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Sarah Hyland’s First Date with ‘Bachelor’ Star Was Days Before Her Big Surgery

Sarah Hyland’s First Date with ‘Bachelor’ Star Was Days Before Her Big Surgery

So now you’re
pregnant on the show. And you’re pregnant with twins. With twins! Yeah. So what’s that like to
carry that thing around now? It’s awesome. It’s like this
really big leotard with a bowling ball in it. Actually, like, they have this– I’m even bigger now. But I found myself that I feel
pregnant when I’m in the belly. Today at work I went
into [? crafting ?] and I was like, oh, that
donut looks really good. And then I had four donuts. And I was like, it’s fine. I’m eating for three. Yeah. It’s fine. It’s fine. Exactly. So you met your boyfriend right
before you had your kidney transplant, right? Yeah. So your boyfriend is– he’s the– he’s the bartender
on The Bachelor in Paradise. Correct. And he is cute as can be. And were you a fan of The
Bachelor before you met him? Did you know who he was? Yeah, I knew who he was. I’ve been watching The
Bachelor, Bachelorette, that whole franchise, all their
spinoff shows and everything since I was a kid. It was just something that my
mom and I used to do together. So I watched his stuff. And that’s how we
actually started talking, because I like,
tweeted about him because he referenced books. And I was like, oh gosh! Bachelor contestants can read! This is amazing! He can read! And he has dimples! It’s great. Yeah. He seems like a really nice guy. He’s amazing. He’s the best man I’ve ever met. And that’s really great
for you to have somebody that when you’re going
through all this, too, I’m sure that
changes everything. Yeah. It was so crazy. So we were talking, like
texting, for a while. I didn’t take it super serious
because he lived in Nashville. And then I was like, aw
man, I really like this guy. And in nine days,
when I realized this, I was like, I’m supposed
to be getting a kidney transplant to nine days. And I’m on dialysis. What do I do? So I text him,
being like, you need to come out to LA by
the end of the week, or this is never
going to happen. And he was like,
what’s going on? I was like, I’m gonna
be out of commission. Come next Tuesday
it’s totally fine. I’ll be fine. And I didn’t tell them anything. He was like, OK. That’s kind of weird. Then the next day he texted
me, see you on Saturday. And I was like, oh! That is so romantic! He’s like, I’m presenting
at this awards show. And I was like, oh. He totally like called whoever
his people are and were like, get me to LA by the end
of the week, just for me. And I found out like, a few
months into our relationship that it was really
just a coincidence. And he didn’t fly
to LA just for me. Oh well. It was just like a convenience. It was not a convenience. It was meant to be. It was meant to be. It was fate. I’m glad you have somebody. That’s really great. And thanks so much for talking
about this, because you’re going to help a
lot of people out there that are going through the
similar situation, especially [INAUDIBLE]. I hope so. Modern Family airs
Wednesdays at 9:00 on ABC. We’ll be right back.

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  2. I'm one and a half seasons behind because every season past season 5 isn't going to be released in my country and so I have to have them imported. But that costs more money the more recent they are, so I've had to wait and wait for the prices to decrease. I THOUGHT SHE WAS PREGNANT FOR REAL until I read the description!!! Oh man, now I REALLY can't wait anymore!


  4. So Ellen lied EVERYONE about the Academy regretting their decision and re-offering Kevin Hart the hosting gig. Sounds like this whole interview was orchestrated by both Degeneres and Hart to make it appear as though Hart had the upper hand in controlling a fake narrative. These celebrities and talk show hosts are way out of control with their fraud.

  5. I wasnt listening closely at the beginning and new the title so I thought she was pregnant with twins and married to the bachelor

  6. Ellen, please help and support me to go out of this nightmare and tortures. I had just fun with American culture, it was like fun for me and love you and everybody with just some sense of humor. But all Iranains had and have something painful and disastrous in their mind about me. I got torture twice, in my mother land and in Canada. Please please please somehow make life easy for me please help and support me.

  7. awwww she looks really good! I loved listening to Wells Adam on the radio for years & it's bizarre he's this big reality star & dating Sarah Hyland now! Not surprised at all that he's so genuinely sweet!

  8. I know someone who has a k8dney transplant. He was quite bitter about it. To be fair, the reason why he needed one is the first place is that the doctor messed up.

  9. When she said "Thanks for talking about this.. it will really help a lot of people" I thought she meant talking about dating someone on The Bachelor?

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