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Pro-220 – Prophecy Update, 4 February 2018 (Jets)

Pro-220 – Prophecy Update, 4 February 2018 (Jets)

the Bible prophesied of a unique time on
earth Israel would be returned to her land the church would turn to false
doctrines technology would increase and wickedness and immorality would run
rampant the time spoke enough so long ago has come joined Charlie Garrett as
he breaks down these events for us as they unfold each week today is Sunday the 4th of February 2018
and it’s the time for the prophecy update of the week and let’s see here at
Thursday’s Bible study the live-streaming didn’t work so well there
were some black spaces in there and that’s ok because I record them also and
I was able I had to stay up late and do the video work but it’s perfect on the
replay that you watch on YouTube but I just want to let folks know that do
watch the Thursday night Bible studies that that was a streaming problem that
was probably something to do with YouTube or Facebook or whatever was
being watched by people but yeah Russians but we did have a backup as
always and so I was able to work with that and then one other thing I have a
bandana today on y’all remember charlie Missy she’s the girl that she sent us
all of the grey shirts and she sells those and what she did she I post a
sunrise photo every single day on Facebook and I posted one one day when
we have a gray day or a cloudy day I will often do great artwork and I will
make a sunrise where there was no sunrise and you know I have it going all
over the place and she saw one of them and she said oh that that’s so beautiful
would you send me a copy of that and so I had one printed off and she says make
sure to sign it which I did and often when I write a person a letter if
there’s any room left at the bottom of the letter I will draw somebody I called
mr. blow face and if you go to Japan before I met the Lord there’s lots of
bars with mr. blow face on the wall there I can tell you that anyway so what
she did is this came in the mail just a day ago I’ll show you mr. blow face she
she obviously liked him enough where she had him made into a bandana and so there
you go I don’t know if you can see that but that’s mr. blow face there and it
used to be that he had just a chin and now that I’m older and I’ve got a beard
it’s got a beard on there but anyway I had Linda here pestering me what’s your
bandana what’s your bandana I said just wait for the prophecy update and I will
show you and so that’s it as mr. blow face and anyway I wanted to thank
Charlie Missy very much for that it’s really precious and remind you now that
she she gets a plug for her website because she did this she
sells wonderful Christian t-shirts and jewelry and stuff and if you go to M
Charlie calm just M Charlie calm and she will she’ll set you up with some really
wonderful things and I know everybody in the church here they got one of those
shirts cherishes that I love to see my dad sitting outside in the Sun and he’ll
be wearing his and I just think is yeah that is Grace er done anyway so there
you go thank you Charlie well you’re very much appreciated then let’s see our
first category is Israel and I entitled this one go ahead make my day yes from
arts sheba the first three articles applied to that from our Achieva this is
assad over in syria he said attack again because israel’s been going in and
attacking things that threaten their sovereignty in their security he says
attack again and i’ll launch a missile at ben-gurion airport Syrian President
Assad sent a threat through Russian President Putin saying that if Israel
attacked targets in the country again Syria would respond by firing Scud
missiles at ben-gurion airport Syrian honor is above all else Assad told Putin
who replied that he would convey the message to Israel and I assure you I
said this they had a plan to do some harm to Assad if he ever did anything to
them if they sent a Scud towards ben-gurion the Patriot missile system or
their own David sling or whichever one would take care of it but they would go
in and I guarantee you that the Assad Palace would be gone thirty minutes
later there was he he would have no palace to live in and if he was in that
palace he wouldn’t be if he sent off the Scud he would not be in that palace when
he did because he knows that’s coming so and then other things would come about
as well Israel will not tolerate that from The Times of Israel
Hezbollah threatens to open fire on IDF soldiers building a border fence they’re
building a border fence on their property on their side on the Israel
side and Hezbollah is upset about it just like the fakest in Ian’s down there
in Gaza they’re upset that they’re building a fence it’s our property we’re
gonna build what we want Hezbollah is threatened to open fire on IDF soldiers
go ahead make my day if Israel does not halt the
construction of a barrier along the Israel Lebanon border Israel’s been
building the obstacle made up of a collection of berms cliffs and concrete
barriers for a long time but it is only now reportedly angered the Lebanese
terror group the message was delivered to Jerusalem by the United Nations
interim force in Lebanon the UN force fearing a possible escalation past the
message on to the US and French ambassador’s who updated the Prime
Minister’s Office on the matter however the Israeli government was
unimpressed and responded with threatening message of its own so there
you go and then from The Jerusalem Post Hezbollah may use suicide ships in next
war former naval officer warns Hezbollah will not need to equip themselves with
ships like Israel but we must assume they will use asymmetric warfare to
challenge Israeli technology like land to sea missiles or suicide ships like
you see in Yemen you remember also that we had I don’t remember the name of the
ship but we had 24 or 26 soldiers killed when they were it was about what 8 or 10
years ago they were docked and these people were coming close and they said
we’re warning you don’t come any closer and instead of actually following
through at the warning and destroying them the suicide boat went into the site
of our ship and killed all those soldiers what would the cold the USS
Cole I knew somebody would remember that Thank You Jay and what’s that Jay it was
Jay okay thank you and so blew them up killed all of our
people Israel will not allow a enemy ship to get that close they will not
they will not tolerate it go ahead and make my day right Iran and Hezbollah
advisors have been aiding Yemen’s Houthi rebels in their fight against the
saudi-led coalition in January of last year to Saudi soldiers were killed when
hoody rebels rammed the site of a Saudi frigate off the coast of Yemen with a
small boat before a suicide bomber detonated the vessel so that’s what
they’re threatening and this naval officer says we can guess that they’re
going to be doing that to us they’re not gonna let him get that close from
RealClearPolitics Maher Bill Maher you know he’s got that night show liberal he
gets one thing right in his life in his entire life that I know of
he’s got one issue right Maher defends Jerusalem decision when you win wars you
take land I have said that in at least 50 prophecy updates they won these wars
they have acquired the land it is theirs that’s what happens in every country
that has a battle when they acquire land it becomes the part of that country
except Israel only Israel is an exception by the United Nations but
Maher is right on his show real-time host Bill Maher defended President
Trump’s decision to acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s capital Maher said
while the understands there will be repercussions when you win wars you debt
land I hate to agree with Donald Trump which he’s a flaming liberal it doesn’t
happen often but I do I don’t know why Israel it has been their capital since
1949 it is where their government is they’ve won all the wars thrown against
them I don’t understand why they don’t get to have their capital where they
want when you win a war you don’t get to take the other side’s land said New York
Times columnist Michelle Goldberg so she’s arguing for the opposite
position and then Maher actually you do especially because they were attacked
they were attacked more than once and they took land in those wars that they
won and there has been peace offers on the table ever since to get part of that
