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PlayStation Careers | Worldwide Studios (Game Development)

PlayStation Careers | Worldwide Studios (Game Development)

The amazing thing about
Worldwide Studios is that the leadership really believe and
covets the creative process. They protect it. Cultures are very different but extremely
respectful of one another. We are all in this together
as a PlayStation family, so we’re always rooting
and doing what we can to support one another. Each studio has
its own personality. They have their own methods; they have their
own design goals. But being part of
that PlayStation family, there’s a big push for
really high quality content. Worldwide Studios has a
shared culture of creativity and inspiration, and everything has
a lot of story and heart to it. There are a lot of people here
who really care about what it is that we’re actually
gonna be giving to gamers. We want the game to be great. [SCREAM] I am constantly thinking about
what is the end user going to actually experience
with what I’m building, and what is their experience
gonna be and trying to make that as positive as possible
and as engaging as possible. We’re always
trying to be the best, push ourselves to be the best. Together we end up
elevating the work. When you’re in an environment
and it’s creative and other people are doing things that you
think are cool and telling you the
stuff that you’re doing is cool, you get excited.
You get this feedback loop. When you work on something
that you care about so much, it’s not hard building up that
energy to solve hard problems. It’s fun. It’s exciting;
challenges everyday. We make video games that
brings joy to millions, and that’s exciting. The best part of my job is when
I finally get a controller put in my hand, and I can actually play
the game that we’re working on. You know, just seeing all the
impossible things that we’ve been sort of asking for, asking
the team to put together and sitting there playing and
being surprised by that, that’s the best part of my day. From back from
PlayStation 1 days to now, all the different
franchises that have come out of PlayStation continue to sell. We’ve got games like
God of War, Horizon, Uncharted that continue to
really push the industry forward and to inspire gamers worldwide. Whether it’s being an
animator, being a technician, being an engineer, or
being a cinematographer, I think this is a place
where you can be challenged, be expected to grow, and be kind of
proud of your work, really. If you believe in your craft and
you want to deliver excellent product and work on things
that you truly believe in, I think Worldwide Studios is
probably one of the best places in the industry to be
doing that right now.

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  1. The link won't work for me, I guess because it gets my country as reference (Co doesn't have a listing I suppose) , I'd love to work at game development tho, hope I can one day.

    Bussiness apps for now

  2. I got graduation from June graduation 2018. I always want to work on PlayStation. Please I always dream to be work in PlayStation!

  3. What advice would you give to adults who are looking to get into the video game industry. As developers, producers, operational positions etc.

  4. I hate the heat lol open up a studio in Colorado where it's nice and cold yaaaaaas also (worldwide studios yet we're only in Cali ) ???

  5. Hope someday they open up more locations/divisions in other parts of the country. Having them only stay on the west coast feels isolated

  6. Only an libtard would want to work in a liberal cesspool. The ad proves the leadership can't hire talent due to brain freeze of ideology. Bahahahaha

  7. I want to work for a PlayStation studio that way I can have access to secrets and be the one to "leak" those out to the press!

  8. I have a idea for a game.. it will be 4player co-op online, and it has to do with alien invasion.. farm house… with loads of Easter eggs and puzzles you have to solve, horror, action, openworld.. lol

  9. This seems more like a PR stunt in light of how many new devs are praising Microsoft for their newfound freedom to create what they want… an advertisement to make sure that they stay viable as an attractive publisher.

  10. I am always interested in video game development but sadly from where I come from, there isn't much of career choice for the industry.

  11. Something like this is what I want to do for my career. I wanna become a concept artist. Maybe work for Rockstar or someone else.

  12. I want to help create a Green Lanterns video game for next gen cosoles. It's about time we explore several planets en let players create their own Lantern.

  13. Shout out to the comfortable clothes you get to wear doing game design. I feel like people would do a much better job being able to wear comfortable clothing to more work environments.

  14. On the quick screen (hold ps button) can we use the pad to swipe left/right while holding PS to mute/unmute music(pause and unpause = left side tap or double tap) … and up/down to party/gamechat switch? 2 finger slide for psvr to reveal camera view quickly and even use the camera on the second screen host to view surroundings to prevent people from refraining from play when they have company…

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