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SHOCKING DOCUMENTARY! Democrats Are Demon-Infested Creatures Pretending To Be Human: Then Came Trump

SHOCKING DOCUMENTARY! Democrats Are Demon-Infested Creatures Pretending To Be Human: Then Came Trump

Senator Sanders, you call yourself a Democratic Socialist. How can any kind of socialist win a general election in the You you’ve actually been campaigning with with she used to work for you actually for your campaign and you’ve been out there with Like there Both of you identify as democratic socialists. What is that? What does that mean? Democratic socialists support socialism state ownership of major industries that would include healthcare technology manufacturing some of them explicitly support Communism she calls herself a Democratic Socialist To me. She’s more of a socialist Than a Democrat you hear free education free healthcare who doesn’t want that The big question is where is that money gonna come from how you get it pay for items on your policy Agenda that you made very clear throughout tuition free public universities and trade schools I am going to go forward with a Medicare for All single-payer Program young people may be drawn in by free health care freeze free tuition free everything. Well, guess what? Nothing’s free somebody’s gonna have to pay for it and it’s gonna be you either in higher taxes or in Buying things that are gonna cost so much more and it’s something that would destroy the fabric of our country and what our country was Founded on there has never been a successful socialist government, but we don’t have to reach into the annals of history to tell us this today, this is the problem with so many socialists in the United States is that they never actually talked about socialism as it’s actually Practiced and lived in the world. The problem in Venezuela is Not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented You There is a conversation that has been happening there is room for that conversation there is a conversation that all of us have been hearing there’s definitely a conversation to be had on that subject the Conversation saying we should have that conversation One conversation with someone in the Midwest that’s an important conversation to have another conversation with somebody in the south Let’s have that conversation another conversation with people who live on the coast. I’m having the conversation I think we should have that conversation conversation conversation conversation conversation conversation conversation Maybe among the earliest to enter the fray. Hello. Hold on a sec. I’m gonna get me You but she could also be among the earliest to fail Lauren bristles at whether she considers herself a minority My papaw had high cheekbones like all of the Indians do that’s what gets me in this fight That’s what makes me excited. Elizabeth warren’s release of her DNA test backfired spectacularly as she is in no meaningful way Native American I Never thought I was going to run for politics any kind of elected office senator Elizabeth Warren is Apologizing for listing her race as American Indian, even her own inner circle may know that it’s over before it’s begun I’d say more like one out of a million Please we can couldn’t have been more wrong. I was wrong I hadn’t really spent the time to hear those kind of stories and I didn’t take the time to understand why these Issues mattered and that was my fault. It was something that I’m embarrassed about and I’m ashamed of Unemployment has reached the lowest rate in over half a century Unemployment for Americans with disabilities has also reached an all-time low Let us work together to build a but cherishes innocent life Five million Americans have been lifted food stamps America will never be a socialist country The middle-class and working families of this country will be better off under Medicare for All system It’s warning there’s what it calls a humanitarian crisis in public hospitals up to 1200 patients dead because of the systemic failure of the NHS so-called free health care leads to dr Protesters managers cut costs putting patients lives at risk elderly and vulnerable patients were left unwashed unfit or without fluids there is no other Hospital in the area that has capacity 95 patients and just 33 cubicles and rooms the National Health Service is in dire need of Financial aid from the government Times are very desperate. What’s it like in this busy day? It’s Friday You Now I want to tell you about the real Donald Trump He’s really he’s a unifier the words the media should be using to describe. Mr Trump are generous he’s going to do Everything that he promised he’s gonna bring success and he’s gonna make America great compassionate Principled Donald Trump speaks from the heart and pathetic kind he’s gonna stay true to who he is He’s gonna be an amazing president humble honest and genuine. Mr. Trump’s memory is Fantastic, and I’ve never come across the situation where mr. Trump has said something. That’s actually that’s not accurate Well, Donald Trump wants to do is make this country great again Why should anyone you when you were fired from the FBI for lying the Justice Department’s internal watchdog released a damning memo on commis former deputy Andrew McCabe The scathing report said that Andy McCabe had misled had lied to investigators And his former boss James Comey. The IG report is is very bad for McCabe. Obviously McCabe is here, you know legal to save his own soul You’re acting out of self-interest not on the integrity of the FBI. We’ve got a problem with new deputy directors and Probationary agents have to be held to the same damn standard. Sorry by You If there’s some collateral damage For some others who do not share our view well So be it a scary moment for senator, Susan Collins and her family as a suspicious letter Believed to contain a lethal substance was delivered to her home in Bangor this week scary moments for Republican Adam Black salts a man from Virginia is accused of grabbing lap saws campaign manager so hard it left bruises on her body on Monday night We told you about a reported assault on Shane McClendon running for the Minnesota House. He says he suffered a concussion the county’s Republican Party headquarters in downtown Laramie is back open for business this just after three weeks ago If someone apparently set fire to it authorities are looking into another reported attack on a Minnesota politician Republican state representative, Sarah Anderson says a man punched her in the arm, Colorado Republican senator Corey gardeners office says someone texted his wife of video of a beheading If there’s some collateral damage, so be it I think you can ask any Border Patrol