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Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act PMIAA

Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act PMIAA

good morning everyone how are you doing this is Bill Bradley with the edge Eileen community of practice out of digital gov and we have with us today common good one and Logan pal and Tommy will be talking today about the project management improvement and accountability act and this is a new set of Siri or a new series of webinars between 17 for that Jolene from the community of practice and we’re certainly looking for more topics so if you have some topics after day that you like to discuss with us just a float those on the agile and lean community of practice listserv and if you’re not a member of the listserv just go ahead and email us or go to digital gov and communities and they’ll have sign up information for you so today we’re excited to have mr. Tommy good one it was the government relations manager for the project management institute to come talk to us about the program management and improvement of sight program management improving accountability act and talk some about some of the implications I do want to caution folks that a lot of this we’re not talking about policy at the moment it’s still kind of in the early implementation stages but Logan and I thought would be a great idea to go ahead and start talking about the impact of the TMI TMI a act and how it might affect the agencies especially with a lot of agencies adopting agile project management practices so we kind of encourage more questions today a lot of questions today and just discussing some of the ideas and ramifications of this act and how this might be implemented in the future so again this is just opinion nothing official nothing of course coming from the government on this is just kind of a collection of colleagues and professionals getting together to discuss a new law only briefly introduce mr. Goodwin he is the government relations manager for the project management institute and i’m certain if you are aware of project management institute is one of the world’s leading not-for-profit professional membership Association for the project program and portfolio management profession in his role he leaves federal international efforts to encourage the adoption and project management best practices by elected officials and policymakers and basically helps with governments and reduce government waste and safeguards taxpayer dollars before he had a pretty fascinating career and a lot of federal government relations efforts issue campaigns and advocacy strategy work you work for AARP or corporation he also was a research fellow at Harvard Business School and focus on the political legal environment which business operates is why we invited Tommy to come and speak for the day he has a bachelor in business administration from George Washington University and mba from auburn university and many executive certificates from Stanford University North Carolina and Georgetown University he holds the certificate and public affairs management from the public affairs council a public policy certificate from the national institute for lobbying ethics and a certified Association Executive designation for the mix american society of Association Executive so you can see it’s very well-versed at how government works and how these laws are implemented so go ahead and turn this over to Tommy and let him speak for the rest of the session here and again we encourage a lot of questions to come in and we’re going to try to get those and what questions we don’t get too will certainly put those on the listserv and discuss those over the next few months Tommy good morning and thank you all very much for the opportunity to be here with you virtually today I as bill mentioned I’m Tommy good one and I want to thank bill and located in and everyone else vault wonderful music practice for letting me it’s just that this new piece of legislation of this new ball on your radar screen that they’ll mention still very early in the process has been implemented or anything like that yet but this is a great opportunity to introduce to you all this this program management improvement Accountability Act or kamiya for short which while it’s not successfully submitted yes i’m fairly certain little be impacting Christ program management in the federal government in the years ahead and of course that includes looks like yourselves who are using agile iterative adaptive practices the PMI has been monitoring developments around this new ball from a couple years now and it’s next few moments I want to do is do my best to provide you all with an overview of what me actually is and what it may mean for executing projects and programs in the federal government will forward now before i jump off into this piece about me i do want to provide the little bit of context around PMI and are involved that our connection to the idea of community because I think that’s important she was to introduce to all of you know a few years ago I think some of you know the PMI introduced our pmi-acp certification that recognizes those folks with that advanced knowledge of Agilent we fold and experiences that those techniques and probably surprised anybody on the call here today I learned that this is TMI fastest-growing certification especially if you take a look at what we know from our newly released for the profession research and we find that organization to our highly agile and responsive to dynamic out there in the market complete many more their project was successfully their traditional counterparts so the interest in a violently is high and will only continue to grow at this point in time to my certified more than 14,000 magical practitioners and I would expect that number to jump up significantly going forward couple of things were pointing out a would-be later dish your PM is going to be publishing our first agile practice guide which we’re actually putting together with our friends at the agile Alliance and as I believe this publication be coming out in July it you will be a volume will go pretty deep on a few topics around your roles responsibilities some terminology you’re really laying out from the adults cool techniques and approaches and applications as well as well as providing examples of folks refusing blended hybrid approaches you know talking a little bit about how agile place roles in the organization transformation and some pmo consideration so I look forward to that in addition as you can see on the screen of the new pinback I the project management body of knowledge will be coming out also from 4pm I towards the end of the year and in are you can box guide each project management knowledge areas and contain a section called approaches for agile iterative and adaptive environment and each one of those sections for the first time in the inbox i will describe how agile practices integrate