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PIXARK (Multiplayer Gameplay) – Advancements! – EP05

PIXARK (Multiplayer Gameplay) – Advancements! – EP05

66 comments on “PIXARK (Multiplayer Gameplay) – Advancements! – EP05

  1. Any one know if the stupid distance bubble will be on multiplayer on xbox, like in normal ark.. I also know that multiplayer isn't out yet on xb1

  2. You CAN put chests on each other, remove the block from under the chest and then place another chest there.
    This can be done with pretty much everything, like placing a mortar and pestle on a block, removing the block, and placing a table.

  3. You can stack chest. If you place a block and put a chest on it, you can dig the block out and place a chest below the first chest.

  4. asome video yo dont have to completely enter the temples you can fly to the nearest window and jump in and loot

  5. Remove the foundation by the crafting table and place a dirt or stone block then place ur foundation as a table

  6. You can stack chest if you first put the chest that goes above on a block then remove the block and place a chest where the block was.

  7. Beff you can turn your dino pixblox and there pixblox holder for you put your dino in, you don't need a big dinopin but there are some magic creatures that you can't pixblox so you need dinopin for them

  8. U have to put a block on the floor that stack it 2 blocks high than put boxes on the 3rd than take down the 2nd block than put boxes than take down the bottom row and put boxes ( like so he will see this plz and I like your vids beef) 👌❤

  9. if you stack the dirt then put chest on top you can take 1 dirt from under the chest then add another chest

  10. Hey Beef, if you get in 2 block deep water then push the hot key for your canteen or water skin, you will be able to fill up.

  11. When talking about a doedicurus you shouldn't call her a pteranodon, they really are sensitive that way 🙂 29:12

  12. no, they can be stak .. just put some blocks of dirt one at it other and star from the top .. put the box and remove the dirt below and continue like that (i dont know if they fix it)

  13. Beef the different crafting stations you have have a collection radius, so they pull materials from chests within it.

  14. This game needs to tweak the default FOV setting. Tools take up so much screen realestate if you don't adjust it

  15. If your tames keep getting killed when you all are offline then why not turn your tames into blocks while you are not around. Supposedly they are invincible when in that form.
    Side benefit is you can carry them around in your inventory, so say you are flying somewhere and see something you need, throw out the needed tame and harvest that item reblock it and off you go again.
    Well typed all that 5 minutes before the end of the video and 3 minutes before the end he discovers blocking up tames, I'm textually committed now.

  16. Is it possible you need to right or left click the waterskin on the reservoir to fill it? And you should see if you can cultivate the narcoberries.

  17. The water skin and canteen can only be filled in if the water is two blocks deep. You have to be submerged. You can also fill them in the water tap.

  18. U CAN stack chest. just place a block, place the chest on it, and destroy the block, and place a chest where teh block were 😀

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