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Putin Meets Russian Generals: Finalizing Modernization Is The Top Priority!

Putin Meets Russian Generals: Finalizing Modernization Is The Top Priority!

Good evening, colleagues, Today, we are launching another series of meetings on the development of the Armed Forces and on providing the Army and the Navy with new weapons and equipment. We have made serious headway in this direction over the past few years. For example, modern weapons now account for 82 percent of our strategic nuclear forces’ weaponry. Their share has reached 74 percent for the Aerospace Forces, over 60 percent for the Navy and almost 50 percent for the Ground Forces. I would like to note that the potential of armed services and service branches allows our Armed Forces to accomplish all their tasks. At the same time, we should heed changes in the global military and political situation that negatively affect regional and global security. First of all, this implies the withdrawal of the United States from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, as well as a number of other factors. All this requires that we consistently develop advanced weapons systems based on cutting-edge technology. These weapons allow us to reliably guarantee the strategic balance of power today, and they will certainly retain this capability in the long-term. Therefore, they will assuredly shield Russia from hypothetical threats. As usual, we will hear reports from commanders-in-chief and commanders of services and branches of the Armed Forces, and also discuss the delivery of advanced weapons and military equipment to army units. In addition to this, beginning this year, as I have already informed some of our colleagues, I propose changing the format of these biannual meetings. The entire series of meetings will now be devoted to a specific service or branch of the Armed Forces. Ahead of these working meetings, we, together with Defence Ministry leadership, will visit the corresponding military quarters and firing ranges as well as defence industry enterprises manufacturing military products for the services and branches in question. I believe that this would help us get a deeper insight into matters related to military supplies to specific branches and services of the Army and the Navy. These efforts will also be related to producing the needed military hardware and introducing it into service, personnel training and preparing the relevant infrastructure so that this hardware does not stand idle but is put to efficient use and benefits from maintenance and storage conditions that the advanced and high-technology products require. As you know, we visited the Gorbunov Kazan Aviation Plant today, where the legendary strategic bomber Tu-160 and other long-range and strategic aviation systems are assembled and modernised. All in all, I think that we can be satisfied with how the enterprise is developing in terms of its equipment and personnel training, and most importantly in terms of the products it makes. I proceed from the premise that we will never let manufacturers of this kind fall apart and will prevent the tragedies that took place in the mid-1990s. During the current series of meetings, we will focus on the state of the Aerospace Forces and their development prospects. The Aerospace Forces play a highly significant role in military operations and reliably control air space and outer space, and will retain this role in the future. I am sure that you also realise this, and that you proceed from this assumption. The significance of this component will continue to increase. Therefore, our task is to actively streamline the Aerospace Forces’ combat capability and to improve combat training standards. On April 2, 2019, I approved the Concept for Developing the Russian Federation’s Aerospace Defence until 2030. The document heeds changes in the military political situation, the improvement of aerospace weapons systems and the transformation of opinions regarding their use. I would like to note the following key aspects. First of all, a study of contemporary military conflicts shows that the creation of advanced air defence systems is a high-priority aspect of the Aerospace Forces’ development. Russian air defence systems have always been renowned for their efficiency and reliability. They fully confirmed their impressive specifications during real-life combat operations in Syria. Therefore it is necessary to consistently equip the Aerospace Forces with the most advanced air defence systems, including the long-range S-400 and the shorter-range Pantsir-S. In 2018, military units received four S-400 regiments with long-range guided surface-to-air missiles and three Pantsir-S battalions under state defence contracts. This work must also continue throughout 2019. I would also like to note that state tests of the up-to-date S-350 Vityaz air defence system were completed in March 2019. The system has enhanced firepower and additional missiles. This is of paramount importance during the hypothetical all-out use of highly accurate smart strike weapons. Today I would like to ask you to report on the results of this work, as well as on matters requiring special attention on our part. The scientific and production potential of the Russian defence industry and the potential of our labour collectives, the personnel potential, should ensure the planned rates of rearmament so that forces get advanced equipment capable of effectively resisting the potential adversary’s air attack weapons, including hypersonic weapons. We know that for the time being no one in the world except us, except Russia, has weapons of this kind. But we are also well aware that the leading countries will sooner or later acquire such weapons. As far as we are concerned, they should gain them later than sooner. What does this “later” mean? This means that we must provide ourselves with the means of protection against these types of weapons earlier than the armies I have mentioned put hypersonic weapons on alert duty. And this will happen if we work according to plan and with the quality that has been achieved to date. Please pay attention to this. We know and the specialists know which systems I am talking about and what I have in mind. This requires a special focus and a highly professional approach both in planning and preparing for this work. But it must be done and done within the timeframe we have. A key task, among other things, is raising the level of airspace surveillance. In December 2018, the Konteiner over-the-horizon detection radar was put on experimental alert duty. It makes it possible to monitor the air situation over most of Western Europe and the Middle East. Please mention in your reports the plans for further development of Aerospace Forces’ weapons designed to ward off potential air and space threats. Let us get down to work.

