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PUBG – Development Update – June 2019

PUBG – Development Update – June 2019

I know our PC and console fans are interested in the development status of PUBG. Since our game is one that grew with the community, I’m excited to tell you about the direction of our development and some upcoming content planned for this year. Hello, I’m TS Jang, Executive Producer at PUBG Corporation. DEVELOPMENT UPDATE June 2019 Our goal is to entertain our fans with an experience that is unique to PUBG. We are aware that this is only possible by maintaining and expanding the essence of what makes our game special. PUBG’s unique Battle Royale comes from its harmony between the realistic combat mechanics and survival elements. The game’s fun comes from using the given situations, weapons and items to become ‘the lone survivor’. Players will experience a new story in each match they play. That’s why we’re focusing on building a Battle Royale that’s unique to PUBG. One that is realistic, contains intuitive combat and gameplay, while continuously developing new elements of fun. Based on these thoughts, the development team is focusing on PUBG’s in-game and out-game mechanics, which will guide the overall gameplay experience in a positive direction. Let me start with the in-game experience. PUBG is a game that requires constant risk analysis and strategic judgment. Players need to decide whether they will engage in combat or focus on survival and hide. We’ll continue to develop this balance between survival and combat strategies so that players will be able to experience more varied gameplay. Examples of this are the upcoming Ledge Grab that helps expand movement the BRDM, which is a new armored vehicle, and lastly, continued weapon balancing. The addition of Ledge Grab will change the way players move, explore, and survive by allowing them to go where they haven’t been able to before. The BRDM is an amphibious armored vehicle that has excellent physical protection and strategic use since it can be used in water as well. Finally, we expect that continued weapon balancing will change the way guns are used, altering the choices players make in combat. We are also working on developing out-game mechanics so that overall game experiences can be more closely interconnected. We’re focusing on developing progression systems to expand our exciting game experience. Recently, we introduced Weapon Mastery, which allows our fans to have in-depth gunplay analysis and receive rewards for progressing. We are grateful that our community has provided a lot of constructive feedback, which will help us develop this mechanic further. While Weapon Mastery focuses on combat, we plan to expand progression elements further and focus on survival elements. Earlier, I said PUBG strikes a harmonious balance between combat and survival. As such, in addition to emphasizing gunplay, we want to also focus on survival elements, so our players can keep track of stats and receive rewards for those accomplishments as well. Finally, I’d like to briefly introduce some of our upcoming content, which will be released through themed seasons moving forward. Under the banner of one overall theme, fans can expect each season to debut new content, features and a Survivor Pass. I’m excited to let you know that our upcoming Season 4 will focus on an update to Erangel. As our first map, Erangel holds a special place in our hearts, so we’re pleased to announce this update to fans. The details of Season 4 will be released at a later date. Since it’s our firm belief that PUBG should grow with the community, we’re going to give you a look at the Erangel update this weekend on the Steam Test Server so that the update can be tested publicly. Please go to for full details. We always appreciate your feedback. Please enjoy. Thank you!

100 comments on “PUBG – Development Update – June 2019

  1. The game is great, we appreciate your work, buying the season passes and everything but please, do something about the crashes! Got a lots of friends playing your game, with different specs, different networks with at least 1 thing in common! The crashes! I even get a crash when i try to report the crash!

  2. im pretty sure if you look away from a flashbang it shouldn't blind you but the ringing is ok to stay oh and add ZA severs i hate how people are shooting me when they looking 10 meters behind me you really frustrate me with the fact you were going to add them then opted out and i just found this post online
    read it.. I bet it'll be the first time you do and ignoring our community when we did nothing but enjoy the game spend money on the game for revenue FOR YOU and I really don't get it are you lazy do you hate us what i really don't see why maybe you can explain it?

  3. Make the buildings live and add weaponry to the vehicles, along with armor that is located in the trunks, which you can loot! make it like Twisted Metal back in the day, vehicle all out war within the game as well if people want!

  4. Would love to see a training vs AI solos/duos/squads because at this point of playing I shy away from fights but when I engage I die rather quickly. If you can bring in that, Id get more from learning, having fun, and developing strategies

  5. Oe men porque quitaste el tin de 8 ami simegusto y una sugerencia nosé silo vas a tener en cuánta pero el tin de 8 porque no lo ases evento que se artive por sierto tiempo por sierta ora

  6. Türk olan arkadaşlar PUBG'ye geri bildirim olarak "araçların sesi çok yüksek heryerden duyuluyor ve bu çok can sıkıcı" Diye geri bildirim atıyoruz herkez atsın ne kadar fazla okadar iyi

  7. Hi all
    First.. Thanks for a nice game
    It could be nice with a new map…..
    an use the fullcan to taktik to shoot on to exploxed etc….
    im 48 years old an a Gamer (Y)

  8. I bought this game when it first was released in Early Access, the game was borderline unplayable. I loved the concept and the realistic Battle Royale experience, but the game was so badly optimized and the mechanics felt so slow and heavy. I started playing again 2 weeks ago and my god this game has come a long way. Keep up the good work guys.