into the various areas of scope management time management cost management alike so you’ll see a lot of detail around agile and other approach to choose every day i included in God and isn’t empty so you could probably looking about a hundred pages with magic contract in that volume as you can see quite a bit going around in the TMI TMI agile ecosystem I want to just put a couple of those on your radar screen this morning before we jump off into our dialogue about via so before we talk a little bit about the law and what containing let’s do but it’s a backstory here Camille was by far the legislation that came from a group of folks in the House of Representatives called the government efficiency Rockets this Congress was formed a few years ago 2012 it was to identify ways federal government can move the needle around efficiency and effectiveness which from their perspective I’ve made sure the taxpayers are getting more bang for their buck this is the group about 35 or sorted 40 members of the house that are over the years really have looked at a variety of topics compression program management was one that came up quite a bitch the co-chairs of this group representative of now is Senator John from Indiana and targeted ricotta with Virginia had done a session on college program management at 2014 and one of the following from the sessions p.m. i was actually in with this group was conversation afterwards around devoting some have time to creating a bill that might really bring some of these three practices are going on out there in the Federal Space happen sort become public apply policies and they recruited senator from Iowa Senator Heitkamp up from North Dakota to be their partner to climb on this bill and it was released about midway through 2015 area nearly two years ago but i think what is remarkable about this new law is how quickly it went from the conceptualisation a to becoming law at least I capital standards anyhow and you know it takes the package picture makes a lot that you think about the project that you are looking on the program control we’re going to transformational ambitious that you all are leading know if you look at for the environment and budget appreciate your clothes and your changing government environment I think it’s really fair state that the capabilities that folks like everyone on this call brings to the table especially when you think about it in the agile in contact with these huge complex change initiatives are really valued skills by the capital which I think it’s certainly good thing for everybody does work and as you take a look at their on-screen you know me and me to preach quick trip to the legislative process we mentioned and was signed into law in December by President Obama and now at this point I’m the ball is a with OMB for implementation we can talk a little bit about what the wall put forward in terms of of rolling this out future agencies in a bitch so now that we’ve talked a little bit about backstory have a little bit context about what behind community let’s talk a little bit about the new law itself and let me store make a quick note here that when we talk about watch program managers and project and program management we are definitely the courage to folks who are engaged in the agile or if you’ve all do so if you take a look at this legislation afterwards and you see that there’s really no necessarily Paul out to agile early this community is definitely Childline when folks are thinking about the benefits of the law so this is definitely applicable to focus will be going for with its take a look at the screen there really for teach and it took mia first and foremost there will be a job to the career path for federal program managers which i think is a wonderful development there’s a nike program manager jobs series or you know huge technology folks out there called the 22 parent theories but there’s nothing else the OPM will depression for every managers translate there’s a there’s a job series called the 340 that’s called program management that it doesn’t really have any specific individual educational requirements something built up around it so it’s nothing that certainly recognize the specialized in this building capabilities that looks like i’ll bring to the table so we’ll definitely see a that piece coming forward in nearly in the early stages of the OPM will get around to you know identifying skills and competencies necessarily necessary for federal protection program management including folks doing agile and lean and I think from PMI perspective one of our big hopes from this provision of the law is hopefully one hand opportunities for training and professional development and now whether that’s education certification whatever the case may be we’re hopefully this creates many more opportunities surprise program managers in the federal fear to hone their craft let’s look at the second bullet point is single talk about bringing about the widespread adoption of program management standards into federal here and you know we certainly there are pockets of excellence in the federal Environment when it comes to leveraging standards to improve performance there are no standardized approaches to managing government for foliar project program called agency now you would be clear when we talk about standards we’re not talking about doing all projects and programs the same way whether it’s waterfall others agile or was there something hybrid not at all as you all know your standards are really knowledge and practices that are generally recognized as good practice for most programs most the time and your PM is researching this area shows that when standards are consistently applied across the organization patient state projects on average ten be two and a half times more successful so you know I certainly have no inside and how old he is gonna be bringing this piece forward but it is a key part of all the people I ala third and i think this is another pickle no one piece of media is a senior executive in each agency will be designated by the Secretary of that agency to be what’s called the program management improvement officer who will be charged with overseeing program management policy and strategy whereby we find that you know one of the top drivers of question program successful organization strong executive sponsorship and hopefully these new officers will play strong leadership role around anything performance outcomes so that’ll be something to look forward to as well and finally those program management improvement officers we just talked about will be brought together in a new OEM being led program management council i think i know just being part of this group and beyond all that if you all recognize the value of an interagency community of practice and through this new law will be a senior-level forum for the sharing of knowledge that practice experiences that hopefully benefit all agencies that government the whole going forward