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  1. The World class Leader even Sri lanka needs to Rule…We love that grate man…Jaya wewa(Good Luck) Mr. Putin

  2. Yes no one looks high or drunk, this is a true Force of good the super powers of super powers good job Russians keep your trust in God- Jesus Christ first and foremost .not metal and keep helping others as you do and be blessed

  3. Putin has screwed the poor Russian people, He's stolen Billions from the Russian People and these Pupets (Military Generals) just sit there and do nothing…cowards.

  4. Estoy muy orgullosa de ti. Mucha suerte en tus proyectos, el éxito estará siempre contigo. Te amo mi amor. ?

  5. That meeting should be called "let's pretend we have a substantial military!" putin's military is probably worth the value of a Big Mac. Hahahahahahaha!

  6. Make more(Feel free to add more):

    T-14 Armata
    T-90M (Hopefully it will replace all T-72B3s)

    T-15 Armata
    Kurganets 25


    Shtorm AC

  7. just one leader at the top of the heap of gang mentality of many countries that are a direct threat to the human race because of the dogma they create

  8. Some people have short memories and forget Russia is not so innocent,what they forget is that Russia has form for attacking countries,remember the first one that Russia decided to try sort out was Afghanistan,then got their arses kicked their,then in the eighties after Putin became a dictator he decides he wants to invade Cheychneya after that he decided to attack Georgia,then came Crimea and then came Dombas in the Ukraine so Russia has form for sticking its nose into countries it has nothing to do with.IM sick of people making out Russia is so innocent,Putin is a dictator and only the oligarchs and the elite live well in Russia gangster land..

  9. What the world needs to realize is Trump has no say whatsoever in any decision the CIA deep state shadow men think are important subjects . We all know the
    US are the biggest hypocrites the world has ever witnessed. This state that champions democracy freedoms and free speech are an absolute joke . The big
    problem is the vast majority of US citizens haven't got a clue about anything. To say these citizens are dumb is the biggest understatement ever spoken.They
    are without doubt the most stupid nation of citizens in the developed world. I don't say this out of hate or dislike or anything other than absolute fact. They
    actually believe that democracy means out of nearly 400 million people , Killery the psycho murderous bitch and Trump the serial bankrupt businessman
    were the 2 best choices to be President. Killery didn't have the support that Sanders had but US democracy came along. You can only become President if
    you're a multimillionaire or can get supported by multi millionaires or billionaires .Every single President tries to be the big macho strongman threatening
    every country with their servicemen/women .Yet none of them served the military they all actively dodged the draft (fucking cowards). The media has repeatedly
    been proven to hide every atrocity committed by the US ,lie , fabricate and down right mislead the US public. Yet these dumbfucks think everything spoken by their media i
    is cast iron truth. They taught from birth how the US are the best in the world at everything and everything advanced was invented in the US by Americans.
    That's why the vast majority dont visit other countries but they think they know about other countries cos Fox news told them. Who voted for pompeo and bolton ?
    That country has got away with it for far to long. Every country on the planet just needs to tell these warmongering bastards to fuck off the sooner the better.

  10. President Putin a talented/excellent/ambitiouss leader in order to mainten the legacy of the former USSR and now Russia coupled with the young sciencetist/highly intellegent ingineers/inventors who are making the highly sophisticated military armaments in the world which surpasses the Evil US/Israel/Europe.Russia is choosen country of God in order to stabilize/destroy the existing abusive/barbaric devils in the planet.


  12. Does that mean tug boats will no longer be required by the Russian navy? Or that missiles will actually fly on their own power without jets towing them? Lol!

  13. Me President, how about you return all the billions of US$ you and your friend's oligarchs and corrupt politicians are hiding on a secret coded bank account on offshore bank accounts. According to yo RFCB out there are over 2.2 trillion of US$ which should be returned to the Russian state. As it is right now Russia is poor as a church mouse despite being the richest country on the planet as far as natural resources are concerned.