  9. I love this game so much but I cant hear any player's footstep it just pisses me off when you cannot hear the player

  10. is it possible to look at the customization of characters please
    When you look at the opffering on both pubg mobile and also fortnight – it puts pc pubg to shame, lets start making some serious effort with skins both on players AND vehicles and you can then in turn generate some really decent revenuue selling them – it isnt rocket science and it would improve the game no end
    You guys need to start thinking outside the box a bit and looking at what others are doing and what you can glean from them to make YOUR game – better

  11. i also notice at 1:28 they are all looking at the hidden basement map – this tells me there is a secret to find with this as Wacky Jacky also nudged us on this

  12. no matter how good that game will be, if you don't separate China players from Europe it is going to be sucked, is it so hard to disable vpn access if you running battle eye service on our PC? last 10 games i was killed maybe 9 time by cheaters from China

  13. please speed up mantling, if i was getting shot at in real life i would jump a fence a hell of a lot faster lol

  14. retard developer the game never update and increse performance to need wtf …… i play i3 8100 24 gb ram ddr 4 2400 gtx 1070 ssd 240 and game is bad working wtf i play ark i play gtx 5 no problem pubg….. trash

  15. aha idiot developer the game more and more update increse performance need and game to 140 fps on rx 260 in 2017 to 80 fps to gtx 1070 nice idiot developer i play ark ! to i3 8100 24 g ram ddr4 2400 gtx 1070 ssd 240 to 130 fps to higt no problem pubg to veri low 90 fps full lag and fps drop :)))

  16. UNINSTALL #82: Amazing to me I can get 165+ FPS and the game still feels so terribly slow (netcode, animation, movement, weapon handling, you name it)… Have to hit "F" repeatedly to pick anything up. Loved this game when it first came out, but it hasn't aged well. Other games like Apex Legends and even BF5 are soooo smooth it's like getting in a time-machine every time I reinstall PUBG. It will always have a fanbase of salty diehards that shouts in one single voice "no you shutup" – whatev's, hate me if you want to, just want the devs to finally listen and make this game awesome. It's not about new skins, weapons, game modes (obviously you guys see it that way)… get off your butts already and make the game optimized, it's about time… seriously…

  17. this week i reported 5-6 people,they all got banned
    yet,game is full of hackers.
    i still love it though and will keep playing it

  18. The failure of synchronization between players is something we suffer often, but this is the highest level I have seen. for when a solution, before adding so many bullshit.

    Another point that I like is that someone kill you by stealing someone you have thrown, encourages the rats that only look to add kill.

    another small detail is that of playing in teams of 2 or 4 if you shoot someone who at that moment kills you, the vala disappears, although you see how it impacts, but it does not hurt, I do not understand why.

    Thanks, the game is great, but those mistakes are great.

  19. Thank TS Jang because he revealed the situation of the game as a whole. Also, thank you very much on behalf of all Russian-speaking players for such a cool game. I myself play on the smartphone. Also, I want to thank and pledging support on behalf of all ethnic Koreans in the CIS. We are with you! 감사합니다 배틀그라운드. 감사합니다 장 씨!

  20. PUBG this game is awesome and I want this game to reach world top #1 but please fix lags bugs please

  21. This game gona happend same whats H1Z1 (Z1) cause of the greedy devs they dont focus on importand things only cash . That what they talk about realistic combat and new experience eatch mach its nothing new . All multiplayer shooting focus games are like that . BattleRoyale its boring if u dont gona add some new ideas new modes people gona go and like in H1Z1 only no lifes gona stay to piss others off. Work on optymalization i dont want to create a nuclear power PC to run this kind BR tittles . Thats why others battle royale wins they are better optimized. But nothing to expect from asian developers they all makes copy of other games to make money . And after they shut down project. Tell the true u dont care about players only on streamers who are free comercial for u and they are no players . Player don play to show of or beg for money cause he spend hes time on game . When i see streamers cancer of gamers every video same no focus on game just on chat all the time and how many people watching.

  22. Hello tencent i purchased items and my money was deducted from my account but i didnt got the item yet

  23. Sadly PUBG misses out on most of its critical feedback because of poorly run and oppressive forums where even the most basic criticism sees people banned.
    Until blue hole oversee this personally and actually take on board this criticism it will always fall short.
    Get rid of he idiots running your forum – they deny you further progress and hence revenue by stifling anyone who voices even mild discontent as as s8ch a forum that should be filled with the community is shunned by the majority of it – that is very sad and also very bad for PUBG

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