agent here that has been around From one year to thirty years as myself and they’ll tell you that this is a crisis This is part of the ongoing of border security and humanitarian crisis that we have currently along our southern border It’s an ongoing crisis. We’ve been dealing with it for decades It’s an unstable situation that impacts Public Safety. And this is the worst crisis that I’ve seen you actually will use that word crisis Yes, the asinine idea that these politicians spout out that our borders secure. There’s not a crisis here It’s absolutely insulting to the people to actually live down here. We have to get the word out that we have a crisis down here You Charges have been filed in a violent crash that killed a 42 year old mother in North Hills now the suspect in the case an Undocumented immigrant with a lengthy criminal past a heartbroken father over the sudden loss of his daughter 42 year old mother of two Sandra Duran was killed as she drove to her family’s home in Arleta It hurts when somebody out of nowhere just takes your daughter’s life. And then you see the record he had Suffolk County police found Lisa Mickens on this tree-lined Street last September murdered on the eve of her 16th birthday My daughter Most of the suspects arrested in these recent cases were in the country illegally Police corporal row Neal’s Singh was shot and killed during a traffic Stop just hours after Christmas investigators say the suspect was in this country. Illegally, I did not know Christmas morning Four o’clock in the morning when I said goodbye to him and sent him off to his family It would be the last time that I saw it we’re gonna say was my older brother Yes, he’s not coming back but There is a lot of people out there that menses Hugs Terrorists violent criminals and child traffickers trying to enter our country But Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer care more about the radical left than keeping us safe the consequences drug deaths violent murder gang violence We must not allow it every country defends their borders President Trump wants to defend ours the Democrats must stop playing politics and support real border security Now, I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message Liberals care more about illegal immigrants than they do about our own citizens. It’s time to put America first We do not need any walls in this emergency at the border is fake that we should decriminalize Created a fiction about a crisis at the border. I take the wallet But when they come into your backyard in there by your bedroom window for 20 minutes that’s Disconcerning for me there were 4,000 apprehensions. I know that a thousand overwhelms the system I cannot begin to imagine what four thousand a day looks like there is a massive migration crisis right now This migrant situation is called the crisis goals and the numbers they have right now. They’re not kidding They are overwhelmed and these are stunning amount these stunning numbers Democrats want to pretend there is no motocross The American people want their government to be serious about protecting and Creating a rational system of legal immigration real reform means stronger border security You know secure our borders with technology personnel Physical barriers badly needed funding for better fences should help stem Some of the tide of illegal immigration. All Americans are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens Entering our country and we must do more to stop the American people will never accept Immigration reform unless they truly believe that their government is committed to ending future illegal immigration You I’d love to go up against Joe Biden’s record I mean, what’s he gonna run on let me take you back to the stagnant wages. We had under the Obama administration Let me take you back to jobs being lost and manufacturing jobs being lost and low GDP and our failure in the international stage I mean what accomplishment can show bite and run on? These last to recovery wages for the average American have continued to go down Wow That’s not you have wages going down in a recovery. It’s the average American the typical American is actually a lot that rate of job growth is too slow to bring down the unemployment rate and the continued weakness of the job creation remains a major challenge This is his signature legislative achievement He didn’t know it was going to be a disaster in May of 2010 the president toured Solyndra and last month the company became the third US solar producer to declare bankruptcy It appears that cash for clunkers could be kaput. There’s been a lot of criticism that the week old federal program is just too confusing accused legitimately of not having recognized the threat of the outset and I think History will not be kind to the drawing of the red line in Syria Will that go down as one of the administration’s great failures it is Not a failure The Affordable Care Act is working And we’re just getting started for tens of thousands of people out there that were told by this president Several times that if you like your plan you can keep it that is not the case here In breaking news We’re following breaking news on what may be the most damning allegations yet against President Trump That’s fueling new talk of impeachment another night. Another bombshell a potentially damaging new report from BuzzFeed This is BuzzFeed reporting Game-changing reports BuzzFeed news is reporting the president personally instructed his former lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress He should be impeached immediately. He foresees I think impeachment coming This is a completely impeachable offense impeachment impeachment impeachment He should be impeached that is impeachable president Trump must either resign or be impeached This was like the Titanic coming at the iceberg Spokesperson for the special counsel, Robert Muller’s office is disputing buds feeds article The special counsel has just come out with a statement. I want to read it to you responding to BuzzFeed saying BuzzFeed’s description of specific statements to the special counsels office and Characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office regarding Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony are not accurate The Evidence is pretty clear that there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian I think there’s plenty of evidence of collusion or conspiracy in plain sight We saw strong evidence of collusion Well, we know there was collusion with people in the campaign make a mountain of evidence of collusion between the campaign and the Russians The Evidence is pretty clear that there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian call with hard evidence Plenty of evidence of collusion or conspiracy in plain sight I don’t know why people tiptoe around this say it looks like it or it could be it is obstruction of justice We’re now beyond obstruction of justice in truth of what’s being investigated This is moving into perjury false statements and even in the potentially treason. There’s outright treason I mean there is no question that what he is doing is giving aid and comfort to the enemy I call his behavior treasonous which is to betray one’s trust and to aid and abet the enemy and I stand very much by that The special counsel did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated it with it conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in these efforts This is ace a win for this president who for now two years has essentially been screaming There was no Russia collusion. He is backed up by Muller does the lack of the conspiracy indictment clear Donald Trump of collusion I think it does. I know if I received been efficient but I think I suspected that there was more than there actually was the independent investigator respected by everyone said there was no collusion is enormous, ly significant and a huge victory for the president There was a false narrative whose it was a terrible thing We can never let this happen to another president again, I Think there was no spying did occur. Yes, I think spying did occur you New construction of the border wall in the valley is now approved Government contracted crews are set to break ground in the spring But for 120 miles of new border wall has been built or will soon be under construction The media and Democrats are misleading Americans into believing that no new border wall has been constructed This is a lot when a person Trump’s biggest promises on the campaign trail a border wall that would stop illegal immigrants from crossing Into our country construction right now going on Construction is happening right now on this new 18 foot wall at El Paso up and down the border from San Diego to El Paso New bollard wall has been going up for over a year This is the wall Our border agents want much of this new wall replaces vehicle barriers that are useless in stopping pedestrian traffic In other areas a 30 foot tall wall has replaced fencing so short an average adult can reach up and touch the top of it Congress has already authorized 1.3 billion dollars for new bollard wall Homeland Security The president are asking for additional funding to complete new wall in areas homeland security has determined It is necessary when President Obama left office, the border patrol was maintaining 654 miles of physical structures across the 2,000 miles of border much of which was constructed while he was in office Border wall is nothing new and nothing controversial You You This tax bill will be an anchor around the ankles of every Republican this is Armageddon This is a very big deal It’s pure fantasy to think that the tax bill will lead to significantly higher wages and growth President fulfilling major economic promise. It keeps getting better and better and better. Well, this is better than economists Thought we found record economic optimism among the public This is the best annual wage growth since 2009 Topping three percent for the first time since the Great Recession the US economy is booming. This is another strong report It shows a strong economy. And the headline here is the unemployment rate the lowest since any of us were alive You I Thought it was a great speech the president last night 76 percent of speech watchers said they approved of what they heard as far as rolling out conservative themes He did a very good job last night a very positive reaction from those who watch the speech tonight 59% very positive. The president is most strong when he unites Republicans He’s done it on the Supreme Court nominees. Generally his judicial nominees now taking up the issue of abortion My major takeaway is I do agree with the people who are saying this is the best he has done the president speech was peppered With items Americans could agree on 72% said they approved of the president’s ideas for immigration. It had a lot of applause lines. There was a lot for people like Breaking news the Labor Department just released the last jobs report of 2018. It can be summed up in one word Wow Christine Romans here with a number from I would say great actually it was a great finish to the year three hundred and twelve thousand jobs at it real wage is arriving for the first time in a decade and that’s good wages are stellar a Fantastic number those are great numbers and we should be applauding it Unreal unreal number the first word that popped into my head was eye-popping. I mean, this is a blockbuster number I gotta say it’s a very strong number You After graduating college enlisted in the Marine Corps We have always wanted to be entrepreneurs owning a business was something that we always wanted to do and it just seemed like now is the right time to Take advantage of the opportunity and go ahead and seize it This place is the embodiment of the American dream with president Trump’s agenda. And the way that the country is moving right now I’m very optimistic about the future of this country So we’re here at Short Way Brewing Company tell me how you ended up here how short weigh Brewing Company even started we spent all of 10 years in the Marine Corps and after their two deployments and Seeing what takes place You know that you can’t come back to this country and not take advantage of the opportunity when you work hard the opportunity exists for anybody to take it and Live the American dream Since maybe a year ago how have things in your life as a business changed the president’s policies are helping our small business grow From the craft beer modernization act it cut the federal excise Taxes that we pay on every gallon of beer in half. We can hire an additional employee to be a beer tender So you’re saying that by calling what happened with the tax cut? Scrums is not fully accurate for you. It is much bigger than crumbs. They trickled down and We are able to do much more every dollar We need to make count as soon as we calculated what our tax savings was going to be We gave everyone the biggest raise as possible and put up a sign now accepting applications to know that President Trump is Fighting for us on our side so that we can make things here in America again with jobs with things that are grown in America Whether it be the grains that we use the hops or now the American steel that is going into our production facility and the equipment that we make those are all translating into An economy that we can support America with I want to thank