land back so they’ve been offering and Maher is well aware of all of this now
the 1967 war they actually the Israelis were the attackers they started the war
but they had no choice okay if they didn’t start the war they would have
been overrun and they would have been destroyed God wasn’t gonna let that
happen he prompted those people to make the right choice so it doesn’t matter
they won the war it makes no difference any country that wins and war gets that
property the United States has been gracious to give the countries that they
have won back like I said I’ve said this before my wife is from Japan we could
have gone in there and said you’re all American citizens now or you’re all our
property and we’re it was an unconditional surrender we could have
said you’re gonna speak English you’re gonna build churches and we could have
done anything we wanted and we gave them their country we gave them their dignity
we’ve done that in all of the countries we go to we say
Lisa’s you know the Philippines we took over we signed a lease with them when
the lease ended they wanted us out out we went right and it was at their own
detriment because when they kicked us out a supe what was it Subic Naval Base
they we had these giant things for working on ships they were floating
docks basically and the ships would come in and they’d raise him up and they
could work on him they were the most expensive German made things they were
absolutely valuable and they thought the Americans are gonna leave these and
we’re gonna have our own shipbuilding industry didn’t happen we floated him
out of there right but that’s that’s what happens anyway I love the
Philippines don’t get me wrong that’s my favorite my favorite place on this
planet is the Philippines and the Philippine people are wonderful but they
made the wrong choice and they’ve been suffering for it ever since but you know
they got us out of there as well and they have complete freedom and autonomy
to make their own decision so you know one way or another but um here we go
let’s see here he says you get to keep the land and Maher asked white is always
up to Israel to come up with a two-state solution and when they do it is rejected
and blamed for making it impossible he said what is making a two-state solution
impossible is the perpetually hostile coiled snake that is the fakest in Ian’s
leadership absolutely yeah well he’s a – and the other girl Goldberg is obviously
Jew – and they’re arguing against each other about it but Bill Maher has one
right brain cell in his entire brain and it’s about Trump’s making that decision
from Jerusalem Post two major u.s. surveys ranked Israel among the most
powerful innovative countries web based pub US News and World Report known for
its influential ranking lists named Israel as the eighth most powerful
nation in the world meanwhile Bloomberg listed the Jewish state as the tenth
most innovative hailing it’s high tech industry and technological advances they
are one percent of one percent of the population of this planet they’re number
eight in world power according to world news report whatever and they’re number
10 in innovation according to bloomberg tell me that’s not God working with them
right the online news organization ranked Israel 30th over
all in best countries out of the list of 80 the United States like last year was
placed at number one while Slovenia ranked dead last at number 80 don’t know
much about Slovenia but they’re down at the bottom of that barrel from the times
of Israel I’ve got just two titles they came in over the past 24 hours the US
may reject granting of fakest inian refugee status to descendents I went
through that in the life you’ve got a gray shirt on I just noticed that very
good beth kovetz wearing her grey shirt today
anyway I mentioned that that the people are saying that the UN and US policy
only says that the first generations of refugees are considered refugees not
second third fourth generations and the u.s. is considering actually taking that
stand because the fakest Indians have been you know what’s the word they’ve
been fighting back against this Jerusalem decision they’ve been speaking
bad about Donald Trump and because of that the Trump is saying well we’ll just
make you what you actually are is about 20,000 or less actual refugees you’re
not millions and millions of refugees and then from the times of Israel Trump
asks Congress to cut aid to us enemies who opposed the Jerusalem decision that
was part of his State of the Union and he’s asked them to do that now so
Christian news today I would like to say before I get into Christian news I
brought him up twice in the past month and I got to bring him up again is the
person in Africa Isaac Nimue Guerra who takes care of all the people over there
he’s got his own ministries got his own orphanage he’s got he’s got his finger
and more pies than any person I’ve ever seen
he is absolutely outstanding and what he does two things happen this week that I
just solidify my love for this gentleman the first is one person that attends
online he attempts the superior word is his church he wanted to give to Isaac
but he wasn’t sure if the money was actually being used properly and so he
says you know I’d like to send you something but I’d like you to use it for
this and this and this and specifically one of the things was for pencils and
drawing paper so children could draw drawings
okay and I said I’ve never even thought of that we’re going to have some artists
in our you know our art so what he did is he actually took photos and videos
and sent it to this guy after the guy sent him some money to prove that that’s
where the money went instead of you know him going out and blowing it on a soccer
game or something so the money is getting spent properly it’s getting
spent as you wish and if you have something you want him to spend it on
piggery project to feed people he will spend it on that the second thing that
happened this week is I got his 2017 budget report it was 45 pages long
pictures details the number of Bibles he’s bought down to the penny of what he
has received from us and I was astonished I haven’t gotten that even
from any of the missionaries that we have supported you know they give you a
monthly report they tell you how things are going him this guy went into the
most minut detail of anything I have ever seen I was thoroughly surprised so
if you want to support somebody and you know that your money is going to be
spent where you want it to be he’s the guy and I support him 100% and I would
hope that anybody that says I want to be a part of what’s going on in Uganda
helping poor people this is the guy to help okay they can do it through me but
they can go directly to him just send me an email and I’ll give you as now if you
send Western Union one thing that does happen is Western Union depending on
what your state state you’re in if you’re in Arizona might be fifteen
dollars to send one amount of money in Florida it’s $9.99 I always get a penny
back so I I keep that and put it in my penny thing but some people will want to
send money to them and instead of sending it just one time they’ll send it
to me and then I’ll compile it with others and I’ll send it out that way you
save $10 or $15 or whatever I will do that and then I’ll send your receipt but
you can send it yourself you can also go through some people have started
GoFundMe pages for him and yeah and for different projects and then he also has
something called money Graham I think which I don’t know how to use and I
don’t know where you go for it but anyway he does have options he is well
worth helping out him and not miss you Charlie buying her shirts or the two
people I’m really behind right now so great stuff anyway mail online Jesus
bought this delighted televangelist Kenneth Copeland giggles with glee as he
unveils his new 3 million dollar private jet paid for by donations from his
followers actually it was more than three million mail online got it wrong
he wore a flight jacket to take delivery of this new jet and giggled as it
touched down on his private airstrip he has his own airstrip he’s got his own
hangar he’s got many airplanes he’s got a 18,000 square foot house that
overlooks a lake out in Texas you know if you’re sending money to this guy
it ain’t getting well used anyway the televangelists was previously called
flying commercial getting in a long tube full of demons so that’s how he feels