so those are the high quality of legislation itself let me add one foot out some piece of this law have already been introduced in dept expense through a law called the defense acquisition workforce improvement factor more common difference the wheel so the new law exempts yogi from the pieces of this law that are already to pick up a redundant what’s already out there so for those who already doing is they’re not going to do receive new mandates or anything like that those be continuing practices they’ve all done it to look at the next slide what you see here is a timeline the kind of laid out by the legislation in terms of what will be rolled out when in different pieces and parts that OMB and ultimately of and we’ll be looking on at this point my understanding is that those OMB and agencies themselves are already doing quite a workout implementation and whether that’s gathering information you know to create a baseline of activity throughout the government identifying questions that need to be a threat or looking for opening agency to be that program and improvement officer we talked about now I’ve heard there’s quite a bit of activity going on behind the scene these days I would expect that efforts continue in the days and weeks ahead all this activity will ultimately leading up to December when the law states that llv will be putting out the government like androids piece that we were talking a little bit about earlier and from there if you look at the 2018 piece you’ll see that you know each agency will get 90 days to implement those standards and you’re creating policies and mutual around those and then OPM will get another six months or so to establish the the new job series career path of the law now we know one presidential transition here in these days aren’t exactly carved in stone but or any significant changes i think you’ll be seeing various elements of this law rolling out around the end of the year and on into 2018 that’s a little bit about the law what I want to talk to you a little bit that now is we’re at PMI is interested in the law and RP point on it yeah we are we as an organization are very supportive of efforts to improve project and program management in the federal government really anywhere government I detector otherwise so we were very happy cubing doors media and talk to folks on Capitol Hill and the administration about the importance of a book that folks like you all are doing that on this is a bit of a new a new angle for PMI we have actually never endorse the piece of legislation before so this is the first time we’ve seen a law that really addressed program and project management it in such positive way and you know one of the reasons i think we were so supportive of the law is that those pieces were talking about a few minutes ago are so consistent with some of the research and the surveying of the project and program management you did we do on a pretty regular basis is whether it’s the importance of standardizing approaches whether it be notes for think that’s authorship or making sure folks like yourselves with leading these projects have the opportunity to build your skills you know the triangle business leadership skill something to me PM i called account triangle it will really hopeful that this new law will really army all at prices and program managers whether they’re using meal leading-edge i’ll check make sure you something for additional really army folks to do the important work that you all do every day and so we were very happy to support this legislation against the first time as an organization so with that behind let me wrap up talking about community by providing you all the info resources you can find a little bit more about the new all I think the slides are going to be sent around folks after the session you can quickly some of the ones you see here to check out more i can highlight one of these for just a second i like to call your attention to that the link from the National Academy of Public Administration a white paper there and basically looking at legislation when it was first released in and if you take a look at this report really not only support of the Lost felt really emerges from great champions of pricing program managers that had some wonderful things to say about the folks who are doing the work at each and every games i think was absolutely wonderful to see any on delicious young screen the this lawsuit picked up in some of the local la media outlets to talk about your federal government issues like that on every executive settled radio and you can certainly a google buzz up and take a look after all day now one of the options that we’ve been asking ourselves that TMI an outfit you all it has been passed by Congress and it’s over to lv people like to translate into regulation rollout you know we even asked herself to reveal what’s next what else is out there now that we’ve seen one wall that may hopefully up positive impact on the project and program management profession are there other things out there are rising and I think the short answer to that question is need as you talk about you know we’re working to use partner development throughout the last time she was certainly the most mr. to do well but we found inquiries uh based on are stored this loss from policymakers the country’s a different state folks around the world who are asking what the implications of all like this EP extra food and kind of wondering a lot allow the patient doing something similar so we’ll definitely actually bar here to the ground ball match and i’ll be on that you know as you all know that were harvested thought i was involved on and some new touch on the agile just adaptive processes suppression program management you all believers on i think it was last Congress there were absolutely hearing do that focused on different elements of agility and I think we won one of them ultimately became blonde it was it was part of last year’s that National Defense Authorization Act had a few elements here and there is that touched on the the intersection of agile and the acquisition space but you know that being said the profile bad i’ll continue on the Federal Space I I wouldn’t be stunned to see more problems with your fault that i took this time what those might be but that doesn’t mean lawmakers will be coming forward with with pieces of my touch on on military of expectation in the weeks and months ahead and yeah i think this Congress is already showing signs of being fairly active people desperate keep eye out for anything that teach to block amplify agilent we here in the federal Environment and so with that you know i i’d like to turn things uh over to build Logan and and hearing questions comments idea folk have you know that as i mentioned were very early in the implementation states so a lot of questions made mayor not the dress by the folks responsible yet but that would be interested to hear the feedback from this group and i just