President Trump vice president pence For helping make America great again You Well, you know Donald Trump is what Americans love Donald Trump is what Americans? aspire to be Rich powerful do what you want to do. Say what you want to say be how you want to be. That’s kind of been like the the American dream so he Looks like a boss to everybody and Americans a little hood. I have a boss so You know, that’s his appealed and best debate line Democrats care about the inner city when it’s election time after election time. What do you get zero? What was her response quiet? Why because that is the truth. He told the unadulterated truth And even though people don’t want to hear the truth The truth is bitter But we have to swallow it the Democratic Party I voted for over 20 years of my life I voted for Barack Obama when he said where he was going to bring hope and Change and yes We can and no we did the jobs didn’t come the better schools didn’t come the investment in our communities did not come National security our borders are open. We’re not safe We’re not safe and we’ve got to stop thinking as black and white and purple and Arab We’ve got to start thinking as Americans and that’s what Donald Trump is saying. We’re Americans America first Donald Trump speaks to an eclectic type audience I Think I think personal Donald’s a friend of mine I’ve just taken just think he says it long I think if he can Be worse of the day he says and put it in business form. It’ll really make sense But Donald’s like a straight-up death my dude who sees your shirt off. He won’t believe the size We’re the shirts out, but I think you should tuck him in like you just use a straightforward guy So be very interested what very interesting what was he checking politics that were? Donald Trump have a big history. He’s assisted you in your career. He’s supported you on occasion What are your thoughts on him today, you know, do you think that he’s gonna see a great night estate he should be present For this should be Why are people mad at the people could this is what do the people want to be President? You see when I think when you see Donald song suppose, oh man. See this is not gonna happen. It’s gonna go down so they’re saying these people know they’re talking about they’re telling the people right in that face all the Republicans all the Democrats all independent their fame right and the people say you don’t know. What you doing You gonna vote for me next week anything about thousands of years you’re riding on the bandwagon of success They telling us we are stupid. That’s what they’re telling us. Do you see that – Absolutely, these people stupid that’s gonna go down. That means angle. You ain’t gonna keep your vote there if they’re talking to UM They’re talking to the interview, but they insane it to the people that the people don’t listen to me And all right never last the people don’t want to keep the numbers do it, huh? He’s got so he’s got your vote. Yeah so Why wouldn’t anybody like that bit a guy that came from where he came from and doing what he’s doing? And that’s still and now this is where he’s at. Now know what that means that don’t mean He’s a bad guy the people who know what they’re doing That means that people are tired of what you’ve been doing what we’ve been doing the last 20 years as I said Let’s try something new American community has been let down by our politicians They talk good around election time like right now and after the election they said see you later. I’ll see you in four years the african-american Community look the community within the inner cities has been so Badly treated they’ve been abused and used in order to get votes by Democrat politicians because that’s what it is. They’ve controlled these communities for up to a hundred years mister Well and Rankin and I will tell you You look at the inner cities and I just left Detroit and I just left Philadelphia and I just you know You’ve seen me. I’ve been all over the place You decided to stay home and that’s okay But I will tell you I’ve been all over and I’ve met some of the greatest People I’ll ever meet within these communities and they are very very upset with what their Politicians have told them and what their politicians have done for surprise. I think I think that I think Donald just criticized me for Preparing for this debate. And yes, I did I mean my number one thing though and To be honest as black people. I feel like we put President Obama in the White House and when I look back I just I just I Just wanted more done for my people Because that’s the name of the game. This is politics put somebody in office You get in return the things that you care about for your communities, and I think we got a little bit Shortchange and that’s not knocking the president You know, it’s a lot going on a lot of balls and the job he’s done an excellent job, you know But I think it’s time to turn up the heat Because the black vote is going to gonna decide I swear who is the next president of the United States. So, I hope that Terribly. Yeah miss Clinton Hilary Clinton, I Hope she starts to directly Talk to the black community I just really it it really Makes me feel You know almost hurt that Our issues are not addressed and was such a big part of the voting bloc I honestly think that he has to be turned up so much that as a community we got to hold our vote Don’t don’t pacify yourself really revolutionize the game make them come for our vote When I look at the way things are It reminds me how far we’ve come these numbers. They are depressing the Punch to the gut we believe is growing even more slowly than we thought things are starting to change There’s more opportunity and security to invest in the ones that matter We can’t get distracted from the biggest issue which are jobs and are cute But this could all go away. If we don’t remember what we came from And choose the right future Because the future worth fighting for is not guarantee We’re winning too much we can’t take it. I’m gonna say I’m sorry keep living because we are You Hello Patriots, you’re looking at what I call the freedom coin And what it is is it’s a coin That is emblazoned Obviously with freedom across the top and then the great Eagle and our our beautiful flag, but it also has the All of the symbols of the branches of our military the five branches of our military not including The space force yet isn’t on here Then there’s a reason why I want you to see this and that reason is because I have about 16 of these left then I’m Going to give away All right. 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100 comments on “SHOCKING DOCUMENTARY! Democrats Are Demon-Infested Creatures Pretending To Be Human: Then Came Trump