  14. Thank you, Mother Russia, for doing what you can, with the resources you have to improve Russia's Military Defensive Forces. 🙂 <3

  15. Les está ablandó la bestia qué sino quieren ser destruidos retírense delas fronteras De Rumania y Finlandia la muerte nos aguarda gratias a NATO Y su deficiencia y falto de perzonal militar.

  16. Russia has an All White Armed Force with Real Men as the leaders. U.S. has a mixture of faggots, bitches, transgenders, illegals, minorities. God Bless mother POCCNR. Best Regards, Malik. USA.

  17. Russia is on point ….it is hopeless to play catch up….Russia is moivng forward at hypersonic speed….

  18. We have Russians all over Europe. Great people. Then we have this fake shit. Like the world does not know its all fake.

  19. Yea, I'm a fat Irish pig….(That dont really give a fuck)…
    It's the "Peter Principal" of sorts…
    No worry fellas….

  20. ? ??‍♂️ am in the olny one who sees ! That after pompeo visit , … if i wound guess , someone told someone that they are getting into iran and venezuela

  21. I can read the sad faces of several generals unhappy about Putin's announcement on military modernization, this is another bluffs! More Russian mercenaries will be in danger soon on his plans.

  22. I think he hates injustice and works to protect the victims,, especially those who are victim of any injustice. Syria was the most evidence: he went against NATO knowing it could turn into a global war.

  23. What about implementing new personell land mines and cluster munition which are safe for children and civilians?

  24. Love from Malaysia. Thanks for covering Syria from becoming next Libra,.. We muslims world own you some thanks,..

  25. I think Russia has been very successful in modernising its army. Ofcourse there i work to be done – navy etc.

    To me, the questions now are these:-
    1)How does Russia fix the problem of Russian people living under hostile/scummy governments eg the Ukraine and Baltics and potentially Georgia etc? What is the best way to fix the Eurasian Union to replace what was the USSR?
    2)How does Russia and the Eurasian Union make itself strong enough economically as well as militarily and politically?

  26. I like
    Putin seems like a strong Christian man with values .. but to say Russia is a stronger military the America is crazy.. maybe regular
    Soldier wise .. it seems we have been pussified but when it comes
    Technology and special
    Forced think we take it big time.. but all
    This technology can be taking out with an EMF weapon.. then it’s back to just soldiers fighting

  27. Many blessings to president Putin.
    Love from Luanda Angola , Kinshasa Congo and Oakville Ontario Canada

  28. I believe it’s in interest of world peace that Russia with its military advancement would balance the military power in the world.
    All Russia wants is the peace , law and order in the world. It’s no wonder for anyone, who is who seeks the opposite.

  29. Now this is called Development…look at Modi …toilets, electricity, caste, and other nonsense ideas..

  30. I smell money by the trillions and American military industrial complex licking their lips in responding to this "grave threat". It's a happy club AND WE AIN'T IN IT

  31. I feel like russia is powerful enough. Perhaps do something against poverty in russia? Is military really a big priority?

  32. I used to hate Russia(having in mind the dirty things USA propagates) but after closely following how Putin manages Syria problem,, I believe Russia is better but I don't support Iran in anyway.


  34. Russia ?? must stand with Iran ?? and China ??, because there is maximum possibility of war on our land part.
    If war happens being one land part it will be devastating for Russia ?? and Asia.

  35. Putin informs his generals about the new systems in the army? Dont you think the order should be opposite in the normal world? Propaganda for idiots.

  36. Russia should keep these meetings secret. NATO should have no clue as to what is the military capacity of the Russian Federation.

  37. Long live Putin from Malaysia. His term in office should be extended. Hard to see who can fit his shoes at the moment

  38. And while in my country the USA………homosexual marriages, transgender, misandry, abortion rights, entertainment, corrupt courts, law, congressional members & propaganda from the MSM that's spewing ZIONIST BS 24 hours a day via False Patriotism is alive and well as we get ready to provoke more wars with the interests of our FORIEGN NATIONALS Saudi Arabia & Zionist State Israel/AIPAC………………..such a disgrace ———————> and America is going to get fucked up in IRAN when it starts this war…….no good.

  39. Russia is a real existing power. and they never act like the ?? child minded americans who is drunk ? with power and aggressively intervening every country in the world.

    every thing has limits. it seems as their collapse is around the corner.

  40. This is especially interesting given the fact that Russia is NOT the real enemy and wondering what derAshkenaziSwine has in the way of defense…?!! ?

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