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Rep. Alan Lowenthal

Rep. Alan Lowenthal

Hi I’m Kelly Puente with the Long Beach
Post and I’m here with our representative Alan Lowenthal who
represents most of Long Beach and parts of Orange County and Alan is going to
talk to us a little bit about why he supports the green new deal so Alan you
tell us about you’re one of the many several co-sponsors so you talk a little
bit about why you’ve supported and what some key aspects well let me preface my
statement by saying I’ve had the good fortune of representing Long Beach both
on the before you before as a community activist named and professor at Cal
State then on the City Council then on the state legislature in
California assembly and the Senate and now in Congress and long before that was
a green new deal I became very much aware of pollution air quality pollution
real dangers of greenhouse gases and quickly I’ll just quickly say you when I
first ran for City Council I kept telling people I was running I kept
telling them I was running this is in the 1990s there other guys do that
because of housing and those are things I’ve ever cared about and I say not on
everybody’s door they kept saying Alan that’s really interesting but what’s
this black suit to an out downtown Long Beach from the port which is the second
district up to Redondo Avenue from the ocean up to 10th Street and it began my
learning about air particulates and the dangers of what we were putting in the
air this the carbon soot that I learned about really had to do with all the
diesel that came out of the ports and the high asthma rates of our kids and
health impacts of not dealing and they’d also learned a great deal
about not only the particulate matters but also the greenhouse gases they came
up and so this is pro Mendeley impact at our district climate issues about
pollution and so when I was in the state I worked on changing the port’s business
mantra business model when I was on the council on many lines in the state
legislature I’ve worked on California’s world-leading
attempts to deal with climate change whether it was 1832 which happened when
I was India which really set goals for reduction of greenhouse gases by the
first states in the nation to do that because we understood that we in
California we had a long history of being stewards of the earth we were only
here for a particular we were given this one at this stage and our job is to make
sure that people do well that we protect them for future generations and whether
it’s on coastal commission that protects our coast
whether it’s whether it’s a protection of air quality
we’ve always now understanding of greenhouse gases and we need to protect
and also the impacts were at coastal community and California Spooner and
Long Beach particularly is going to have tremendous impacts in terms have asked
as the temperature goes up as there’s greater ocean acidification on ocean is
changing sea level rise is occurring more stories more flooding the long
beach so long before there was agreed there was a great deal we in California
I have been working on these issues that’s why I’m on the Natural Resources
Committee is on whether working on energy issues I want to promote so I’ve
had a long history of wanting to do so when the new what was in the election
even though I had been working on this how clients have been working on this we
had not reached a level of national attention California was very concerned
about climate change but much of the rest of the nation really didn’t see
that sensor and it’s came the election with many many new members coming into
Congress many people who many women many people engaged in the women’s launch
would wanted to see change were concerned about where the nation was
gone they had never been involved in politics before but they had wanted to
bring about change and they wanted to be part of that process and part of that
was the real concern about many citizens who they became now elected officials
that we will need who not going to protect future generations the
devastating impact of climate it really was a national crisis and there was an
urgency that Congress had to act they had to move more quickly and I think the
major thing that I liked about this HR 109 which is a resolution lays out kind
of a mobilization effort and where we have to go but it really was a call to
action an urgency that we had to do it we may not agree on the number of the
years and what exactly we have to do or not do and this is not a bill it just
kind of lays out a roadmap but it says you gotta act quickly and I think it’s
really important that we listen to because I think Congress is behind the
rest of the nation he really does want us to act well
quickly obviously there are real concerns about protecting jobs and job
displacement and we’re going to put off a purpose and can be on the system that
is totally carbon for him what are the steps to get there all these are
critical issues but the New Deal the Green Deal says in past times in this
country we’ve gone through economic crises during the second world war and
crime and even before during the Great Depression we sat down said we’re not
going to do business as usual we’re going to create a new deal a new way of
looking at where the nation is going what is the role of government how
responsible is government to protecting and citizens not just a cons of war not
just against external threats but internals less well there was a
depression at that time and now the major internal threat is the fear of
extinction or disruption based upon the radical change in climate which in large
part is the cubing that made by humans as the positive thing as we rapidly move
towards industrialization we have great manatees we’ve also done it at expensive