  4. i walked away….the behavior on the left is appalling! They aren't even celebratory when historical good news is made ie American people w/Disabilities lowest unemployment ever and so on. I saw a #MSM " Journalist " i call actor cry when Mueller report cleared #45. That speaks volume…

  5. James I love the thumbnail for the video it reminds me of a scene from the Netflix show Lucifer when a demon showed its true from and the show creators did the same thing!

  6. Just grabbed 5 of your coins, surprised I haven't paid enough attention to know you had these available. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‘Š#MAGA

  7. The 35 Million could have gone to the wall.(That they wasted on the "Investigation")
    Role back ALL gun laws.
    Constitutional Carry.
    NO permits to hunt, fish or own a firearm. You cannot tax a man TRYING to feed his family.
    Every citizen over 18 should be required, law, own a firearm. (A law that will never be enforced, but will stop the assault on the 2nd Amendment)
    The Media lies on a regular.
    The "Elite" think we are useless eaters.
    Politicians lie on a regular.
    We should go back on the gold and silver standard. (End the FED)
    No dual citizenship for ANY elected officials.
    Socialism and Communism is Cancer.
    Don't play politics,..Just Uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  8. James, thanks for taking the time to put all these clips together. That is an enormous amount of time collecting these clips ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  9. Just when I think you cant do better with your BRILLIANT compilations…Jim…you are a true Legend of all man & woman kind !!!

    A coin should be minted for your efforts my friend ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž

  10. Every commie socialist demonRat should be dead or behind bars for life ! These fckn demons want nothing less than the destruction of America !

  11. Prayer
    for Our Nation and Our President ~ Please Share…Dear Lord, thank You,
    that You are still on the Throne and that prayer can still change
    things…I thank You for answered prayer and for appointing Donald J.
    Trump as the leader of Your people and this great nation… Thank You,
    Father, that We the People came out in droves and elected Donald J.
    Trump by a landslide, regardless of what their stolen popular vote says.
    There are those who would contest our votes, contest the Will of Your
    People…We will not allow them to steal our future. You unclean,
    globalist, satanic, baby killers and your evil cohorts won't be
    feathering your nests at our expense any more!…America has spoken loud
    and clear…CAN YOU HEAR US NOW???

    There will be no perfect
    leader until Jesus returns, we know that. Until then, true Christians
    and true patriotic Americans are grateful to you, Father, for giving us a
    brave and strong leader in our new President. I have never been more
    grateful and more humbled in my life…I have never voted before, I have
    never cared before, but I promise I will never fail to exercise that
    God given right again…I want to say thank You, Jesus, for hearing our
    cries and for helping us avoid the greatest tragedy this nation has ever
    faced, and that is the loss of our sovereignty and being handed over to
    the New World Order Global Government, and we know that is the
    antichrist beast system….I am so proud of my fellow Americans for
    seeing through the lies and doing the right thing, and that is turning
    to You, Lord…thank You, Father, for moving the hearts of the people
    toward You and toward truth and good.

