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Real Change | Bernie Sanders

Real Change | Bernie Sanders

The son of a Polish Immigrant Who grew up in a Brooklyn tenement He went to public schools, then, college, Where the work of his life began — Fighting injustice and inequality Speaking truth to power. He moved to Vermont. Won election and praise as one of America’s Best Mayors. In Congress, he stood up for working families. And for principle, Opposing the Iraq war, supporting veterans. Now he’s taking on Wall Street and a corrupt political system. Funded by over a million contributions, Tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, Fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. “People are sick and tired of establishment politics, And they want real change!” [ CHEERS AND APPLAUSE ] Bernie Sanders — husband, father, grandfather. An honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. Sanders: I’m Bernie Sanders and I approve this message.

100 comments on “Real Change | Bernie Sanders

  1. if I had my say in the matter,he would go to prison for life and  not even get a trial! he wants to be a socialist,then fine,lets treat him like one! lets lock his pinko subversive ass away with the understanding that if he tries to appeal hell be shot for plotting an escape! I think its high time that if people want to be socialists and subversives,we treat them as such! if they don't want to learn the easy way,then they can learn the hard way!

  2. every time I see a Bernie Sanders commercial it brings me to tears, because it's so hard to believe there's a politician out there who actually cares about the citizens of this country. Bernie 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Im looking for a few good citizens who would like to spread the Bern in Brooklyn NYC. Reply to my comment if interested.

  4. Imagine if Donald Trump became president? They'll be brutal and bitter wars of the sexes and race, they'll be stupid, uneducated people having more babies than us, homelessness will sky rocket to the very core, and space exploration will ceased to exist anymore, but with Bernie Sanders, that WON'T happen with him as President of the United States of America!!!! Vote for Potential Eight Years of Bernie Sanders as President of the United States of America!!!!!!

  5. I'm not an American, in fact I live in south east Asia. When I see the candidates for the US pres. Election, I'm truly shocked and weary at their policies and attitudes towards key issues. This man, from the entire bunch, is the only one who speaks sense !

  6. Does anyone know the validity of some of the polls being released? Because one of the newer ones shows Hillary leading by 25 points nationwide, but I find that hard to believe. Do you think NBC and WSJ are rigging these to make it look like she is doing much better than she actually is? I, personally, feel like Bernie is leading her nationally…

  7. This is the real change we NEED!!!!
    America is waking up! Us YOUNG people HAVE TO VOTE in the primaries!!!
    Learn how the primaries work in your state at

  8. I see in Bernie Sanders the real America. The one we grew up loving, before it was taken over by the destroyers.

  9. I hope you guys elect Sanders. In my country (Switzerland) we have free college and university education. It works just fine and we are anything but a socialist country. Even our most right wing parties never opposed free college and university education (and they have been strongest in parliament for years).

  10. The communist!!!!! Free shit that is all he is about!!! By the way Stupid you said in another commercial we can become a great democracy, We are not a democracy you idiot we are a Republic

  11. Disgusting how liberals use MLK to make themselves look good when it was republicans that fought for equal rights. Also I don't know why liberals care about race so much.

  12. in 1963 he was arrested for being a subversive,that right there should have cost him all his rights and should have made him inelidgeable for any political office in this country!

  13. It'd be bittersweet to see Bernie win the election. Sweet because he is an amazing humanitarian and leader, bitter because, being a Vermonter, we couldn't call him all our own any more 😉

  14. THE BERNIE BILL Everyone in America deserves a stylist haircut, especially Bernie ! Someone cut that rats nest off his head!! Bernie needs Real Change more like… a make over though.

  15. Bernie is the most popular online and has the biggest rallies, yet she loses against that sick, twisted lying corrupt witch $hillary, something is not right.

  16. As a Scandinavian it makes me proud to see yet another political movement advocating democratic socialism. Your fight for a fair society is my fight too. Your fight inspirers me. Thank you so much, don’t give up, the revolutionary process in your great nation, has only started. Took decades of fighting here too, back then, in the 20s, 30s and 40s. This revolution, however, did win a decisive compromise titled the welfare state, in which I was born decades ago.

    Today neoliberalism is infiltrating our Scandinavian societies as well. Therefore your fight really is inspiring, which is also why so many people here, for once, follow a US presidential election fairly close. Normally we don’t follow elections in other countries.

    Thank you so much for your fighting spirit, standing up for yourself and your fellow American. You all deserve a better life.

    Fight until you achieve it!

