little bit
more musicality to it. – All it was was, “Girl,
you’re making it hard for me.” Do not get in a relationship
with this guy. (chuckles) – ♪ Tired of feelin’ like I’m trapped
in my damn mind ♪ – Huh? I’m sorry. What? (laughs) – Yeah. This is
a good song right here. – ♪ That’s why it’s tatted
on my face that I’m damn numb ♪ – Wow, this is completely different. – He keeps the same vibe.
It’s real mellow-ish. – ♪ I’ve been feeling really lost,
ducking all attachments ♪ ♪ I don’t really go outside,
’cause I hate traffic ♪ – This guy is depressed. – He is so sad! (laughs) That’s all he’s doing is talking
about this person who left him. – That one’s okay.
It seems like he’s sort of feeling himself a little bit.
Now he’s like, you know, “[Bleep] you. We broke up.
I’m moving on.” – That’s the first one I like
really so far. I could tolerate listening
to it the whole way. The other ones were way too simple. – ♪ I’ve been stuck thinking
’bout her, I can’t hold… ♪ – Wow. Yeah, this is
some cool music. – ♪ I’m in pain,
wanna put ten shots in my brain ♪ – No, don’t do that.
– What?! (chuckles) 10 shots in my brain? He needs to talk to Logic
about that phone number. – ♪ And ever since then,
man, I hate myself ♪ ♪ Wanna [bleep] end it ♪
– Oh, this is so dreary and droopy. – But [bleep] been excited… ♪
– Yeah, then he said the N word. I’m out.
– ♪ [Bleep] sickening ♪ – Again, I’m out. (laughs) – ♪ But my uncle
playing with a slipknot ♪ – I’m not loving this. (laughs) I feel like the crotchety old mom
who’s like, “Turn that music down!” – Ooh. Wow. That’s intense. They’re sad. – I like it. But, like,
that boy is messed up. – I find it musically repetitive. I find the autotune
is just so much. It sounds like a mistake. – (FBE) Do you have any idea
who these songs are by? – No, I don’t,
but he sounds young. – I thought it was XXX,
but I don’t know for sure. – XXXTentacion because I know
that he was gonna come out with a new album.
– (FBE) So we’ll give you the answer in just a second.
– Okay. – (FBE) But he’s been one
of the most requested artists for us to cover.
– Really? – (FBE) And the parents have already
reacted to him once before. – What?!
– [Bleep]. It’s XXXTentacion. I almost said it earlier,
BUT he’s sounds totally different. – (FBE) And we’re actually
gonna show you a snippet of that episode now.
– Ohh, boy! Let’s do it. – ♪ Can’t keep my [bleep]
in my pants ♪ – (Jamayla) He can’t
keep his [bleep] in his pants. – Keep your [bleep]
in your pants. – ♪ Can’t keep my [bleep]
in my pants ♪ – (Faith) Ahh! – Yeah! You go, Faith. – Ahh! (laughs) (claps) Yes! – Oh, I remember this. – (Jamayla) How old
is this child singing this? – (laughs)
– (Sharon) He sounds 12. Is he about 12?
– Yeah, he does sound young. – (Luis) The lyrics are constantly
talking about drugs. – ♪ I put a hole in your parents ♪
– (Faith) That’s terrible! – Right. (laughs) – (Shelly) Okay, I like it,
but I have no idea what it is. – (laughs) I still like the music. – ♪ That lil’ bitch
got her throat [bleep] ♪ – (Faith) Ahh! My ears are curling!
– Golly, this guy. – So I would argue
that it’s much easier to understand what he says
in the new songs. – (Sharon) Ooh, wow.
He’s so angry. – (laughs) She’s my favorite. – (Sharon) So I feel like
he’s a feminist then, right? – Ooh, Sharon!
(laughs) Sharon. – ♪ Boy I’m sippin’ tea in yo hood ♪
♪ What the [bleep] is up ♪ – (chuckles) It’s just whack. He’s just trying
to get a response. – (Jamayla) Still sounds
a little angry. – He was angry. It looks
like he was angry. Not anymore. – (Jamayla) I like the beat
until you start listening to the words, and you like, “Oh!”
