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Welcome! We are at the start of Złombol rally, 13th edition, The Lucky One. It’s Late Night Check In and although you can’t see, it’s still bright outside. All the teams started their registration process so… It started! Generally, like every year it was a little bit nervous to handle all the matters. More or less everything is the same but still, yet you forget things. However everything is in it’s place, tents are up, registration has started banners are flying and the teams are going through the registration process there’s even a small line to registration counter. Interesting thing this year is that there have always been more teams with not clarified minimum
2000 PLN collected donations and this year there is line with teams, which are sorted out, so great, great progress. You can simply see that participants are super-prepared. And behind us there is Velorex, sensation on a global scale. Hello Marcin!
Hello! Jasio, look. This my dear is here so that we don’t leak. Velorexes don’t leak at all!
Oooo, and this is the only correct thing to say. We cannot hide, that we spill oil along the way as we go. That’s why we came up with the idea of no-drip – don’t make a stain. This year we’ve got car called Nysa on all the Złombol’s graphics, also in here and this is how we deal with our oil dripping problems. This is kind of shaky welcome zone for those, who came from far away. We made it even up to 104 km/h! Downhill of course
uuu, on Saint Anne Mountain! Yes. The most important thing, that we made it. Car is going steady for now, fanfare present, lights present. Lambada is playing,
Lambada is playing, we got to go have fun!
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Another two photo competitions: photo of the best design made of zip ties and Super Tape. You can send the photos until 14th of July.
We’ve already won! We are Duocolor, we have been cooperating and helping Złombol for 8-9 years now. We take care of the gadgets, graphics – so start numbers are our part all the projects, website, all of these were created by us … and t-shirts! T-shirts, some bags, gadgets,
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which are needed so people can promote Złombol in Poland and all over the world. Here you go! Thank you. I’m riding on Jaskółka, with my son, he’s riding on a Simpson. We’ve already had our first issue because my son drove onto bolt that fell out of my motorbike, but luckily nothing serious happened. We came from Warsaw, today we left at 11:20, almost 300 km, in total we drove around 300 km with some small breaks. We’re going to get some sleep and tomorrow we start with the whole Złombol rally. We go to raise money for childcare homes, it was our main goal and everything worked, the car did well, and we drove 450 km so far, what makes us very happy. We’re still raising money. The goal is to raise as much as we can, that’s it. We’re driving a Łada Niva, although the car is not so old, it’s 2006, and we hope we can manage to finish. Actually, it’s our first time taking part together with our friends. Well, we’ve already lost our car keys on day 1, so… luckily, we were able to open the car with screwdriver so it’s not so bad. We will reach Ireland somehow, we will make it. We will make an extra key along the way and continue driving. You know what, the car is made on framework of Polonez, replica of Analog. We have been building the vehicle body for the last two weeks.
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The roof is lifted. The whole construction weighs only 300 kg, there are two normal-size beds to sleep
and small one. Of course comfort of standard camper, so: fridge, current 220V, transformer, additional battery, gas stove, anything you can dream of for such a brave journey.
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Hello, ‘Stworki z Favorki’. We arrived, it is quarter to ten, so here we are, on Late Check In. We’re traveling with Škoda Favorit, our favourite, so to say, car. This car starts in Złombol for the first time, previously we went with Niva, so a little change for this year. Maybe it will be more convenient and faster. Best regards for everyone and lets have fun together! Hello, welcome again, 449 vehicles, which expressed its willingness to start slowly are fill this square. Last check before we hit the road.
Best of all, luckily, someone before us came up with idea of zip ties and thanks to that we could install new engine, a bit more eco… economical. So, the engine is fixed on zip ties?
Yeah, yes, that’s it. The only one, beloved by Poles, engine 1,9 TDI from Audi. Hey what can you do. We’re starting in Złombol for the 6th time, 2nd time with this vehicle, we’re going to Ireland. Taking part in Złombol, charity event, helping kids from children care homes. This year for the first-time care homes from all over Poland not only Silesia. This is Gaz 69, absolutely extraordinary, the only one in all the editions of Złombol, This is our second time with this vehicle, it turned out, that it’s completely failure-proof. Even though it already has 60 years.
