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Plane Crash Survivor Decorates Scars To Remember Family | A Tattoo To Change Your Life

Plane Crash Survivor Decorates Scars To Remember Family | A Tattoo To Change Your Life

I’m more than just my scars. I was involved in a plane crash. SIRENS BLARE I lost my mum, my dad
and my brother. I think tattoos are great, like, it’s telling a story
about that person. I’ve been tattooing
for just under four years. I don’t think people
realise the effect a tattoo can have on someone who
has struggled so much to be who they are. I was in a plane crash 27 years ago where I lost my family
and I sustained some burns. So I wanted to get a tattoo done
to sort of represent them but also to decorate
one of my scars. Oh, that’s so lovely. That’s really nice. My first holiday was
to India with my parents. It was the first time
I was on a plane. We were flying from
Mumbai to Bangalore and that’s when I was
involved in a plane crash. The only memory I have
of the day of the crash is me fighting with my brother, like, because I wanted to sit
by the window cos, like, for the first time it was seeing,
like, blue skies and green fields. And I remember, like,
he always got his way when it can be things like that
cos he was always the youngest, so it was all like, “Well, you’re
the oldest, you should understand,” and I just wanted to
sit by the window. And then that’s all
I remember from that time. Burns are probably something that
I find the most tricky to tattoo. It’s almost like a tissue damage which leaves the skin feeling really
thin, easily able to spread ink inside, as well, so it’s something
that usually we try and camouflage around or near to the burn, rather
than going straight over the top. I want you to get the best
tattoo you can get… Great. ..and I want it to age
nicely so you can show it off for all the years to come.
Thank you so much. I know she really wanted it
on her arm but I think she wants a tattoo that’s going to stand
the test of time more, so I think her compromising
on the space for the design is definitely the right thing to do. So what I’m going to do is
I’m literally just going to size this up just to make sure it’s the
right sort of size for the area, OK? Right, if I can get you to move your
leg just a little bit towards me, Tulsi, if that’s OK,
just sort of this way. Yeah, perfect, thank you. Six weeks after my accident
and I remember my gran telling me that I looked different. They removed the bandages from
my eyes and I wanted to see myself in the mirror because I want
to know what these burns look like, like, what is the big deal? And I looked in the mirror
and the person reflecting back in the mirror wasn’t me. I thought somebody drew that face
on, I’m like, “Who is that person?” It’s not until I blinked my eyes
or moved my mouth that I realised that the mirror was
also doing the same thing. And it hit me, like,
that I look different. Who is this person? In my head, even at that moment, I really felt it wasn’t going
to be like this forever. I thought there’s going
to be like this magic eraser and they’re going
to sort of disappear. Cos even at that time I didn’t
realise that this is long-term. How’s that? Oh, wow. Yeah? That looks so cool.
You like it? Yeah, I love. I want to get a tiger as
my tattoo because for me the tiger represents
like a mysterious beauty. So there’s more to it than just
what you see from the outside. Oh, God, where’s the therapist
when you need him? I’m feeling quite nervous now. Right, Tulsi, are you ready? Yeah. For me, my lowest moment would have
to be when I was in depression and I didn’t want to deal
with anything. I’d put on a lot of weight,
I wanted to hide from the world because again I… Like, all my
scars, they were holding me back. I was waiting at a bus stop
to go to the Jobcentre and there’s this car, like,
there’s a group of guys in there and they wound the window down and they said, “You should
have effing died,” and I was like, “Whoa.” That’s disgusting. So I thought… Well, I didn’t think it was about
me cos I thought maybe someone at the bus stop, but I looked around,
there was no-one there. Just as I saw the bus coming,
I was like, “Do I step in front?” Like, “What I do?” I was like, “But I don’t want to
let the Jobcentre down.” Fundamentally, I guess, it’s not
letting myself down, really. So I got on the bus and I signed
on and came home and I said, “Actually, you know what?
I’m not going to give them power.” I feel angry that I’ve missed
out on that unconditional love. You know, that I felt
I deserved and I needed. So, this is a bag that
belonged to my brother and it’s the only thing I’ve
actually kept from my past. He was an avid fan of
Thomas the Tank Engine. And I just can’t… I haven’t got
the heart to get rid of it, erm, and it’s a cute bag. We were always together. We never
kind of did anything separate. Like, if we went out,
it’d always be the four of us. I tapped into my spirituality
a little bit more because I wanted some questions
answered as to why them and not me. Right, Tulsi, I’m all finished. Oh, thank you.
So we’ll just sort of get you up and then we’ll go downstairs and
have a look. OK, great. Are you excited?
I sure am. Let’s do this. Ooh. Let me know when I can turn around. Whenever you’re ready. Oh, my God. Yes. Ah! Yes! Yes, I love it. Thank you. You’re so welcome.
Oh, my God, it’s perfect. I can feel you shaking. It’s perfect. That’s it, I’m wearing
shorts and skirts now. Shorts all day long, every day. Even if it’s arctic. Yeah, cold, just got to show your
tattoo off. That’s it, yeah. Having this tattoo means the
world to me now, I just feel like kind of closed another chapter
and sort of opening a new one and, yeah, it represents my family,
represents me really well. My life now is crazy, fun and very different. If I’m not teaching Pilates,
I am doing motivational speaking, giving out the message
it’s OK to just be you, because once you accept who you are, that’s beauty in itself.

100 comments on “Plane Crash Survivor Decorates Scars To Remember Family | A Tattoo To Change Your Life

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    God choose you to live as he has still wonderful things to help you cope…your an inspiration to us all and I hope you can move on and enjoy your life as that is,I’m sure,what your beloved family would want. X

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