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Republicans Pack Senate Climate Caucus With Climate Change Deniers

Republicans Pack Senate Climate Caucus With Climate Change Deniers

Last month, the Senate created the climate
solutions caucus. Now this is a caucus made up of both Democrats
and Republicans, and their goal is to meet with scientists, meet with activists, understand
the science behind climate change, and then use their understanding of it and the words
of these scientists and people who know what they’re talking about to educate the other
members of the Senate. I love this in theory because in practice
this doesn’t work, and part of the reason is because Republicans for their part of the
caucus have already packed it with people who either don’t believe that human beings
are contributing to climate change or simply don’t believe climate change is real at all. And that’s a problem, right? You cannot convince these people at this point
that climate change is real. It doesn’t matter how many scientists you
parade in front of them. It doesn’t matter what kind of journals you
hand them to read. It doesn’t matter if you show them the graphs
and the charts and the statistics, they won’t believe that climate change is real. And do you know why? It’s not because they’re morons. It’s because they’re being paid by the fossil
fuel industry to pretend that they don’t understand what’s happening. And that actually doesn’t just go for the
Republican deniers in this new climate solutions caucus. This also goes for a lot of the Democrats. I want to read an excerpt here. This is from Sharon Jang at a Truthout. She wrote this only one member so far of the
climate solutions caucus sign, the no fossil fuel money pledge. And that was Colorado’s Michael Bennet democratic
presidential candidate, who is not a supporter of the green new deal. And he’s also the recipient of over $320,000
worth of oil and gas money in his time in Congress. The three, the other three Democrats in the
caucus, uh, Jeanne Shaheen, Angus King, and, uh, Chris Coons have received over $200,000
combined from fossil fuel industry. Meanwhile, the Republican members of the caucus
have received over $9.5 million combined, $7 million of which went to Mitt Romney alone. So does anybody honestly think that this little
climate solutions committee, who between the Republicans and the Democrats sitting on more
than $10 million in fossil fuel money, do you think there’s any science that’s going
to kind of convince them that those millions aren’t worth it? Do you think there’s any science out there
that’s going to tell them that this is a bad idea to sell their soul, to sell their children
and their grandchildren down the river? Because there’s not, and we know this because
we have been trying to get this done for decades, for decades now, folks, and every time, every
time there is a new piece of scientific evidence. Anytime there’s a new report, anytime there
is a new warning out there, these same deniers, you’re Marco Rubio’s, who by the way is on
the committee. You’re Lindsey Graham’s who’s also on the
committee. You’re Mitt Romney’s who’s on the committee. They always come out and say, well, I don’t
know. I’m not a scientist. I don’t know how all this works. I don’t know that it’s real. Hey, Marco Rubio’s the guy who said, I’m not
a scientist man. Okay, well the scientists told you the thing
though. They said this is what’s happening. Almost all of them except for the ones like
you, Rubio, funded by the fossil fuel industry. That’s what’s happening here. This is what we call greenwashing. That’s what the climate solutions caucus is
all about in the Senate. It’s about making the public think that we’re
doing something about it, making the public think that we care about this issue when in
reality we’re basically being funded by the fossil fuel industry. That’s what’s happening with this committee. That’s what’s happening with this caucus,
and that’s not going to change. The only way you get science denial out of
Congress, out of politics is to get corporate money out of politics. As long as the money flows from the fossil
fuel industry to the politicians, regardless of party, nothing will change. Not a single thing. We’ve seen the reports, we’ve seen the extreme
weather events happening on a monthly basis here in the United States. It’s not like this is a far off threat. We’re dealing with the consequences right
now, but money’s talks science walks. That’s what’s happening in the United States
today. We can show them every report imaginable. We can force them to read every scientific
study on the issue, but none of that, none of that for these politicians is going to
be heavier than the weight of that check from the industry that they can’t wait
to cash.

100 comments on “Republicans Pack Senate Climate Caucus With Climate Change Deniers

  1. "These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy."

  2. Most of people who are running for government the find themselves bad from compressions as soon as they become governors promise that made to the people don't keep it only keep two that corporations

  3. Apparently, once you are a Republican your brain malfunctions. We are truly showing the world how stupid and greed-ridden some grifters are. Dems better get educated.