50! 50?
Around 50. I exaggerated a little, just a little. Due to the fact that we’re traveling to Ireland, and there it’s always raining, there is no better vehicle than cabriolet, so we picked a cabriolet. Many thanks for all our donors Thanks to these people we raised twice as much this year than last year, we almost reached 7000 PLN, and all of these go to children, so, thank you very much. Best regards! For all my donors, especially for them, with golden letters! those people raised 5000 PLN for our common goal, I’m shocked, this is completely crazy. High five! It’s almost over, almost whole square it filled with vehicles. I think that there are 20-30 vehicles left out there. as you can see the place is packed, we’re still waiting for the last crews to arrive and we are preparing to start the rally. I’m so glad that we’re going to Złombol, I can’t wait – I’ve been counting down days since January the 1st I’m happy Złombol is heading to Ireland. We’ve gathered 1.034.000,000 PLN, and we’re not stopping yet Have fun! You know what? The electricity is out, the „leak“ is from the ignition switch, Hey look, it started cranking 4 pins are broken.
It’s not the wheel?
You won’t unscrew this now, you would have to have… ooo fuck 3 editions of Złombol with no malfunctions, 3 times the charm, the 4th will teach ya Do you have an app?
Yep, it’s all there. What do we still need? A Drill-driver!
Ummmm, a drill-driver. Ok,
go on The engine started fluctuating as we drove Suddenly it died, we’ve stopped on the roadside and now we’re checking step by step what might’ve gone wrong I’ve changed the spark plugs, cables and the distributor, It looks like either a crankshaft position sensor malfunction, or the whole electric system is off We’ll try here.. these fellas from Skoda are here
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I think that they’ll figure something out, because I’m… I’m clueless at the moment. It’s not working, is working … no . We’re just driving along and then suddenly pufff The end. No, this dude is the most savvy here He says that there is something wrong with the starter. There is no spark. It’s bad But it’s going to be ok. We’re now in Erfurt, Germany and we are in the middle of packing our stuff. We’re heading for Brussels. A Barbecue, a Tent It is some sort of pavilion, a tent. All kinds of BBQ fire starters, Headlamps, a jack, extension cords, foam mattresses A table and chairs, everything you can think of. Unfortunately, we’re currently using about 5 litres of wiper fluid per 5 minutes. Something like that, yes You’re using more wiper fluid than fuel?
Yup The valve cover is unscrewing itself There are two? We can do it simultaneously We drove from around here, from Kielce through Katowice and Wrocław…. Shhh, everything is fine Dresden, Erfurt, and heading further in this direction, and we will enter the Netherlands, yes Here it’s says it’s an iconic car When it comes to quantity of cars produced, the only match is the Volkswagen Golf a man gave us that Polonez after 20, maybe 25 years of ownership, as a trade-in So we took it for a very reasonable price And for the last half-a-year we renovated it, fixed it, did test runs Only 2 days before the start of Złombol it started running properly Radosław here just installed some outlets inside, so we will finally have our phones charged The heat wasn’t really an issue.
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We basically drove the whole way with our windows wide open with our feet outside, the ride was very nice. 100km/h on the highway, it wasn’t so loud, so… It didn’t really bother me.
In fact, it was even pleasant Secondly, Radek sat all the time on the left hand side of the car, so his tan is asymmetrical
So my right arm is tanned Today I’ll sit on the right hand side, just to get an even tan, so.. And now we are at a beautiful camping site in Erfurt, Germany. We are taking the southern route, where are we going to end up? We don’t know We are extremely chilled today – our ferry is scheduled at 4.00 so..
a.m.. I got a lot of time, no sweat. We decided to pack ourselves first, and then take a shower, because In this weather, I’m afraid that this shower would..
