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1 comment on “State superintendent: Testing needs to change

  1. Don't believe this lie. National Center for Fair & Open Testing (FairTest) true intent is to erase factually based courses and replace it with dumbed down students believing feelings are facts ( "Protect your child, a teacher, a school or a district from the harm of testing overuse and misuse. One parent opting out can protect her own child from test abuse.Many parents opting out together send a unified message that students’ time should be spent learning, not filling in bubbles on a test sheet. Urban parents can opt out to demand an end to school closures based on test scores and protest how testing fuels the school-to-prison pipeline. Suburban parents can do so to push for better use of classroom time and to show solidarity with urban parents. Students, parents and teachers can unite to stop the malpractice of using student test scores to evaluate educators.")

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