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Social-Emotional Development – 8 to 18 Months

Social-Emotional Development – 8 to 18 Months

Bye bye daddy. We’ll have to see daddy later. Bye bye. That makes you sad
that Russ is leaving, yeah. Bye bye. We had a lot of fun
with Russ this morning and now it’s time
for him to go to work. See, that makes you
very sad, Alyssa. [crying loudly] I like Russ a lot too. He’s a lot of fun,
and we’ll see Russ later when he comes to get Amber. Would you like to do
some more bubbles with us? – Yeah.
– Yeah? Which one
would you like to use? Do you want to try
using this one? – Yeah.
– Yeah? – Okay.
– Thank you. (female)
You wash it. Is it cold, Isa? (female teacher)
Pretty, purple, gold, yeah. Here, Britt.
Come here. – Here.
– No, no. (female teacher)
No, you don’t want it?
I’ll put it on my wrist, okay? How’s that, how’s that? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Here you go. Yeah. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Eat.
– Eat. It’s not quite time.
It’s not ready. – Cathy has to make it.
– Cereal, cereal. Cereal.
Looking up at the lights. Eat. Eat.
It’s not quite time yet. Would you like some more? More please?
Okay. Sometimes you’re still a
little tired when you wake up. [screaming] – Please.
– Thank you. Alex, you still have some
on your plate right there. Yeah. Yeah, let’s leave
our plate there. I think they have more
over there too. You want to give her a piece? Yeah, thank you. Oh, thank you, thank you. I’ll have some in
a little while. – Alex, did you need something?
– Mhm. What do you need? Do you need
to have some more? – More.
– More please? Sure. Here you go. (female teacher 2)
Yummy. Touching the train. You can touch it like this.
You can feel the felt. It’s a train.
There’s the smoke stacks. Hug, is that okay, Jared? He gave you a hug.
That made you smile. That made him smile.
You gave him a hug. [speaking in a
foreign language] I did it! (female teacher 3)
You did it?
Show me. Good job, Logan. I did it, Gaga! (female teacher 3)
Good job. Good job. When the other parent left, I noticed
the child started screaming, which reminded me
of my daughter, because she doesn’t scream
when I just leave, but it’s anybody that leaves or anybody that comes to visit
and leave out of the house. She just gets so sad
and she cries. Or if her friend’s parent leaves,
she cries with them, so I can relate to that a lot,
the connection she has and how she feels. (female 2)
Sounds like
she’s really empathetic. Mhm. (female 3)
That part was hard
for me to watch because when I returned
from maternity leave, when I went back to work, my son had been going
to preschool, but when he realized
that I was going to work, all of a sudden he was crying
like that little girl. And actually,
I started tearing up because that was just
the most awful sound that I’ve heard. But then when I watched
the way that the caregiver was able to redirect her
and she was fine, it reassured me
that my child’s providers did that with him. But still, as a parent,
it’s really hard to leave when your child
is crying like that. And when you hear
another child cry like that it still strikes a nerve, I think. To be so sad. (male)
I definitely think the crying,
when you’re leaving, it does pull your heart strings. I think you’re entrusting
other people with your children and hoping that they’ll be able
to redirect them with the same type of love
that you do with your kids when they’re with you. For me personally
is hard leaving my son with people who’ve been with him
since he was 8-9 months, but still, I don’t feel that you’re
gonna take care of my kid better than I will. (male 2)
Definitely super sweet when the little boy
was hugging the other boy in the choo-choo train
’cause my son does that a lot, but he does it with everything. He hugs his books. So definitely the empathy there. In the playground I know
the child is crying, definitely. It’s like radar,
“Where is he? How can I?” So that’s really beautiful. I think that aspect of showing interest
in other people’s feelings, specifically those feelings where, “Oh, what’s going on?
How can I help?” So that’s really great.

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