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Priscilla Shirer 2019| This Will Radically Change Your Life

The Ark of the Covenant is mentioned 10 times
just in the third chapter of Joshua, 10 times. That’s how serious the presence of God, the
chest of God, the Ark of the Covenant was to God’s people. So here’s the principle that we have
to live by our entire life. Follow after God, look for His activity. Ask him to heighten your awareness
of His presence around you. You have, just like you have five
physical senses, you have spiritual senses. Ask Him to cause your spiritual sensitivity to
be heightened, your spiritual eyes to be opened to see His activity. Your spiritual ears to be sensitive
to hear His voice around you. Ask the Lord to make you aware
of His activity and His presence. So that when you see Him moving, you can
move in His direction, even when it derails you from the direction you were currently on. We’ve got to be sensitive to where God
is going, and then follow hard after Him. This is exactly what Jesus did. One of my favorite versus is John 5:19. He says I only do what
I see the Father doing. Do you know how many
good opportunities Jesus turned down? There were so many good things Jesus could have
done that He never did, because He said, that sounds nice, but I only do
what I see the Father doing. Every good thing, basically what Jesus was saying,
every good thing isn’t a God thing. It might be good, but that
just doesn’t mean that it’s God. And Jesus said listen, I’m just here for a
short time, I want to finish this race well, I’m only gonna do what my
Daddy is already up to. Do you know the notable thing about Jesus
Christ while he was here on Earth? What I love about Jesus is
three year ministry on Earth. Is that not only did He do the father’s will. I mean it was nice that
He did the Father’s will. But here’s the kicker. He not only did the Father’s will, but
He did the Father’s will and nothing else. I mean that’s, that’s the huge thing
that we sometimes can’t grapple with. We’re all about doing the Fathers will. We just want to do everything else along
the way of doing the Father’s will. So this is what happens, we are
so exhausted from doing the everything else. We never actually get around to fully
doing what God asked us to do. We are wiped out, frustrated, stressed
out, overworked, underappreciated, because we have done everything, all the good stuff. And then we’ve got leftover
energy for the God’s stuff. Jesus said, I only do what
I see the Father doing. I remember in the book of,
in the book of Mark. Jesus has had a full day in the temple
teaching, healing, preaching, and then at the end of a long day He goes to one of
the disciples homes and there’s someone there that needs to be healed. And so He
heals that person and it’s evening. And it says that in the evening, there was
a whole crowd of people that were standing around the door. It says the
whole city was at the door. Have you ever felt like the
whole city is at your door? Like the phone keeps ringing. Then the fax machine goes off
and someone rings the doorbell. I mean everybody needs you,
this time for the meeting. The school, the PTA, everything is going on. Everybody was at Jesus’s door. And while everybody’s at the door, it says He
crept out early in the morning and went to a solitary place to spend time with God. Why did He do that? Because He
only does what the Father is doing. It means He’s got to spend time with
the Father to find out what He’s doing. So His eyes can be open
to see His Daddy’s activity. And so He peels off to the side. I mean everybody’s waiting on Him. He peels off to the side. He spends time with the Father. The disciples track Him down and
say, what are you doing? Do you know that everybody in
the city is looking for you? There are some people that need to be healed. And God, there are, Jesus, there
are a lot of people around. If you go heal them, this
will be quite a show. Because everybody will now know who you are if
you heal these people in a crowd, in a multitude this size. Jesus let’s go do our thing. And Jesus looks at them having spent time with
the Father, He looks at them and He says, you know what? That’s nice over there. That’s good. But I’ve just
spent time with God. And He’s told me there’s some preaching
that needs to be done in Capernaum. So let’s pack our bags and
get to Capernaum right now. The disciples can not believe it. You’re telling me Jesus we’re gonna
pass up all this good stuff. And Jesus says absolutely, because I’ve been
on the lookout for God’s presence. What good stuff do you and I need to pass
up in order to determine that we gonna have to spend some time with God aren’t we? To find out where He is moving. I want you to notice that Joshua says, look for the priests who were
supposed to be carrying the Ark. The priests are the ones that are supposed
to be carrying God’s presence, so that you have something to keep your eyes on. I want to just challenge you in
regards to the Church that you attend. I hope that there are some priests in that
Church who are carrying the Ark of the Covenant. I hope that it’s not about your
Pastor and his opinion, but it’s about him holding up the presence of
God as revealed in Scripture. That what he does at your church, in
your Bible study, in that organization in which you’re involved, where we’re supposedly they’re
supposed to be teaching you Christian principles, would you make sure that what they’re
doing at that Church, in that Bible study, in that organization is not sharing
with you their ideas, their ideals, their opinions? What we’re looking for are priests, leaders
who are holding up the presence of God before us, who don’t want
us to get to know them. What they want is for us to get to know God. Do you know the best definition
of ministry I have ever read? Is in John the book of John chapter one. It says that John the Baptist is
standing with two of his followers. He sees Jesus walking by and he says, behold the
Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. That’s ministry. When you just point out Jesus. And then the next verse says this. Are you ready for this? This is a good one. The next verse says they heard John speak. Behold the Lamb of God. And they left John to follow Jesus. That’s ministry. Ministry is when your
leader is holding up Jesus. Holding up the word of God, holding up the
presence of God, pointing you to the activity of God. And when you hear that, you don’t
want more of the person who did the teaching. What you want is more of the
God they were just teaching you about. So Joshua says, here’s what
we’re going to do. We’re going to acknowledge God’s presence. And finally, Joshua teaches us this new paradigm we’re
going to use as we follow God in this last week that we have together of our
six weeks in the Promised Land living, you’re not only going to act immediately, you’re not
only going to act fearlessly, you’re not only going to acknowledge God’s presence, you
are going to anticipate God’s miracles all around you. You’re going to anticipate
God’s miracles all around you. Verse 5 Joshua says. Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow, the Lord
will do wonders among you. I love this. Joshua says people, nothing has happened
yet, but I want you to start acting right now like God
has already done something. I want you to anticipate that God is
going to do the NIV translates wonders. Amazing things, he says I want you right
now to consecrate yourself, set yourself apart, sanctify yourself, start living today like God
has already performed the biggest miracle of your life. This takes faith doesn’t it? It takes faith today to start
acting like your marriage is repaired. It takes faith today to start already praising
God like that wayward child has come back home. It takes faith today to look at your
doctor, who has given you a very negative report and say thank you
for your medical advice. And I am definitely going
to take it to heart. But I still believe that I serve the great physician
who is always able to do more than I can ask or think, who can defy science. It takes faith to start consecrating ourselves,
preparing ourselves for a miracle we have not yet seen. But Joshua turns to the people and
he says, Listen we got a new paradigm of leadership if we’re going over to the
Promised Land, we’re not just acting immediately. We’re not gonna just act fearlessly. We’re not just going
to acknowledge God’s presence. But today, before God even shows Himself, we’re going
to start acting like God is up to big things. Can I encourage you Sisters? Can I just kind of speak a word over
your life right now, even as you watch this? Would you anticipate that God is
up to something in your life? And I believe that He is. I believe that you’re doing this Bible study
right now, because before the foundation of the world, He knew you would be sitting
in this place, interested, stirred on the inside to experience more of God
than you’ve ever experienced before. So I’m going to encourage you. I’m going to challenge you to start acting right
now like God is up to big things. I think God responds to people who move in
faith even when they don’t see evidence that God is around them. That’s what faith is. Faith is evidence of things that are not
seen, things that were just hoping for. Would you anticipate God’s
miracles all around you. To consecrate means, to purify, to set
yourself apart, to sanctify, to secure yourself only for God’s usage. And so, with this new paradigm of leadership
on their minds, the people make their final move to the Promised Land, the two from
the original generation, Joshua and Caleb, the one in a million, and a
whole new generation of people. Who had their minds set that they weren’t
going to wonder like their parents did. But they were going to put one
foot in front of the other. This is what happens, when you and I
make a decision to do this thing. I mean you might be the only one
in your family who’s ever broken the barrier. You might be the only one you have ever
known of your circle of friends that have actually started experiencing God and seeing His
miracles, and having faith that is beyond the faith you’ve ever seen anybody you’ve
ever known, you may be the only one. But what happens is, when there’s just one in
a million, there’s a whole crowd of people that are watching you. And all of a sudden you stir
in them a desire for more. I hope that over the course of this six
weeks, I’ve been like a divine antagonist to you. I mean I hope I have messed you up. I hope that you are just so unsettled,
so dissatisfied with with Christian life, as you have known it, that you’re going to not let the
end of this six weeks be the end of your journey, but just the beginning, because now you
want everything that God has to offer you and more. And so here’s what happened. The priest carrying the Ark of the Covenant
took a step in,´and the Scriptures tell us further down in Joshua Chapter 3,
that the waters was still raging. It was still roaring. It seemed
like it was impossible and impassable. They had to trust that even though they could not
see the move of God, that if God said it, something was happening. Even in the places they were
not able to physically see. Can I just tell you right now that if you
will with me, take a step into the water of impossibility that is in your life right now,
you can believe that our God, somewhere where you cannot see in the spiritual
realm, is already working out your miracle. Listen you might not be able to see it right
now, but God is up to something bigger than you can even imagine. It might be upstream. You might have to wait for
the runoff to pass by. But if you will just wait on the Lord. He will renew your strength. You will mount up with wings as eagles. You will run, you will not be weary. And you will walk and you will not fail. And I believe that together as we take this
journey, we will see the miracles of God. And all God’s people say, Amen and Amen.

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