Not do much… That €1 would go make sweet sweet love to it’s self That wouldn’t make any sense at all. 2 seconds and the tents are packed up We are taking the grill off, there is an issue with cooling …or the lack of it so to speak The temperature reaches 130 degrees Celsius, so the Increased airflow Should benefit the engine We’re a bit lost and looking for the correct route right now, we’re a bit lost in this field
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We, by chance, ended up next to a beautiful windmill We came here to cool off, because the heat is pretty blistering We are driving a Polonez Caro+, produced in 1998, Powered by a 2.0 litre unit taken from an Opel Omega We bought the car for 1.500 PLN, so it’s a proper Złombol’ish purchase We just made couple of adjustments, so the ride would be more comfy It holds up well, and we’re filling the tank up Now we’re resting – we took a major beating from the heat today This is our Żuk Andoria 2400. We did first Złombol races with a naturally aspirated diesel engine Before going to Greece, we made some modifications We added a turbocharger, and now we aren’t afraid of any hills We’re doing a steady 90km/h as our cruising speed Of course, we took the folding bike with us.
For me! For Roman, because he pushed the clutch too hard and injured his leg. Of the mechanical parts, we took off the grille because it simply cools better than with extra fans 2 years ago, we had a Żuk with a diesel engine with an additional cooling fan installed and he couldn’t make it, but when we took off the grill, all the overheating problems disappeared. So, this is the only, best solution when it comes to overheating We’re running away, We are going through the whole Germany today and we want to get to Dunkirk. That’s the plan and it has to be fully completed Good luck and god speed! See you on the road! The second day of Złombol, we made it to Belgium, to Brussels to be exact After losing one car and a grill as you can see
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We’re just arriving at the camping site, and we’re gonna start setting up the tents And perhaps also do some renovation and modernization in the Żuk It was a long time ago, our group of friends just told us how much fun Złombol was And after a third or fourth time, they talked us into it. My friend Arthur and I bought it together Now zoom in on Arthur Yeah. We bought a Lublin with our pocket money. It was at a very reasonable price. Because the market price was about 7,500 złotys We bought it for 2,000 złotys. and we’ve been fixing it for three months In the evenings, quietly and secretly The wives asked where we were going, and we told them “to play chess”. we renovated this Lublin, it was perfect. Until we left… It turned out that when we left, we started to hear some knocking in Zgorzelec which means, the shell broke down. The engine broke down Yeah, knocking. Here the wives are knocking. Our engine broke down, and now the question is what to do, right? Normal person would say, “Sorry, we can’t handle it, we are giving up” But infected with the Złombol mentality we figured out, we have five hours to get a spare car. Maybe not a textbook Złombol vehicle And after six hours, around 2:00 in the morning, without sleeping, we just get in the car and drive again To help the kids and finish the rally. To reach our goals. Maybe we won’t get kicked out at the finish line, and it’ll be great! This is our patented homemade construction. Here you go, we open the padlock, we open the arm. It leaves together with the bike Canister, yeah, there it is Open Sesame! Click, we’re turning on the light We pull out the table and we can sit down for dinner. Come on in. We’re from a roadside assistance service.
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This is our wagon, come inside. We’ve got a custom panel over here This is where you turn on the stop light
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Here’s the fan, here’s the beacon on the roof. Here is the disco ball The red button is yet to be reinvented But I think we’re gonna invent it on the road. We’ve collected 3,200 złotys for children Most of it is from individual people, for whom we thank very much. They’re all listed on our rear bumper The Polonez started choking on it’s way to the campsite. Probably, the gas filter committed suicide We already had similar situation in Balkan edition. We will see if that’s a problem, if necessary, we replace the filter and move on. Złombol It turns out that with this key we also open the roof rack! Because this key also opens the Polonez we’ll get there.
It’s okay. We’re in Calais now, and we’re waiting for the ferry.
