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President Trump Participates in a Signing Ceremony for H.R. 1551

President Trump Participates in a Signing Ceremony for H.R. 1551

The President: I know
you’ve been waiting for this for a long
time, you folks. Right? For a long time. Hi, Shelley. Hi, everybody. They’ve been working on
this for years and years and years. And I guess certain
entertainers have been taken advantage of – but
no longer, because of Trump. Can you believe it? (Laughter.) Who would think? Who would think? But I’m thrilled – I
know so many of you. I mean, it’s just great. And I definitely know your
music, and you’ve done a great job. I’m thrilled to welcome
all of you to the White House today and
the signing of the Hatch-Goodlatte – you
know Hatch and you know Goodlatte, don’t you? Terrific guys. I didn’t know you liked
music that much, Orrin. (Laughter.) Huh? The Hatch-Goodlatte
Music Modernization Act. This is a landmark bill –
they’ve been looking for it for many, many
years – to protect the intellectual property
and creative genius of America’s incredible
musicians. Thank you to Secretary
Wilbur Ross for being here and for working so
hard to get this done. I especially want to thank
one of the bill’s lead sponsors, an accomplished
musician and songwriter in his own right – which I
heard, but I haven’t heard his music. I’ll let you know
when I hear his music. (Laughter.) The legendary
Senator Orrin Hatch. It’s been 44 years. How long have you
been in the Senate? Senator Hatch: Forty-two. The President: Forty-two. Oh, I thought it
was forty-four. Forty-two is nothing. That’s pretty good. Senator Hatch:
Feels like 44. (Laughter.) The President:
Feels like 44. And he’s been my friend,
and he’s been a great, great senator. I also want to thank
another friend of mine, Bob Goodlatte, for his
tremendous leadership at the helm of the House
Judiciary Committee. Very instrumental on this. Let me also recognize and
thank Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman
Chuck Grassley. Everybody knows Chuck now. He’s become more famous
in the last two weeks. What a job you did. Was that easy,
Chuck, or tough? Senator Grassley:
No, it was not easy. (Laughter.) The President: I thought
you were going to say that. You made it look
easier than it was. Chuck is an
incredible man. As well as Senators Lamar
Alexander, Shelley Moore Capito, Chris Coons,
Sheldon Whitehouse, and Congressmen Darrell Issa,
Doug Collins, and – Jerry Nadler was going to be
here but he couldn’t make it. I don’t know what
happened to him. I’m shocked. I’m shocked. We’re also joined by truly
amazing artists and people I’ve known for a long time
– people everyone knows – including Kid Rock. Kid, thank you. Great job. Do you like this
legislation or do you hate it? Mr. Ritchie: Like it. The President: He’s been
fighting for a long time. I want to welcome
Christian rock group MercyMe. Also joining me is – gee,
so many of these people, I’ve been with them – are
famed guitarist from the Doobie Brothers and
Steely Dan, Jeff Baxter. Jeff, thank you very much. Mike Love, I’ve
heard him many times. Many times. He’s – The Beach Boys. Where is Mike? Mike – come here, Mike. Boy, that’s
something, huh? You like this, right? Mr. Love: I love it. The President: Good. Mike Love. Been a friend of mine. The Beach Boys are – look,
what can you say about The Beach Boys? Great music. We have some great country
artists with us, including Craig Morgan and my good
friend John Rich of Big and Rich. He happened to win “The
Apprentice,” but we won’t even get into that. (Laughter.) I know him better
than anybody. I’m the one – week after
week, it was “John Rich, you’re going to make it.” I said “you’re fired” to
everybody but John Rich, right? Huh? Mr. Rich: Yes,
sir, thank you. The President: Great job. Great guy. Really good guy. And good under – he’s good
under pressure, which is very nice. We also have Rock and Roll
Hall of Famer Sam Moore, who is having
a big birthday. Sam and Dave. But having a big
birthday today. Today is your birthday? Mr. Moore: Today
is my birthday. The President:
Eighty-three? Mr. Moore: Promise to keep
your golf game going. The President:
My golf game? He looks good. (Laughter.) Eighty-three. That means there’s
a future for us. (Laughter.) That’s great, Sam. Great to have you here. The legislation has wide
support throughout the music industry, and I am
very pleased that so many industry leaders, also
over here – I won’t call all the names, but some real
leaders of industry are here with us for the enactment of
this critical legislation. I see Neil Portnow, who,
in the world of music, is big stuff. He’s the President and CEO
of the Recording Academy, also known as the Grammys. Where is he? Thank you. Very good. Thank you for being here. I appreciate it very much. Thank you very much, Neil. The Music Modernization
Act closes loopholes in our digital royalty
laws to ensure that songwriters, artists,
producers, and providers receive fair payment for
the licensing of music. I’ve been reading about
this for many years. Never thought I’d be