want to thank you all again for the opportunity to work to take part in this webinar today so well I’ll turn things back over built ok well thank you so much Tommy this is really good stuff and we’re looking here and type in some questions we have some chance there ok so we don’t have any questions so far but many Logan would you like to make any comments why wait for folks the right into the questions okay thank local maybe having some are you there Logan fill this is tommy let me let me actually address when I think I got 11 and over up for the conversation state occasions talking about the the intersection of this new law and the with another law called the government performance I result packers are differences as most people know it in terms of how there’s a level of intersection there and you know I obviously OMB is in charge of this law and I had certainly don’t step on their toes in terms of where they’re looking at it and i think if you look at some of the things that give her the gift for modernization actually few years ago put forward I think there’s really an interesting for a more clear for simple you know really integrating these projects and program management capabilities into a sort of broader overall agency and federal forum improvement efforts and I I kind of look at you know you get for being sort of an important tool particular when it comes to establishing your priorities weather at the agency or the federal government level the kind of response performance management to think about how that intersects with your prize for very management and making sure that people looking at us from some of the high-level projects that people have especially those the kind of find those areas on the high-risk list i think there’s certainly some elements for processing program managers to provide the expertise to those folks are going to be meeting to what was the state agency leadership in a goal setting and performance measurement settings but i think there’s that there’s a unique opportunity there will be interesting to see how that rolled out uh from OMB down in the agency’s over the next year or so you know I think you bring up a really good point there because I’ve worked with the the Gipper acting on the modernization act from OMP Opie Opie MSHA the LPN side and the other seems a lot that would intersect there especially in terms of the reporting and evaluation and I wanted it kind of reminds me a question I want to ask you and I don’t know if it’s too early to ask this yet but when you talk about setting that they’re setting the standards at how exactly is that process I mean they’re going to be input into that how are they don’t be looking to set up the standards can you speak to that right now as I just still kind of early feel that that’s a really great question i think it’s still fairly early on in the process but my understanding is that OMB has been meeting with a wide range of stakeholders on that’s whether it’s agencies outside folks in the community to practice or like this one that are really interested in providing input and background because i think is you know they’re really lots of very good practice to Philemon throughout the government into the agree that those might sort of bubble forward is something that the folks might want to look at covered flies i think now is the time they’re doing that kind of background research into that but you know with with their their timeline advantage of that December to bring something forward I think this will probably be the time where they might be looking for that kind of input and feedback right everything right now getting questions and thank you folks have a great question here from Elizabeth any move to modernize the far and i am gonna just gonna have a little bit here and tell me if I’m wrong Elizabeth any move to modernize the far in terms of the gnu and you called him must have held it while we should pronounce accent much it in either Camilla or PM is one of the complicated word you utter active salad there is always the best was really great question and I think that’s something you know again tonight I don’t want to be 440 Andy but I would imagine that as the standard the different policies are rolled out whether it’s far whether it’s the capital programming guide wouldn’t because maybe I think there are a lot of difference guidances and policies within the L&D wolves are rolled out to agencies it looks like yourself that are probably going to require a fresh look and fresh update to make sure that these pieces are incorporated and making sure that that level of consistency between was already out there and what this lon just making sure there are areas of overlap education by I would imagine that would probably be something you could see a consideration of after the standards were done at the end of the year but I I can’t say that with a search and I was a wonderful question for folks telling because i think that is it is an important thing to look at as this is rolled out about forward great i mean yeah there’s going to be able I can see a lot of impact on this law on other at existing statutes and although we have in place Zach ask a really great question here what are your thoughts on what program management standards will look like anytime up the PM is p.m. and agile modules models excuse me such as safe unless are fairly different health program appropriate management are dressed and have little experience with safe you’ll be at the US patent trademark office so there is you know how do we handle the different models and competition with these in within the agencies we want to try to go for a standardized approach absolutely i think that’s a very wonderful question if i look at the lot behind i’m looking at the paper right here but it says is the sick government needs to adopt standards that are consistent with widely accepted standards so it’s not necessarily prescriptive in terms of what those standards need to look like I’m you know you all point out that you know p.m. i have standards and those are the ones that are you know credited by MC and their iso standards out there and I’m sure there are many other and I think that’s one of the things that will be taking a look at over the next year so its identity I what one of those are the most applicable or what but it out there is a tweet or what needs to be created to make sure that you know the standards that are ultimately rolled out government-wide ri-ight a student you broadly applicable enough for the works for everyone without necessarily go hand helping people and making sure that you know that you’re creating more burden into something that will enable it so i think that’s a very good question something that I personally interested in seeing a rollout of the next few months yeah that should be great i mean it just I’m just so fascinated by the standards piece here and it’s interesting how the intersection of TMI agile standards coming out and the