about you is if when he’s flying commercial you’re a demon next to him
and that yeah then then from Christian Post Kenneth Copeland acquires a new
Gulfstream V it’s the same article with a different twist Gulfstream V jet seeks
nineteen point five million dollars for upgrades and maintenance so first he
says we need this much money to buy this jet and now he’s asking for another 20
million to have upgrades and maintenance because it is what yeah that’s they’re
very expensive and he bought a used one it doesn’t matter it he wants all of
this money for something that he doesn’t even need 19 point five million dollars
plus the the sales it’s over 25 million dollars you could fly around the world
first-class for the rest of your life and never ever spend that much money the
rest of your life every day of your life you could go out there and fly
first-class anywhere in the world and you would never spend as much money as
he is wasting of people’s gifts to his ministry I got to at these
televangelists I have no love for them they’re building diving boards if
they’re saved at all which is in my estimation hard to imagine but if they
are they are not going to get that the big place in the sky that they think are
gonna get they’re gonna get a little shack over here because of what they’ve
done but you know a lot of these people are just completely depraved now if you
go through we’re going through one Timothy and our devotionals and I talk
about exactly this in the week ahead is that you know there are people that are
actually saved and Paul says have strayed and you know the love of
money is the root of blah blah blah you know okay anyway
it doesn’t mean that people are not saved just because they’re doing this
type of abomination but they are accountable for every penny that comes
into their ministry and imagine people actually sending money for him to buy
this I can’t I can’t even fathom it but do what you want with your money
the Lord will hold you accountable from Christian Journal study progressive and
liberal us churches are shrinking fundamental and nondenominational
American Christians are growing it doesn’t say their churches are but the
number of Christians are growing Christians are tired of hearing what are
down teachings instead people of America are turning to churches that stand on
the Word of God globally speaking people are turning away from religion and faith
based on what is explained as the secularization thesis the thesis reads
that as societies progress particularly through modernization and
rationalization religion loses its authority in all aspects of social life
and governance however that is not taking place in America in fact it’s
quite the opposite according to the study strong religious affiliation is
growing I can tell you that because the online church that we have and I’m not
talking about the YouTube I’m talking about the streaming online people that
are watching right now and that will stay for this sermon and take communion
with us every single week they are growing they’re growing because they
want to hear this they don’t want to hear a life application sermons they
want to hear the Word of God we do expositional the preaching in this
church we go line by line in an exposition of what God is telling us in
that verse and in that passage and in that chapter that’s what we do here and
people like that and I’m not bragging at all it’s not a big Church in the online
audience isn’t millions of people but it is growing because people are tired of
putting up with these mainstream denominations so we’ll go on however
that’s not taking place in America in fact it’s quite the opposite according
to the studies strong religious affiliation is growing liberal religious
affiliation is declining and the intensity of American or
is actually becoming more exceptional over time therefore that religious
change in the United States is demonstrably different than that
occurring in comparable countries the United States remains an exceptional
outlier and potential counter example to the secularization thesis interestingly
it would appear as though mainstream churches are losing more members than
ever which explains the original interpretation that Christianity is on
the decline however the study displays that just because people are leaving a
church it doesn’t mean that they are leaving the faith incredibly the study
displays that the percent of Americans who pray daily accept the Bible as is
and attend church more than once a week has remained the same for upwards of 50
years in addition the percent of Americans referenced in the
aforementioned totals – about one-third of the US citizens contrasting leaing
comparable nations the percent totals out to about one in 15 in addition the
amount of people who hold fast to the faith is actually increased according to
the research in 1989 only 39% of those who belong to a religion housed strong
faith however today it is 47% of the religiously affiliated who holds strong
so if you are looking for a church if you’re looking to hear the word of God
preached in context and without any ruffles and flourishes please attend the
superior Word online we’re here we’re open Thursday night we have a Bible
study and we’re going through the book of Romans we’ve been in it for half a
year it’ll take another half year or more to get through it but I would
encourage you to attend if you don’t have a church and you’re just watching
prophecy updates watch a few less prophecy updates and watch a little bit
more of the Word of God which is actually more than just processing folks
there’s a lot in here I mean there are a lot of different disciplines that you’ll
learn about okay mail online that’s the plug for the day atheists are more
intelligent than religious people because they rely on facts rather than
intuition research claims kind of goes along with what you were reading before
we started scientists claim believers have diminished intelligence your
ultimate as they rely on intuition strength of
conviction is inversely correlated with cognitive performance listen to the
intro to our sermon today and you’ll see that that is simply not true that we
don’t hold just to intuition but we actually use our brains and we open our
minds and we study the Word of God and the Word of God itself proves itself
internally archaeologically it proves itself
morally in a million other ways but it says agnostics meaning less than
atheists but not believers are smarter than believers but less intelligent than
atheists so that’s their assumption I’d like to tell you something about that in
order to make the absolute claim that there is no God which is what a theism
teaches aa deus means no theosis god atheism it says no God they’re making
that claim in order to make that claim that there is no God one would need to
be infinitely knowledgeable on the subject if a person had such knowledge
then he would be God and would then have to deny himself something that a fool
not God would do if he lacked such knowledge he’s saying I’m not God but I
know there’s no God then he’d be making a claim without the proper mental
faculties and omniscience completely in order to make the claim something a fool
would do right surely the fool says in his heart there
is no God absolutely true atheism cannot exist it simply cannot exist based on
the two arguments that I just gave you if you ever want to make an arguments
against an atheist just give them one of those two and that completely dispels it
it cannot exist the next one is agnosticism ah gnosis okay again means
no and then gnosis is knowledge okay so an agnostic will say there’s two types
of agnostics there’s a hard agnostic and there’s a soft diagnostic hard agnostic
is kind of like an atheist she says I cannot know if there is a God you use
the exact same argument that I just gave you here if you say you can’t know then
that means you must have all the knowledge of the infinite
to know that he can’t exist and thus you’re a fool because you’re denying
what you already know or vice-versa then you’re a fool because you’re denying
what you don’t know okay so it doesn’t matter atheism and hard agnosticism are
impossible they’re they’re just unintelligent so that blows away the
mail online article and then finally we have what’s called soft agnosticism I
don’t know if there’s a god well let me tell you about Jesus Christ okay that’s
what you do you you you don’t know if there’s a god let me tell you about it
