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Roads from Rio+20:  Prof. Maarten Hajer: Green Capitalism

Roads from Rio+20: Prof. Maarten Hajer: Green Capitalism

scientists have been pointing out as 5 to 12 for the last 40 years what I think science should now do is build upon that understanding of these limits and show the potentials show where we can actually create a world that is nourished and it’s also economically viable in the economy we have long waves of change and they often related at changes in means of production but it’s the steam engine where it’s the emergence of ICT technologies for instance and every time actually this system is a capitalist economic system needs these phases of what Shaun Prater has called creative destruction it needs to break with the way we organize it in order to create new potential for growth now this is an interesting thought could it be that precisely the problems of capitalism and of our economy our way of living namely that we ruin our natural environment that that would give a New Leash on Life in the form of a green capitalism now that that thinking is very much also now being discussed I would say it’s too early to tell in academic terms whether that can work but it would give you a perspective where states know what to do namely provide certainty and targets where business knows what to do namely provide the technologies and earn a lot finance ears suddenly have business opportunities because you know there’s trillions hanging in the bank without any return at the moment and of course it would most important of all be orienting investment to our real needs you

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