involved in it, but I got involved in it. They were treated
very unfairly. They’re not going to be
treated unfairly anymore. Streaming has made music
more accessible than ever, yet our laws have not kept up
with the pace of technology. As such, artists of all
varieties and all career stages are losing out on
revenue that they have rightly earned. And I guess especially
from four or five, six years ago, and beyond. This legislation will help
ensure that artists from eras long ago, in addition
to modern day, can retire in security, and that
current and upcoming artists can make a living
by creating amazing works that captivate their fans
and entertain our nation – and the world. Because this is really the
world we’re talking about. This legislation creates
a single licensing system for reasons of simplicity,
for digital music providers, so that music
is more quickly licensed and paid for. Ensures that American
songwriters receive fair market value when their
songs are streamed or purchased online. Sets a standard licensing
rate for digital performances. Why aren’t some of you
guys performing for us today free? (Laughter.) We should have done
that, senators. I’ll tell you. We should have gotten some
– Shelley, we should have gotten a little free
music out of this. (Laughter.) They could have – they
could give us a great concert, this group. Sets a standard licensing
rate for digital performance and recordings
and applies that very same standard to music
recorded before 1972. And creates a procedure
for producers, engineers, and other participants in
the recording and music industry to collect
performance royalties. This legislation passed both
houses of Congress unanimously. How did you do that? (Laughter.) See? Bipartisan. Second one. We just did the Clean
Oceans Act with Dan Sullivan and
– he’s around. Dan? And with Sheldon
Whitehouse. We just signed that. And that was – I think we
had one negative vote, didn’t you? Did we have one? Senator Whitehouse:
Unanimous. The President: Unanimous. So, we just did two
unanimous bills. Who says we can’t
pass unanimous? Who said we don’t
have bipartisan? It is bipartisan. But this legislation
passed both houses unanimously. Fair payment for
intellectual property is essential to maintain
America’s longstanding position as the world leader
in music and entertainment. And when they say, “world
leader,” it’s world leader, by far. It’s not even close. This legislation
accomplishes that goal by updating our licensing
laws to reflect the significant growth in
streaming and digital music. Today, we build on
America’s rich cultural and musical legacy, which
brings joy and meaning to countless millions and
millions and millions of Americans, and
beyond, frankly. And beyond. So, with that, I’m
pleased to sign the Hatch-Goodlatte Music
Modernization Act. It’s my honor. Hearing about it for so
many years, and we’re finally getting it done. And these people are going
to become even richer than they are, but that’s okay. (Laughter.) Because they
really were – they were treated very unfairly. A lot of people
got nothing. They’d do an incredible
song and they’d end up getting nothing. They’d create some of the
most incredible music, some great music, and they
would not be able to benefit. And that sounded – always
sounded very unfair. And that’s why you had
a unanimous consent. So thank you all
for being here. It’s an honor. And I’ll go and sign the
paper, and then you go on and do what
you have to do. And, Kid, thank
you very much, man. It’s great. (Applause.) (The bill is signed.) Got it. We’re done. (Applause.) How about if I asked Bob
Goodlatte and Orrin Hatch to say a couple of words. Do you mind? And what this means. And I’m also going
to hand out the pen. Who should get
the first pen? Participant: Sam! It’s his birthday. The President: Okay,
let’s give it to Sam. (Applause.) Mr. Moore: Why, thank you. The President: Sam,
say a couple of words. Go ahead. You want to speak? Mr. Moore: Thank
you, everyone. I got to tell you, this
is a historic moment. I’m so proud. When Mr. Bush was in, we
couldn’t get it done. When we had Mr. Obama in,
we couldn’t get it done. But we got it done
with this man. (Laughter.) Thank you so much. Thank you, everybody. (Applause.) The President: Mike Love. Mr. Love: Thank you,
President Trump. Thank you so much for your
support of music, historically. I remember you tried your
best to help get Whitney Houston in some
kind of shape. The President: It’s true. Mr. Love: And it was –
yeah, I remember being at Mar-a-Lago with
this guy right here. He had Ron
Perlman come down. He had – he tried your
best to help Whitney. The President: Right. Mr. Love: And she’s not
the only one you’ve benefitted and tried. And people are going to
say what they want, but you’ve always been a big
supporter of some of the best music that
America has ever made. The President:
Thank you very much. Mr. Love: And you’re right
when you say it’s beyond. We remember going to
Czechoslovakia six months after the
Russians invaded. And because of our music –