the other two don’t even bother with them okay unless they’re willing to
acknowledge that they are wrong – stop right there you’ve given them the
logical argument don’t argue any further yes ignoramus
very well said very well said the Latin form of agnostic is ignoramus okay and
then one other thing here from WorldNetDaily you all may have heard
this Jim Caviezel is going to be in a movie called the Apostle Paul it’s
coming out this year okay it’s gonna be very good if you know he’s a great actor
and so he’s gonna be doing that and then just this week worldnetdaily says Jim
Caviezel new Passion of the Christ to be the biggest film in history he’s doing
the Apostle Paul and then he’s immediately going to start under Mel
Gibson again and they are going to do a movie about the resurrection of Christ
and it’s going to be even bigger than the Passion of the Christ it’s wonderful
that this is happening in our age where people are denying the faith they’re
denying all of the truths of Jesus Christ and we have people that are out
there and I am NOT one to argue with people about the stupidity of saying
well you shouldn’t be watching movies about Jesus because it’s made by Mel
Gibson he’s a Catholic I don’t care it doesn’t make any difference that’s a
source fallacy and then you’ve got these people that say well how can you take
the infinite God and describe him in a movie what do you think Jesus did when
he came out of the infinite realm and became a man he gave us the ability to
perceive who God is that’s why when we watch a movie about a man Jesus it’s
showing us exactly what God intended in the pages of the Bible that is the
stupidest argument on the planet was when somebody says you shouldn’t be
watching movies about Jesus because he’s the infinite God no he is the finite man
and gives the finite man and he is the infinite God we don’t see the infinite
God but we see the finite man the god man that’s why we had the incarnation of
Jesus Christ just so we could understand who the infinite God that we can’t see
is he is fully God he is fully man he is Jesus our Lord oh yeah you can’t draw
Muhammad yeah no we can draw Jesus ok Islam today from the times of Israel
amid funding cut fears the fakest Indian Authority purchases a 50 million dollar
private jet for a bus so they’re they’re facing these cuts from the United States
and so in order to get this before they run out of money they’re spending 50
million dollars even as the fakest Indian Authority faces major funding
cuts from the United States it has purchased a new luxurious 50 million
dollar private jet to be used by a bus the report said the plane was set to be
delivered to Amman within weeks and will be stationed there for use by the PA
chief I would give my money to Abbas as quickly as I would give it to Kenneth
Copeland or whatever his name is there I wouldn’t give it to either of them but
they weren’t taking the money from them Trump is cutting all the fat good job
drum that said funding for the plane was said to have been provided both from the
fakest Indian Authority budget 20 million dollars and from the PMF 30
million dollars when President Trump originally threatened to cut aid top PLO
or FL o official seyi Eric OTT said it would lead to starvation among the
fakest iniya and refugee children and so to help them starve quicker they buy
this 50 million dollar aircraft Israel’s Prime Minister does not have his own
private plane the eighth strongest military in the world the tenth
strongest economy in the world does not have a private plane for its prime
minister but this guide that isn’t even a country does it’s not even a nation
and they have bought him a fifty million dollar aircraft well guess what next
article a MN EU picks up trumps tab gives fakest in Ian’s 52 million dollars
in aid so they got their fifty million dollars for their jet now they’ve got
another 50 million from the European Union and so the world is
just so so stupid it’s like sending money to televangelists to tell you that
you’re going to prosper if you give them your money the only person that’s gonna
prosper is them they’re getting your money right okay from the Sun Taliban
fighters hit a bomb in a four-month old baby’s clothes on the way to a foiled
terror attack four month-old baby yep four men and one woman were arrested
while making their way to the Afghan city of Kunduz after explosive was found
in the child’s clothing the bomb was carefully hidden on the body of the
infant reports the Kabul time so this isn’t some a making it up it’s right now
the Kabul times so Rita al-razi the deputy chief of the independent Human
Rights Commission of Afghanistan slammed the militants and said that using kids
to carry out such attacks was forbidden in Islam well it’s not that’s what they
do in every is Lama nation when they want to destroy people to send the
children in meanwhile six children were killed in fighting in the city of Ghazni
in central Afghanistan on the same day so the old adage that Muslims send their
children to kill their enemies God sent his son to die for his enemies right
Infowars no-go zones United Kingdom warns people traveling to Sweden beware
gang crime shootings and explosions so this is England
warning about their people going to Sweden the United Kingdom travel advice
on Sweden has warned visitors to beware violence gun crime and explosions in the
nations migrant dominated no-go zones crime levels are low in the Nordic
nation the government advice notes but go on caution violent crime does occur
instances of gang-related crime including shootings and explosions have
been reported in Malmo and Girton Berg the travel advice which was updated
earlier this month marks increasing acknowledgement by the establishment of
problems Sweden is experiencing as a result of
the nation’s humanitarian policy of importing large numbers of migrants from
the third world the number of fatal shootings in Sweden is up five times
that in Germany and the number of hand grenade attacks is on par with
Mexico so this is England warning its people not to go to Sweden unless
they’re aware of what’s going on next article Breitbart police data UK violent
crime waves growing even faster London knife attacks up forty percent so they
need to advise our own citizens about going to their own capital the United
Kingdom surgeon recorded violent and sexual crime including knife attacks has
accelerated at a faster rate than previously thought over the past year
new police statistics reveal Sadiq Khan’s London saw the largest increase
of course in recorded knife crime rocketing by a massive 38% in just one
year in England and Wales around five point three
crimes were recorded in the 12 months up to 2017 up 14% on the year before the
ons said the latest police figures from 44 forces around the country revealed
that robbery was up by 29 percent sex offences up 23 percent knife crime up 21
percent and violent crime overall surged 20 percent there was a massive 37,000
443 knife crimes and six thousand 694 gun crime offences recorded into 12
months to September one week ago London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he cannot solve
the crime knife problem by myself blaming conservative government cuts and
implying right-wing opponents are lying well that guy should be taken out but
whatever from Mongolia today that’s what they’re doing and he said the solution
is to make it illegal to report such things and as we saw in a couple
articles over the past three or four months that’s what England is doing
they’re not reporting all crimes they’re not going to all crimes unless the
person can’t speak English properly meaning that British people are up
fending for themselves on and on and on so that is actually an under reporting
by probably 15 to 20 percent so from the summit daily this is Mongolia news from
the summit daily Mongolia lamps gold at international snow sculpture
championships in Breckenridge this is out and where Colorado Breckenridge yes
okay team Mongolia one gold Friday at the 28th international snow sculpture
championships that’s hard to say snow sculpture championships in Breckenridge
with a piece called secrets depicting women and their secrets
last year’s winner team China took silver with the thinker depicting an
Iran Bhutan yes it’s Iran Bhutan it’s not orangutan the wrong means man and
Bhutan is the wood so you have man of the woods or on Bhutan but we’ll say
orangutan for all of you uneducated non bahasa speaking people let’s see here