  17. America is doomed if this socialist SJW clown gets elected. Still better than Hillary I guess, but damn.
    Why not just Make America Great instead of a Socialist Hellhole?

  18. Hold on a minute. Before you vote for this clown Search "Nine of top ten banks" that neither wanted or required any bailout money but had it forced upon them. This ultimate insider Bernie is running cover for those that ripped off you the American taxpayer, blames innoccent parties and gets you to covet thy neighbor.

  19. i heard the same things said about trump in another ad
    the veterans, the anti-establishment, jobs, and being a leader.
    but trump is a more experienced business man, and will do a better job with the trade deficits
    and he will bring jobs back + we need the wall to cut down on illegal immigration crime,
    also trump wants to strengthen the military and improve our courts and get rid of common core it's been a disaster.
    he has a healthcare plan thats incredible and it will replace obamacare, and he will end the fed.
    he even said he could care less about his big companies and go out of his way to bring back the middle class from declining

    trump 2016!!

  20. i'm a liberal from Saudi Arabia, we don't get to elect our leaders. I hope America doesn't miss out on a once in a lifetime chance, to elect a truly great leader.

  21. I feel like if there was a party Hillary would be calling the cops and Bernie would be like "I'll bring the booze".

  22. How can anyone believe this joke with his unrealistic promises about free college and Healthcare. He is nothing but a rhetoric hustler! How dare you accuse the Clinton's of being racist with the super-predator term. You are a very shady man and for God sake

    apologize to the Sandy Hook victims.

  23. looks like hes getting his pinko butt handed to him in the prinaries! I don't like Hillary Clinton at all and do not plan to vote for her,but shes a gem compared to him.who the hell does he think he is wanting to close wall street,close banks,redistribute my hard earned money to people who think theyre to good to work? voters discovered right off the bat hes nothing but a joke at best,but a dangerous subversive more accurately!

  24. There is only one person to stop this madness……. Trump ! #Trump2016 #Trump
    If not SJW's will take over and start a new Stalinist Regieme.

  25. I SPENT A LOT OF TIME ON THIS SO YOU BETTER READ all of IT!!!!!! it’s a common misperception that nature create something, and the nation's constitution gives us our rights, rights are not bestowed on us by our elected officials.we are born God is the creator, European and Christians recognized this fact and gave us documents like, the magna carta , common law, and the Constitution of the United States, these documents do not give us our rights, we are born with inalienable rights endowed to us by our creator, they are not given to us and can not be taken away, the most we can do is chose to exercise to use them or not. When you go to court and see the U.S. flag in the courthouse the one with the gold fringe that is the flag that is the flag of THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION do not be miss lead you are now on foreign soil this is the flag of Maritime admiralty law is a body of private of international law governing the relationships between private entities on the water.this law is being imposed upon natural human beings, so ……. Burnie talk about the common goods, whether its infrastructure or social programs he says they must be provided by the federal government because there's no possibility that any other group or organization or individuals could provide these function, That’s an interesting statement the logical question is how would you do that? The only way to do that is through force, forceful taking of those institutions, how is that going to be possible unless you actually create exactly what you say you don’t want to create an all-powerful government bureaucracy
    Burnie Sander offers is nothing but a game of musical chairs. Think about it, In the world that we live in today, moving power away from corporate executives into the hands of elected officials won’t make things better. It may make things far worse because those elected officials are not, in general, skilled to manage the production of goods and services, and we have already seen that far too many of these elected officials are more corrupt than the corrupt corporate executives,

  26. I saw him at a rally recently but it was for Hillary. I was only there for Bernie though. I wish he could've been President but nope! The DNC had to be rigged to guarantee Hillary the election. What I hope though is that Bernie Sander's is merely the beginning. I hope that one day there will be people who follow his ideas and attempt to do what he couldn't. Even though Bernie didn't win the presidential race, I do hope that he leaves a legacy and we have more candidates like him.

    Visit this link and pass it on via social media and Twitter.
    Send a message to down ballot candidates who are supporting Trump.