  4. People believe in God but cannot see him. They don't believe in climate change and it is in front of their faces. Wake up morons, God is speaking.

  5. Parents, please make sure your kids know how to swim.
    Those ice caps will melt.
    Flooding and hurricanes will get worse.
    This government was bought and paid for a long time ago.
    Future generations are fucked.
    The least we can do now is teach them how to survive in the inevitable shitstorm.

  6. The is going to be a GOP Scam to look like they’re doing something when they will do nothing. Only Progressives can save humans from climate change (the planet will go on).

  7. Practically no one is a climate change denier. The debate is whether humans have an effect, and if so, how much. I believe the consensus is that if every American immediately started living like the Amish, it would have practically no impact on climate change. Most of the CO², as well as air pollutants, is coming from China and India.

  8. The MORALLY BANKRUPT FASCIST Republican cult, will NEVER get the youngest generations, to ever vote for their IGNORANT ASSES.
    R.I.P. GOP

  9. In the words of 2gryphon: We want your money. You've uncovered our sinister plan. We want to clean up this planet so that you'll be poor and have to buy your sex from a toothless chick named Roger in a motel 6 in Utah and get chlamydia. We're calling it Project Burning Crotch!

  10. So based on this ridiculous stance… if my accountant tells me I have tax to pay, if my doctor advises I must change my diet, if my dentist tells me I have a tooth that requires attention…. “I don’t really know if I believe…” is a valid response !
    C’mon deniers… you’re being bribed to deny. Is your children’s/ grandchildren’s future really worth it?


  12. In a video clip, Noam Chomsky cited a government report that said it is too late for climate solutions. Makes sense to deny climate change. Those political turds know they are going to decorate lamp posts when the public finally have the truth.

  13. you know, someone would have thought, that regardless of the scientific debate itself, even republicans wouldn't want their representatives to be bought… so if the republican voters are ok with corporate money buying their representatives on climate change, are they ok on the whole with their representatives being bought? i wonder…

  14. Take them outside on a sunny day.bget a magnifying glass. Hold it aimed on their foreheads. When they complain, tell them you don't believe in burning.

  15. Let's believe in fucking stupid "unprovable" stuff like metaphysical beings like gods, but scientists are liars!! There's trillions of galaxies with each hundreds of millions to hundreds of billions of stars, so trillions upon trillions of planets but god decided that our little tiny rock had something special. Give me a fucking break, id you're deeply religious you're uneducated or retarded , im sorry

  16. Perhaps they are unaware thar parts of Florida have been underwater for three months. Sadly climate deniers I mean republicans have to live by their cults tenets

  17. You're right, the Republicans, a party of Traitors, know full well that climate change is real. But they will keep lying to us because of the money fossil fuel industry is paying them. They are not just Traitors to America, they are betraying the entire planet and not just the people who live today, but all the people yet to be born, some of which will be deformed and or damaged in some way physically due to contaminates associated with the process. Gasoline has multiple chemicals in it that cause birth defects, and can lethally poison living things, people, animals, water born life, even plants. But as long as the amoral treasonous Republicans have ANY Influence on ANY level, the will continue to send America, even the world into harms way. Are you a Republican or an American?

  18. I do remember one Senator in particular who had a snowball on the floor trying to demonstrate that there is no such thing as Climate change because it was winter; I know he was from Oklahoma but I can't remember that idiot's name.

  19. People on the ground are not denying there’s a problem with climate change…but they keep believing the propaganda that there is no problem.
    Your taxes subsidized fossil fuel companies and the politicians they have bought and paid for at work for the sake of profit and division of the United States public.

  20. Perfect example, today there’s snow weather alerts from coast to coast of the USA. But of course ya know that’s just weather! It changes over long periods of time! They seem to always conveniently forget that Exxon new in the late 1940’s that they were causing serious damage to the planet and @farron you’re 1000% correct! We gotta get $$outta our politics if we have any hope to survive&keep all the living beings on this planet alive for millennia to come! If you’re interested in helping fight to get the corrupting influence of corporate $$ outta our government&lives; check out: @wolfPAC on Twitter & to learn more about the process that’s already taken place in states across the country&how many states they’ve already filled to managed to get a resolution to pass in i believe around 4-7 states!