    Good is making an open show
    of evil, but, we must and we will be vigilant, for we know it is not
    against flesh and blood that we fight, but against principalities,
    against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
    against spiritual wickedness in high places. We also fight against an
    ignorant, intentionally dumbed down world that has left so many "unaware
    and compliant" and easily manipulated. God help us, send Your mighty
    warring Angels to our aid and use them to spoil, to confound the plans
    of these wicked that would sell an entire nation down the river and
    steal the sanctity of our electoral process… trip them in their own
    clever devices, cause their craft to wither in their hands, take their
    evil thoughts and ideas and turn them on their own selves. Like
    Nebuchadnezzar, turn their own mind against them until they are humble
    beasts of burden, grazing in the field, show them, make it clear to all
    the world that You are the Lord God Almighty and You are not mocked by
    these insulate, odorous demons from hell…show them that AMERICA IS
    STILL ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE! Father, send them all to their
    cells, to await judgment, far away from the society that they work so
    hard to destroy…and forgive us, Lord, for being blindly led, for not
    seeking out the truth, for not investigating who they really are, but
    thank You, Father, for revealing the Truth to Your People, and thank You
    for the strength to stand in the face of adversity, to stand in this
    Day, having done all to stand.

    We realize the danger has not
    passed and satan knows he has but a short time and he is lashing out in
    every direction and on every front, causing as much chaos and confusion
    as he can…We must all pray that minds and hearts continue to open to
    Jesus…Four, even eight years roll around real fast and the election in
    2018 is just as important as 2016…They almost caught us unaware this
    time; we will watch, we won' t let that happen again; we will not become
    complacent and go back to sleep. We hold our new leader, President
    Donald J. Trump, up to You and ask for Your Divine and Supernatural
    protection over him and his family at all times, particularly now, when
    those that seek to harm him and our nation are so desperate…the
    criminals are being cornered like rats; they will lash out violently,
    desperately and indiscriminately.

    I trust my God and my President
    and I trust that HE is working in and through him…We are told to pray
    for the leaders of our Nation…I must admit, the only prayer I ever
    prayed for traitor 44 and all his evil minions, was that the Lord cast
    the demons from our midst…unfortunately, he and they are still there,
    still in the background, weaving their web of deceit against our beloved
    President and the American People and our Country, our way of
    life…the Lord will capture and bind them in their own deceit…like
    Comey's testimony before the Senate hearing on June 8, 2016, and many
    others since, the Lord will use their own tongue and words to betray
    them all and bring down the stronghold of the wicked leaders in DC and
    all over the Nation, including the vile liberal federal judges that were
    appointed by traitor 44, and are fighting our President's every
    action…I bind them all and I cast these wicked down, and lift up good
    men and women judges that will put our nation and our constitution and
    our sovereignty and our People first…put America first!

    the fourth estate liberal media is spinning it's wheels and screaming
    Russia, Russia, Russia…our President is quietly in the background
    busily doing the people's business and keeping promises he made in hope
    that when the left sees all the good he has done for our nation, thereby
    the world, they will come to reason and we will all have a kumbayah
    moment…I would love to think that will be true, but it never will be
    because peace and prosperity is not what the globalist want for
    America…they want us broken and destitute and on our knees to the New
    Word Order Globalist antichrist beast system and they want us forever
    sucking on the teat of the International bankers…Had Hillary won, we
    would already be in the death throws of a bloody civil war because
    65,000,000 plus American Patriots would not let it go down like that.

    Lord, You said You would confound the plans of the wicked and lay the
    crooked path straight…and, Lord, for those who disparage our President
    because they say You would never appoint such a person, to them I say
    read the Word of God…time after time, the Lord has used imperfect men
    to achieve His end…Moses, Paul and David were all murderers…Paul
    murdered hundreds if not thousands of Christians, yet the Lord used them
    all in mighty ways…or, consider Cyrus, he was a pagan Persian King
    who God used to release the Israelites out of Babylonian captivity and
    even helped them to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple. …right now, our
    country needs a Chief Executive Officer and a born leader, not a
    Pastor…we have enough of those and most are evil wolves in sheep's
    clothing… to these naysayers, these Pharisees, I say, put your rocks
    back in your pockets, you have no place to judge this man and what God
    is using him to do…I thank You for this and in all things. Vengeance
    is Yours, Father, and soon, the wicked that mock You and our President
    and seek to destroy him and our America and our way of life, God said
    they shall have their reward…we must pray for President Trump every
    day, no ordinary man can withstand what he is up against without the
    supernatural strength and protection from our Lord. However, to truly
    change the plight of our nation and our own lives, we must do the
    hardest thing of all, we must pray for our enemies, pray that the Lord
    bless and keep them and change them and save their souls, and for those
    who don't repent and turn to our Lord, again, they will have their
    reward… in Jesus' Sweet Name I pray…Amen.

