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Success Story: Prototype Development with Niagara Belco

Success Story: Prototype Development with Niagara Belco

(bright music) – My name is Robert Gissing. I was working with Niagara Belco to develop a new kind of
elevator interlock system. – We manufacture and supply
elevator door systems for our own product and other
manufacturers in the industry, and we also have an elevator
manufacturing division. – All that applied
knowledge worked really well in working with a client for real who had a real problem with real stakes. I would say my biggest
takeaway from the project was realizing that while
the technical aspects of engineering are vital,
to solve the problem, it’s a communications issue. That’s two thirds of the solution. It’s coming up together with
what the problem statements are and demonstrating to them
the work that you’ve done. It’s a collaborative exercise. – Conestoga and Niagara Belco
have an excellent relationship and this latest project is
definitely the most productive and rewarding project
that we’ve done to date with Conestoga, and for
this particular situation we’ve actually come out the
other end with what we believe will be a production-ready
product fairly soon, and we’re very excited
about that possibility. – The most surprising and pleasant thing that came out of this whole
experience was that they stopped treating me as a co-op student
and started treating me as a collaborator. Being able to wrestle with it
as equals was really exciting. I can’t think of any negative aspects of working on this project. The company was really open to the idea of trying a new way of innovating. – For us it was great. We had an excellent student in Robert, and he understood very
clearly what we were trying to achieve and
the whole process was… It was almost like having
a dedicated employee, for really, to carry out the project and we were exceptionally
happy with the results. – When you can find an industry partner in an education system like Conestoga, it really is a true win-win, and we would do it again and again. (bright music)

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