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Student Alliance Meeting | March 28th, 2016

Student Alliance Meeting | March 28th, 2016

>>(foreign language). There we go, now that I’ve
got everybody’s attention. That was a little easier than last time. How’s everybody doing today? Good, alright awesome. So, unfortunately, for those who were looking for a dance party like last time, our president did come
back, so we won’t be able to do that again, thank you. I’m just kidding, in all seriousness, we have a very productive
meeting today for you guys. We have three extra locations funds and a very special guest. So please don’t forget to sign in and as always help yourselves
to the refreshments and be courteous to those
who can’t make it here because this meeting is being recorded. So, that said I’d like to
introduce our president back from vacation. (Applause)>>Hello, alright. Well, just as Kevin said, you
guys had a party last time. So there were all these
awesome things that you all, Thank you Graham, actually
Graham can you come on up? So, there are a whole bunch of fun things that you all did last
time when I was gone. Like, have music play and Graham did this awesome introduction game and I told them that we could’ve done
that while I was here. So, we’re gonna have
Graham do the introductions this time again.>>Thanks Brandon, so similar
to what we did last time. Those of you who have been
here at a lot of our meetings, we know how these go. We’d like for you to find
someone in the meeting that you don’t know or
someone who might be here for a first time guest or
you haven’t seen before. Go up and introduce
yourself and any kind of professional conference
or event where you need to introduce yourself to someone important or a good connection. It’s really important to
know how to strike up a conversation, so we’d ask
that you take five minutes. Find someone that you’re
not used to seeing here. Say hi, and then take them
back to someone you do know and then introduce them to
that person that you do know. So we’re gonna take five minutes, we’re gonna have the music going. So, no need to be shy. (All talking at once) One more minute. Alright let’s wrap up those conversations. Hopefully you’ve met someone new, hopefully someone new met someone new.>>Alright thank you
Graham, thank you Graham for leading that up. As some of you may know, we
do have special guest here this afternoon. He is going to be speaking
after extra allocations but if we could thank
president Ender for coming out. Then also we have Kimberly DeVries coming back to visit us once
again, thank you Kimberly. And then Molly is here as well. Special guest Molly. Is there anybody that I’ve missed from outside our normal crowd? Alright, awesome so we’re going
to move on to our next item. Extra allocations with Graham Sniesak.>>At this time, could the
representatives from stand-out please make their way to the front? We’re going to begin discussion. There are extra allocations request. So I’m going to take a few
minutes to introduce the request that was submitted to me on the form and then we’re going to turn
the time over to Q and A and we’ll also take a look at
the extra allocations budget for the rest of the semester. The request that was submitted was for the standout drag show
that is occurring on April 6th. The total cost of the event is going to be 1666 dollars and 15 cents. On your tables there
should be a cost break-down on the extra allocations form. If not, there’s some out on the hallway on the student alliance table. This event is open to
the entire student body and it has an expected
attendance of 150 students. This is going to be done
in the hopes of creating it as an annual event to
help foster a community of LGBTQ students on GRCC Campus. There is a note of contingency plan in that allocation form on your table if this request is not approved. I’m gonna turn the time
over to a Q and A session, we have Sarah here from StandOut. So if you have any questions
or concerns or comments, now is the time to have them addressed.>>Actually just let me
make a couple corrections. This actually is an event
we have had in the past several times actually. Last year was the first
time we didn’t do it because we didn’t have the funding. Sorry, we didn’t have
the funding last year. So that’s why we didn’t do it. And then I think that
was it, any questions?>>There’s gotta be a few. Ah, go ahead, Dr. Brenner.>>It’s nice if you have
a history of this event and I was curious (mumble)
you would have had any previous issues ?>>I think mostly it was just students. Actually, this year we’ve
opened it up to the public too. It was a little, kind of a
hard time finding evidence as to what exactly went
on in the past years due to some of the documents on Or-Sync. I think average, attendance
has been 77 to 80 people. This year we hope it to be a bit bigger because we are opening it to the public. Eventually, in the allocation form, you’ll notice that I’ve
requested 90 dollars for posters. We’ve actually already purchased them and they were actually a lot cheaper. So I think we’ve got 50 businesses
that have hung these up. So I’m hoping it’ll be double. And the reason why is
because some of the things that are going on out
in the city Grand Rapids in the surrounding
community in West Michigan with the LGBT community
and specially in particular the trans gender circumstances and of course we’ve got
a lot of that going on in the campus now as you guys know with some of the unisex bathrooms and the new build at the
porter field house and stuff. So, that’s why we’re kinda hoping to get this information out there and this is one way of doing it. Bringing the whole climate
of the whole campus together.>>Will you be charging for this event?>>Yes, we will. It’s five hours for regular ticket presale and 10 dollars for VIP. It already includes food. If we get this allocation request, we will have food for the
regular ticket prices too. But the reason why we are
asking to collect money or fundraise I should say, is because one, we don’t have a lot of
money in our fund right now but also, we’re trying to get
a speaker into the college. Some of the trans issues,
before the end of the semester to make up that money. Any more questions?>>So, it says here, you guys
are holding it at a venue, is that right?
>>Yes, in the Raider Grille.>>Raider Grille?