  28. Research this old fools history and his reputation amongst people who knew him. He has never acted and led by example. The old kook just talks. He can't shut up. In between the marches and protests he avoided real work.. Bernie the bum was 41 before he "earned" his first real paycheck as the Burlington, VT mayor..he won the election by a mere 10 votes..prior to that this lazy ass bounced around from one menial "job" to another even resorted to embellishing his lackluster resume…he borrowed money from friends to never pay back…He was counter to what our society has always considered as prominent virtues . Hard Work, Integrity and Self-Reliance! You want to emulate a little lazy excuse for a man who never wanted to put in hard work but would encourage you to bust your ass so you could gift him a portion for having encouraged you? Bernie is the Tom Sawyer of his generation. He convinces all kids in town to paint his fence while collecting their valuables as payment for giving them the privilege to do so. Here ya go diaper-pin generation just a small sample: The Bernie Sanders work ethic has always been about what you would expect. Sanders took his first bride to live in a maple sugar shack with a dirt floor, and she soon left him. Penniless, he went on unemployment. Then he had a child out of wedlock. Desperate, he tried carpentry but could barely sink a nail “The electricity was turned off a lot,” Barnett said. “I remember him running an extension cord down to the basement. He couldn’t pay his bills.” He worked some as a carpenter, although “he was a shitty carpenter,” Bloch told me. “His carpentry,” Morrisseau said, “was not going to support him, and didn’t.”… Bernie Sanders was so terrible that he was kicked out of a hippie commune for talking about politics instead of working, as the Free Beacon's Blake Seitz reports. Bernie Sanders was asked to leave a hippie commune in 1971 for “sitting around and talking” about politics instead of working, according to a forthcoming book. Sanders spent his time at Myrtle Hill in “endless political discussion,” according to Deloz. Sanders’ idle chatter did not endear him with some of the commune’s residents, who did the backbreaking labor of running the place. Daloz writes that one resident, Craig, “resented feeling like he had to pull others out of Bernie’s orbit if any work was going to get accomplished that day.” There is so much more on this hollow man who mastered the art of convincing others to do his bidding.. fuck your revolution and false messiah!

  29. The recent events in our federal government have literally scared me. I believe that a long term political platform is essential to political success. I'm a poor presenter but I would love any comments or consideration on this subject and have created a draft for a platform that covers many of the issues, that seem to me, relevant to advancing all citizens prosperity and security. It runs ten minutes and includes some reading material, including a platform outline. Please take a look if you have the time and interest.

  30. Political Fiction?

    In the mid 1990's Russian agents undertake one of many projects to attack the U.S.A. based on the simple fact that America practices an "open society". This particular project involves an American business executive which displays certain personality traits the agents actively seek. They are a strange set of traits to be sure, but these traits served thier purposes and plans. Not the only target, but perhaps a very good one. Among these traits, which the agents believed will serve thier purpose, are greed, misogyny, racism, egomania, pathological lying, self delusion and myriad aggression disorders. The first steps are easy. Feed the target's ego. Temp the target with access to enormous wealth. Aid the target with personal endeavours. Increasing the target's wealth and influence in American press and media sources. Make sure the target is indebted to Russia.

    Skip ahead 10 years. The target has been well groomed for a decade. Psychologically conditioned and heavily indebted, the target begins to "cooperate". Soon there is no turning back for the target, the entanglement is complete. This is when the target is given a special "order". They play him like a musical instrument. They use the egomania to "suggest" the target is prime to run for President of the United States. They promise aid and support of every type. They send agents to facilitate a media blitz, sew discord and agitate the people of America. They attack main stream media and exasperate extremist of all sorts. They utilize the freedom of American society to rip it apart, confuse it's sense of morality and ridicule those who complain.

    Then the ultimate victory falls into thier laps. Thier well groomed agent is elected! Now the real plan can proceed. The destruction of American civilization can begin in earnest. Tear apart the legal system, spread hate and fear among the citizens. Cripple our diplomatic corps, and suppress the people of America in service of the oligarchy. Russian prominence rises while America's falls. Long held alliances fall apart and America gains a reputation akin to that of the KKK. Lack of medical care lets those who fall ill suffer and die needlessly. Faith in America dissipates and dies an ugly death.

    Thankfully it's just political fiction… or is it?

  31. Bernie Sanders is NOT an honest leader who speaks LIES to power, building a movement with you to give us FAILURE NOT to believe in. People are sick and tired of establishment politics and they want real change THAT'S WHY THEY VOTED TRUMP.

  32. Please. Stay healthy man. We want you to be our firt 3 term president as soon as possiblem bernie 2020, bernie 2024, bernie 2028.

  33. 😂😂😂 found this video from a union brothers playlist. He said he would take MY benifets. (That is paid for with my union dues btw) that I worked 12 hour days to make money that isnt enough for my work. 😂😂😂 one day the unions will wake up and see that Dems and Reps use us.

  34. Stand up working class of America we’re with Bernie we are the legendary south side pride of Chicago union strong 💪

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