where was it Oh wrong Bhutan where was there it is contemplating an apple and
Team USA Wisconsin took bronze with dance divine depicting leaves
intricately intertwining for the contest sixteen four-person teams spent many
careful hours combined on each sculpture crafted from a 25-ton 12 foot tall block
of snow over the course of four days carving the snow the artists are allowed
to use hand tools and items like vegetable peelers chicken wire and small
saws power tools coloring and internal support structures are strictly
forbidden so good job Mongolia from Daniel 12 technology today I got some
really great articles of Israeli tech but I’ve done so many in the past few
weeks I’m gonna let him go this week mail online Japan invents a train that
barks like a dog and snorts like a deer in order to prevent collisions with
animals on the tracks yes the country has a problem with trains colliding with
deer on its railways researchers combine the sound of deer warning each other
with dogs barking when the deer hears the two sounds they panic and flee
rapidly from near tracks in the past red flashing lights and lions faces are have
unsuccessfully tested out well I can tell you if you were to record the
chihuahuas going off in my house all eight of them and put that on the front
of the trains you would have no deer in Japan at all they jump into the ocean
goodness alright mail online a step towards cloning humans Chinese monkeys
become the first primates in the world to be replicated using the Dali
the sheep method transferring DNA material identical macaques I had a
macaque in Malaysia they are wonderful animals I had a monkey yeah we named him
Abdul and he was marvelous and you know the funny thing is over there you have
no sanitary requirements and so when I went shopping I put him on my shoulder
and we go shopping at the store and pick things up and he’d grab what he wanted
and you know anywhere I went he’d go with me I drive around and yeah so but I
had my own little macaque and I couldn’t bring him back well I wanted to bring it
back and the paperwork was too much to bring in a primate species and so I gave
him to my neighbor a Chinese guy and I have no doubt at all that he ate him
I have no yes yes yeah that’s Chinese they have a saying over there they say
that the Chinese if it if it is in the ocean if it swims in the ocean
if it walks or crawls on the earth or if it flies in the sky we will eat it
that’s what they say so I I hope that’s not the case but he said he wanted the
monkey and he got it so with some stew I’m sure anyway so yeah identical
macaques Zhang Zhang and wah wah were born eight and six weeks ago the monkeys
are the world’s first primates to be cloned from transferred DNA study marks
a watershed and cloning research and raises major ethical questions
scientists hope to pave the way for populations of genetically uniform
monkeys why we would want genetically uniform monkeys I don’t know but that’s
what they’re working for mail online this is kind of a stupid article but I
thought I’d include it Ford files a patent for a driverless police car that
can hide behind trees and buildings to catch speeding drivers Ford has filed a
patent to create an autonomous a I powered police vehicle the vehicle would
have the ability to hide from speeders or traffic violators it could link to
security cameras and automatically drive to where needed well who’s going to give
the guy the ticket you know whatever revelation plagues from bloomberg yes I
know we’ve been doing the flow I’m gonna keep doing it because it’s so bad flu
season from heck keeps getting worse it doesn’t say heck it says a Qi double
pencil stick hockey sticks thank you but flu season from heck keeps getting worse
morality rates which trail and affections spiked sharply with seven
additional children dying from the infection over the past week thus far 37
in just this last night I checked it’s now at the 53 children have died as a
resistant strain of the virus dominates the season is shaping up to be similar
to late 2014 and 2015 which entailed 710,000 hospitalizations and 56,000
deaths the agency is expecting similar numbers
this year activity levels vary in different states however
hospitalizations in California are running at four times the level seen in
2014 and 2015 they’ve actually got tenths outside
where they have to store these people now Minnesota’s rate is double in New
York the numbers are starting to surpass the national average an additional
unexpected finding is the flus impact on middle-aged Americans who typically
withstand it pretty well I didn’t did I am still I go out and work twenty
minutes and I am done I am absolutely done while hospitalization rates are
predictably high among the elderly younger baby boomers aged 50 to 65 I’m
glad I’m in the younger part of that younger baby boomers are in second place
this is especially bad news for them given a new study linking the flu to
increased risk of heart attacks oh I am feeling it too and okay I will say that
your son also is having the same problem says aney and how old is he wasn’t Mary
Jo wasn’t it you that said you’re something how old is he okay so he’s
right in the same age group and he’s having the same thing he’s one of my
friends in Washington got the flu at the same time I did and he says man I can’t
go out work so it’s it’s very difficult on the body and you know what we have
what 53 children dying we have expected 56,000 will die if you don’t know Jesus
you might as well get right with them now because we do not know our end in
the flu the common flu is killing people at Giant rates so I would I would pray
that if you’re sitting here watching this prophecy update then you would make
sure that you’re right with the Lord you don’t have to watch prophecy updates all
day you can actually read your Bible and find out what to do in order to be saved
is by believing by faith that Christ died for your sins and he was
resurrected and that simply believing in that that you will be saved
this is what the Lord asks us to from fox swine flu bird flu hit North
Korea in South Korea days before the Winter Olympic kickoff
they’re gonna be in the Winter Olympics and they’ve got both swine flu and bird
flu super flu outbreaks are ravaging the Korean Peninsula less than two weeks
before the Winter Olympics nearly one hundred and twenty seven thousand North
Koreans were reported to have flu-like illness between December 1st and January
16th with eighty one thousand six hundred and forty cases testing positive
for influenza A h1n1 also commonly known as the swine flu three children and one
adult have died from the flu the Health Organization said meanwhile South Korea
is also scrambling to contain the bird flu outbreak
with less than two weeks until the opening ceremony at the Winter Olympics
the South Korean government ordered about seven hundred and sixty-four
thousand chickens from farms near Seoul killed to prevent avian influenza h5n1 a
genic strain of bird flu was discovered in chickens at two farms in kyeong GE
south of Seoul a total of three hundred and thirty four thousand chickens at
those farms were ordered to be killed another four hundred and thirty thousand
chickens are being slaughtered as a precaution half a million eggs were
destroyed so it’s serious and you know what if these people go over there and
they get that flu and they get back on the airplane it’s just gonna spread to
wherever they’re from and that’s what they’re worried about is it becoming a
global thing morality today mail online sexually transmitted or even passed from
mouth to mouth the HPV virus is the cause of our fastest growing killer
cancer now this is an England they’ve got a very fast-growing killer cancer
but listen to why I put it in the morality section the NHS immunizes girls
against it but not boys on the grounds that it is cheaper to treat the deadly
tumours later in life this is why we do not want socialized medicine is because
they say well we’re just going to pass it off to later and if they get the
tumour well to be cheaper to fix down the line right
that’s what socialized medicine does we’ve got all kinds of reports of people
it’s happening up in Canada it’s happening here where they’re starting to
say well we need to make choices now can’t take care of these people and it’s
especially happening over in the UK we can’t take care of this person and so