because of America and the freedom that we
represented, you know, we were, like, welcomed
like heroes. All we were doing was
playing our songs. But it meant a lot to
people all over the world. And so, we appreciate you
and Senator Hatch and Goodlatte. Darrell Issa, he’s been
involved with the pre-’72 stuff, and that’s very
near and dear to my heart. (Laughter.) The President:
Darrell is a good man. Mr. Love: Yeah,
he’s great. Thank you. Thank you,
President Trump. (Applause.) Mr. Rich: Thank you. You know, I am really
encouraged by today because we all know how
divided our country is. We see it every
single day. And to see that music is
the one thing that can get unanimous consent in the
Senate, in the House, in the state I live in
in Tennessee – Marsha Blackburn has been
pounding away at this for years. NSAI, pounding away
at this for years. And to see it come
together and know that it affects all these artists
and all these genres – the full political spectrum
of artists are impacted. Kanye West, who
you’re going to see. Kid Rock, Sam Moore,
Taylor Swift, Big and Rich – you name it. Everybody is
impacted by this. So, thank you very
much for signing it. Thank you. (Applause.) The President:
Thank you very much. Mr. Ritchie: Uh
oh, I got the mic. (Laughter.) The President:
This could be good. Mr. Ritchie: This
could be good. No, but I think we should
start with, you know, I’d just like to bring it up
that there’s a whole lot of people in this country
that do give you a lot of credit for everything you’ve
been doing for this country. The President: Thank you. Mr. Ritchie: That we know
that some people don’t give it to you as much
as maybe they should sometimes. A big part of this bill
that I’m a huge fan of is for the unsung
songwriters out there. There’s so many who have
written the songs that no one will ever
see at any level. And everybody knows this
business of music is a pretty dirty business. There’s a lot more that
needs to be done here, and we need to go after the
record companies next for things like free goods
and things like that. But this is a great start
to protect songwriters, producers, engineers – the
unsung heroes behind many of these songs
that go out there. People like myself who are
maybe more at the top of the food chain, it really
doesn’t affect as much. But I know many
people it does affect. So, this is going to help
out in a big, big way, and be a great start for,
hopefully, a lot of more following in the future. So, thank you again. The President:
Thank you, Kid. (Applause.) Mr. Baxter: You know, this
is in the Constitution. This is in the
Constitution. Patented language
(inaudible). Congratulations. The President:
That’s right. That’s right. Please. Senator Hatch: Well, Mr.
President, once again, it’s – thank you. Mr. Baxter: Songwriter. Absolutely. (Applause.) Senator Hatch: Mr.
President, I’m honored to be here with
you, as always. And I’m honored to be with
these great songwriters and musicians who really
haven’t been able to receive all the
recognition they deserve. This is a very
important bill. It’s going to renew
the interest in music throughout the country
and throughout the world. And we’ve had a lot of
help from a lot of good people, including the
senators and Congress people standing here. Bob Goodlatte carried this
through the House, and I’m just very grateful to him. I’m grateful
to all of you. But, Mr. President,
we’re grateful to you. You’re making a real hell
of a difference in this country. It’s a good difference. And we all – you’re getting
both sides to – (inaudible). (Applause.) The President: Please. Senator Goodlatte:
Mr. President, you’re doing a lot of things to
make America great again. And signing this
bill is one of them. And it is something that
has been needed for decades. This has been a situation
where the music licensing system in this country
hasn’t worked fairly. And I’m honored to have my
name associated with it. I’m honored to have my
name associated with Senator Hatch. But this is an effort of a
lot of people all across this country, in the
Congress and out of the Congress, over
a long time. So, thank you for putting
the finishing touch on it. It’s going to do a lot of
good for a lot of great people. The President: Great job. Lamar, do you want
to say something? Senator Alexander: Thank
you, Mr. President, for your leadership. There are tens of
thousands of taxi drivers, waitresses, music teachers
in Tennessee and across this country who are
riding the bus out to their work and hoping
they’ll write a big number-one hit one day. And what this means is
that when they do, they’ll get paid, and they’ll get
paid a fair market value. So, I’m grateful to the
entire range of the music industry for coming
together on what they agree on, putting aside
what they don’t, and then working with this whole
range of those of us in Congress who wanted
to make this happen. This is a great
day, Mr. President. And thank you for your
support and for calling attention to the music
that, as John says, unifies our state
and our country. The President:
Thank you very much. (Applause.)