  21. they probably just want to create the image that they are actually talking to scientists, but in reality they are just taking what the scientists said and say "scientists proved that climate change isn't an issue".

  22. Before the right wing media brainwashed their cult members, actually most people on the right were NOT climate deniers. Just goes to show you how easy it is to manipulate those of lesser inteligence.

  23. One of the dumbest arguments I've heard by climate deniers is that carbon dioxide emissions can't be that bad because it's the same thing that we exhale. They refuse to acknowledge something called EXCESSIVE QUANTITY. The CO2 coming out of our lungs is diluted, but the CO2 coming out of smog factories is heavily concentrated, which deals a lot of damage to the environment. But to some people, there's no such thing as excessive quantities of CO2, because the money tells them to deny it, and there's so such thing as excessive quantities of money either, because they refuse to complain about too much money when they're the ones receiving it.

  24. WE ARE NOT TO BLAME! According to the Vostok Ice Core Records, CO2 level changes have followed Earth's overall temperature changes at an 800 year lag for the last 800,000 years. That means that our current CO2 levels are the result of Earth's overall temperature 800 years ago, which coincides with the Medieval Warm Period (950-1250 CE). World leaders have convinced their dependents that this works in the reverse order, relatively quickly, and that we are to blame, so that they can tax us out of a false shared guilt in order to be able to afford to "fight" climate change, an unstoppable natural cycle. What we may need are commercial solutions that will aid in the survival of the human race throughout the coming centuries. The following is the source information for this comment:

    Historical Carbon Dioxide Record from the Vostok Ice Core

    J.-M. Barnola, D. Raynaud, C. Lorius
    Laboratoire de Glaciologie et de Géophysique de l'Environnement,
    CNRS, BP96,
    38402 Saint Martin d'Heres Cedex, France

    N.I. Barkov
    Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute,
    Beringa Street 38, 199397,
    St. Petersburg, Russia

    Period of Record
    417,160 – 2,342 years BP

    In January 1998, the collaborative ice-drilling project between Russia, the United States, and France at the Russian Vostok station in East Antarctica yielded the deepest ice core ever recovered, reaching a depth of 3,623 m (Petit et al. 1997, 1999). Ice cores are unique with their entrapped air inclusions enabling direct records of past changes in atmospheric trace-gas composition. Preliminary data indicate the Vostok ice-core record extends through four climate cycles, with ice slightly older than 400 kyr (Petit et al. 1997, 1999). Because air bubbles do not close at the surface of the ice sheet but only near the firn-ice transition (that is, at ~90 m below the surface at Vostok), the air extracted from the ice is younger than the surrounding ice (Barnola et al. 1991). Using semiempirical models of densification applied to past Vostok climate conditions, Barnola et al. (1991) reported that the age difference between air and ice may be ~6000 years during the coldest periods instead of ~4000 years, as previously assumed. Ice samples were cut with a bandsaw in a cold room (at about -15°C) as close as possible to the center of the core in order to avoid surface contamination (Barnola et al. 1983). Gas extraction and measurements were performed with the "Grenoble analytical setup," which involved crushing the ice sample (~40 g) under vacuum in a stainless-steel container without melting it, expanding the gas released during the crushing in a pre-evacuated sampling loop, and analyzing the CO2 concentrations by gas chromatography (Barnola et al. 1983). The analytical system, except for the stainless-steel container in which the ice was crushed, was calibrated for each ice sample measurement with a standard mixture of CO2 in nitrogen and oxygen. For further details on the experimental procedures and the dating of the successive ice layers at Vostok, see Barnola et al. (1987, 1991), Lorius et al. (1985), and Petit et al. (1999).