we’re just not going to treat him all right this is this is what’s going on in
the world right now it says it is an expensive vaccine that grants long term
protection against Britain’s fastest growing form of cancer vaccinating boys
as well would cost an insignificant additional twenty two million pounds a
year that is it and yet they say we’re not going to do it because the tumors
will be cheaper to fix later but if they don’t know they have the tumor or
something they’re just going to punch their tickets daily wire trans age now
this is not going to happen this guy is going to go to jail but this is the
mentality of what is now being introduced and it will become more
prevalent until becomes acceptable trans age pedophile charged with abusing three
girls says he’s a nine year old trapped in a man’s body so he’s using the trans
argument to justify what he did Chicago man accused of sexually assaulting two
six-year-olds and an eight-year-old on repeated occasions told police officer
said he’s really just a nine year old trapped in an adult’s body prosecutors
revealed he’s gonna go to jail because he’s the first of this but this is going
to become more and more prevalent and pretty soon they’re just gonna say it’s
okay from The Times of Israel Israeli American gay couple sues United States
for denying citizenship to one twin son now I want you to know this was said a
long time ago and I’ve repeated at least 10 times in these updates is that this
entire gay marriage issue has always been to give them additional rights not
the same rights they said we just want the same rights as everybody that has
nothing to do with what they are doing in this nation it is to give them
additional rights so that they can subvert the fabric of this society
listen to this the lawsuit was one of two filed by an LGBTQ LMNOP immigrant
rights group that said the State Department discriminates against
same-sex binational couples by denying their children’s citizenship at birth
the cases said the children of a US citizen who marries abroad are entitled
to US citizenship at birth no matter where they
born and even if the other parent is a foreigner so here’s the issue I am
married to a foreigner we have a child somewhere in the world that child is
automatically a US citizen well guess what these are gays and they didn’t
follow the same protocol listen to what happened and ask if this is not an
additional right meant to undermine the fabric of our immigration laws the State
Department pointed to guidance on its website that says a father who is a US
citizen must be the genetic parent for the child to become the US citizen at
birth Andrew banks was studying in Israel when he met his future husband
and Israeli citizen because they couldn’t marry at the time in the United
States or in Israel they moved to Canada where they Wed in 2010 each boy was
conceived with donor eggs and the sperm from a different father so they had
people that gave them their child birth a woman but they used different donor
eggs so this is the father this is the father this would not be possible if you
were a normal couple male and female they’re asking for an additional right
he’s the father and he’s not a US citizen right but they’re asking for
something that is not part of our law it goes on it says they’re bored by the
same surrogate mother so this woman had eggs or sperm from both men put into her
she had these twins they’re not twins they’re from a different father okay
each boy was conceived with donor eggs and the sperm from a different father
but born by the same surrogate mother everything seemed fine until the couple
brought them to America to the American consulate in Toronto a few months later
to apply for citizenship and the woman at the counter began asking probing
questions which they found shocking and humiliating they’re the ones that are
doing this perverse act they’re the ones that are doing these things and she’s
trying to get to the bottom of it thank goodness we had somebody that was
willing to investigate and find out what was going on she’s doing her job the
consular office told them she had discretion to require a DNA test to show
who the biological father was and without those tests neither would get
citizenship they knew that Andrew was Aiden’s biological father and elide
what’s Ethan’s but they had kept it a secret so their life
to this woman they’re liars in addition to be being you know the whole thing is
just bad so they went to keep it from the woman after submitting the DNA tests
results that proved who fathered each boy they received a large and small
envelope from the United States the big one included Aiden’s Passport
the other was a letter notifying Andrew that Ethan’s application had been denied
he’s not a US citizen the family has since moved to LA to be closer to Banks
family Ethan came on a tourist visa which
expired last month so he’s illegal here in the country if I was Trump I’d say
time for the boy to go if you want to be with the boy go back to Israel with them
right the other case involves two women one from the United States and one from
Italy who met in New York weds in London and each gave birth to a son one of them
is not a US citizen right the State Department didn’t recognize the couple’s
marriage the lawsuit said and only recognizes citizenship of the mother who
was born and raised in the United States which is what our case law says they are
asking for additional rights because once they have this in then they will
whittle away at another and another and pretty soon everybody on this planet
will be welcomed into America because we have no laws that we can maintain any
longer this was always the intent of these perverse people always all right
other category I’ve got some good news first I’ve got something funny to say is
a guy emailed me last week and he said I’ve never seen anybody cry over an
airplane before my answer was now you have okay but there is an article
another friend sent me that UPS has now contracted 14 747s to fly in their fleet
I’m so happy I’m so happy that they are back in the in the air and you know they
got him at discount cost I mean they’re out there in the desert there it’s gonna
be very cheap for UPS they’ve got a lot of room they’ve got that upper thing
where I spent so many wonderful hours anyway it really it really is a
wonderful thing and so the 747s will be flying around they won’t be in Sarasota
Florida does anybody know why our runway isn’t long enough
okay when the the 747 for the president is shorter it’s not as big as others
right it’s it’s a modified 747 and even then when Bush flew into here on 9/11
remember he they actually have to go out over the the Gulf and they have to drop
all the fuel out because when they land it’s too heavy and so that’s what they
do is they yeah so anyway it when it lands here it gets right to the end of
the runway it’s a small airport in Sarasota but 747s are back in the skies
of America mail mail online now you’ve got to be an agony to have a hip
operation yes this is England again I didn’t put in the morality section cuz
it’s not a moral issue it’s just a bad policy issue of having socialized
medicine I’ll read it again now you have to be an agony to have a hip operation
most NHS trusts now impose cruel new pain tests in rau over over rationing so
you actually have to be really in a very very bad state in order to get your body
fixed in England three and four health trusts are denying hip and knee
replacements to patients they’re denying the treatment based on patients not
being in enough pain imagine that you’re not in enough pain
so you don’t get your hip replaced because we have socialized medicine in
our country is that what we want in America absolutely not thank goodness we
have a president that is undoing what was done from Reuters us oil industry
set to break record I know you’ve probably heard this but it’s worth
repeating for those who haven’t and up end global trade surging shale
production our friend Tavo up in North Dakota has been at the forefront of this
for the past many years hello Tavo we miss you buddy
surging shale production is poised to push u.s. oil output to more than 10
million barrels per day toppling a record set in 1970 and crossing a
threshold few could have imagined even a decade ago or actually a year and a half
ago and this new record expected within days likely won’t last long the US
government forecasts that the nation’s production will climb to 11 billion per