Yes. We’re going to England.
Just to be clear. And then in two days from now we’ll cross over to Ireland. And then we want to go back if we make it! Here’s the drawer, my friend made it for me, greetings to Peter if he’s watching this. And here’s where the table comes out, and here’s where I can put it. I can attach it to this, and there it is, a real campsite. This is where we keep our food and other handy things. It weighs a little bit. That’s why we had trouble driving at first, but we threw away things we don’t really need So the gearbox, I hope this year, not like the previous one It’s starting to go straight Generally, we were leaving here, we were going down this route more or less I can’t draw a straight line He was driving a Polonez Good, that Polonez got great clearances so he can drive straight forward.. hehe Hi, my name is Przemek, probably you already heard about our application RallyGo. We are using it on Złombol for about 2 years now. Before that we had another app: ZłomekGO. Aht app has a feature where you can report breakdown, You can see who and where is on map, and what they share. This year we made a lot of upgrades to it. We have a lot of ideas on new features mostly revolving around the map module, details about breakdowns on route, or even select a category of spare parts that might be useful to help participants with repairs. And this is our trunk module
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Where we can add any spare parts that we are taking with us in our Żuk or Polonez, Fiat 125p Thanks to that other people taking parts in the really, in case of an emergency Can quickly and easily find other teams around, that might have spare parts that are needed. Because it is all tightly pack up, seal doesn’t hold and exhaust gases are coming inside Inside I can’t breathe, because of that. So the solution is SUPER TAPE! What’s interesting is the fact that the whole time I’m using single piece of SUPER TAPE. I stick it, and peel it off. Stick it and peel it off again, and again, and it still works. It is the incredible product that saved us in this Złombol We have very incredible breakdowns in our Łada.
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Blinkers stopped working, charging too, strange things happening with the electrical system. Every time, when we’ve put a new fuse in It burned down in seconds. We’ve opened the steering wheel assembly and found that one cable was frayed and was touching the steering column. We patched it up. Then Maciek went inside of the car turned on the ignition, and blinkers started suddenly working! But… Without a fuse…
Well, without two fuses. Those two fuses are responsible for blinkers.
00:23:04,970 –>00:23:09,165
They still work, so we might have short circuit, that causes the blinkers to work but only without fuses. Hello, we are team ‘Gwiezdny Patrol.’ We just arrived at Birmingham. Today we travelled from Dover, through Oxford, we visited the University. This year we have not experienced any problems, well, maybe front bearing is a little loud But we have spare one, so when it breaks, we will replace it. It overheats a little, but this is Złombol! Last year it was overheating too, and we arrived on finish line without any serious issues. We have spare head gasket seal, we drive Polonez with carburettor. This is my seventh time taking part in Złombol rally. I am experienced participant I am not afraid of any failures .. probably. We have some additional interior lighting, installed on queue to ferry.