Oh, okay.>>Any more? You back there?>>When would
this event be?>>April 6th, the drag
show starts at 7: PM. It runs until about 9:30. We actually have a student
performing in it now too. And then we have a dance
for an hour afterwards until clean up.>>For fundraising, how much have you guys like fund raised for this
event or any of this?>>You know, we fundraise a lot. Unfortunately, every time we do fundraise, it’s 20 to 30 dollars. We have tables out every
week most of the time but it’s really hard for me to sometimes get students together to
help me do these tables to raise like selling our buttons and pins and pop corn
and things like that. So yeah, we have done lots of fundraising.>>I know a couple of months ago you guys were talking about
BW3 is that still happening or is that not happening? We actually already did have that happen. It didn’t turn out as well as we thought. Unfortunately, a lot of the
students in the Stand Out club and we advertised for it too. In fact we advertised a
couple of weeks in advance and we still didn’t have a good turn out. We made like maybe 30 dollars. Forgive me, I don’t
remember the exact number.>>So, I see that you’re purchasing a rug and backdrop. Is that something that will be reusable?>>Yes, and actually the rug. It is kind of expensive,
its’ like 496 dollars it actually is 526 something. The reason why is, like I said before. The drag queens have
actually done these events several times. Three of them out of
the professional queens that are coming have performed
in these shows a lot. And one of their biggest complains was safety issue of them being,
stepping on and off the stage. And they would like, where they perform, they have a much bigger area
then like an eight by 10 or a 10 by 10 like what we have here. And they had asked if I
could maybe rent a runway or something like that. Well I checked into that
building of one, renting one. It was all way expensive
and then even if I did like for example work with
M-TEC to have one built, purchasing the materials, it
might be a little more cheaper but we have no where to store it. So, the club’s idea was to buy a rug with a custom logo on
it that we could roll up and put away and that we could use for many more years to go. Any more questions?>>We still have a little bit of time. We can actually pull up the
extra allocation account and show everybody here what’s remaining. Okay, so the two black lines
are not going to be discussed at this meeting. It’s going to be at the e-board
meeting next week Thursday or next closest e-board meeting and any student is welcome to come and you would have a vote if
you wanted to come and discuss those allocations that are
under 1000 dollars up there. But for this meeting that we have here, it’s going to be these three allocations. Specifically right now,
we’re talking about this one, $1666.15. If every single allocation
here was approved including all the highlighted
ones, including these two. We would have 1900 dollars left for the rest of the semester. Just to help guide your thinking or where you’re going
to be voting, Dennis?>>I’m just wondering,
what does VIP like …>>The VIP right now, for example, if we didn’t get the funding
because we have a back up plan to continue on with the drag show. They have food right now, whereas the regular ticket prices don’t. However, I did get two local bakeries to donate more than, I
think it’s a total of like 450 desserts to the event. So there will be some stuff
and we’ll have punch and water for them but as far as
the VIP section goes, they have sandwiches and
some other types of food purchased for that area. Whereas if we get this allocation, there will be food for both tickets. Which is something that’d
stand out as never done before. Is have food or a dance
afterward or any of that. Like I said, we’re trying to
change the climate on campus with all the LGBT stuff going on and that’s why we’re trying
to make this show different.>>We have time for one more question regarding this allocation.>>Sure, Ashley.>>Okay, so you’re asking for 1666, is that cost of the whole event or are you guys covering
any part of this at all?>>We have already purchased,
I’m trying to think here. We’ve already spent a
couple hundred dollars already on some other things. We haven’t bought the decorations yet or like the plaid construction paper and things that are to
cover all the windows and the radar grill but
we still have some things that we are planning on
purchasing yet or already have. But we are trying to keep
some money in our funds so that we could try to get a speaker here before the end of the semester because that’s gonna cost
a few hundred dollars. And then also, we have the pride
festival coming up in June, which will be this summer
that we’ve already paid to be a part of.>>Awesome, thank you.>>Thank you. (applause)>>Hello, hello hello. Turning up the volume nozzle right now. I’ll see if that does anything. Can you guys hear me better? No?
I’m just not going to use this. Alright, so we’re going to start off with how the student alliance team. So Graham, Lilly, Kevin and
I felt about this proposal. So we’re continuing on that tradition of expressing our thoughts. For this proposal, we’re neutral
on a few different aspects. So with that said, I’m
going to move us into voting and Lilly will be counting hands so make sure to hold your
hands up nice and high so that she can go ahead
and count yes’s, no’s and abstentions. Just in case that you haven’t been here. If you are a student, you have a vote and all student alliance voting manners and then abstentions, just
in case that you don’t know, means that you’re neither
for or against this proposal. So we’re gonna start off with everybody who is for this proposal. Please raise your hand. Nice and high. Alright, we’ve both got 22,
you can put your hands down. And then if you’re
against, put your hands up. Anybody against. Any abstentions, go ahead
and raise up your hands. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. Did you get eight as well?
>>Yes.>>Okay, alright thank you everybody. With that said, the motion passes. Congratulations.>>As time in the Food For
Thought representatives please make your way to the front. So, Food For Thought has
submitted an allocation titled sandwiches and bacon. It’s going to be held on April 20th 2016. Pretty close to the end of the semester. This event is open to
the entire student body and it has an expected
attendance of 75 students. The funds will go to, as noted,
food, fun and stress relief. The request is for 1700
dollars of informal cost on a form that was submitted to me. There is no contingency plan
noted on the format received if this request is denied. We’re going to move into Q and A now so any questions comments or concerns?>>May I just, make a couple
really small comments? First of all, I submitted
two forms on accident. The 400 dollars, one is not a real thing. I was gonna discuss that later. As well, this is not only
just for Food For Thought. We’re helping film makers
and a film group called Dummin-Solis get footage and we’re helping four different clubs increase members.>>The actual official
name that we decided upon or group title or event
title was a club social and it’s between the four
clubs kind of hosted in the radar grill area
where they will shooting or the film club will be
shooting and it’s just to, we’ll be the extras and
just gather around talking, enjoying ourselves and
hopefully bringing more people into these smaller clubs. So that’s why it’s open
to the entire campus. And I just wanna, real
quick, a raise of hands if anyone has heard anything about a pig. Alright well I was told that
funds are being requested for a pet pig for stress relief
and that is not happening. I’m sorry to disappoint anyone who was interested in petting said pig.>>We do have the other form
here that lists all the things we need and with the
funding is (crosstalk).>>Yeah I did pass those out. It is a very …>>It’s this one, it has
like blue and yellow. This one.
>>It’s the only one
I passed out.>>I know, there are like
four sheets of paper. Sorry, sorry Food For Thought, go ahead.>>So it is quite expensive. We are requesting sandwiches and such from a very expensive
vendor and such but anyway. We’ll accept questions, I
just wanted to clear the air on the fancy pig that
we will not (muffled).>>Sorry for talking so much.
>>Yes?>>What are the other clubs that (mumbled).>>They are, I wrote them
down because I always forget. Food For Thought, GRCC Raiders, Swing, Biodiversity and GRCC film makers. All of which are barely getting
by with their small members. So we’re trying to recruit and get people to join those clubs.>>Is this an annual event or is this the first time?>>This is the first
time it’ll be happening. I’m not sure if it’ll happen again. Right now it’s just kinda (mumble).>>Is there a reason why you chose this (mumble).>>Okay I did not realize, by
the way it’s April 24, 20. I did not realize that when
I made the event, I promise. It was the day that Paul
Chitman of Dummin-Solis had his equipment and was free.
>>That wasn’t very (crosstalk).>>People were like mean
about it, I had no idea. I’m sorry.
>>The reason why I asked that is just because, so I see
the purpose of this event is food, fun and stress relief and that’s the basic
premise of finals relaxer, which is also happening on that day.>>Oh it’s also happening on that day?>>Yeah so.
>>Oh, wait what time?>>11 to two.>>This is afterward, this
can be like an after-party. This is like three to nine or something.>>Okay, so I was just curious (crosstalk)>>It’s an after event
(slurred) ’cause why not. This can be like the
after party, hang out.>>Are you asking questions
or are you recruiting?>>Recruiting.>>Alright, we’re going to
bring it back to questions, Elizabeth?>>I actually had two questions, one is, you think you guys
are doing the food tonight, you actually, I feel like,
this is more of a comment. I feel like having it that
late will be (inaudible).>>You don’t have to be there
for the whole time it’s, we have a bunch of food to hand, yeah you do not have to
be there the whole time. You can be there for five seconds, grab food, grab a flyer.>>That’s just how long they’re filming and what they’ll need the extras for.>>Yeah and my second question is, have you guys doe any other fund raising?>>We have not because
these are small clubs and the only one of us that
has funding we can spend on to get any more money
would be Food For Thought. Because (crosstalk) swing has used it. Biodiversity does not have any funding and film makers has
already used it.>>Yes.