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    through Jesus Christ our Lord and only Saviour

  26. ..(:
    In God We Trust
    God bless America The Great Faith
    God bless America The Great Nation
    God bless you
    God bless America
    אלוהים יברך את ישראל הכלה של אלוהים
    יברךך יהוה מציון עשה שמים וארץ
    שבחי ירושלם את יהוה הללי אלהיך ציון
    אלוהים יברך את ישראל להכפיל בשפע
    God bless East and West
    God bless North and South
    God bless AMERICA multiply in abundance
    God bless Pentagon
    God bless Washington
    God bless Seattle
    God bless Saratoga
    God bless Brooklyn
    God bless Fort Drum
    God bless Jefferson
    God bless Ridgewood
    God bless Syracuse
    God bless New York
    God bless Bedminster
    God bless Newark
    God bless New Jersey
    God bless Las Vegas
    God bless Louisiana
    God bless Nevada
    God bless Alaska
    God bless Arizona
    God bless Alabama
    God bless Arkansas
    God bless Indiana
    God bless Chicago
    God bless Connecticut
    God bless Pella
    God bless Peosta
    God bless Dubuque
    God bless Des Moines
    God bless Iowa
    God bless Utah
    God bless Granite City
    God bless Illinois
    God bless Finney
    God bless Kansas
    God bless Missouri
    God bless Bunker Hill
    God bless Charlestown
    God bless Greenfield
    God bless Massachusetts
    God bless Milwaukee
    God bless Manhattan
    God bless Montana
    God bless Mississippi
    God bless Mount Pleasant
    God bless North Dakota
    God bless South Dakota
    God bless Nebraska
    God bless Wisconsin
    God bless Lexington
    God bless Louisville
    God bless Kentucky
    God bless Shelburne
    God bless New Hampshire
    God bless Annapolis
    God bless Maryland
    God bless Atlanta
    God bless Georgia
    God bless Canby
    God bless Oregon
    God bless Duluth
    God bless Saint Louis
    God bless Minnesota
    God bless Detroit
    God bless Michigan
    God bless Denver
    God bless Colorado
    God bless Tulsa
    God bless Pall Mall
    God bless Tennessee
    God bless Oklahoma
    God bless Georgetown
    God bless Conway
    God bless South Carolina
    God bless Fort Bragg
    God bless San Francisco
    God bless Charlotte
    God bless New Bern
    God bless Havelock
    God bless North Carolina
    God bless Greenbrier
    God bless White Sulphur Springs
    God bless Yorktown
    God bless Arlington
    God bless Virginia
    God bless West Virginia
    God bless Cheyenne
    God bless Wyoming
    God bless Pearl Harbor
    God bless Hawaii
    God bless Cleveland
    God bless Lebanon
    God bless Ohio
    God bless Idaho
    God bless Somerset
    God bless Philadelphia
    God bless Pittsburgh
    God bless Shanksville
    God bless Pennsylvania
    God bless San Diego
    God bless Oakland
    God bless Hollywood
    God bless California
    God bless Jacksonville
    God bless Tampa
    God bless Hillsborough
    God bless Miami
    God bless Orlando
    God bless Doral
    God bless Mar a Lago
    God bless Florence
    God bless Apalachicola
    God bless Panama City
    God bless Florida
    God bless Laredo
    God bless Abilene
    God bless Austin
    God bless Houston
    God bless Plano
    God bless Texas
    God bless Guam
    God bless Northern Mariana Islands
    God bless Puerto Rico
    God bless U.S. Virgin Islands
    God bless Middle Atlantic
    God bless all the way to Delaware
    God bless Delaware