new in box coming out about the same time for setting the government standards and of course not the defense acquisition University or they have their standard set for their affluent right so it’s gonna be I just don’t I just wonder if there will be a standards war but maybe just speculating sure like I I think you bring up a very good point in that I think this folks at OMB we’re going to be looking at are really going to have a lot of input points to choose from and a lot of opportunities sort of their contract out there and as they think about what those widely open standards should be I think there’s going to be a lot of lot harder for them to consider because there are lots of really great that great guidances out there that I think you should thread that needle between providing you know that some baseline level of assurances are being that the same point i’m making sure that things are flexible and adaptable enough that folks you really bring forward and the Machine that i’ll be interesting to see how about a hole and we’ve got a question from David and he’s having he came few minutes late to the presentation started about that it’s okay has a policy council been identified and it said well once I look like december 16 that the milestone date so that for the policy council or with the policy council itself well when the the law was signed by President Obama that the council stuff tablished but for the council the fill valve you eat looks like the OMB will be the deputy director for management you know ahead of ftp the end of of eachother and a couple of other conditions that that are still there will be ultimately you know nominations will be brought forward and confirmation hearing will be held with a spring summer time I would imagine in addition that counseling have all of the program and improvement officers identified and named so while the council itself has been told uncle established by the law it’s not something that’s up and running yet and i would i would imagine that something that is going to be unfolding over the course of the year as well because you know they’re going to make sure to identify the right people to be on that council and then ultimately bring that counsel together sort of identified ok with each item you go through one of the pieces initially the program management improve knowledge to be considering so while you know it in december 2016 the council was established I wouldn’t it’s up and running or anything like that I think that’s gonna take a bit more time for us to both the OMB side and HD sides you like to come together get that up and running because i think they want to make sure that the right people in place and the right agenda topics identified I that what that’s my mind three anybody here has to a two-part question here so we’ll give you the first one so again thinking in terms of standards and you know we admit that it’s really early in the process on any ideas thoughts as to how to prevent earned value management and government programs and projects one that’s a very interesting one because there are lots of agencies to do some really great vm work now I kind of got a polite at the audio/video be obviously you some important work there i would imagine that one of those other input area that’s going to be considered a rapid stand aside I i would guess again that’s more than L&D consideration but I would imagine that you know even yeah it is really one of those important pieces of project and program management I i I’m an analogy person I had a colleague who says explaining the other 253 require all faggots one of the most important usable clubs there is you think about the other manage projects and programs how you picture thanks for being delivered on time on budget with an extra I would imagine medium with certainly play a role but I don’t know how that’s being considered at this point I’m interesting ok so kind of switching a bit and this is a second part of a nice question how do you think this will impact the fac p / PM certification requirement in the Far that’s another very good question and thank you for that i would imagine that I you know that ppm certification will be one of those really for t-shirts along with the recertification that the photo and he would consider it being sort of near the two biggest government all about their and so I would imagine that’s going to be a huge input to both OMB and ok am as they’re thinking about sort of look at one of the pieces and parts that comprise the shots using career path i would imagine those of those would continue but it will be in she see how they look at considering that as far as the Fargo’s I i think that can go back to the question with ashton moment ago that i would imagine that once the standards and and from the other pieces roll out there i think whether it you know whether it be a lot of capital program you guys with our whatever the case may be I think some of those the documents are probably going to be looked at to make sure that there’s that level of consistency and staying with you some of the provisions will get there as well so i would I i don’t know i see a whole lot of activity there in your child and I think once this kind of the street for the war I think you’re going to find out quite a bit of activity in terms of making sure that whatever that the folks come up with from a standard policies dying perspective is integrated with other pieces as it should be excellent now we’re getting some questions that are king on the a part of the accountability part of the Act and Elizabeth her ass well we’ll be up to the agency to enforce compliance with the standards basically going to be an enforcement mechanism here that’s a very good question i think that’s something that will come out of the wash once both the agency program management improvement officers are identified and then in that period where the agency’s at least they have 90 days of once the standard policies and guidance from the land becomes how to implement those and I think that falls directly on the program management has been off shirt she was the secretary of the other interested parties to make sure those are rolled out through the agency yeah in a way that’s appropriate after that individual agency i think that’ll be up to something very very interesting to see how it unfolds but I don’t have any insight on what that like that might look like yeah and and they can ask him a question here I like the way he talked about you know the four tenants to him seem to focus mostly I the improvement part and a sport with the agencies but it sounds like what you’re talking about and you can answer is second part of the question what sort of measures do you think will be in place it’s still too early to tell right i think it is too early to tell and you know obviously it’s true paper a whole variety of measures already are already see you measure and taking into account up by photo/andy and other government but what’s