– Ugh. That is hilarious. – The songs I heard didn’t have
as much of an edge. My reaction would’ve been
a little different if I had heard about somebody pulling his [bleep]
out of his pants. – It’s a natural progression
in my mind. I mean, to go from being
so angry against someone else to suicide and depression
and things like that. – At that time,
I had no idea who he was. When I went home,
I started looking at some of his videos, and I saw
why the teenagers freaking like him, because that’s not all he does. – (FBE) So those were all songs
by XXXTentacion. – Say that one more time slowly. – I’m glad I had the guy right,
you know? Because even though
I hadn’t listened to his music that just came out this year,
I recognized his voice. – (FBE) We rarely react
to things here twice, but the demand for this
was so high, we felt like we needed to do it again.
– Yeah. – (FBE) Why do you think people
asked for the parents to react to him again? – Well, I think it’s pretty obvious
that most parents would hear that and just want
to throw the speaker into the toilet. Kids love
getting a rise out of their parents. – To see what we’re gonna think,
and I think there’s gonna be a lot of anticipation that parents
are gonna say, “No! I don’t want my children
listening to that.” – Initially, he was
super angry music and we were also told
about his history. This is incredibly different music.
It shows some maturity. – I remember when I was growing up,
NWA was a no-no to listen to. But you know, now I feel
like that’s how sometimes kids relate to the music. – We did not favor him
very much the last time. I’m glad y’all, you know
what I mean, fought for him
to have another chance. He did so much better. – (FBE) XXXTentacion’s career
has been largely dominated by several controversies. He’s been arrested multiple times,
has been in physical altercations with fans, and has had feuds
with other artists as well. – Oh, wow. Yeah, it’s just–
they try to shock the consciousness. It works.
– (FBE) In your experience, when artists behave this way,
can people look past the behavior if they enjoy the music,
or will people stop listening to an artist even if they like
the music when they act this way? – Begrudgingly, I listen to Kanye. (laughs) And I think his behavior
is almost harder to get past. – It’s really about the music. A lot of kids don’t even
listen to the lyrics. It’s not about copying
what those guys are doing. – If my kids at home
were listening to him, I’d wanna know more about why.
What do you like about this person? – People always wanna separate
the platform from the person, and I’m always like,
the platform is the person. That’s just an extension
of who you are. – (FBE) XXXTentacion has also
done many things to improve his reputation over the last year. Many fans now watch
his YouTube channel where he posts vlogs and gaming videos
in addition to his music. He also posted a video last month
called #TheHelpingHandChallenge, where he donated many goods
to people in need. – Nice.
– (FBE) Do you think these actions would make him someone you’d want
your kids emulating or do his previous transgressions
make him someone you wouldn’t want your kids looking up to
regardless of what he’s doing now? – Oh, no. Look,
everybody’s got a past. He’s making good, right? – I would want them to see
a person for all of who they are, and I believe it’s possible
for people to change. – If I’m not gonna judge myself
on who I was two years ago or a year ago or a month ago,
then it’s certainly not fair for me to judge someone
who they were. – It’s good to see someone
go from having a lot of transgressions,
getting in trouble with the law to someone now that’s giving back,
being more mature, trying to paint a better image
of himself. – (FBE) And so finally,
last time we did this episode, we ended the episode asking
if the parents would be okay with their kids listening
to XXXTentacion. – I’m gonna go with the same answer,
and I’m not gonna block my kid from listening to something. – Yeah, I would trust that
they would make great decisions about which way they wanna go. – I’m okay with that.
You cannot hide that from your kids. – I actually want them
to hear the new stuff, because I want them
to see the difference. – I would be okay with my kids
listening to his music. – I would be okay with it,
because I know they’re gonna listen to the stuff that’s positive. I trust what I instilled in my kids. – I would be okay with my son
listening to it, my daughter. Matter of fact, I’m gonna tell ’em,
“Hey, I listened to it. Let’s go listen together.” – If he were truly and sincerely
starting to create a culture or vibe or new music
that is reflective of where we’d like to be
as a society, I’m all for it. But if you wanna listen
to that old crap, you better get those headphones on
and go move somewhere else. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Parents React. – If you wanna see more, subscribe!
– Shoutout to Happy Ghost Bros and Fletcher Ward.
What’s up? – Let us know in the comments
what artist we should react to next. – Hi, guys! JC here,
producer here at FBE. Thanks so much for watching
this episode of Parents React. What other artists do you want
the parents to listen to next? Let us know down in the comments.
Bye, guys.

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