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Putin: Invite Trump! I Will Tell Him To Come! He Will Change For Better Like Paul The Apostle!

Putin: Invite Trump! I Will Tell Him To Come! He Will Change For Better Like Paul The Apostle!

Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch John X recalls that the Apostle Paul accepted Christianity on road to Damascus. On his way to Damascus, he was blinded by the strong light from the sky. Jesus Christ told the future Apostle that in order to get his sight back he needs to go directly to the bishop’s home. If Trump arrives along this road, he will become a good man. He will change for the better! Invite him. He will come. I will tell him. The services are regular in the Orthodox catherdal and believers feel safe here. If we were not our common military cooperation, Bagdadi would sit at this place. That’s true. Therefore, we would like to thank you for the help you are providing to us. Thank you. We will continue to do so.

100 comments on “Putin: Invite Trump! I Will Tell Him To Come! He Will Change For Better Like Paul The Apostle!

  1. Poutine se laisse bercer par toute une découverte historique la Russie d'abord, les religions la Politique, il est Tsar malgré lui. Il veut recréer l'unité, le centralisme politique du Pays. Il adore la Politique extérieure comme un ambassadeur le ferait je me demande parfois si il consulte des conseillers. Путин позволяет себе убаюкивать целым историческим открытием, прежде всего Россией, религией, политикой, он царь, несмотря на себя. Он хочет воссоздать единство, политический централизм страны. Он любит внешнюю политику, как посол, и я иногда задаюсь вопросом, консультируется ли он с советниками.

  2. if donald trump is the antichrist, the king of north so somebody must be the king of south (kingdom) jesus christ. is it bashar? putin? but i see them all only shapeshifting, doing 666, devil horn handsigns and so on

  3. Jestem z polski i obecnie czuje sie bardzo zle z faktem ze polska i rosja są podzielone chciałbym życ w kraju gdzie jest spokój mam nadzieje ze Pan Putin oraz Duda wkoncu dojdą do porozumienia 🙁 Pozdrowienia z polski/
    Я родом из Польши, и теперь мне очень плохо, что Польша и Россия находятся в конфликте. Я хотел бы жить в стране мира. Я надеюсь, что Путин и Дуда наконец придут к соглашению и будет мир 🙁 Привет из Польши🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱+🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 =❤🎗

  4. Butcher Assad participates in Christian ceremony, while friendly Saudis don't have a single Christian church in their country. Americans are so brainwashed.

  5. The invite should extend from Geneva to UN, and beyond. The open dialect could include all the deals from 1944, prior til now. Hindsight being clear vision, we see pattern of cross manipulating advances that haven't made clear. This all could have been referenced by how many deals, how many ideas, and how oil became a social war zone. Not to mention everything else that caused less to many, more to "deal". Man Eater syndrome shouldn't be a disease, even here.

  6. Uh no thanks! Russians and putin hates trump. Trump is a zioshill that clearly hates Russia and the Eastern world. Trump is hell bent on destroing Russia!!

  7. correction on the clip… not Putin said this joke but Assad! Give credit to people who deserve it!

    Assad says in his language: if Trump would also go along this path he also become a good man.
    Translator: translated it to Putin into Russian
    Putin said: let us invite Trump am sure he would come.( sarcastically)

    ….then they laughed

  8. If Trump and Putin get together, the New World Order is finished. That why the Democrats freak out every time they say one word to each other.

  9. That's true! Trump has not still learned how to create a Monopoly, 100% contrast between mafia and poor majority, and kill all the opposition in the prisons. He should come to Russia…

  10. LMAO Putin's actually hilarious that is so funny that he did that hahaha that was smart and hilarious at the same time, if Trump had half his brains

  11. Do mature Christians speak this way? Hot mic or not, members of The Body of Christ lift other members up. Surely these three men understand what our president is enduring in this struggle against godless marxists. After all, it was a deliberate demoralization, decades ago, by then godless Soviet psychops.
    If these three are sincerely covered by The Precious Blood of Jesus and Brothers, let them feel contrition for such childishness.
    Shame on you RI for always trying to stir up conflict for viewers, regardless what outcome. Your behavior is an asset for wicked globalists and shame Russia. You need Jesus.

  12. Bless add be our ancestors bless add be the ones born of light for yee be the light that shines through the whole of eternity .the love the light the peace the truth the essence that Carry's the balance naturally .we are the reflection of our ancestors a reflection of the essence of the balance of God . God the all knowing all-seeing Allmighty truth the truth that God is . Mr Putin I have been watching you . ( Bring )Peace to the world

  13. I love how genuinely thankful Assad is to Putin, he says he's be dead if not for him. Thank you for protecting syria from ISIS

  14. America Here… NYC.. I don't have anything against Putin, in fact, I know Democrats HATE Putin and Russia as does Americas MSM and Lying CNN/MSNBC are at the top of that list…. I also know that Assad didn't use Chems on their own people… that was a False Flag yet Trump Fired Missiles at Assad… I believe that Putin understands that Trump is Fighting the Corruption in America put fourth by Rigged Elections empowering Globalists and they in turn appoint Swamp Monsters Like Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Lynch, Holder the list goes on and on.. point being this… I think Putin and Trump would and can get along for the GOOD of ALL Countries! America just needs to have FAIR Elections so that we can appoint Patriots who can't be bought and sold out to Globalism!