>>Is there a reason
why you guys didn’t choose campus dining,
or any other food solutions?>>I was told that Two Beers is delicious and we haven’t used our one
time a semester thing so. I really like Two Beers and
they’re really cool people. So I wanted to give them our support.>>Not really a question,
it’s a comment. I have had sandwiches from there before and yeah they are pretty good.>>And they have, they offer sandwiches for both regular, vegan and vegetarian. So we could get them
all in the same place, which is great. Yes?
>>Teresa.>>You guys have invitations
from flyers, like.>>Invitations are to the event. Flyers are for each of
the clubs to hand out at the event to give to anyone who’s passing by or passing through.>>So this is a personal thing, not with the student alliance because I still have to address that later but as a past campus
activity board president. I mean I, when I think of finals relaxer, that’s what it is, is food
fun and stress relief.>>Yeah this can just be an
extended version if you really
want.>>And something that we did in past years Is that we did a collaboration
with the campus activities board event where clubs assisted with that because there’s gonna be
food there anyways and fun and what we did in the
past was we encouraged other clubs to wear shirts and stuff. So I almost feel like it’s redundant in my own personal opinion but my question is, how will you make it so that it isn’t redundant?>>This is mostly, first of all, it’s the filming thing
but it’s more specifically for recruitment of these four clubs that have very small
numbers and a lot of them are very, very busy and
wouldn’t be able to go to the finals relaxer for very long too.>>Also, that club with Paul in it. Is that a GRCC club that we’re benefiting?>>GRCC film makers is a GRCC club, Dummin-solis is not,
it’s an independent group but he was a student last semester.>>Okay thank you.>>So, Evan and Brandon, feel free to stop me
if this isn’t relevant. I was under the impression that Biodiversity club is
co-sponsoring finals relaxer. So I’m trying to figure
out, is there any way that you would be able to
move this to a different day to kind of cast your
net a little bit farther and draw potentially more students?>>For the funding, I could
move it to a different day but it wouldn’t be the same event. I could try to move it but I would end up with two events ’cause this
one was already booked. It’s just the funding to get the food.>>And this is for the filming
that’s set on that date. The equipment was (crosstalk)>>The filming is gonna
happen, it’s already an event but we might not have food. If we don’t have food,
we don’t have people.>>Got time for two more questions.>>I know you don’t have a contingency plan but do you guys think about
like lowering the amount?>>Yes, actually, I didn’t mark this but the first three things on the list, the Two Beers, invitations
and the flyers (slurred) is only 1072 dollars and
those are the only two necessary things that we have. Everything else, for the most
part we could go without. So we could make it about
700 dollars cheaper but it’s kind of, it wouldn’t
be as good of an event and we wouldn’t have a lot
of the things we wanted.>>One more question?>>Have you checked into other options for your invitations and flyers?>>Yes, I actually talked directly to e-print and this was our
best and cheapest option. For what we want to do with it. We could probably get
it a little bit cheaper if we didn’t do, I don’t remember. There were a couple of options. We could get it maybe like.
>>Three cents a card cheaper.>>Yeah, like three cents a
card cheaper but that’d be it. Which I would be willing
to contribute that money if it affects your voting status.>>Okay, so based off
the feedback you heard, would you like to move
into voting procedure, would you like to table it
or would you like to amend the amount that you’ve requested?>>(mumble)>>Vote, table or amend?>>Let’s go vote.>>Alright, thank you both
for presenting by the way. (applause) So once again, carrying on our
student alliance tradition, kind of stating our opinion. We were opposed to the proposal and I can’t stress this enough. When you send us a
proposal, this has happened a few times this year. What you send us is
what, for the most part, what we’re planning on voting on and when student alliance talks prior to these meetings, we’re
going to take what you said in that proposal seriously. Something that was said
there as a contingency plan. There wasn’t one, but there
would be heavy weeping if it didn’t happen. So, that’s also something
that we put into consideration is while, that there wouldn’t
be a plan that really make this happen if we
didn’t approve of it. But that wasn’t our main reasons, our main reasons was,
there was no fund raising. We haven’t seen a lot of promo yet and that the exact benefits weren’t clear. So that was a …
>>We were planning to do that. We don’t have any money to really promo it so we were gonna ask
(mumble) I’ll shut up.>>Okay, no that’s fine, thanks Lana. But that was just our opinion of it. So that doesn’t express everybody. But we’re gonna go ahead and
move onto voting procedure with once again, a yes
or no or abstentions. So, once again, if you abstain that means you’re neither for or against
and any student in this room has a vote. So, with that said, we’re
gonna start off with yays. So if you are for this,
please raise your hand. One, two, three, four, five, six. Okay, you go ahead–
Did you get six? Okay, you can go ahead
and lower your hands.>>He got seven.
>>Seven, thank you.>>Raise it high okay.>>And then, anybody opposed
raise your hand nice and high. One, two, three, four,
six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17.
>>Yup.>>Alright, 17 against and abstentions. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Alright, seven abstentions,
oh you got eight?
>>Yeah.>>Alright, abstentions one more time. For the books, one, two,
three, four, five, six, seven.>>I got seven.
>>You got seven.>>Okay I got seven.
>>Alright, and with that said, it has not been voted on and the proposal doesn’t go through. You are more than welcome to resubmit the application for our next meeting.>>Alright.>>Awesome, so moving on to our next item.>>We have one more allocation. It is submitted on behalf
of student alliance. It is for a requested
amount of 7000 dollars. This request would go
toward planning the creation of a club hub center in
student life building. Based on the form that was submitted, it would have storage space,
office space, fun space, relaxation and meeting
space for all students and student organization. It would be created in hopes
to increase student leadership on campus, participation
in campus activities and collaboration among clubs. It would be open, again, to all students and all student organizations on campus. The reason this request was submitted was to begin the official
process of going out and getting quotes and
start official planning for the creation of the club hub. With any big investments into assets or a purchase of a
company within a company or among college, typically
you set the budget first or you start the planning
process after doing an estimate. Now we have undergone
some careful consideration of just how much to request
and to explain that reasoning. I’m gonna turn the time over to Brandon, it’s going to be just
like any other allegation with a Q and A session.>>Okay awesome, so everything
that we’re gonna be voting on is in that proposal and
I’ll just open up the floor to question and answer
if you have anything you’d like to ask–
Yes?>>How do you expect this area to do the things you want it
to do in increasing membership? How do you expect that just
having the area will do that and we couldn’t do it in
a set student life area?>>Okay, so I’m gonna try
to answer your question. If I don’t answer it
directly, please ask again. So, we’ve had previous conversations inside of our own
student alliance meetings about different needs
that we have to meet. One of them as Grant
stated was storage space. We’d like to enhance on
that and that’s something that a lot of clubs need right. I mean specially, you know, for example, Ms. Dano purchasing
another rug and you know, we’re kinda running out
of space in the annex, you know, trying to find
another way to do that. So we need money to, one
idea that we had was, with the far side room, once again we’d have to work with the bookstore so we need this money to really say hey, we have the support of the
students, we have money and we’re willing to do this. We can’t really start shaking things up or asking for help but we
could make a part of that room storage space and put up a wall. So we need, you know, so the other half could be needing space. So, to answer your question on
how this room would complete those needs or complete those …>>How would it drive up membership?>>Okay, how would it drive up membership? So, there isn’t like
a fun space on campus, this is something that we’ve heard of and we’re believing that
that would drive up traffic. Also we would be kind of
resetting up the format of the student life area downstairs so that it would be more
adaptable for more students. That includes the office space. So let’s say, HSO executive board members, every Tuesday, go down to
the student life office and they go into their
executive board meeting room. Well people are going to notice that and they’re going to be like, oh well what are they doing there? And we’re going to start
making that the area where everybody goes for meetings
and right now we have, like Or-Sync as you probably know of. Which is like a digital space for students to find out how to get involved. What we’re going to do there is we’re gonna put up mail boxes and put up and show physically,
have news to get involved ’cause right now with just
have campus activities board and student alliance in
the back office downstairs. You know, but if we
make more student clubs and organizations visible, you
know from the front door of student life, we think
that would be beneficial. So we think it would
be visually appealing, so they’d go find out and then
they’ll see that there’s a bunch of student life actually happening in the student life building
and then they’d join it.>>Alright thank you.
