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People on the Street: Is War Inevitable?

People on the Street: Is War Inevitable?

I think sometimes it’s going to happen. I mean, like, obviously it’s going to happen. But I don’t agree with it in a lot of cases. I think it’s going to happen, I think it’s just human nature to want to
fight, but I don’t think it needs to be always happening. War is not inevitable, but people get a little stuck, and stubborn, I guess is the word. Which kind of leads to stupid, and then you
get war. It is, yeah. I think it’s in human nature to have conflict
with each other, to be in conflict. Yeah. We all don’t want the same thing. Even though we all need the same thing, we all don’t want the same thing at the same
time. And your truths are different from his truths
and her truths, so there’s always going to be a difference
that will bring people to shed blood. Um, war is inevitable, but the unfortunate
truth, which is sad: it’s so preventable. There doesn’t have to be war. War has to be intelligently strategized. War has to be started. Wars are accidental, but most confrontations and most squabbles between people could be
alleviated in a minute, but war is… War is not inevitable. War is not inevitable. War happens, but it’s not inevitable. Life is inevitable. A man, if you take a man from, at same time, man is supreme. Okay? He is dominating everything, including female. So he is addicted to two: one is female, other
is power. Only two weak points of a man: one is female,
other is power. Why Qaddafi is not leaving, even though he ruled 40 years, 40 years he has been ruling the Libya, still he is not ready to leave, he is not ready to give that chance to someone
else, because he wants power. He wants to die in that power. The answer, it is there in our blood. So as long as you think like that, there should be fight. I think war is when difficulties escalate. And most times you are able to interact before
they escalate to war, but it requires that both parties are interested
in avoiding war. So, no, it’s not always possible, I think. It’s impossible — I don’t know how many
people we are on this planet, but I think it’s impossible to get along with
everyone. And some people are more aggressive than other
ones, and they are able to protect their ideas and
thoughts in any possible way, I think. I don’t think another world war is really
going to happen, with the UN in place. So I don’t think any war on the scale of a
world war is going to happen, but I think small wars, civil wars, stuff like that, is probably going to keep on going. Yeah. I think that, well, it’s just like, to get to peace, probably war needs to exist, you know what I mean? So I think yes, probably. Yeah. And not everybody can agree on everything. Even though I wish there were no wars, like,
ever, I think it’s kind of inevitable. I think so, just because people look back
on the past, and instead of learning from wars, they take it as, if they rebelled, we can
rebel, and we can change this. And no one’s ever really happy with what’s
going on. No one is ever 100 percent content; we change presidents, and everybody’s like,
oh, I love him, and then two days later everybody
hates him again. It’s just that everybody wants change, but they don’t know what change they want. And that’s the problem.

13 comments on “People on the Street: Is War Inevitable?

  1. LOL! The guy who said the UN will prevent another world war. That's the funniest thing I've heard all day.

  2. I hope that Indian gentleman meant (in so many words) that woman's side, not the totally patriarachal side should be listened to to acheive peace, since base men (like Ghadafi) don't want to give up power…right? I don't agree with the saying of who is ruling over who…

  3. War seems inevitable because most people believe it is inevitable. If you believe there is free will then war can not be inevitable. It takes the free will and full commitment of the war mongers and masters of war to systematically prepare the war technically and to create a mass hysteria that makes people believe that war is the only way forward out of a precarious situation.  That's why the war "hawks" are actually smart psychopaths. They are less than 2 percent of the population and still command entire societies based on an idiotic believe system. There seem to be more people who believe that war is inevitable than believe in God. Try to verify that.

  4. So here comes the question: how can you transcend war on this planet if you are at the level of consciousness where you consider war as inevitable or even desirable and necessary?

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