  15. understanding the ignorant leftist and the corrupt political situation of todays America I still can not help but feel that Putin may be fighting harder for the rights and safety of Christians around the globe more than Mr.Trump himself.

    I have no choice but to applaud Mr.Putin and the PM of India for various causes they are supporting at this time

    Thank You
    @N.C.,U.S.A. , GeorgeEdwardCa4 on twitter & parlor

    USPS pobx2450 , Beaufort, N.C. , 28516 , USA

  16. Ha ha, very funny. Syria ( Arabs) never were independent. You were either under the Rome or Persian Empire. Today is the same thing happening but other players like Russia involved.

  17. Trump is a Jew convert don't waste your breath the Jew has sworn to destroy Christianity.Trump Converted to Judaism in 2017 in secret says White House. Seems he fooled all his idiot supporters.
    Times of Israel says Trump: The first Jewish President of the United States Actually Smeagol Netanyahu is the first Jew president of Jewmerica.

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  19. What has happened in Russia since VVP became president is miraculous. The man has deep knowledge and uncorrupted heart. Thank God for Putin.

  20. Assad i think honestly wants peace & recognition from the US for his position
    he deserves that
    he's worked with Russia to make Syria friendly to Muslims & Christians
    he's done a great job & the right thing to do at this point is to rally behind him and support him
    bless these guys' hearts
    I'm a Trump fan but i think Trump should go if he is invited
    its a beautiful experience & he actually might get some clarity for wut is right going there
    never pass up a pilgrimage to one of the key locations of Christianity
    maybe not yet but within the next year or so
    let Assad run his country and let Russia help him out because rn they are doing a good job stabalizing everything
    the US was only hindering this process for years so Trump did the right thing by pulling out of Syria
    he needs to keep leaving
    iraq is next but they owe the US billions of dollars still for they airbase the US built them
    once thats settled, the US needs to leave

  21. There is nothing like isi, who created them to distabilize other countries, its the US and 🇪🇺 EU states, they are the one who supplies them arms and all sort of weapons to distroy and when it backfire on the all they callit it terrorist……..

  22. Trump – sectarian, like and 90% of Americans, the remaining 10% – are satanists, their place in hell. They should not defile the holy lands. Americans only believe in money.

  23. Thank you Pr. Putin and Russia for helping Syria in their fight for True Freedom. So many innocent lives have being loss in this madness .

  24. Who is that bearded man with some golden pendants hanging around his neck? Is he a minister for brainwashed idiots in Russian government?

  25. Russia saved Syria from civil war and chaos, yet it does not seek to occupy Syria or establish military bases in Syria. What a concept!

  26. Putin is, by far, the greatest leader of our time. He is to Russians what Julius Caesar was to Romans and George Washington was to Americans: a definitive role model.

  27. I happen to love our President Trump!! He is the best President ever! Maybe you all should try and have a better relationship with him instead of mocking and causing trouble!! If it wasn't for Democrats, President Trump would probably come there!! How about you all stop the bs!

  28. Video and comments strongly against westerners but sell their merch to westerners ain’t no one here want that garbage merch shit not even fresh 🤣

  29. Dentro de lo que es la política internacional, sus duras condiciones, Putin me parece una buena persona, cabal y responsable. Gracias.

  30. I definitely say invite Trump. He'd probably consider it, at the least… then he can see for himself. Putin knows that Trump is being advised by a mob of snakes… and getting Trump to see first hand places and people can give him a better perspective.
    The left AND the neo-cons will go crazy… so bring popcorn, everyone! Haha.


  32. I like Putin and admire his honesty.
    But President Trump is already a good man. They must be listening to CNN! Though Putin did say recently that our media is corrupt and Pelosi is lieing about President Trump.
    Its hard to get any real news into Europe and the rest of the world. All they hear are lies!

  33. If a fake news would state that russian iran and china is already in the US territory preparing to bomb US i bet all US citizen would go nutz

  34. President Putin saved the whole world from ISIS , thank God for Putin may God bless him and I know he will be in Heaven one day and we will then be able to talk to him forever

  35. Please don't invite an american to a place of worship or cultural centre, god will never accept people who committed crimes. So don't invite an american president to such places. Moreover those fellow's will not tolerate the peaceful environment in syria at present.

  36. God bless these two great leaders. I only wish my nation’s President Trump wasn’t owned by the Israel Lobby in the U.S.

  37. i love you Mr. President Putin of Russia like our President in the Philippines. Hope you can welcome and ask about the Church of God in the bible in 1 Timothy 3:15, 1 Corinthians 1:1,9,2 that started in the Philippines when God cursed the Israel because of their transgression from the Commandments of God. Matthew 21:43, Isaias 24:15, Malachi 1:11 and Zacarias 8:7. Pls welcome us in your nation, Members Church of God International(MCGI), overall servant Brother Eliseo Soriano, he is undefeated in debate when it comes to a biblical topics around the world. and (Bro. Eli Challenges Atheism Belief, There is No God)

  38. Please invite all of our presidents over there. We can use the help. Make them walk that same road. Maybe things will change.

  39. Отличный переводчик. Я бы хотел видеть его рядом с Путиным и в других беседах с арабами. Он придаёт встрече живости.

  40. Difference between the Leadership of Russia and Uncle Sam. Putin man who calls a spade ad spade and delivers. Trump a Circus buffoon.

  41. It’s all fun and games until Trump turns That place into a radioactive wasteland…. don’t poke the bear, it hasn’t worked for others recently

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