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Sofia Vergara Family: Son, Husband, Siblings, Parents

Sofia Vergara Family: Son, Husband, Siblings, Parents

A Columbian-born movie star Sofia Vergara
is one of the highest-paid sitcom actresses. For the last two decades, she managed to earn
millions of dollars and win dozens of prestigious awards. Her wax copies are kept in Madame Tussauds
museum and her name can be easily found on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Sofia was welcomed in 1972 and her exceptional
beauty could be noticed since early years. At the age of 17 she started pursuing modeling
career, having appeared in a Pepsi commercial. Then she signed a contract with a Spanish
channel Univision and worked there as a TV host. In late 1990s Vergara moved to the US in a
hope to build a successful acting career. And that’s exactly what happened due to
her charm, beauty and acting gift! Her first minor role was in Baywatch. Then she appeared with a major role in Big
Trouble of 2002. However, she rose to prominence thanks to
her character in Modern Family TV series. Apart from a super successful acting and modeling
career, Vergara can also boast of her own line of jeans. In addition to all that, she is a caring mother
and a loving wife. The celebrity’s father Julio ran a cattle
rancho. He always wanted Sofia to be a dentist and
she even studied this profession at a college for three years but realized that it wasn’t
her cup of tea. In 2007 Julio had a stroke that unfortunately,
resulted in coma. He passed away two years later, aged 61. The mother’s name is Margarita and in a
marriage with Julio she gave birth to 4 kids. She was a housewife, who took care of children. In 1992 she divorced Julio and a few years
later moved to America from Columbia to be closer to her stellar daughter. The actress has three blood siblings. A brother Rafael was born in circa 1970 and
was the firstborn in a family. In 1994 he was kidnapped and the family had
to pay the ransom to save him. Two years later after this situation, there
was another attempt of his kidnapping during which he was shot. According to some rumors, it happened because
Rafael had an affair with some gangster’s girlfriend. Despite the fact that he died at a quite young
age of just 26, he was a dad to a baby-girl with his then girlfriend Claudia Renteria. Veronica is a younger sister to the celebrity,
who was delivered in 1976. She is a very talented singer and a mother
of two kids. In one of the interviews, Veronica shared
that Sofia helped her to start a professional career in the entertainment business. Julio is a brother who was welcomed in 1977. After Rafael’s death, he started having
problems with alcohol and drugs. He was arrested for drugs possession for over
30 times and deported from America. The family also includes an adopted sister
named Sandra, who was born in 1988. She is Sofia’s cousin, who was adopted by
Margarita, as the girl’s biological mother couldn’t take care of her due to some emotional
problems. Sandra is a model and an actress. Coming closer to Vergara’s personal life,
she was married twice with Joe Gonzalez being her first spouse. They met each other in a college in 1987 and
in 1991 tied the knot officially. A year later they became parents to a baby-boy. However, in 1993 they divorced. Since 2010 and up till 2014 the actress had
been in a relationship with Nick Loeb, who is an entrepreneur. The couple got engaged in 2012 but two years
later their ways parted. They say that Loeb is still in love with Sofia
and is even obsessed with her. In 2015 a handsome actor Joe Manganiello walked
Sofia down the aisle. The two love birds began dating in 2014 and
six months later, Joe proposed. They have been living happily together till
present moment. The movie star has a son Manolo, who was born
in 1992 with the first husband Gonzalez. He deals with acting, modeling and directing. That’s why he can be frequently seen accompanying
his mom to various public events.

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