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Squat Development with Pat Sherwood

Face me and now with no prior … me telling you nothing, just give me five
nice, slow air squats. What you consider ideal beautiful air squats. At your pace. Alright, so we’ve got some things we can work with. Let’s start right off the bat with … first of all, depth’s fantastic. This is going to be a compliment sandwich. Depth’s fantastic. Don’t
move. Let’s take your stance, where you feel you are right now and just kick your heel out a little bit, just to widen your stance just a hair. Even just a smidge—they you go. Toes out just a little bit. OK. Now, same deal. Now I want to go down in the bottom of the squat slow, half as slow as you were last time
and I’m gonna tell you when to stop. Down. Slow, slow, slow. Stop right there. OK, don’t move. From this position, depth’s good, knees are tracking nice, weight’s distributed nice. The only thing I don’t like is what’s going on here. I’m gonna try to lift up your chest and now your arms
move, chest hasn’t moved at all not even one cent. Better raise your chest
just a little bit and now like that if I push you forward a bit—no, push your hips forward a bit—if I let you go you’re probably gonna fall. So I’m going to slowly, maintain that
position. I’m going to slowly remove my leg and slowly try to fight for that with your own little central nervous system there. Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight … and come back up. I want you to go down and still, you have a lot of work to do try to stop at that same spot. So what
you were doing before you’ve got some flexibility issues that’s really causing your chest to come down forward, but it’s not being helped by the fact that you’re going down so deep, like ass to grass deep, that there’s no way you’re gonna keep a vertical chest. So I rather have you stop instead of eight inches below parallel,
two inches below parallel and let’s improve your torso as much
as we can. So let’s going down and stop when you feel like you’re
two inches below parallel. Slow, slow … Yes, right there, good. Now don’t move your
legs, try to lift your chest as much you can. Now what you need to do to try to
get that to happen is to drive you knees out and try to push your hips forward at the
same time. Relax, hold as much you can. And up. It’s actually significantly better than
you were before, ’cause when you were down in the bottom before you were down this deep rounded out. Now at least your two inches below, your back is a
little bit closer to being in a good, stable position. So give me five more slow
squats you trying to hit that position every time. Stop. Now lift your chest. Don’t fall
backwards. And up. And down. Stop. Don’t move, chest up. That was the whole body. We said chest up. Failure to follow simple instructions is not
going too far in this world. Let’s go ahead and squat down. And stop. Now lift that chest. Little bit better. Try to push your hips forward to stretch out that groin and lift your chest the same time. I’m going to give you some assistance on that. So once again, I’m going to drive you forward a bit Do you feel that stretching your groin at all? Now lift these up. Don’t move. I know this is an unrealistic position for you but as I take my leg away, maintain as
much of it as you can. And up. OK, relax, relax. So, overwhelmingly the biggest thing you need to work on with you—stance is fine, you’re not shifting really that bad back and forth, there’s weight in your heels and weight in your toes, your knees are tracking well, that’s good. It’s just you getting
vertical with your torso. A lot of people say it’s gonna be your hamstring flexibility but
here’s the deal. If you’re down … how do I explain this? If you’re down like this and you have to
be really caved over forward because you can’t lift your chest up, look at my hips. If I’m like this and I lift my torso up, now all my weight’s behind. I’m going to fall backwards. So when I’m here it’s not enough for me to just lift my chest, my hips have to shift forward to compensate for that. So that’s why when I got behind with my
leg, I’m trying to drive your hips forward to stretch your groin out a little bit. So what would probably benefit you greatly would be in your warm-up to come
down here get a squat stance like this new to
get yourself into what’s at this time unrealistic vertical squat
for yourself. You’re gonna go right down, use this pole so you can get straight up and if you let go of this pole you’re going to fall backwards, but that’s OK, we’re just getting loose. Just pull your groin, your hips
towards the pole and just feel that stretch. It’ll also stretch out your ankle flexibility as well, and little by
little you know go from here after you get loose to light touching without falling back,
to barely that, to hands out without it moving, and now you just fine right back. That’s not going to take—it took you several decades to get that tight— it’s not going to take one week to undo that, but if you actually do this and I check back in with you two, three, four, five months later there’s no way you’re not gonna have a
better squat. So go ahead, try it on there. Everything stays the same, yep. Now tight belly, now pull your hips and butt towards there and try to keep your heels on the ground while you do that. Yeah, those little safe words, that’s what we want to hear. There you go. How’s that feel? Slightly terrible? If you were to let go, would you fall backwards? OK, that’s right. Like I said, do this every single solitary day. Because it’s not only your hips, but to get your
hips further forward this has a stretch out every day, too. And
people get so nervous, ah, my knee, it’s above the plane of my toe. Perfectly and utterly fine. We don’t want them crazy flared out but you’re going to have to have your knee forward where your toe is to have that good ankle mobility so you can actually get forward in your squat. That’s your new friend. Basically that pole’s giving you a counter balance. You’re pulling on something way out in front of you so that you don’t fall over so now we’re gonna replace it with something like this: 25-pound plate, hold it out in front and you’ll be able to squat down and hold the probably unrealistic squat position but if we put 10-15 of those in your warm up not only will your shoulders be wicked
jacked for beach season but you actually, you will get into a better squat. Little by little we’ll lower the
weight so you’re doing more of the work so just punch it out in front. Really
slow, we’re not in a rush. Stop right there. That’s a nice squat. Go ahead and back up. Drop that and grab the 15-pounder. Let’s
see if we can still replicate that with a lighter weight. How’s the width? Did you creep back in? OK, I can live with that. Now just kick your toes out just
a little bit more. This one was fine, there you go. And you’re gonna drive those knees out hard, too. Alright, nice and slow. Stop. [clap] Man, if we could photoshop that, it’d be fixed. No problem. OK, nice. Back up. Fifteen is good, grab the 10-pound dumbbell. You may need a lot less help than we thought, which is good. Slow, slow, slow. Stop right there. Now can you in that position, without me touching you, can you drive your hips forward? A little bit more. OK, that’s about all you got. That’s alright. Definitely better, I mean now from you were at first. We could still make this improved, but this is much more of a straight line … it was like a ninja turtle. So I’d load that all day long. Go ahead and stand back up. Grab that teeny, little five pounder and let’s see if we can do it with that. Go a little bit slower since that’s the
lightest weight and really think about like feel your body. Feel if you’re going back, correct it come forward. If you’re going forward, correct it come back. Drive your knees out. Think about all the things you want to do right. Nice and slow, tight belly on the start. Stop. Shift forward just a little bit. Yep, there you go. Nice and come up. Now stay right where you are, don’t move your feet, drop that weight on the floor because here’s the deal. Five pounds ain’t that much. OK, so I think you can get a lot closer to that squat than what you showed me initially, OK? It may not be exact but you got a lot more of a better squat than you think. So go really slow, you can put your hands out in front. Just try to replicate that position. Five pounds was not that much. Slow, slow slow … Stop. Fight. Chest up just a hair. Yeah! Come back up. Way better. Way, way, way, way, way better. I’ll definitely take that. That just means you were totally sandbagging in the first squats that you did. You’ll pay with burpees.

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