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I have trumpet La Cuca Caca or something like that. This is second rally for this Polonez. And he never failed us. Aaand, or wheels barely fit back there, if you want, you can film it. If there is bigger hole in road, well, our car smells like burnt rubber. Hand labelled switches, here is : fuel pump. On the campsite if is dark there we use it to lighten up area around tents. And that’s all. Somehow we’ve managed everything without issues. I’m wondering where to go right now, because we want to visit Snowdonia National Park. I’m trying to find a route. Google maps shows only routes around park.. So we’re trying take side roads to see something interesting before the ferry back. Our ferry departs around 2am so .. we have some spare time to see something worth visiting around there. This is first radiator, and this is the second one. This are controls of radiator fans, there are three of them. Here we have engine block temperature. Here is the head temperature. Charging, oil temperature. Turbine, fuel, oil pressure. Tachometer. And cap pressure. Simply this is universe control centre! Two sunroofs, it is beautiful. Is the sunroof working? We even have a fan. And it is working? Everything works in here! Oh man… You can go. Life is beautiful We made a mistake, because “check in time” is something different than “departure time” we panicked… Hysteria. And in all our today plan, we are short one hour. Before we had some time to spare, but now.. the buffer is all gone. We need to hurry up… Actually, during Złombol, you have to hurry somewhere all the time. So we are the speed ! We have to make it for 14:10 but we have some delay. We get up quite late today. We were thinking our ferry it’s an hour later than it was in reality. We’re going to Holyhead where we’re taking a ferry to Dublin. Somehow we must find a petrol station ASAP ! because in fact the fuel light is on since yesterday But just in case we are got spare fuel can with us, so of we go . Good luck then ! Thanks! Wonderful 40 Degrees on last three day’s 50 because it’s measured close to tarmac Tarmac has 50 degrees, it was shown on display Two main issue with the car, first one is issue from yesterday with fuses, unfortunately we ‘ve a got short-circuit somewhere We didn’t narrow the problem down yet Luckily enough it sorted itself out. We are got own theory for that. We were driving so fast thru Germany And the Łada got charged so much so it’s still giving back the energy. Second issue, I’m thinking is related with incorrect setting of the carburettor When idling the engine just keep dying That why when we’re approaching a crossing, we’ve got to engage the choke. It’s not too good for the engine But we haven’t got a choice, since we don’t want to cause any dangerous situations on the road Because when the engine stops close to crossing, someone can read end us. So we’re coping wit that. Łada running naturally between 4 and 5k revs Just over 5k revs it gets more lively. So today we need to use her better side a few times. We are participating 11th time in this year. Our 11th Złombol. Łada, built in 1986 went to Monaco, the Arctic Pole, visited Loch Ness, Istanbul, Sicilly Nordkapp, Basque Country (Spain) Where else .. Last year Chalkidiki ! To be honest from our first start on Złombol we always driving the same car Mostly with original parts it’s still a stock engine in it with 1300cc Millage of this engine is … more or less not specified not specified, but clock spun over one time or more So it’s got easily 112000 kilometres The manufacturer of this car didn’t take into account we will use it in England. So when we’re arriving at a motorway junctions or when we want to change a lane from left to right we must turn all way around to check if it’s safe to go. Because we don’t have a mirror on that side Is third day in a row when we haven’t cleaned the windshield. We’ve got full National Geographic over there. We are all got a common goal, well even a few of them One of is of course the journey adventure, driving and enjoying with view Second goal, the main and the most important one It’s raising money for kids from childcare homes. We got over 1 million PLN in the account already in this year. We are super proud of that. Awesome result so far. Cold edition is usually rough and hard. Less people decide to join us on a cold edition Sleeping in a tent, camping in the rain, cold weather. For me the cold editions Are a little bit for tougher persons. Yeah. Hi ! Are you going to the ferry now ? ! You’re going for the ferry at 2 p.m ? Yeah we are ! You too ? Normally if engine cuts off you need check the spark plugs Is the fuel pump delivering fuel These are the two basic things to check. If nothing mechanical hasn’t moved … Ok it’s cranking. “Aha” there is fuel pressure… So now it’s time to check the ignition system This approach makes things easier when something goes wrong So, I see something starts coming off from the pump Block here and there and you can see straight away on this thing … a voltmeter I had lots of problems with the alternator over the years And I wish I had some way to measure the amps. But I never had the time to fit this in. But most of all I wish I had a way to measure the temperature in rear diff, temperature in the gearbox. Like in a helicopter, I’d fit gauges everywhere. Maybe someday … Yeah the diff is most important if it’s starting to seize, like on the bearing or anything else in there. You can see it straight away by looking at the temperature. I will do this for the