    There is a close correlation between Antarctic temperature and atmospheric concentrations of CO2 (Barnola et al. 1987). The extension of the Vostok CO2 record shows that the main trends of CO2 are similar for each glacial cycle. Major transitions from the lowest to the highest values are associated with glacial-interglacial transitions. During these transitions, the atmospheric concentrations of CO2 rises from 180 to 280-300 ppmv (Petit et al. 1999). The extension of the Vostok CO2 record shows the present-day levels of CO2 are unprecedented during the past 420 kyr. Pre-industrial Holocene levels (~280 ppmv) are found during all interglacials, with the highest values (~300 ppmv) found approximately 323 kyr BP. When the Vostok ice core data were compared with other ice core data (Delmas et al. 1980; Neftel et al. 1982) for the past 30,000 – 40,000 years, good agreement was found between the records: all show low CO2 values [~200 parts per million by volume (ppmv)] during the Last Glacial Maximum and increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations associated with the glacial-Holocene transition. According to Barnola et al. (1991) and Petit et al. (1999) these measurements indicate that, at the beginning of the deglaciations, the CO2 increase either was in phase or lagged by less than ~1000 years with respect to the Antarctic temperature, whereas it clearly lagged behind the temperature at the onset of the glaciations.

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    Revised February 2003

  25. And so what – does it change a single vote? Those people that believe will believe and those that don't or don't care – won't. It's like watching Jesus walk on water. Believers will say – I told you so, a miracle! Skeptics will still say – something 'fishy' is going on, it's some illusion or trick.

  26. Why do I tune into your site from time to time if I think your so silly? Well I thought about it and have the answer – I am a fan of the worst B grade 1950's – Science fiction films/horror – films – they are so BAD they are great – so cheap, corny, bad scripts, even worse acting, stupid story lines – and your Ed Wood! Look him up – he made Plan 9 from outer space – it was voted the worst film of all time – it's great!

  27. Are we about to see the end of the false god, conservatism that we have endured since a small group stole the 1964 republican convention in a loosing year for the party; Just like 2016.

  28. Vote Bernie Sanders

  29. desde los que enpese e estado trabajan y punton lo tirnes ustedes yo miran como se dava su preimo que dise nuesto padre celestial Jehova y Jesus todos en la fiedta paro se olvidan de mi dijo Jesucristo

  30. talbes no podran comer pan de vida es poco lo come por que no piensan el su salbscion y como caminar y con barra piesen asi no se quedara en la tormenda

  31. Jeremiah 16:18 

    But first I will doubly repay their iniquity and their sin, because they have polluted my land with the carcasses of their detestable idols, and have filled my inheritance with their abominations.”

  32. This is why we need to vote republicans out of office. They place big business over people's health. They are allowing companies to pollute our land, water, air, and food supply again with no recourse for the average person. Profit over people and Ignoring global warming. Look at what how trump and the republicans are bankrupting farmers with his tariffs and leaving crops to rot in fields by demonizing and deporting immigrants who harvest them. Firing scientist who disagree with him. Remember only the rich got tax cuts by 2026 the middle class will be paying the taxes the rich use to. The only thing Republicans have to offer for your future is hateful rude behavior, higher taxes, FAMINE and EPIDEMICS with no healthcare!

  33. Its so crazy for the rest of the world that dumb ass Americans think that climate change is something that you believe in or dont

  34. What NOBODY says in the Climate Debate – is the Truth about the science.

    The "Climate Emergency" can be easily DISPROVED with just a few simple FACTS

    that Alarmists love to IGNORE

    1. CO2 radiative absorption is logarithmic

    This means that for each additional amount of CO2 added to the atmosphere, there is a much smaller

    heating effect. This has now reached levels where additional CO2 has almost no discernible effect

    2. CO2 feedback mechanism

    The theory that any increase in warming (caused by CO2) would increase the levels of water vapour in

    the atmosphere by increasing evaporation. Water vapour is a more powerful greenhouse gas and would cause

    increases in temperature much greater than CO2 could achieve. This has now been debunked since there

    has been no detectable increase in moisture anywhere in the atmosphere since 1948 (in fact levels have reduced)

    3. Climate models

    All the "climate emergency" propaganda isn't based on actual data – it is based on the Climate Model predictions

    The Climate models are now diverging dramatically from reality because…

    a) They overestimated the direct effect of increased CO2 levels (failed to appreciate the strong logarithmic reduction)

    b) They included a huge contribution from water vapour which has never materialised