>>Yup, yes.>>I have more of a comment. This is something that
we’ve been discussing since what like last spring semester? I feel like.
>>This fall.>>Yeah but I just wanted to
comment that one of the things you didn’t bring up is,
for a lot of people, finding out when clubs
are is really difficult. Like, (inaudible). Like, we’ve as a club, we’ve
put up tons of posters, we have like meeting tables,
where basically just everybody and we still have people be
like, I didn’t know there was an anime club on campus.
>>Yep, exactly.>>But I know one of the
things you brought up was having someone who’s there
answer all club questions like if you, you can go there and ask hey, is there an anime club? When does it meet, or something. That type of (inaudible) but that could drive up membership as well.>>Exactly, yes.>>You said that there would be more space for clubs and you said that you would. So would that be in a longer type thing? So I’m saying, how would you have it, how would you make it so
that that club has access to their stuff that will
at least most clubs?>>Yeah, so that’s a logistical thing that we’d like to work out. Personally I would like for
us to have locker type things where each club gets a lock. But this is all theoretical right now because we don’t even have the bookstore, so we’d still have to
work, I mean we don’t have the far side room so we’d
still have to work with the bookstore and stuff so ideally, yeah I would like to see
that but we need to have this money first so we
could plan that out.>>Also, how would you actually never mind.>>Okay, thank you, any other questions?>>I have a comment. So, just Brandon has, student alliance, e-board has discussed pretty in depth just like what we would
envision a club hub to look like and gone through
ideas of what would be in it. What would the meeting room look like so we’ve done a lot of theoretical planing and again, the getting down
to the actual nitty gritty details of things like,
would there be lockers in the storage room, we
need to know how much money we’re really working with
or what we can really go on to the official yes or
no of that kind of question. I saw a hand over there.>>I was thinking that, for
student gamers for example, would it really be feasible
to have that storage all the way over here when our club’s like all the way on the top of the hill? ’cause like if we need
anything, we have to come all the way down here
and then sign out to go all the way back up the hill. So, I just thought to bring that up. And then like where would it be located?>>Okay, so to answer your first question, I saw Evan raise his
hand, so could he answer your first question?>>So there’s a couple
different phases here. Phase one is to try to
get this club hub working so that we can build this
collaboration among the groups, and that would happen in
the student life lobby like Brandon said where those
four computers are currently, those tables are in the back. So creating more of a
working collaborative space, where students can stop in
and meet with any of you, meet with student alliance cab. The second phase of that is
working with the book store to get control of the far side room and then turning that into
a permanent meeting space for all of you groups to try to centralize where groups are meeting
because a lot of you meet in Cooke Hall, a lot of
you meet in Main building, some of you meet in science,
so when you think about that, it’s hard to say, for our
front desk to kind of keep control of where you guys are meeting at. So, that’s part of the issue too so, instead of saying, they’re in 311 Science, we’re gonna say, oh
they’re right next door. They’re meeting right now, you can go game over there with them. Whatever they’re doing, I
don’t know what you know, what y’all do, I know
some of the groups but.>>I know that I’m running out of time but also, what was your
second question, I apologize.>>I was gonna say, can you just put like a bulletin board up if it says like all the club things on it and like days and times and places.>>Yup, we could definitely do that. There’s actually, some of those boards outside of student life,
that we could be using but we just haven’t see a
huge demand for us to use it. Also inside of the student life office. This kinda goes indirectly
answers a question that was asked earlier but
when I worked for student life as a student employee, a
lot of students would just come in and ask for like a 10
ride pass or something else. You don’t actually get a lot of students coming in there asking about
clubs but if you make that room energetic and fun and
you give it that appeal, you put mailboxes in there,
you put bulletin board in there and then you have executive
boards meeting there. Then the backroom, we
have a small round table with nice business chairs around for like an executive board meeting and then the far side room,
if we do get control of it, make that a really nice meeting space, kind of like this one,
where student gamers could use it for example. You know, put some TV’s in there. You know, make it usable, does that help? Hanna?>>So I know that this is
just is the idea phase, so you don’t have items that have quotes or anything like that but why
did you pick the figure 7000? For like this allocation?>>So, are we running out of time Graham?>>No I can take this.>>Well, I’m the question answer. So we figured that 10,000 dollars would be a pretty good start. So we decided that we would
self fund 3000 dollars from the student alliance operations fund. And we would be able to do
that to compliment the 7000. We figured that 10,000 dollars
would be a pretty good start. We really haven’t looked at many quotes to be completely honest. Just because we don’t want
to ask for all of these plans and spend our time and then
just come here and have people say no we don’t want a club hub and then that works for none. I mean, with this 10,000 dollars, it doesn’t guarantee
that we’re going to spend 10,000 dollars but it’s
allowing us to move within that space to make this
vision become a reality. And then of course we’d
be presenting updates as we go along kind of like
how we give student alliance updates with the money that
has been given to our club we would be giving reports
on how club hub is going.>>We got time for about
two more questions.>>Okay, and Dan?>>So this money, jut
to get things straight, it’s for building a storage
room to store things in so we could use other rooms?>>So there are five things
that we’re trying to do with this. There’s different needs
from different organizations or from the general student body and we’re trying to create more fun space so that could be permanently
installing video game systems into the wall so that
more people can come in. You know, putting some billiards
tables up in radar grill. Ping pong tables, something like that. So fun space, relaxing space. So analyzing if we have
enough of that already. Which I’d like to argue that we do, specially with the third floor. You know, with the counseling center, there’s plenty of room to relax. We need office space so that
clubs can have a physical space to meet up and converse
in and then storage space because we’re running
out of room in the annex and then meeting space with e board. So those are the five needs
that we have and then,>>One more question.>>Ryan did you raise your hand,
did you have a question or?>>I have more of a comment. I remember that when we
were talking about this, we were talking about
having individual offices for the different clubs,
so like say if somebody was wondering if there was a,
say like an anime type club. Instead of saying, you
know, well this is the anime type club. This is the anime club here on this day. They could look at a
schedule and see who’s inside the room or something. Oh, their president’s over there, why don’t you just go
take a five minute talk.>>Yeah ideally, we’d make
shared office spaces. So they wouldn’t be individual but yeah we’d just make separate spaces. We were thinking like, putting up. I don’t know how else
better to out this Evan, but like if you walk into
the student life office, and you know how there’s
like the computers and then there’s those pillar things that are kinda in the wall. You’d have walls coming off to the side and then you’d have small
little meeting spaces in there. Then you could have designated that like, these four clubs share
this one little space and they just change the
times that they rent it out. So they still have their own space.>>We are unfortunately
running out of time. So, based on the feedback that you heard, would you like to do voting,
would you like the table or would you like to amend this request?>>I’d just like to vote on it as it is. Alright and with that
said, we’re gonna go ahead and move into voting. Once again, if you’re a student, you have the ability to vote
in this yay, nay or abstention. So, everybody who is for
this, please raise your hand. What’d you get? I got 28 as well. Alright, thank you. And if you’re opposed
please raise your hand. One, alright is that
what you got?