next year. Temperature sensor in rear differential We’ve had a picnic on the bonnet at the seaside Pretty cool atmosphere to be fair… My fiat wouldn’t start Been like that for years, actually I always wanna change it a bit… Simple, no charging, bad ground … Ongoing known issue. So we still had it… I suspect it was the first Big Fiat… that has been push-started in the Eurotunnel train. What was even funnier… ..boys, my co-pilot Bartek… Pawel from the Łada, is the one that pushed and Maciek from the Łada, the driver, hasn’t noticed Paweł was still pushing and drove away… So Paweł had to run the whole length of the train to catch up with the Łada… And we’re literally dying with laughter… Oh, such fun times… And now the ferry and the views and Ireland that we are so looking forward to… HiYa!! Helo! Are you multiplying or something? Nah, it’s the same crew at all times! No not yet, we haven’t reproduced…. Autosan H9 Version no 20, 1990 built 9 Meters long And a speed demon at that… Goes into hyperspeed of over 88 km/h Let’s go, the Łada lads have given us the pads for the belts… That’s giving us pressure in the brakes. We sincerely thank you for it… couldn’t do it without it.. In case the guys from Łada are watching – Big Thank You! We made it all the way with your pads! This one works, we’ve got the tacho and the speedo here and this one works. This one works as well This one doesn’t, it always shows maximum oil pressure The temperature gauge works the air one functions .. it’s just not pumping air very well. ..but using the Łada pads it manages ok And the fuel gauge always shows full, we stopped once in Germany because of that On the motorway On the motorway, that’s terrible. Good thing was that we had jerry cans with us We’ve got a CB radio, but it doesn’t work Sound system died, as you can see by all these wires… We are called the Hussars There are 19 passengers plus Beti. Plus Beti, but Beti is a bit deflated at the moment That’s our third blow up doll … Apart from that we have two normal ones… We’re driving in our Polonez We are on the ferry from England to Ireland in Holyhead to be precise So far, so good Let’s see how it goes. It’s not the Finish line, but we’re generally aiming for Ireland so soon it’ll be the moment where the wheels of our tired vehicles will touch the Irish soil We’ve made it to Ireland Now the last stretch Let’s hope nothing bad happens. tonight we are still looking for somewhere to sleep… in Dublin or close by… and tomorrow we are hopefully seeing everyone at the finish line Although a fair share of the cars still have quite a distance to go… Gotta top up half a litre of oil – it’s on minimum So… Fill her to the brim Wojtek, to the brim I don’t know if I can… We’ve just reached Dublin Looking for a scenic spot to pitch our tent….
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All is good –aircon works It’s only 30 degrees inside the car – what a way to live… Bolognese Bolognese Repetitive… oh here we go Mexican!!! Mexico Napolitano and conserve Peppers? Who did these? Canned fish spread Cool Plenty supplies left… plenty jars left. That’s most important soon followed by tripe and Neapolitan sauce… Golden, We were in Dublin, we were in Paris. We are the only team that visited Paris, And what is worth noting – Paris, indeed. We stopped at a gas station because it was fun, right? So, we are sitting and sleeping like champions. Suddenly we hear a huge bang, right? And I’m thinking what the hell is going on? And what happened was that out of nowhere a Hercules plane was landing. In an American military base! C’mon we are sleeping here! 1pm, right and everybody was like … Hercules is landing! Everything is fine, right? Do you have any plans to do a trip on your Wigry? Yes. We even had a few already! And right now, we are repacking our luggage. We were not supposed to do that But all of our sugar supplies got spilled into the trunk because is was left on the wrong side. We had to clean it and for that the Power Tape came in handy, because we took out the sugar with Power Tape. Otherwise we could not clean it because we don’t have a vacuum cleaner. We’re from FSO SPORT. We’re driving with friends over there from Škoda Favorit. We’re leaving Dublin in a second, packing our stuff and going to the finish line. Cheers ! And we are in Wicklow mountains, in Ireland. Around 30 kilometres away from Dublin 30 kilometres, maybe 50 to the finish line. Beautiful sights, I wasn’t expecting such mountains in Ireland. And we’re going strong. Trailer from Maluch is now attached to Polonez, So, the Maluch should be going strong all well, And we’re heading for the finish line! Złombol, złombol… It’s nice to meet you on the Złombol finish line in Ireland. One and a half days of layover
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and then 800 kilometres in one day. These are the adventures I had, but all in all it went all well, so that’s great! See you next Złombol! MZ TS from 1980, 250cc I have it, I don’t know like seven, eight years. Except for some local trips around the hood, 100, 200 Kilometres was the maximum I did on this bike in a single day. I never used it for any longer trips then suddenly after a hint from my father I decided to do a longer trip, and I ended up in Ireland, 2400 km on the odometer just like that. Can we make it!? Yes! We had to fix the yellow Polonez, driveshaft fell out. Driveshaft fell out. We found a new one right away. Basically, the moment it fell out, we found a new one. It took whole 3 minutes after we asked on the CB radio, we had a second driveshaft.