    The "climate debate" is just an empty talking shop for an imaginary crisis

    If anyone has doubts – then I am happy to explain the quantum molecular absorption mechanism that causes the

    expansion of CO2 radiative absorption spectrum beyond saturation to result in the logarithmic pattern of reduced

    warming effect with additional concentrations in the atmosphere. (but I would be showing off – 😁😁😁)

  35. The movie Grumpy old Men needs to be recast with Moscow Mitch, Lindsey Graham, and Donald Trump in a cameo role of as the grumpiest old man !

  36. Meanwhile there's billions being spent on proving that climate change is real.All these climate change science believers make millions take Al Gore he's making 100's of millions off of it.And yet he is one of the biggest polluters in the world

  37. you are such a buffoon and so full of crap.
    you are talking about DEMOCRATS, who are PAID to close their eyes and ears .
    so far we have 30 years of the same agenda, and we WATCHED as NASA altered the data to fix the graphs so fit the agenda.
    it is time we get actual scientists to talk about the cooling we just lived through this year. the expansion of glaciers, the removal of the placards at Glacier National Park that said by 2020 the glaciers would be gone.

    we KNOW sea levels are up 300 feet, and we watch as they inch up a quarter inch per year,

    the little girl, who is not in school and sounds like a child in interviews, is the spokesperson for the agenda.
    if there was ACTUAL science, then THAT is what would be used. not children.
    and all of your lies and make-belive rant are no more than any priest who is spreading fear to get followers to close their eyes and close their minds to the world around them.
    can you post a link to the graph of any major city temperature readings for the last 100 years ? we know they exist. but are not shown, because ACTUAL science debunks the alarmist agenda of creating a one world government. As we are getting colder, the UN admitted it was never about climate change, it is always been about funding and taxes and power. take it away from the prosperous and give it to the UN for their wealth and well being.

  38. Thanks for bringing the climate issues forward again. Thank goodness for RoF and your willingness to address the temperature uptick in the room. 😉

  39. Short term greed will be our undoing. This is happening everywhere and decade after decade we fail to do enough. I've given up. This is beyond our ability as humans to solve. People do not want to pay even 10 dollars a month to do anything. Our local selfishness will prevent doing enough until it is far too late.

  40. Your political bias is showing. I've listened to both sides of the climate change debate. The left is using it as a tool to control the masses. most of the climate change theories have been debunked. How come nobody just has open debate. There are plenty of scientists don't deny climate change but say the left is blowing it way out of proportion and that Mankind's effect on climate is negligible at best. Look up Tony Heller on YouTube he is a young scientist and he actually studies all the information and confronts the climate change issues head-on with the truth. If anybody on the left is interested in truth and not a globalist agenda

  41. And people like you just expect the Sheep to take what you're saying as fact and evidence instead of doing the research on all sides. I've been listening to this crap as far back as the 60s. According to the left we should have been dead 20 years ago


  43. U r wrong! These politicians are NOT selling out their own grandchildren to a hostile future world. THEIR grandchildren will be on the same ark that THEY will be on! See? That's their mentality…they and theirs will be saved from calamity by all the money they rake in while CONTRIBUTING to that calamity!


  44. What a joke. If Global Warming was real, why doesn't the Dem live their lives as if it were real? Why are they still driving cars? Flying in Planes? Using fossil fuel? Yes, their electric cars still need fossil fuel. I would think that those who believe in the Global Warming and how we are all going to die in 12 years (unless we use the numbers from the first Moon Bat are used, meaning, we should already be dead…)

    I could of sworn I blocked these idiots. Talk about fake news. Oh and before you Global Warming knuckle draggers start attacking me, please, prove you are taking this seriously like Cortz and her new GREEN DEAL!!!! Prove you don't fly, drive cars, use electricity…….Tell me about the polar Bears…..Why has the name changed? Global Warming didn't work cause it seems the climate changes and has some sort of cycles….

    Hey, hats off to who ever created this site…..You should get a lot of moon bats stopping by to pray at the alter of Al Gore….

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