>>Yes.>>Alright, thank you and abstentions? One, two.>>Just two?>>Alright, and the
motion carries, awesome. (applause) and just as a no. So I saw a few people raising their hands. If you do have questions afterwards, feel free to come talk to myself or Evan or anybody from the student alliance team. So once again, if you have
questions that weren’t answered, feel free to come talk to us afterward. Alright, next we are going
to have our president, Dr. Steve Ender with a
fun little presentation. Let’s give it to president Ender. (applause)>>So good afternoon everyone.>>Good afternoon.>>Is the mic working? Kind of yeah. Way above my pay grade, I
think, trying to find that. I’ll try not to use this. First just an observation,
food for thought, as I watched your proceedings today, which I thought were very good, very business like, very professional. The only thing that I would consider, so if I were bringing in a proposal, I’d have 50 of my supporters
that have never been before.>>Actually, that was my plan.>>Coming to this meeting. So there’s …>>Some people turned tail last minute.>>But that also means that
maybe there’s a little flaw in that piece of the
process you know because …>>Emmet Glubb did that last year, I know for a fact, we did it last year.>>Well, I would just ask you
guys to think about that issue. The other thing that I
found really delightful in many ways because you
don’t see it very often, we publicly own our values in here. You know we, I’ll give
you a comparison group. The academic leadership counsel. They all vote with clickers ya know. Clickers protect my anonymity. So I love the spirit of what you’re doing I also wonder if a
abstention is a no-vote, quite frankly, and you see some, if you do clickers, I think you might find the abstentions going down
and the no votes going up. So just two process
observations of your work. I only have two topics top of mind for me beyond my ongoing topic of, do you know who your academic advisor is. Do you have that person yet
on this campus that you go to as you’re trying to
sort through your life, your credits, your program of study and the next stage of your life and if you have not found that person, you need to find that person. I’m telling ya, I can’t tell
you how important that is. And so, I mention that
because I just believe that you have to do it. You know, you cannot go on the system and just register yourself
and hope that everything is gonna work out the way
you want it to work out. We have students here with 90 credits that do not have a program of study. I mean that’s wonderful
if you have the luxury of being a professional
student but most of us do not. We have limited resources,
both time and financial and we need to get on to
the next stage of our lives. So you should have someone
at this institution working with you in
regards to your pathway. And we have those resources. That wasn’t in my mind’s eye
but I really have to say that. But two things, getting back to that. One directly affects you,
one directly affects me. The one that directly affects you is the board did approve
a 2.8% tuition increase that I and the administration
recommended to the board along with how those dollars
would be used in part. That means for you folks,
three dollars a billing unit. Inflation right now
hovers below two percent. Driven a lot by what we’re paying for gas. So, what we have always tried
to do is to keep our tuition increases in line with inflation and to also trying to be very cognizant of a student who’s here only because they can get the full Pell grant and without that full Pell grant, they could not come here at all. For the majority of our programs, our tuition and fees and books keep most people under the 5800 dollar yearly Pell grant maximum. So that’s always a bench march
for us when we’re trying to set tuition. No one likes to increase
prices but the reality is, we can’t operate on a flat
budget year to year to year to year because we have
expenses that do go up. I feel fairly comfortable
taking the 2.8 percent, to be honest with you. The university’s, the state
has really been pushing universities to keep
their tuition increases as low as possible to the point
that they now have in their, the bill and all these things come forward in the form of a bill passed
through the legislature. Universities, this year,
are required to keep their tuition increase under 4.8 percent. And if they go beyond the 4.8 percent, they lose any additional
performance funding that the state is awarding
to the entire 14 universities that make up the public
universities in this state, regional campuses. So I always look at that benchmark, you know, what’s the government
saying to higher education? So at a 2.8 percent as compared, because many will go right
to the maximum 4.8 percent. I know that as sure as I’m standing here. Again, I feel like we’re
a pretty good bargain and continue to attempt
to keep your tuition as low as we can and I know quite frankly that there’s a ton of
elasticity on your tuition. Lemme explain what I mean by that. How many of you in here
are in district students? So you are getting the in district rate, you live in Kent county, you know. So you’re paying 108 dollars
for your billing unit next year. If you live out of district,
you’re paying 216 dollars for your billing unit. They pay double tuition because there’s no property tax
offsetting your tuition. You’re being subsidized by people who have residences and
property in the county. At 216 dollars, double tuition, and that’s been going on
now for about 10 years. We continue to attract 20 percent of all auto county high school graduates to grand rapids community college. Because they’re looking at
it from a different lens. They have no higher ed option beyond the four year universities. And so when those folks are charging four and 500 dollars a billing unit, 216 is still a great deal for them. Your lens, your perspective is, well I’m paying those property taxes, so Steven Ender don’t raise
this to 216 dollars okay. And I know that but I also know that at 216 we’re still a heck of a deal. So at 108, get every
credit you possibly can before you leave GRCC. Back to my message about
your academic advisor. You know, so if you know that you’re here, you’re in a work force program,
you’re gonna go to work. All you have to do is really talk to the faculty in that program. If you’re here and you
know you wanna transfer and you’re looking at the
Michigan transfer agreement and you’re thinking about disciplines that you might want to be moving into, you need to work with an academic advisor. And many of you would find that two years in associate degree plus another semester to pick up five more
courses that would count at that baccalaureate institution, saves you thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. So, any questions about tuition? No one wants to beat me up? Okay, take your best shot.>>Is that rate increase going to affect the deferred
tuition rate that is (mumble).>>Yes so those rates will
also go up 2.8 percent. On the differential tuition for nursing, culinary and dental. Yes. So add 2.8 percent to
176 for nursing I think and 140 for culinary and 140 for dental. Yes?