00:40:58,900 –>00:40:59:500
Cool! From now on whenever I hear a strange sound, like in the shower, whatever I hear is the sound of Łada. It’s fantastic. Łada is haunted. We came with a Multicar from 1989. This one is model m2.5 Let me show you how it looks inside, so people are aware. There is a full comfort package, so we are riding like kings. Over here we had built an interesting back side in which we sleep. You can stand up at any time we have a tent we sleep in. We have swapped the engine from a Mercedes 124, it’s a 2,5 liter diesel. 5 cylinder, automatic. We’ve made a lot of modifications. Changed the rear axle, we’ve modified the front suspension. There is really a lot of things that you don’t see, we’ve put a lot of work into it. But we made it to the finish line and that’s most important. And we can only be happy. What are you cookin’ ? Pizza, tasty pizza from Italia! I mean from Ireland, but it doesn’t matter it’s delicious. As you can see.. It looks like this Delicious! Second one is inside it will be ready in a second. Afterwards we put in on a piece of paper. Girls, who are not here … So, guys cut it in eight pieces. It’s fantastic! Yes, this is the oven imported from Poland. Made by I don’t know who, but brought with this Star over here. You can see it. Put out afterwards. We’ve made a locomotive out of a Fiat 125p, steam powered. So now we don’t have a mechanic, no engine mechanic we cannot leave with it, We’re making pizza and it’s what we do best ! 13th edition All the teams have made it to the finish line so, I can say this really is the Lucky Edition. Now we’re throwing a party in the lower section. You need to go down a little bit, but I think it’s worth it. More and more Złombol teams are gathering down there. Route to Ostrołęka? I’ve got bolts screwed into my ears so… It’s straight from the Polonez? From Hyundai. Turns out it’s from Hyundai from … Shaft support. From the shaft support. On my friends side the window is broken. It doesn’t open at all. Door won’t open either so it’s a disaster. I can’t get out. Otherwise no major issues with the car. That’s great. Congratulations on making it to the finish line. Thank you ! And have a nice party! Thanks ! Welcome once again at the finish line ! 13th time to start and to see the same faces, some 11th time, some 10th time. This is Maciek .. and his Łada as well 11 years with us. Forever young 10 years with us, kantYna Złombol, but they might not roll in here on their own, Or maybe literally rolled somehow. Although they are giving out pizza somewhere in the upper section Gnome auction. Opening price is 370 PLN. Arek start the music and I will show how beautifully the gnome can dance. So lets start ! 10 051 for the first time .. 10 051 second time … 10 051 third time … We’ve got 1 094 000 PLN on our account! 13th edition is behind us now. Exceptionally good sights. As well as plethora of malfunctions of different kind. Nevertheless, we’ve made it and we are here. We’ve got over 1 322 255,47 PLN on our account. Thanks to those 450 teams that signed up for this year’s edition. We are super curious what will happen in the 14th. See you next year! Translation: Joanna Karkosz, Maciej Polasik, Patryk Firlej, Sebastian Łonak, Jordan Jurgiel, Adrian Koziarz

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