particularly interesting about the project and program management system at least we at p.m. i kinda have some insights that we going to a group of so-called will be called the global executive council tax group of that 90 organizations worldwide were sort of the best of the best project and program management actually five of them are our federal agencies and one of the things that we hear repeatedly is that you know if you really want to move the needle on certain measures and think about your sort of portfolio of products and programs it’s really important to hone in on what the most important things you want as your are you know don’t measure 20 things history of five will do so I i would be I’ll be interested to see how once the pieces come out and let the standards come out what performance measures that you put forward to measure against them because i think it’s very important that you actually identified with the really uh but they’re really important drivers of these pieces are making sure your view measuring pack out of them but not really open these ordinary folks with you know too many things to metropcs I i think it’s mostly promise i’ll probably know through their experience notes if you’re measuring you know 30 40 50 things you’re probably not moving the line and so to be interesting to see what what what is identified as those big priorities what they really want to move the needle on and they look sort of government-wide at the portfolio of projects and programs and what they don’t like being very stinky my Apple interesting now I got one here from zach it’s dumb but i’m going to go ahead and throw this out there might be a little contentious for folks and of course he admits it is his opinion on this but is asking us with this am I will push the feet program management professional and the portfolio management professional credentials for personal standards and credentialing so I’m assuming you know I think he’s asking that might be lobbying here and according to him the PMI conditions are much more challenging to obtain the government government credentials and I gotta admit that you know I kind of hear it on both sides there so we just go ahead throw this question out this is an open discussion let’s talk about it the short answer that question is will PMI be pushing our connection parking now we will not be more happy to provide information on with finest credentials what we’re looking for what the company behind those are but in terms of the overlap between credentialing this log we don’t see any group in candidly would pursue any if there was one on this is you know our interest in this law is solely about the benefit to the profession itself and anything about TMR the PMP so we would we would stay away from those I think it would be interesting and I think you know one of the things you know it is certainly an input that I think a lot of different much there is to look at kind of what’s behind the PMP and then line that up against you a fact UTM certification to be a level three patients whatever else might be out there and say okay we think this piece might work well here we think one of these other pieces over here might work well to make sure that there’s not only a good overview of what’s available and competencies people are looking for out there in government but also kind of keeping that connection out the industry it’s a fun thing you know that there’s no one of the greatest opportunities in this law using a letter standards or whether the job series got a really great opportunity to create an environment government-industry on a level playing field and I think part of that might be looking at school and capabilities and competencies that industry values and looking at those in the same context of the skills and capabilities and competencies the federal government values and being kind of where the shakeout I i think will be very interesting to see that i think would be you know information must be the input there but in terms of it being something that that p.m. is interested in scandal pushing out we have we finished yeah i yeah it’s understandable and I mean you know it’s interesting when you kind of bring enough to because again as the edge halloween listserv and we also know there’s other potentially bodies out there i have the certified scrum master and you can ask but look you’re talking about the work you’re doing with the edge alliance oh and I know there’s a and I’ve heard i’m not sure if i’m correct but there’s one for a certification for the Smith model so I mean yeah there’s going to be some pretty interesting pretty interesting folks in the credentialing world that want to come in and you know talk about this so that you might have to have felt absolutely and I think all of those represent really import data points for folks take a look at how to look at the different and how people value different skills and competencies differently and what’s the best way to measure against those are is it on the job experience is a course what is the casting whatever the case may be I think there’s a lot of really good and really little bus caught out there on these topics you know whether they’re a deli and adapted or more traditional I think looking at those it would would be AI think of a very very big lift and very overwhelming because there is a lot of great information out there but I think it’s really important to take a look at what’s out there in the price for computer world and have all those data points come in and let them you know to pick from the best-of-the-best that were you mean it’s going to be an exciting time for us because I’m yeah i just know that there’s it having sacked out there and I know what you can I’d like i said i worked at ok and we had talked about touch with some friends about you know the project management we actually had a project management community of practice and opium which I pushed away I mean we start with the IT department we kind of try to push into other parts of the agency in HR and just kind of talking about what is the ramifications how do you train people and I really liked the idea and i look forward to having that senior interagency council I think it’s gonna be good because I just to give you an analogy we have the chief Learning Officer council and that’s been very helpful and kind of coordinating that really is recording but just sharing best practices and sharing good knowledge among the agencies on what are good things out there so i think that’s one of the most important things you could have with you know senior-level community practice mother council is number 1i think you elevate the profile of it and it puts it all and focus your levels radar screens and let them know that it’s important that also will teach so many pockets of excellence in the federal government around project management and then PMI couple years ago captured my involvement organization and some wonderful case studies are actually