    Even so, come
    quickly, Lord Jesus…I had a wide awake, open vision of the Lord's
    return in 1976 when I was 13 years old. Thank you for taking time to
    view and share…the hour is late, the harvest is great, but the
    laborers are few…Maranatha!…. …My Vision of the Return of Jesus
    Christ–TNZzsxc Shelia November 9, 2016

  12. Praise Christ that their are so many of us that know the the truth. This is a country founded as a Republic under God. God will have his way.

  13. Pastor James sent me one and they are very nice.
    Very appreciative for such a nice gift.
    God Bless all you Patriots, and those who are evil we shall pray for.
    In God we Trust.

  14. These politicians are sick, they contrive a narrative and stick to it in spite of everything to the contrary, there was just as much collusion in the Donald Trump campaign as there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The Democrats are stuck on stupid.

  15. This is a war between Heaven and Hell. Demon-rats cannot be allowed to retake power. Your vote counts. If it didn't, why would Demon-rats engaged in massive voter fraud?


  17. We Ask How Did It Get So Bad, and Down Right Insane???? Good People Didnโ€™t Do Anything, Godโ€™s People Didnโ€™t Do 2 Chronicles 7:14, Allowed, and Condoned Wickedness, even being wicked ourselvesโ—๏ธ

  18. Bernie and the rest of the Democrat party are socialist communist trash.they feed off the weak and uninformed.

  19. To the Kamelface Hairyass who interrogates without allowing her "victim" to answer or otherwise get a comment in edgewise, I find her choice of words, "we need conversation", totally rich!!!

  20. Pastor James, you have a knack for making great videos. Very informative, funny, and to the point!

    We enjoy viewing them.
    Thank you, and God bless!

  21. Defining the Leftist Liberals:
    Baby killers
    Human Traffickers
    Drug Traffickers
    Money Launderers
    Name it, they're it.. they are… DemonRats!

  22. 'Collusion' is NOT A CRIME! $30 MILLION DOLLARS spent investigating a man whose only 'crime' was winning an election! WTF? INVESTIGATE MURDER OF JUSTICE SCALIA by sotero/killary global crime syndicate. Tarmac meeting promised SCOTUS seat to Lynch, but Scalia had to be 'wet worked' first. 'Buckle up' Barry, you're next.

  23. This Gefilte Fish eating walking butt log will never be President of the United States of America

  24. In our history books we will see that DONALD J TRUMP was the best president in our generation! I pray that JFK JR is alive and in 2020 after TRUMP wins the white house again JFK Jr comes out and let's us all know he's going to be president after TRUMP finishes his presidentsy!!!!

  25. OH SNAP!!! IF I said I didn't like this intro, I'd be a LIAR! You got it in, Bruh, You Got It IN!!! WWG1WGA!!! God Bless!

  26. I'd GLADLY display this, MY Brother … IF I get the Opportunity. Been there, done THAT. WWG1WGA!!!

  27. Hello, so glad to have seen what I believe to be the BEST VIDEO representing the problems we face today! (haven't been here in a bit, my apologies)
    No doubt there's a Demon infestation & that should cause us All to Unite under God. It is more hideous than you realize & a constant spiritual Battle for our POTUS!
    This video needs to be seen by so many more people ~ it makes me ill about the monetization problem. Yet we know all in God's timing – right?
    Mr. James, I'm definitely interested in several items you have & hoping there will be some left when my settlement comes in.
    Also, it may give you comfort to know the Share link worked for me!
    I know that YouTube & facebook are becoming increasingly problematic, just aware they are fishing thru your life like never before rather than the Censoring they've been warned on! It's very lo & dirty I feel. (Oh, i forgot for a moment who they are)
    Thank you Mr James & I wonder how you'd feel about my sending this video to some News outlets ~ you know them. I've become a bit of a thorn in their sides when it comes to what is said & televised ~ maybe I'm too pushy, can't help it with the sense of Urgency I feel. Esp with the increasing of having Dems on a once primarily Conservative network!
    God Bless You & your works,
    This is Truly a 'must' see work of TRUTH!
    'There is nothing hidden that shall remain unknown'!