day by late 2019 a level that would rival Russia the world’s top producer
the and political impacts of the soaring us
outputs or breathtaking cutting the nation’s oil imports by one-quarter over
a decade or I’m sorry one-fifth over a decade providing high-paying jobs in
rural communities and lowering consumer prices for domestic gasoline by 37% from
a 2008 peak fears of dire energies shortages that gripped the country in
the 70s have been replaced by a presidential policy of global energy
dominance the costs of labor and contracted services have recently risen
sharply in the most active oil fields drillable land prices have soared and
some shale finance ears are calling on producers to focus on improving
short-term returns rather than expanding drilling but US producers have already
far outpaced expectations and overcome serious challenges including the recent
effort by OPEC to sink shale firms by flooding global markets with oil I
reported on that what eight months ago is it opaque has been lowering their
prices and lowering their prices because they wanted to destroy our shale
production they almost went bankrupt in the process and so now we have this
shale going again and we have a president that is supportive of this
policy as well and it is coming about we’re actually becoming energy
independent once again in this nation from news innovation in Israel that cuts
shale production by a third that doesn’t surprise me I haven’t seen that article
but it is coming soon to a oil field near you from news max Washington State
will no longer require birthplace on driver’s license applications Washington
State will no longer require drivers to reveal where they were born a move that
comes following a story published in The Seattle Times uncovering the
department’s policy of providing photos and driver’s license applications to ice
you know the immigration people Washington’s Department of Licensing in
the past regular layer Li handed over personal information used by ice to
arrest and deport people the governor said this is not going to happen anymore
we’re a sanctuary state we are going to protect these illy
immigrants which are raping our women and that’s all there is to it and so
he’s told them that they are not to do this and they’re actually taking off
where a person was born so that they can’t even question that anymore bad
policy you know what I saw an article and I was going to include it next week
but I’ll mention it now and maybe I’ll include it next week depending on how
involved it was but they’re talking about having a national ID for people in
America and you know the conspiracy theorists are all over that what a bad
idea and it’s big brother and all this I will tell you that we are the only
nation on the planet that doesn’t have one because we’re a conglomeration of
Independent States but at this point in our nation it would be a lot better than
what we have right now it would be a lot better and we still carry IDs wherever
we go I have to have my Florida driver’s license wherever I go the problem is
that we have mental minuscule like this that are running governments in the
nation and they allow illegals to do things that even we don’t have the right
to do and so by having a national ID which is nothing wrong with that like I
said I’ve been in countries all over this planet and everybody has their
national ID and it’s not a big brother conspiracy you get to a global ID and it
will be but right now we’re Americans and we might as well have one license
instead of two or ten if you go overseas you have to have a passport let’s keep
the people that don’t belong in this nation out of this nation or at least
identified that they are not a part of this nation that’s what we need to do yes Obama’s getting a slice inside the
Washington State absolutely from the Guardian now I’m not going to read this
whole article because it’s probably made every prophecy update in the world okay
but I’m giving you the title so that you can go read it if you have not heard it
because this is a really important thing which has happened and it has identified
key military installations all over the world okay and it’s your fault your
fault yes listen to this fitness tracking app Strava gives away location
of secret US army bases okay they’ve got bases that are underground
right nobody even knows that they’re there and these people are down there
wearing their fit apps they’re fitbit’s and they’re running around and now they
know exactly the layout of these structures they know
everything about them they know where people are in Afghanistan and our bases
at a certain time of day so that they can go in and blow them up because it’s
time for them to run you know go on their fitness runs this is very serious
all over the world our national security has been compromised because of people
wearing fitbit’s it’s your fault okay from Zero Hedge 2018 Grammys had the
lowest ratings ever Oh as a word show turns political and from Zero Hedge
caterpillar dealer sales soar the most in six years yes the month that Trump
came into office caterpillar sales started to go up and they’ve gone up
every single month since he came into office and they are at six-year highs
now isn’t that wonderful absolutely wonderful because they have confidence
in our president that is not to say and once again people say well you’re so
stupid you’re saying how great he is and now the economy is collapsed they could
collapse tomorrow right we don’t know the future all I know is that what this
man is doing right now is the right thing for this nation we don’t know
what’s gonna happen to the economy everything could go bad we could have no
trucks running no we could have no bread on our table in three weeks from now
that is possible but at this point our president is making the right decisions
for our nation if the economy collapsed before we had this energy independence
then we wouldn’t have any energy coming into this nation at least now we can
make our own energy if the economy collapses etc etc take it down any one
of those avenues and we’re doing the right thing okay so mail online attractive people attractive people are
more likely to be conservatives because they have it too easy yes
scientists claim they are blind to life struggles I’ve been wondering why you
are such a good-looking group it’s because you’re all blind to life’s
struggles we’ve got handsome people here beautiful women there I mean this is a
great looking crew it’s because you’re blind or life struggles researchers
found that right-wing people are more attractive than liberals hey Fox News
man this blind spot results in favoring of
conservative policies so that’s why we’re all so good-looking here is
because we favor conservative policies and were blind you know what I guarantee
you that whoever the scientists are that did this has never been to the projects
on Saturday morning with Jim Dwyer and I right or Chris or any of is Laura here
today Louis not here today no she has their shoes we go down to the projects
every single Saturday of our life we’ve been doing this for almost 11 years and
we have never missed a Saturday and we have never seen a liberal down there
witnessing to people or helping them out of anything have we it’s just Christian
people going down there or the Jehovah’s Witnesses and they’re not helping people
they’re just leading off to a sad path so it’s either us or it’s darkness but
that you know so we are good looking good looking crew going down to the
projects anyway next article kind of follows along with that from mail online
melanie ax steals the democrats thunder and their clothes first lady outshines
the black clad Democrat women in dazzling white pantsuit and you talk
about a good-looking conservative there you go she’s beautiful
Melania what did I say whatever Melanie melanoma whatever Melania okay from zero
heads the DNC is unraveling CEO quits after eight months amid bailing mega
donors in cash panic and then from The Daily wire Canadian Senate votes to make
the national anthem gender neutral does anybody think that Prime Minister
Trudeau will veto that not likely okay I’ve got a less require
the conductor’s want dear to refrain from assaulting the front of the train
they’ve been warned to get back for the sake of the track and the animals lives
are their gain good job okay that was actually between less and his wife they
worked on that together and then I have an irony of the week for you I’ve