on our website about with us really awesome what’s going on the Federals here but so much of that existed in a siloed way and if their way to sort of amplify that carry those best practices and get those out there to the government-wide practice of things that we know work and things that you know folks are happy with I mean I couldn’t leave this does it count will be a wonderful forum at least in my opinion to be able to share those messages so I I should I share I share your views that I think the opportunity I i totally agree there’s just and it doesn’t get reported as often and this is why i like the sack and get that profile out there there are great pockets of excellence in the federal government on project management people are doing some amazingly innovative things but L project manager is not the most exciting thing to hit the news that’s something that you’re really mess up and that’s when you get the front pages sometimes and and that’s one of the things that I hope that this law and that you know the pieces that total flow downhill let the council or whatever the case may be bringing forward is that often times and I know that there can be you know negative energy on capitol hill from time to time when there is sort of a high-profile a project that’s off course but those are the exception but not the norms and being able to amplify what’s great out there in the senior level form that has the ear off through the president’s decision makers i’m very hopeful it’ll get the word out about the book the focus on college every day because there’s a lot of great work going on there and the OPM I we try to find the andrews of it every chance you get but it will be great to have another form to to share that long and I just want to check see Logan I know you have some problems with some his microscope yes I can you know right now what was your thoughts assistant well i think is fantastic information for a specialist in our community has summary project managers and engaging from the questions that i can tell that at this level since i’m not a project manager to myself how they get fantastic they were getting touch with the questions but in line i’ll be m.i.a I’m a good like sort of a selfish person from what agile sort of brother agile community perspective that advocate there i come here you’re sort of thoughts on the implications and how folks with that overlap with the agile or are interested in the agile through philosophy or practice as well as those that are practicing project managers folks that after that falls in that Ben diagram overlap or intersection that you can have a little bit about like how agile will be in support of this or will help folks to conform to this new new law yeah that’s why we had to chop specific agile practices made for example I don’t know if we’re talking about the because Patrick management provide for my perspective please correct me if I’m ball is typically it is kind of to some degree what traditional project management management in my mind to some degree somewhat counter paradigmatic to a job which sort of professors of a more experimental sort of try and fail and then learn and keep going is that counter to what this legislation is going to be sort of looking to enforce or or how do you have a you see that that kind of setup that play you know I would come at it from a different angle because i think what we have seen and that’s also the profession research we talked a little bit about earlier one of the huge finding this year and we’re going to do a couple of deep dive research studies on that I’ll make sure we share with the community has done is that we’re finding more and more organizations are bringing agile in not only as a standalone no way of doing things whether it’s from wonderfully whatever the case it is but also finding way to blend it with the traditional practices were finding a lot of the most successful organizations are taking teachers of agile taking pieces of traditional waterfall project management and finding ways in a gapping them within their organizations to achieve products and programs success and positive outcome and I think that’s where is your room I think has an important opportunity as folks are putting information forward and and putting their point of view forward I would really suggest that that folks think about you know what are the great success stories and once with a good case studies around using agile in the federal space that you might want to simplify it might want to first spotlight awesome so that they’re thinking about things make sure they’re keeping the concerns and the techniques in the practice of this community top of mine because I know you all have a lot of the story share I think being able to get those into the hopper during this this information collection day there during the early stages that the work that i will be able ultimately doing I think we’ll make sure that the good work you’re doing is highlighted and that people are making sure that as policy standard shop series with the kc are being developed that they’re thinking about those pieces because Logan to your point you know there are some fantastic agile techniques that can really help improve accelerates can improve that realization on these projects and being able to communicate those in making sure that anything that comes out of this law from a regulatory policy perspective really sure to amplify those I think would be a wonderful role for the community to play and and for utility and others two to make sure that you’re communicating napkin and saying hey what keep these in mind because we’re doing some really great things here excellent try asking your luggage anymore you want to talk about her but that’s totally okay so I’m gonna have this time is there any it just want to expand Salazar another country or countries that have a similar ball and if so what were their experiences with it I don’t know that’s an excellent question because what one of the interesting changes issue the first worldwide piece of legislation and brought forward there are other countries who have experience doing this government why they’ve all been done just through administrative order or regulation and it required a law to do this so for example are in UK they have to restructure project authority which is responsible for capital projects that were certain amount and then those go into what is essentially think of it as a a federal government uky pml that determines your prioritization and what levels of of effort and expense going down there up something similar intended they have a group called the Treasury Board Secretariat they are essentially the OMB of Canada think of the mat like they have a framework where they analyzed projects and a cure them all four different ways based on the level of investment whether their defense civilian on the level of complexity and have managed to actually walk past a a program manager obviously framework to