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Providence St. Joseph Health provides a personalized patient experience with Dynamics 365

Providence St. Joseph Health provides a personalized patient experience with Dynamics 365

She was outside. 16 years old. I could hear the wind blowing. Not sure what to do with her newborn. The oldest person, 104. The patient was diagnosed
with gastric cancer. The line went quiet again. Hello hello hello? No response. He was anxious about test results. She said she was on 27
different medications. He feels like we saved his life. Patients are at their
most vulnerable state. This is our charge, to
really help those patients navigate the complex
health system that we have. Part of what we focus on
within Providence St. Joe’s is know me, care for me, ease my way. And we were missing a
core component of that, not knowing our patients
when they were contacting us. We’re at the Patient and
Provider Engagement Center here in Renton, Washington. We had started with five liaisons and now we’re close to 60 liaisons. A white glove service, providing concierge
experience for everyone. We have been working with
Microsoft to make this happen, using their Microsoft Dynamics platform, to really help personalize that journey. When the call comes in,
a screen pop appears showing who that patient is,
based upon their phone number. We’re able to capture
insights on the patients that have been calling
in, to really help improve our health care organization whether it be through
navigation, through online tools, or insuring that we have
the right physicians in place in different
locations, based upon demand. We serve patients in
eastern Washington, Oregon. Montana, California, and then we also have an international line. We take so many different calls. It could be someone that
is ill or has a sick child or is new to the area
and looking for care. They’re more than a voice. I feel like I’m really
advocating for someone who maybe doesn’t have family. That’s pretty powerful. I love coming to work every day and knowing that I’m
going to help somebody. We’re translators. We’re navigators. We’re problem solvers. We’re communicators. There truly is a need out there, and I think other health
systems are starting to catch on that it’s beyond a hospital operator. I will guide you through
this whole process. We’re going to do this together. We’re not just looking at the transaction or the length of time that
you’re spending with somebody. It’s the human connection that really matters in all of this. You treat them like family. The callers are an extension of us.

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