>>So you said that you been really trying to keep
these increases along side the increasing rate of inflation? So in the past, say like 10 years, how many increase have we had in tuition?>>I’ve been here through,
this is my eighth tuition recommendation,
we’ve gone up every year.>>Okay.>>And I would never recommend to the board not going up some percentage on tuition because it compounds a budget problem the next year and the next
year and the next year. So the approach has been
except for a couple years where we had to go five percent. This was back in 2000. First budget, first tuition increase I asked for in the second,
were both five and six percent. Since then, we’ve been
able to keep these things at three percent or lower. Now, you also, and I did
this paying a facilities fee. Of 100 dollars a semester
for a full time student. 60 for a part time and
if you didn’t know this, you’ve been paying it for
the last three years now, three or four years. And that has allowed us to
raise 28 million dollars through a bonding program to do a lot of the renovation work that
you see around campus. Questions? Okay, so the second thing
that’s been on my mind a lot, I finally sorted through
and announced last week that next year will be
my last year at GRCC and in my own mind, my last year being a president of a college anywhere and the last year that I’ll
be on a college campus. You never say never but my plan is that I will retire after next year. Which means that many
of you that are here now and will be here next year,
there’s gonna be a search for a new president. And I would try to find
way, student alliance, to figure out how can we be part of that selection screening team because the board at some point will put together a screening team and I would like to think
that we have a student or two represented on that group. So, you need to push on that. I think it’s built into the plan but don’t take anything for granted. But you should be
represented on that new search. Could changing the guard for president, for students I wouldn’t
say that it’s a non-event because each leader
brings in their own vision of the institution but I can’t
imagine anybody coming in to lead GRCC that would ever do anything that didn’t advance an already
very, very rich curriculum. And I think excellent
faculty and wonderful student support services you know I just, that’s what we do really well, that is our sweet spot in education. So you would hope that a new leader would bring in a fresh approach, a fresh lens looking at the institution. Maybe has seen other
models for what we call student alliance that can
share that vision with you. I always hope for new
leadership is a different lens looking at, in this case, an
institution of higher education with a rich background of experience and trying to do some
measurement of what I see here, what I believe would make us stronger, and here is some data and
experience I bring with me to know that in fact, it possibly could. So I don’t know if you
would be touched personally but it really is important that students be part of the process of
selecting a new president. And let me tell you as a person, so this brings to the end for me 42 years in higher education. And I’ve known for two
years that I kinda thought I wanted to do this, this being retired but it took me two
years to say it out loud because when you do
something that you’re really passionate about for a
long, long, long, long time, in my case I’m not retiring
because I don’t like what I do or enjoy being around you and
the staff that I work with. It’s much more about, I
was just saying over here, I’m 66, 67 next year and I
think it was the day I realized that well in 13 years later I’d be 80. I started thinking oh
my god, you know, 80. Think about that, 80. I feel like there’s probably
another phase to my life. And because I can’t
define retirement at all. I mean I have nothing,
I have this big void. So it’s like, heart palpitations, lemme see what my heart’s doing right now, hold on a second. Not bad I’m at 75, I usually
go about 66 so that’s not bad. It’s scary as hell, you know. And I think and what I’m
appreciating though is the fear is also an opportunity
to discover something new and I could just do this job
until they put me in a box but I know this job, I don’t know life for a long, long time without this work. And that’s what I want to explore. And I guess what I’m
saying is, change is hard and it produces a lot of anxiety. But any time in my life
that I’ve embraced it, something stronger came on the other side. So the message for me is take the risk to experience the fear
and find equilibrium again in your life because
in my own experiences it’s always been a better place. Does that make sense? Still scary though. For this group, let me tell you that I’ve witnessed in my time here, our student organizations, leadership, governing body, get as
low as it possibly can on the scale of affective
and non-affective. Truthfully, this hit rock
bottom four years ago. And what has emerged, which is also kinda part of what I was just saying, is a strong vibrant leadership group. And that didn’t happen by happen-stance. It was a lot of people pulling the wagon, trying to find a new direction and then sustain a new
direction after it was found. So I really appreciate the
leadership in this room and the leadership that’s in the alliance as represented by your officers because you could’ve just walked
away and you chose to stay and create something better and you should be very proud of your work. I mean I just think you should
be very proud of your work. I am proud of your work,
I will tell you that. And I brag about your
work to other presidents. We kinda know our students now how they want to spend their
money, allocate their money. Make decision that look very
adult like, very adult like. They dress very adult
like from time to time. And that’s always curious.>>They certainly out dress me every time.>>You clean up pretty well, you know. So I’m babbling now and it’s
time for me to sit down. But first let me ask,
are there any questions about the college, anything annoying you that as president I should hear? Yes?>>I really hate
loose-leaf books.>>I’m sorry?>>I really, really dislike loose-leaf books.>>Loose-leaf books?
>>Yeah the books that you have to buy a binder to put in like don’t have an actual
physical book anymore, it’s just pieces of paper in a binder. You can’t sell them back anywhere.>>Where it’s all going,
where it’s all going and if you go on, if
you’re in higher education another four or five years,
I do believe this whole open source availability of texts that are out there on the web
that faculty will continue to embrace that model and you
will be reading your textbooks that are free, on a screen or (inaudible), take all those pages and
put them into your own book but we will be out of the
textbook business in 10 years. I really believe that,
which means for you folks, sometimes 1000 dollars a semester, sometimes you pay more for some books than you do for the
course that you’re taking. That book is supported. So we have now contracted with Evan.>>Oh man, I’m drawing a blank.>>We have faculty next
semester that will be offering for their courses, this free textbook that’s out there on the web
that they’re going to use. We have four or five that
are adopting textbooks that just started this,
it’s a subscription that the college buys to be
able to access this information but I think that’s going to grow expo … What am I looking for?>>Exponentially.>>That’s it, exponentially
as we move forward. Because everybody realizes
the hardship of textbooks and it’s just awful, it’s just a racket.>>I just have a quick comment. Its (mumble).>>That’s one, there’s a science course I know that, I don’t know
if it’s physically sciences or biological sciences
that they’re doing it. There’s a math course that I’m aware of. So it’s just starting to
and what has to happen on a college campus is you
need some pioneers, you know. In this case, faculty
that are wiling to go out and give this a shot, you know. Find that textbook and adopt it, which will help their colleagues
see that there really is another world beyond
working with a publisher and having a revised text every two years, which is the model that keeps publishers and authors alive. Any other questions? Yes.>>This is just about the, do you when there will
be a time where we will have like internet all
throughout the campus?>>(inaudible)>>Like in the science building, there’s parts of it that
can’t get internet at all. Like you can’t even get cell
service in the building.>>Really ?>>Yeah.>>Taylor knows of that. For the record it has been
announced that the (mumble).>>So David Anderson, let me tell you this, I thought that I was the only one. (laughter) My AT&T carrier that could not get email on many, many places on this campus but you’re telling me
you can’t get internet?>>There’s certain locations that they even I’m forgetting the IT person
that controls the WiFi. They’re aware of it and
they are working towards it but there are certain locations. Typically the hard brick areas.>>Yeah but …>>I know.>>Well that’s a concern
to me, so I’ll follow up. And you know these spots on campus?>>Some of it’s even in this
building here, so yeah.>>So you guys should feed a list and where are the dead zones
and they’ll get ’em to me and I’ll talk to IT. Yeah that just doesn’t make any sense. I thought they could put these things up in the ceilings and the
walls and everything kind of bings off of each
other and (crosstalk).>>Phone staff right now, emergency calls only.>>Yeah, whatever works. Alright, I’ll see what I can do.>>(inaudible) for cell single booster.>>Right that’s what I’m looking
for is cell single booster. I truly, this is the first time I’ve heard this in a long time. I mean it used to be lots of
parts in the campus were dead but I thought everything
was alive now, I really did. Good question, really good question. Any others?>>President Ender?