make sure that you know the program managers there the charge of these efforts are really the right program manager and the light time but in terms of it being a lot self of the u.s. is the first a country that we’ve identified that had gone down this road on as i mentioned earlier there are others who are actively looking at how this will be brought forward and how successful it will be expecting thurs or maybe appetite from these other countries who are looking at it particularly those who are engaged in heavy infrastructure I types of programs right down and thinking countries and Asian Middle East that that p.m. i had been and been on the receiving end of other varieties of 34 making sure that is there really building out their infrastructure that they’re using the best practices so I i think this may be this may ultimately proved to be a tipping point that remains to be seen but we’ll definitely a keep our ears out and pass along any developments that exclusive club right yeah I yeah I just was interesting because you also mentioned one year earlier slides and i’ll just remind folks we still have 10 minutes and we’ve got some great questions please feel free to ask more questions we want to make sure that you get as much out of this as you can and again I know this is early but that we Logan I thought let’s start the conversation early and let’s get in there because this as Tommy says going to have a major impact on how we operate and government and i believe with it and I’m just going to say this edge eileen i think is a great way to go with this and I like to see that kind of included in but that’s a personal soapbox anyway let me get back to what I was talking about I know what the states like New York City our new york state has like a pmo that they use and that a California has one if i’m correct or were you using those also as examples for this law or how to for help with the guidance on this you know I I can’t speak to that and that would be very interesting for a for folks from OMB take a look at and I think there are lots of very good example of different pmo models that are used both around the country travel other organizations who are doing that in the public sector very very successful it and the New York City example i think is a very good one a finding ways to make sure that you know that those projects and programs that are the most important right to the top and I think folks will be looking for for model to use potentially here as well so that are interesting that very extreme hot stuff for consideration so so so lovely that you are having a anything i’m at her no I’m okay I I other because i think i can actually eat something i can actually see the questions from the audience so for any additional questions from the audience would like to defer to that era yeah we decided that last one from Zacks we don’t have any more questions so far so but i think if we are talking as mentioned i think we have an opportunity here to to chime in as agile both agile and project managers it may be time you can give a little clarification on how we might get in on that conversation where those opportunities you know we’re in wherein and what circles do we need to find ourselves in order to contribute to that conversation that’s something i can definitely look into and get back to you after this webinar but now I i would i would encourage the community to blood to make it is known because I think you ought to build one earlier you Angela definitely great ways to go to achieve some of the outcomes that are desired by the state law so i would definitely a flag goes for folks in that and let people know that you are out there and our resource to themselves a lot all look into that and see what we can do there thank you thank you tell me what we can send that once if you can submit to us we can forward it along to the community and I apologize for being the kind of agnostic in the mud here that’s kind of my that’s kind of my position is as though as the co-chair and constantly of carting around how can we help them we you know broaden the conversation and you know talking about project management is such a huge opportunity and the new legislation coming in as always i think a great opportunity to refresh a conversation thank you for that absolutely and kudos to you all for having such an act wonderful community of practice of folks who were doing this and and identifying those linkages and opportunities to amplify mobile technology that exists this is so wonderful to see and I think it will look for a great model for us for other communities of practice out there who touch you know on some of these topics and even for that program management council we were talking about earlier it’s great to see such a wonderful engage with people who are doing really fantastic work each and every day LOL it it’s been wonderful tool of the urban time with you and and and be part of your day so thank you all yeah thank you so much for that and again if you folks want to we can continue this conversation on the listserv again just go to digital got there is a community page to sign up we’re going to be working on the page to include more resources and stuff for people to see and also just kind of congenital to this am I said on a series of articles that begin the year agile the agile manifesto has been around now for about to contain 17 years and there’s been a lot of discussion and community about where the next or should we go from here where the next direction so we were hoping to encourage more discussion around that and looks like we’ve got an amazing opportunity here with the federal government to start really pushing it this Logan puts it more the agile and lean principles into how we do projects and programs so we’ve got about five minutes left um if we don’t have any more questions and i’m checking we can go ahead and take Tommy for you know presenting today and really give us some great stuff here and I kind of a neat view of the future so I’m gonna leave it with that and Tommy have any last words now just going to all again and you know as you mentioned he could keep the dialogue going to keep sharing best practices flowing and that and and my best to all of you in the great work you’re doing Logan you have any last words you know make you very much Tariana will look forward to get you contacting you have the point of contact for three questions with the video comes out wait video comes out it so we have responses on a listserv will direct them to you if you don’t mind perfect no absolutely and I’ll make sure you guys get a copy of my slides and my contact information is on the wall so folks to freak out at as you like excellent so it’s ok let’s go ahead and end the webinar give folks an extra five minutes for lunch and thank you all for showing up and we greatly appreciate you being part of the community and helping keep this conversation going

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