    God bless Maine
    God bless Newport
    God bless Rhode Island
    Dieu bénisse le Luxembourg multiplient en abondance
    Dieu protège et vous bénisse Bruxelles
    Dieu bénisse le Royaume de Belgique multiplient en abondance
    Dieu bénisse Toulouse
    Dieu bénisse Paris
    Dieu bénisse la France multiplient en abondance
    Dieu bénisse Côte d'Ivoire multiplient en abondance
    Dieu bénisse Charlevoix
    Dieu bénisse le Québec
    God bless Singapore abundantly
    God bless Taiwan multiplied
    God bless 北京
    God bless 中國 丰富地
    God bless 日本 豊かに
    God bless 서울
    하나님 축복합니다 한국 풍부하게:)
    God bless इंडिया abundantly
    Gott segne Deutschland reichlich
    Gott Segne Europa reichlich
    Dios bendiga a Nicaragua abundantemente
    Dios bendiga a Cuba abundantemente
    Dios bendiga a Chile abundantemente
    Dios bendiga a Cuba abundantemente
    Deus abençoe Portugal abundantemente
    Dios bendiga a Bolivia abundantemente
    Dios bendiga a Colombia abundantemente
    Dios bendiga a México abundantemente
    Dios bendiga a Honduras abundantemente
    Dios bendiga a Guatemala abundantemente
    Dios bendiga a El Salvador abundantemente
    Dios bendiga a Perú en abundancia
    Dios bendiga a Venezuela abundantemente
    Dios bendiga a Guinea abundantemente
    Reino de España Dios te bendiga abundantemente
    God bless Dubai abundantly
    God bless Yemen abundantly
    God bless Arabia abundantly
    God bless Afghanistan abundantly
    God bless Syria abundantly
    God bless Tehran
    Allah bless Iran Persia abundantly
    Allah bless Iraq abundantly
    الله يبارك الكويت بوفرة
    الله يبارك قطر بوفرة
    الله يبارك أمير العرب بوفرة
    الله يبارك سوريا بوفرة
    الله يبارك اليمن بوفرة
    الله يبارك مصر بوفرة
    الله يبارك المملكة السعودية تتكاثر بوفرة
    Allah bless The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan abundantly
    God bless Syria multiplied
    Dios bendiga Mediterráneo se multiplica en abundancia
    God bless Middle East multiplied
    God bless Asia overflow
    God bless Nairobi
    God bless Kenya abundantly
    God bless Ethiopia abundantly
    God bless Ghana abundantly
    God bless Malawi abundantly
    God bless Sudan abundantly
    God bless all Africa abundantly
    God bless The Nations
    God bless We The People
    Allah korusun Türkiye bolluk içinde çoğalmak
    God bless The kingdom of Norway
    Bóg błogosławi Warsaw
    Bóg błogosławi Polsce przepływający
    Бог благословит Крым умножать в изобилии
    Бог благословит Россию умножать в изобилии
    Бог благословить Україну рясно
    Құдай Қазақстанға мол батасын берсін көбейтіңіз молшылықта
    God bless Czechoslovakia
    Gott segne Wien
    Gott segne Österreich reichlich
    Jumala siunaa Helsinkiä runsaasti
    Jumala siunaa Suomea runsaasti
    Ο Θεός ευλογεί τον ελληνικό πολλαπλασιασμένο
    Bóg błogosławi Polskę pomnożoną
    Gud velsigne Kongeriket Norge i rikelig
    Dio benedica l'Italia moltiplicarsi in abbondanza
    God bless the Kingdom of Cambodia
    God zegene het Koninkrijk van België overvloedig en rijk
    God zegene het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden overvloedig en rijk
    God bless all people nations and languages that dwell in all the earth
    God bless United Nations multiply in abundance
    Dieu bénisse l'Union européenne multiplie en abondance
    God bless The Kingdom of England The Great Britain and Ireland and Scotland and Australia and Canada multiply in abundance

