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Simon Didn’t Like Their First Song, Watch How They Change Him! | Boot Camp | The X Factor UK 2017

Simon Didn’t Like Their First Song, Watch How They Change Him! | Boot Camp | The X Factor UK 2017

Here we Go ready for your dition Now okay all the first acts What loud Well It’s a Lot of People Hello Boys Please Introduce Yourselves hi i’m Shawn I’M 17 i’m connor I’m 15 we’re brothers from Ireland and we’re Shawna connor Frye’s We’re Just Two little Ads from Arlen Two Brothers We Normally Just pull scam we’re so used to singing on the street People are walking By and we’re Just please look at Those Cleanest Room Edition in edinburgh How does posing but you irish Kids We Got so many compliments from the Judges This is Probably One of The best Auditions we’ve had Simon cowell Is Known as the big dog in Music and Just to know that he likes our style and iron i Started To Sing and it’s Just it’s on the reel to think that he thinks are Good Way It’s great to have a Brother By My side in boot camp I’ve Known each Other For 15 Years and we Just have that Connection on the stage? Originally Partly Yes can’t wait you on to boot Camp Well As We See Now it’S quite tough fun what do you have to be prepared to Work out exactly Sean And corner Could You step back please In the line talents Because we were back we were going are we true are we not? our decision means you’re all going You’ve done it before we can do It Again Just be in your zone don’t even think of the crowd and Just Feed off Everything’s going so well for us we’re Just not ready to go home yet It’S six trappings we want to be there do this Houses you want to be there no shows do You want. To be here so Boys You are busking back in dublin right Yeah That’s right How Does it Feel that you’re about To take This stage Right Now this is surreal i can’t believe i’m emily about before it’s ridiculous What are you Boys gonna Sing Today we’re singing Beggin By Mike on Why did you choose that song It’s got Loads of Energy and It Gives us boat an opportunity to shine to perform and i think the audience a liver all right Let’s go are you That’s not Just Saying i Wouldn’t Have thought They were gonna choose this song Boy you’re Loving Read It Better Than Any Guys Guys This Was my least favorite performance of Yours I have enlightened the song i didn’t like the way you had to push your vocal on it so Much Why did you choose That Retard oh Just a Good Upbeat The Good song that we Could Feed off It Crowd You never Need to force a Crowd into anything Because it’s your talent That’s all you have to rely on It’S a Horrible it was to some but They’re Great Yeah but you know what that rapid not to me it didn’t Work Any of them do It a Little Bit of something Else yeah yeah boys do you have something else that You can share with us? okay It’s late Step in the numbers all Along Is die Bury Man i need you die If you see the father won’t you let me know Let It Go to the rose the change is single we found love and the local babe no i Need You die Wow i do There’s a lot to work with there really Is i love them attention There’s so much fire in their bellies Great job! Interesting Thing Is is that Now you see what their Achilles Heel is? you Know When they start getting Nervous They get faster and faster and more Manic Who’s screaming so he’s not following it is to do this he is so nervous it’s Just something Really Wrong about Him Oh Boys This is Really Hard for us because Simon’s right This is not your best Audition for us and The Nerves took Over you Know we Always Saw a Lot of Potential in you and We Always Liked You from the beginning So i’m afraid you’re going. To have to Go to the sixth Chair time? Boys Boys We See how much you want this you know song choices some choice song choice okay don’t celebrate? Okay so so what do you think your name i thought we were going out

100 comments on “Simon Didn’t Like Their First Song, Watch How They Change Him! | Boot Camp | The X Factor UK 2017

  1. Hope I get noticed hereeee I make coveroisudussb😂😂😂❤️❤️🎸🎶🎶🎶🎶🎸🎶🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

  2. the one that sings is kinda… meh.. personally, I think he sounds like any teenager singing to a song in their room.. the one that plays/raps is actually talented though. just my opinion lol

  3. This 2 brothers have a good voice.. But they cant control what's meaning about Tempo.. They sing so fast.
    But is not easy how to control Tempo, and emotion.

  4. Enjoyed the performance. Just SUBTITLES mess up everything! 😀 Nicole says "There's just something really RAW about him" but subtitles read "Something really WRONG about him". It was Raw not Wrong. Then Simon said "GO AND celebrate" but subtitles said "DON'T CELEBRATE". Strange lol.

  5. I think they both sing the well I also think the judges are wrong about there singing 😍☺️😊😜

  6. Baby I want you to be mine a good song y'all did so good and don't listen to Simone y'all did awesome and then at the end I was like OMG I'm so glad they made it so good job love y'all so much

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