>>Yes.>>While we have the student body here, at a more personal level, moving forward with your retirement and only
being here for one more year, is there a vision that you had that you didn’t really
have the time you wanted to accomplish that vision that maybe we as students could help you?>>Yeah you all need to
demand that you have an academic advisor. I mean demand it, I want
one person to work with. You don’t know how, I mean that’s. We do so many things around
student success on this campus but I truly believe that
the critical barrier is your lack of an individual, who you know and they kinda know you, to go to as your go to person when this institution is rubbing you in the wrong way. I just think that’s, shame
on us, we need to fix that. And it may not be through the
present model that we have to provide services to
students quite frankly but that’s the area where
I’m taking my last 15 months and just continue to
pound on my desk and say, come one we gotta fix it. And if anybody wants to write
a check for 10 million dollars there’s a couple more things
that I would love to do. Any other questions?>>They are proactively working towards that advising model upstairs.>>I know they are.>>So we just need students
to actually visit them.>>So what Dr. Ender is
saying, is 100 percent true. Especially since
registration is now upon us. You need to get in there and
start meeting with them and …>>Who’s coming back for next fall? Yeah I’d save some really
precious hours of sleep if you’d register before August. You know go ahead and get that done. Historically, you guys are
waiting longer and longer to register for the fall
term and those of us who have to worry about paying bills man, we sweat it out, the
last two or three weeks. Are we gonna make enrollment,
are we gonna make enrollment? So, come on, help an old man out.>>Bring the heart rate down.>>So those of you who are
leaving us after this year. I hope you’ve had the greatest experience that you may have in higher ed and I’ll tell ya, I have
students tell me that a lot. That this experience surpasses
whatever they received at the next spot in the road because, and you’ll realize how special GRCC is if you matriculate to another institution and I don’t care what institution that is. I think you will experience that. And then for those of you that
will be with me next year. We’re all gonna work hard so that Steve has a great final year
in his presidency okay? As for me, that means,
I like to know problems when they’re problems and
not when they become crises. So, you know, find your
voice at this institution. Thank you very much. (applause)>>Alright, and next we
are going to move into our open discussion. So, if there is anything that
somebody would like to say based off of what has
happened here at this meeting, feel free to. Yes?>>IT is aware of the router issues on the dead zones and we are
working on a solution for it. It’s just there are policies
that are being switched and changed and certain signals are interfering with each other and it’s canceling out
a lot of our networks I guess you would call them? So they will be fixed soon.>>Do you work for IT by any chance?>>I do.>>Thank you, any other comments? Yes, Curtis.>>Alright, so a couple of weeks ago, when the people from the diversity
learning people were here I asked you guys if you
guys would be interested in maybe doing a visit to
the Islamic cultural center down over by Woodland mall. I have emailed their
community outreach director and he is more than happy
to host us on a Friday and observe a Friday prayer service and have conversation about
Islam and Christianity and how they mix, what
the differences are. So he’s all set and ready to go. He asked me, alright so how
many people do you have? And I was like, I don’t know. So if you guys are
interested in doing this. I feel like it’s a really great time to go and learn about Islam
considering there’s a lot of negativity surrounding the culture and the religion at this point in time. If you guys are interested in joining and having clubs come with us. Foreign affairs club will probably go even if nobody else goes we’ll probably go because I’ve been before. It’s really awesome, the
guys are really great. Really give you a conversation instead of just lecturing to you. So if you guys are interested,
please come and talk with me. I can be here for around another half hour after the meeting ends and
just shoot around some ideas how we can get transportation
to the Islamic culture center. If we maybe wanna give a donation as a good will partnership I
guess with the center itself from the student alliance
extra allocations fund. If that’s something that
everybody that is going, if we do end up going would like to do. It’s something that would
look favorably upon. Yeah, just find me after the meeting and we can talk about
it a little bit more.>>Curtis could we do a show of hands just to help you out with that numbering who else is interested?>>Yeah.>>Show of hand, how many of you are interested in going to this event? Alright, I counted 15 so.>>Thank you Curtis.>>So (mumble) get you there and back.>>Thank you president
Ender, thank you very much.>>So now you really like to (mumble).>>Yeah, definitely, awesome. Thank you very much,
greatly appreciate that. (applause)>>Hello, okay so tomorrow
Asian student union is hosting life size monopoly. It’s going to be in this
room from 12 to six. We’ll be having six one hour
games with the speed dice. Five dollar entry per game. So there’s going to be
prizes, awesome prizes. So I hope you guys can come, that’s it.>>Hello for those who don’t know me, my name is Kayla Tucker,
I’m the editor in chief of the collegiate
newspaper here on campus. I just wanted to let
you know that yesterday, we published our last
newspaper of the semester so there should be some on your tables and on stands around campus. If you can’t find a copy, come see me. Our magazine is also going
to be published next month. We’re thinking of a
theme like faces of GRCC. So if you see reporters around campus kind of interviewing students and staff kind of at random,
that’s kind of our theme is to showcase people at the college who don’t always get
their face on a magazine or get that kind of recognition. Also, there’s an app called the buzz. It’s been around for almost a year now. I’m hoping to, at some point,
present more details about it. It’s free, it’s a
collaboration with USA Today and the collegiate and it has stories from professional USA Today college students that contribute to USA
today and all our stories from the collegiate are
in that app as well. So it’s everything that
a student would need as far as news from campus to the world and everything else in between. So if you have any questions about that, come see me as well, I’m the ambassador for it here on campus.>>Hi everyone, Hana Christoffersen, campus activities board. If you didn’t already know. So, two things, actually. The first is, for finals relaxer, we are trying to get a feel for whether students would prefer certain
activities over others. So we have most of them set in stone based on the voting of our last meeting but one that we’re still trying to decide is whether or not you’d like to have spin art shutter shades
or tank tops or t-shirts. So if you could go on our
Facebook page and vote, there’s a folder, we’d
love to hear from you. So we’re asking students to do that. In addition to that, it’s
about the time of the year when some clubs are
making their transition from executive board to an
upcoming executive board and we held our elections this Tuesday. We had an awesome turn
out, we’re so thankful if you came to vote at that meeting. But we are still lacking a position. We could fill our vice president position. There are just countless
benefits to this sort of job. It’s a great resume booster. You get paid 1000 dollars per semester, so it really helps offset
the cost of tuition. Great leadership experience,
so if you are at all interested in that, come talk to
me, come talk to Ashley. Anybody else who’s on the executive board. We’d love to talk to you about this but if that at all peaks your interest, we’d love to hear from you. So, yeah, that’s it.