entitled it prison food but before I give you our it’s actually three ironies
of the week I don’t know what was going on this week but three ironies all about
prison food but before I give you that I will tell you that this week’s it’s a
little longer it’s eighteen minutes long this week’s travel video was the best
one ever and it’s their season finale they’re not
going to be doing any for a little while but I will tell you that this is surgery
on Rhoda’s finest video it is the Temple Mount the Western Wall
it is beyond outstanding if you want to know the history of what is happening in
prophecy why do we watch prophecy updates you watch that and you will
understand completely the history of that Temple Mount what is going on why
the worlds in the shape it’s in a wonderful stuff it is a very well done
episode so I would encourage you to watch it and I would also encourage you
excuse me I almost choked on my own spit I would also encourage you to repost
that on Facebook or wherever you are on social media and get that out because
people need to know the status of the Temple Mount and this is a great way for
people to learn in a very short amount of time and to do it with an exceptional
video real good quality great music it is really well done that’s my plug for
them until they start their videos again but it’s been a great adventure with
them hasn’t it this has been a really really wonderful time with them so I’ll
tell you what let’s do something because we’re on the process the update and I
don’t know if they’re there or not but let’s give them a call and just thank
them personally for all the work they’ve done I don’t know they may not be
available but let’s try anyway let’s see hang on are they going to
answer they’re not going to answer are they yeah let’s we’re gonna let it ring
out though is to finally hang up on us but we want to thank you for a wonderful
wonderful season today’s episode was outstanding Wow wonderful you guys are
just fantastic Wow tell us something good sing ourselves pretty wonderful Wow
there what’s in the update all right well you guys we want we wanted to thank
you so much for just the most wonderful season it’s been beautiful what’s that
okay hey road I have you’ve got something
that you can share with the people online maybe a little Arab call or
something Arabs call somebody wants me to blow the shofar all I will do that
okay I’m gonna hang up now but say goodbye to everybody at the church we
love you bye bye all right let’s hang up on them somebody
wants me to blow the shofar so we’ll do that right now isn’t that ironic oh boy now I’m lightheaded – that’s what
you get for having the the flu blow the shofar after that okay so here we go we
got a couple ironies of the week for you I got three of them they’re all prison
food okay from Breitbart this is in Florida man
charged with DUI after allegedly attempting to order a burrito through a
bank drive-through he’s drunk it’s night time he’s trying to order
he’s banging on it and they finally come and arrest him okay then from the
virginian-pilot doughnut-eating contest winner arrested again after doughnut
shop robbery so you went in a just donuts and they robbed the donut shop
and then from Casey BD escaped prisoner caught trying to get back into prison
with food whiskey and tobacco so yes such as the world we live in in so from
Sarasota Florida fool on guitar Mongolia I’m Charlie Garrett this is the superior
word and that is your proxy update for the week all right

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  12. Hedge your bets , whose got jets , and who says "lets,,examine the WORD" . You can be sure where the eyes are set.
    Mine will be watching , put in public playlist , and a big thumbs up, for sermons and Bible studies by Charlie and the superior word!!! BLESS GOD PRAISE JESUS, may everyone who comes here be blessed and those who watch the sermons and bible studies be double blessed .

  13. To The Superior Word Ministries and everyone that believes in truth, REVELATION 12 HAPPENED!!!…. And here is the account of the September 23r d. sign that is Revelation 12, from the bible. It happened over 3 days. From the 22nd-24th of September. Remember this verse (12) has many parables a huge one is the >> woman clothed with sun and moon at her feet. You could not see this sign/wonder from the western hemisphere because it was daytime. America, whose symbol is a woman, was clothed with the sun. Of course, the woman also means, the Virgin Mary and Israel. The moon was very visible at the feet of Virgo. The two messengers/witnesses for Yahweh the highest Sabaoth, blessed be he and his son, Yeshua Hamashiach, witnessed over the skies of Athens Greece on September 22 2017, at 10 P.M. “7” Angels taking their places as it is written in Revelations. Three Angels went to the west and began to spread out. One of the three that headed west made a turn and went south and the other two went to the west. The fourth Angel went to the east and three went together from the south to the north. September 23 2017, the sun went down with the crescent moon at the feet of Virgo, leaving the woman clothed with the sun, once again the parable is two, one being Virgo and the other being the woman and whose idol is The Statue of Liberty?>>>> America. For when the sun is up you only see light and not the heavens in the dark. The night of the 23rd. which technically after midnight, it would be September 24 2017, starting at 3 A.M. One large bright star shot from north to south and one smaller, bright star from the south to the north. Then one red star came out of the constellation of Orion from the middle of the three star belt. It was the smallest star in the heavens and it stopped at the feat of Virgo for three seconds then disappeared. The war in Heaven then started. There were faint lights of white, like a million flashlights going on and off all across the skies over Athens and for if your eyes did not look up then you would never see it! Then the Arch Angel Michael cast Satan out of Heaven. Satan lost his seat, his place in the heavens and he is now, here to deceive the whole world. Then a star circled the entire sky as mentioned in Revelations 8:13. The rising of the perfect morning star / Jesus Christ was and has never been so bright and never so clear to see for those who looked up that September 24 2017, morning. Starting at 10 P.M. September 24 2017, the heavens rejoiced with a brilliant but small light show in the western skies over Athens, Greece and throughout the heavens. The colors were reds, blues and greens! This is exactly what happened. Then God told us to go north and it was confirmed when we arrived in Kiev, Ukraine by a nine-year-old student who said she saw a red dragon in the sky and a friend who was standing on Mount Zion, she said she saw 12 stars dancing around then they made a crown over the head of Virgo! We asked Olga to ask the two girls, what days these happened on>> AND SHE ANSWERED THE 23 rd of September! Olga had no Idea about the Revelation 12 sign until we arrived in Kiev, Ukraine and she mentioned this as we started talking about Jerusalem! GOD MAKES NO MISTAKES!
    [email protected]

  14. I heard Mel Gibson is Catholic but he's a new reformed Catholic which is closer to protestant belief. I could be wrong though.

  15. Copeland gets PART of his wealth from the Pope in payment for what Copeland did to convince a lot of churches to join with the pope or to become "catholic" in their thinking.

  16. Looks like the CDC is very successful this years in spreading flu virus in many places. Their depopulation program is vast and, for the most part, successful.

  17. I've NEVER been attractive; in fact God didn't do me any favors in the looks department, but I'm a conservative through and through.

  18. I went to a church that was being described around 18 minutes (the story with the jets)….I went to a church like that.  They didn't have a jet, but they bought other things with the money I gave (and I was unemployed!).  I left that church nearly having a nervous breakdown from the spiritual abuse.  I go to a Biblically-centered church that has accountability now!

  19. The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob is in total control. Hallelujah!  Saints watch as we move closer and closer to Jesus' appearing.  Tell everyone to get ready! Share the Good News to everyone!

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