  28. Breadline Bernie needs to be hung upside down by his ballsack into the mouth of an active volcano and lowered every 30 minutes…with the rest of the Demonrats and RINOS. Let's not forget the libtarded

  29. Fuck You socialist pig so you can steal from the American people and ruin or country your a failure looking at your own financial history , it means we are fuck
    It will never work itโ€™s all lies when you see no money in your checks no food only for the rich then you die stupid ass , politics of democrats are lies lies lies , traitors treason, execution to them all , wake up America enough of bullsit bullshit walk to jail with these mother fucker crooks drain the fucken Swamp build the wall immigration stronger ice should do like many years a go drive all over the streets picking up illegals gangs once you have every criminal throw the democrats in the same cell letโ€™s see how they will shit in there panties and pants

  30. What is it with women politicians and the conversation bulshit. It's always about a conversation and nothing about getting s*** done

  31. The Truth! The Demoncrats are absolutely demonic!!!!!!!! Donald Trump Is The Best President!!!!!!!!!! From Mike Tyson's statements at 33:00 to 38:44 says it all!!!!!
    President Trump Is A Boss!!!!!!!!! Powerful!!!!!!!! #Winning!!!!!! Trump/2020!!!!!!! The Scotsman Rocks!!!!!!!!!!

  32. how about we start bombing the Mexican border? They are waging war on us. And then we arrest ALL the main stream media.

  33. Any Democratic politician that knowingly lies to the American people should be brought up on charges like if I lie to Congress

  34. Why doesn't the evil clown bernie just get out of the Republic of the US and go to a socialist country? HE LOVES SOCIALISM SO MUCH GO LIVE THAT WAY! I'M SURE THEY WOULD LOVE TO TAKE YOUR MILLIONS AWAY FROM YOU BERNIE!

  35. The real conversation is, Kamala Harris is a f$#king traitor to our country and should leave the country.

  36. Another gem. Love the auto-tune Bernie for the opener. Shared it with my son immediately. Good "point orientated" style. Different subjects don't run together. They are placed in an outline form for easy comprehension and retention
    One question, when do you sleep.
    Please make sure you set some time aside for yourself. That is also very important. Trust me I'm a Doctor.

  37. Elizabeth Warren is a typical Democrat in 2019!! When a Democrat gets busted instead of doing the right thing they beg forgiveness and stay in office! No Shame!! No conscience!! They are pathological liars!! They are the 'Deplorables'! The immoral population of homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals, witches, warlocks, Satanists, closet Freemasons, Racists and Bigots!! They do not believe in Our Father in heaven! They follow the rules of Saul Alinsky! Rules for Radicals!! They are the Fascists, promoting so called socialism, but in reality are seeking to turn our country into a communist nation! A small group of the rich controlling the masses, with propaganda, fear, prison, or worse, death!! Remember Obama bought over 30, 000 guillotines, and plenty of plastic coffins!! The United Nations is the main culprit promoting the New World Order! They give the orders and we follow! Time for people to see the truth about the war going on in our country! It's good against evil!! The Democrats are guilty of treason, sedition and need to be booted out of office!! They have to pay for wasting our tax dollars!! The Democrats should no longer be considered a party for the people!! They have shown that they will go to any length to achieve their goal!! They should all be put in Prison for lying and spying on the President and his family! Obama and Brennan should be hung for putting a non american in office!! Stop his retirement!! Send them to Gitmo!!

  38. Only reason why the radical extreme far left liberal Draco demonCrat pedophile murdering minions are trying to stop this now is because they are guilty of such such heinous treasonous crimes towards humanity that they do not want exposed for the world to see. These criminals are sick individuals, Such crimes that would cause the death penalty on all of them. these minions are literally fighting for their miserable lives.
    So theyโ€™d rather destroy the many for the few, them. Luciferian reign is over!

  39. Let's make a little short path for the Democrats they need our help them to find the front door of the jail please drop them some bread crumbs

  40. The Democrats truly deserve to be called DEMONRATS for trying to destroy America by shredding the constitution, disregarding our laws, opening our borders to illegal immigrants from all over the world, drug dealers, and human traffickers that risk our national security, providing free healthcare & drivers licenses to illegal immigrants and promote lawlessness in the country. THEY ARE THE ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE..

  41. Americans are growing weary of the leftist democrats sitting in congress illegally. .illegally you say…yes they rigged the 2018 election..they should not even be in congress..they have done nothing for our nation but divide it and cause endless chaos at our southern borders..I know the things they are doing is not according to our laws and constitution. .these people need to be stopped while these is something decent left of our country..they have raided our country with illegal immigrants. .aborts our precious new born babies .even after birth. .no matter what kind of laws they pass to make this seem ok it is immorally wrong..they are devils..they need to be stopped no matter what..even if the president has to sign a insurection bill to completely drain our swamp..we need decent honest and honorable people serving in our government. .recess is almost over and their still in office..what's going on????

  42. Praise God for putting in President Trump for bringing an end to pedophilia, sex trafficking, and draining the swamp

  43. If you are not for President Trump your supporting pedophilia, sex trafficking, blackmail, slave labor, extortion.

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