polluting in many ways the planet and so now we have to figure out how do we keep
moving forward but how do we stop the pollution and this is you know when we
created social security in this country will medicare in this country to protect
to have health and gentleman the Affordable Care Act to protect
people whenever they spend great social change it always was
both preceded and also followed by naysayers saying this is going to
destroy the country you engage in of Social Security that’s socialism you
engage in education Freud child labor lures the best socialism you may you
know the role of the government is not to tell people what to do I disagree the
role of government importance to protect the citizens and to protect the planet
and to provide for them for that for the well-being of our communities is it is
it very ambitious can we every single goal I don’t know but unless we lay it
out unless we discuss it we’re not going to have that get theta and this you know
to me this is the national emergency reservations I said time is not on our
side you know we may never be able to keep as the scientists have asked us to
try to keep the temperature rise to below 1.5 Celsius we may never be able
together we may be down with 2 degrees Celsius all the goals in this we may not
be able to reach but we need to have discussions on each of them and to talk
about this and every time we have done major social change in this country
people have said it’s going to destroy the country socialism we can’t afford to
do it and yet after we’ve done it nobody wants to get rid of Social Security
today nobody wants to get rid of it today nobody wants the same and every
once they haven’t gonna fix it to make sure these are commitments to protect
the people who live there you know you know the government has a responsibility
to make sure that people can live their old age over eight years
peace same thing here that generations can come up and not going to have to
face the ravages of this planet because we do not take those into account and so
how are we going to afford this we don’t have the wealthiest nation on this
planet and we have to think even in terms of our funding in terms of long
term so for example if we move give an example we move towards solar there are
upfront costs and it’s gonna cost efficiency but in the long term over the
life of these projects if the cost of energy will come down tremendous
literacy below that’s like everyone’s going to be there but when we’re
figuring when you ask the cost we only want about a major change in our economy
the modernization of our time to change from a carbon-based economy to one
that’s based upon more renewable energy sources rather than those and they were
all going to be my friend cause you know if we don’t do anything now
you know like in Long Beach we’re going to be you know we’ve gone through the
whether it’s love Cerritos wetlands or other you know wetlands restoration
projects there are many costs to doing it but if we don’t do anything
and they and they were underwater ten or fifteen years there are other kinds of
long-term loss so we’re gonna have to figure that out I’m into prevention I
mean typically you know if you think disease costs a lot if you think
research costs a lot of men who tried to seize and we had we where we’re
embarking on on a real discussion about what our priorities are and that’s very
healthy and as far as Long Beach what are some aspects of that specifically
how Long Beach’s green kale says we have to build sustainable green major part of
our infrastructure when we just totally dependent upon the development of nation
you know infrastructure sustainable
infrastructure we’re part of the supply chain and the trade card is that you
stretch from every part of the globe into our ports and then are distributed
throughout the United States and from the United States to every part we need
infrastructure we need to make sure that we can communicate faster we need to
understand how how we build whether it’s maritime infrastructure whether it’s
seaside surface transportation weathers electrification um rail all of these
things they will have a tremendous impact because the long beaches future
is a large part dependent upon that we are the key central decision-making part
of the entire supply chain we applaud the sentiment we are round zero and we
have a supply chain and understands and all these jobs that have been created
it’s our responsibility now to make sure that they’re cleaner and greener because
that will allow them for example we have to make sure as we go forward that we
don’t have problems like we had ten fifteen years ago ten five we ever built
parts of rail lines and highways wagons to schools kids man three the kitchen
going to make sure whatever infrastructure does not intact and
children we had you know what 17 because of the high rate of diesel and diesel
trucks like in a before we had 17 to 20 percent absentee for the Assam in our
schools I tremendously impacts if we can clean
that up our kids will do better in school usually healthy we will live
longer we will enjoy the fruits of laying on one of the most blessed places
on this earth that’s what warm beaches but we have a
responsibility to take care of it to make sure you leave it in better shape
and we’re seeing that that is being the impact that Long Beach will be
tremendously impacted by storms and sea level rise
air quality rise we already had very high asthma rates very high suit a very
high pulmonary disease as we need to bring all those down low we don’t deal
with these effects music have quality effects of long-term effects of putting
co2 in the atmosphere the more negative health impacts it will have reached so
from Paradise to something that we all dread

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