    Our fathers lives
    עוד אבינו חי
    עם ישראל חי
    a sweet and good hermoso
    and sweet union
    אהבה אמונה ותקווה
    Semper fidelis
    Россия вперёд
    С нами Бог
    в ней восторг моей
    Je Maintiendrai
    Car l'Éternel Dieu est un soleil et un bouclier
    God save The Queen
    God save us all
    שמע ישראל יהוה אלהינו יהוה אחד

    I only tell him that every day hugs and kiss with love yuli':):) מי כמוך אדוני The hope two thousand years old.. שלום על ישראל

  27. what amazes me the most, is that after do much secrecy during previous presidential administrations, this wise and giving man, uses texts, TV, radio, open meetings, the press, etc to let All Americans know what he is doing, and how he is doing it. He names staff, praises them, appreciates them openly. I live how this President, even though haters lie more and more, continues to work. and love all Americans and America. God bless President Trump and his family. who are so maligned and I'll treated by fake news.

  28. The words of Mike Love were deeply moving and encapsulates clearly the passion and love for country and it's people that President Trump exhibits each and every day.

  29. POTUS knows what's important and worthy of his time! Music is more valuable than some people realize because of all the positive things it brings to our lives like comraderie, joy, stress relief, it's a morale booster, it's a universal language, and brings people together. What would life be like without music? I dont want to know. So, thank you for this important EO. The creators' rights to this amazing art form are now protected, thanks to the initiative of Sen. Orrin Hatch, Bob Goodlatte, Darrell Issa, et al., and the effort of our amazing President D. J. Trump! #BestPresidentEver #HR1551

  30. 🎼🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶👍❤ Oh, how I love President Trump!!!❤
    Thank you,Sir, for the many great things you have done and are doing to make EVERYTHING better!!!❤🙏🙏🇺🇸🙏🙏🌍🙏🙏❤

  31. People have no idea what this means for our culture. Music being such an entrical part. This also crosses all ethnic boundaries. Protecting our creative minds!


  33. Personally I Never Want to Make Money From My Music. For I Feel Like I Would Be Selling My Soul. Yet For My Musical Brothers & Sisters Who Survive Off it. I Have to Thank You.

  34. Like him or not he is doing what many before couldn't get done one. By one President Trump is making America better them its been in a long long time. I'm hoping for full disclosure stop the lies come clean for Americans take the federal reserve for the people. Of America.

  35. Those pens are what ,dark blue? Why not have pens with the American logo on them? Think about it!!! With the light of truth & love Toni

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