>>Thank you.>>Hi I’m Elizabeth,
president of the anime club. I have my vice president
here too and we are sort of, it’s going to be very informal because it’s our first time doing it but we’re hoping to make
it into a yearly thing. We’re gonna be on April 14th.
>>15th.>>April 15th, we’re gonna be having our first cosplay day. We’re gonna have some
members taking pictures doing a photo shoot type thing. We’re gonna be playing some games. We’re going to have music and stuff. So if you are a cosplay-er
which I think is like two people in here, who are both from anime club. If you are into that or if
you just wanna see people walk around in funny
costumes I would suggest it. We’re gonna be advertising a bit more and we’re gonna have
more details about that but yeah just wanted to get it out and say that it was some
thing we were (inaudible) on.>>Thank you. Alright is there anything else anybody would like to share in the group. Alright, we’re gonna move
on to officer updates. Starting off with our operations update. Do you have anything
you’d like to share Grant?>>Well we have 1900 dollars in our extra allocation funds so. Actually, a little bit more
because we didn’t get that Facebook group. So, keep sending those
in, I know we got a few that were already up there and a few that I still have to go
through (inaudible) check so. If you have any last
minute plans for campus, give it in, get it talked
about, get it approved. Other than that, Brandon has been working with each of us,
going over each of our roles. With the application
process being complete now for student life leadership
and so we’ve been ironing out the details with direct responsibilities of student alliance e-board. Those of you who have
applied, you know who you are. I don’t know who you are but. So we’re gonna have a nice clear idea, hopefully for each role next year. Other than that.>>Alright, next we have
our communications update with Lilly.>>So I heard from Loli
that the printer is fixed. So hopefully, finally,
I can actually print out name tags now. So lets hope it doesn’t jam on me. Other than that, yes we’ve
all been working closely with each other. Such as like updating our positions and also planning out the
situation with the club hub so we’re very excited for that.>>Next we have our
external affairs report.>>I don’t really like to yell, so I’m just gonna use the mic. I know we’ve been talking
about it for a while. For the microwaves, the
budget gas been approved. We’re in the process of buying them. So hopefully by the end of this semester, if not in the summer
semester, we’ll be all set. So for those of you guys who
are joining us in the fall, we’ll have those new microwaves. Once we have them set and located, I’ll be more than happy to bring in a map, so you can get a good idea
of where they’re going to be. Thank you.>>Alright, now I wrote down a few points but I’m gonna try to keep it brief. So, Hanna do you mind if I say who got Campus activities board officer position?>>Go for it, yeah.>>Alright, we have our
next campus activities board president in the room actually. So Mr. Ruben Resendiz
could you stand up please. So, if you’re going to be here next year and you wanna help plan events, Ruben is the man to get in touch with. And then he also has Anna Dudzik, who reapplied and was reelected
for campus activities board. And then Bailey Cummings is a
newly elected vice president and as Hanna said, the third one’s open. So exciting stuff. Next I’d like to selfishly ask. Who here is getting
their associate’s degree this semester, who all? Alright, well congratulations. Thank y’all for raising your hands.>>Breakfast is April 12th so please go. We wanna see a lot of
students walk this year. I’m sure Dr. Ender does too. April 12th.>>Thank you Edwin.>>And if you have trouble
forwarding your cap and gown, come see me.>>Band (slurred), yes, awesome.>>And then as this year
is kinda coming to a close for student alliance,
I believe we only have two more meetings left. We have our next meeting,
which I believe is April 7th and we’ll have the
academic governing counsel come in at that meeting. The meeting after that
will be our, kind of, send off for summer meeting. And we’ll have our installation
of our new officers at that point in time. So Grant, how many of you
watched the board of trustees videos by any chance? So a few of you? Alright so grant spilled the beans and said there were
six people who applied, so I may as well publicly say that. Right now, we didn’t share
that within our group. Yeah, so the people who are
on the interview process are Lilly and I. Lilly and I are not running again as well as Michael Powell
from campus activities board. Evan’s on the interview board. And we’ve been setting
up all of our interviews for next week. So we’re in the process
of selecting our next year’s leadership and
I’ve sat down with Evan and identified different
groups that we need to identify and introduce our new leadership to. So we’ll be fun and we’ll
keep you all in the loop as that goes along. Next, as Lilly and Graham said, we’ve been working on responsibilities and the guiding document,
it says that we’re only supposed to change or
amend the guided document once every three years. And I’m taking a few HR classes right now. So I’m looking at some
of the best practices and it says that good job position or if you have a layout of what
you’re supposed to be doing, you update it every year. So, we think that’s pretty reasonable to bring forward to
each of you and say hey, this is our second year. This is what our positions have become. So you can expect that on the next agenda as well as Kayla with the Buzz. So she can talk about that. And then next, I guess we
just have Evan’s report. That’s all I have.>>Well a lot of what
I was gonna talk about has been covered but the
club hub and just kind of getting your guys’ perspective and making sure that it is
something that you truly want because if we move
forward, I wanna be all in and not questioning it. So I’m glad to see that there’s
a lot of support for that. If you can, send Brandon and I and we’ll forward it out
to the rest of the team. Anything that you think your
club needs in that space, specifically. You know, is it a phone, is it a computer. What is it that you’re
looking for within that space? A mailbox, I know some of
those things have already been identified but anything else that your club specifically
needs will help us in the planning phases. The other thing I wanted
to quickly mention is the leadership banquet. That’s April 15th. I think we have most of your RSVP’s but the deadline is tomorrow. So go on Or-Sync and get
registered if you haven’t because we wanna see
all of your faces there.>>Is it 15 or 16?>>April 15th 11:30 to
2:00 but the deadline to register is tomorrow, okay.>>Alright, next we have
Kevin, with closing.>>On behalf of student alliance, I just wanna thank you
guys again, seriously. We wouldn’t be student
alliance without you guys. And thank again for joining us. With that said, our next
meeting will be April 7th. So hopefully I’ll see a
lot of you guys there. Enjoy the rest of your day, thank you. (applause)

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